Fish Mafia: Game Over! [Village / Neutrals win]

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Night 6

As the day draws to a close, a miracle occurs. An 8th vote causes a rush of suprise, as 2 fish get harpooned.

Dear Lanterminator/Lonelyness/Natural Log/Squidward
You are the Grass Puffer
You are a very poisonous fish, the merest touch can kill. Regardless, you are caught in Japan quite often. You can then be gutted, and served as a meal by those with a special license. But the tiniest missed cell of gut is fatal. For now, however, you will help your team by inflating for them.
Once per night, you can send the hosts (Dogfish44 & Raverist) a Pm saying ‘Night X – Inflating to protect teammates’ Your team is then immune to all night actions, which will fail when they target your team. This ability can only be used once.
You aren’t certain, but you feel that if you are suddenly lonely, great things will happen for you.

You know your fellow Mafioso’s are:

ExplorerAce, Sea Urchin, Silencer
RBGolbat, Stonefish, Killer
<Probably Unnescesary Snip>

You win if the Biohazards Win
It seems this fish of many names had an even night killing ability.
But as this grand meal floats down to earth, another crash is heard!
*ahem* You find a creature of huge proportions has been slayed. Someone with very good eyes notices a scrap of paper:

Dear Dubulous
You are the Sperm Whale
If you are laughing at the name by the way, you should be ashamed. Anyhow, you are the one of the largest, and the loudest animal in existence. As such, you are often laughed at, or called fatty/bigmouth. Or both. But in the new world, such abilities are all but perfect.
Once per night, you can send the hosts (Dogfish44 & Raverist) a Pm containing a message you would like to post on the main day topic. It will appear the next day. The message can’t be longer than 50 words. In addition, all your text in the main topic must be in the maximum size, or else you will have all remaining lynch votes ignored. Finally, you cannot be bodyguarded due to your unearthly size.

You win if the town win
The game is nearly over. Anyone can win now. Good Luck, for tonight the fate of the game will be decided.

You Have until all PM's are in/2 days, 7 hours, 50 mins (Around 5'oclock gmt). Blame timezones.
Personally, though I'm a co-host, thank fuck Dubulous can shut up. Let this be known to all: Never ever run a post restriction of max size in a mafia game again.

It is still n6.


You can call me Jiggly
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Day 7!!

In the Penultimate update, you all do a headcount. You still have 6 fish left.

No Night Deaths!!

Day ends as soon as there is majority of 4 votes/48 hours.


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I would just like to say I am very upset that -Mind- just randomly got his vote back, because there was no ability in the game that was supposed to have been able to do that.
Actually LN, there was a legit reason mind got his vote back, but there were enough other mistakes (that will be revealed in the post game) to make the Bio-Hazards the real winners
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