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(Aura) Aurumoth + Remnant

Keeps it close to Aurumoth, but with more emphasis on its Ghostly side rather than the Water typing. I feel its a good thing to keep it in line with the other convergent mons that retain most of the original design's name. Also changed from Aurum to Aurem as our golden origin is less important here, and make it seem like its more of a call on Aura, instead of the other submissions focusing more on the Moth side. I figured its better to drop that one as it's no longer a bug, and doesn't really look like a seamoth to me.

"Marrow" + "marine" + (sea) moth

I say make it well known that this is very much not Aurumoth. Inspired by the sea moth, a relative of the seahorse. Both of these fish have bony armour in lieu of scales. Lets it have a creepy skeletal design, and huge webbed fins let it imitate Aurumoth's wings, or the flowing cloak of a reaper


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"oar" + the letter u + "moth"

In keeping with the style of Wiglett and Toedscruel that don't change too much about the actual pronunciation of the original name thaaat much, I've actually opted for a homophone that is pronounced the exact same way as Aurumoth, while maintaining an aquatic pun. You could argue its shell thingies are oars or paddles or whatever.


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Incomprehensible ancient horror rises from the seafloor to commit violent assault on local fishermen and many others, 50 reported injured

it has an angry shell on its body taken from the heikegani, a species of Japanese crab said to be the reincarnations of furious samurai who died by drowning
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Aurum + Wraith

Pokedex ideas:

Scarlet: (Name) haunts shipwrecks that carried Gold and other treasures. It protects them from scavengers like Arghonaut, until the ships are forgotten.

Violet: If you encounter a heap of empty Sea Shells on the Ocean floor, best leave it untouched! Lest you face the wrath of a sleeping (Name).
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The Bony Armour Pokémon

Maromoth's body is covered in a bony protective armour. Though tough, it bares ill will on those that dare touch it.
Violet: Since it spends a good time around shipwrecks, it was assumed to have caused them. Maromoth sightings are still considered a bad omen.
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Sorry that I am just now getting around to the voting poll but it has been a busy month (and I kinda kept forgetting too :/) but without further ado let'sget into it!

First off we have the art submissions!
View attachment 531494

simple, aqua+moth, cba to make it more cool
Next up are the name submissions!
Aquamoth by Brown4Sides
Sulumoth by Wulfanator
Caramoth by Palosaks
Auqumoth by LordDoesOtherStuff
Aurafroth by Explosion Badger
Auremnant by Jewvia
Maromoth by IronTemplar
Oarumoth by MrDollSteak
Auruwraith by Amamama
Paldean Aurumoth by skippergamez
Horrumoth by Shadowshocker

Next are the Pokedex submissions!
snake 's submission
Amamama 's submission
IronTemplar 's submission
Ayecrusher King 's submission (there is one for a regional or a convergent so please specify which one should you vote for this)

And since no one else submitted a movepool, congrats to Ayecrusher King on winning! And congrats to Samirsin for making a cry for our first ever Flash CAP of Generation 9!

With that being said, please feel free to vote in this thread with a single bold vote for each of the options (art, name, and Pokedex entries)!

Voting will close hopefully sooner than it took to get this post up! Lol

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