Fish Mafia: Game Over! [Village / Neutrals win]

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You all gather round. It isn't long before the first voice is heard, and a mob forms.
The fish cowers, and writes a quick message on a peice of paper. Dust covers the area, as other 5 crush him to pulp.

'Dear Shade/AoRyuha
You are the Toadfish
You are the chameleon of fish, and very hard to detect. Not only hard to find though, you also are hard to defend against. And this ambush ability will prove most useful to you.
During the day, send us a PM with the words ‘Hiding from USER’ were user is the Smogon name of that person. If during the rest of the game that user targets you, they will die. You can then select another target the next night.
Your fellow Mafioso's are:

ExplorerAce, Sea Urchin, Silencer
RBGolbat, Stonefish, Killer
LonelyNess, Grass Puffer, 1 time team bg

You win if the Bio-Hazards Win'

It seems as if the village and neutrals have won this round. But a plot twist will be found in the post-game.
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