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Saline (salty, as brine shrimp (the identity of Sea-Monkeys) are named/known for living in very salty water) + monkey + quay (pronounced KEY, it's another name for a wharf), phonetically similar to slinky or selkie


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Saline (salty, as brine shrimp (the identity of Sea-Monkeys) are named/known for living in very salty water) + monkey + quay (pronounced KEY, it's another name for a wharf), phonetically similar to slinky or selkie
sorry i did not see, this, just a bit too late
Concept: Karma Chameoleon: This Pokemon uses Protean not only to gain stab on specific attacks, but uses it fully to dodge enemy attacks, enemy status, and changes its typing fully in response to the opponent (by quziel)
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You know, I wonder how the protean changes would also affect how Horusands plays out. He can keep his solid typing until he needs to recover with moonlight, at which point he arguably has a better defensive typing in general until he needs to switch out. At the same time, however, Pokemon can aim attacks at his fairy typing without having to worry about him changing types again with sucker punch (or any of his other, solid moves against slower targets).


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Hello everyone! We did our very first Generation 9 FlashCAP today and it was extremely fun and I cannot wait to do more so without further ado I present to you...

SV FlashCAP #1! (Name TBD)
: kenn

Framework: Make a convergent OR regional form of an existing CAP and recycle its concept. Don’t get too hung up on the difference between convergent and regional.

CAP Chosen: Aurumoth

Original Concept:
Name: Risky Business (formerly "Living On the Edge")
General Description: This Pokémon is very risky to play, but very rewarding if played correctly.
Primary Ability: Anger Shell

Typing: Water / Ghost

Defining Moves: Rage Fist, Drain Punch, Encore, Taunt, SR/Spikes/Ceaseless Edge, obligatory STABs (Liquidation, Surf, Hydro Pump, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw)

Stats: 99/110/60/120/117/94

Secondary Ability: No Competitive Ability (get kenn’ed) phrasing courtesy of snake lol

Flavor Abilities: Perish Body / Heavy Metal

Art, full movepools, and names can be submitted here and we can do a poll on them at a later date! Thanks so much for a wonderful time and can't wait to do this again!
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Unsure of dex entry / name / regional vs convergent flavor but I thought of a couple entry outlines. Scarlet's refers to Rage Fist / Anger Shell, and Violet's takes inspiration from Toedscool and Wiglett's entries talking about the convergent evolution stuff.

Scarlet: It will not engage in a fight unless provoked first. Few creatures are able to flee successfully from [names]’s fury.

Violet: Although deep-sea explorers originally mistook its silhouette for Aurumoth’s in the shadowy depths, [name] is an entirely different species!


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Sulu + seamoth

The idea was to keep in close to Aurumoth

Seamoth keeps the moth ending while also incorporating the water typing. Also, a seamoth's body is encased in thick, bony plates working with the Anger Shell and Ghost elements.

Sulu was from the Sulu Sea in the Indo-Pacific. It created the visual similarity to Aurumoth while also being located in the general habitat of seamoths.

Carapeace + Aurumoth

Carapace works with the shell motif and all convergent mons have similarities to the name so the moth stays, maybe an explanation could be that it was thought to be a moth before it was discovered to be a different species.
Movepool: (note that I based this from Aurumoth's Gen 8 movepool because I can't find the Gen 9 one)
1 Misty Terrain
1 Shadow Sneak
1 Aqua Jet
1 Withdraw
1 Rain Dance
1 Whirlpool
9 Double Team
12 Imprison
15 Triple Dive
18 Soak
21 Ancient Power
24 Infernal Parade
27 Brine
33 Liquidation
37 Reflect
37 Light Screen
42 Curse
47 Shadow Ball
54 Wave Crash
61 Final Gambit
TM001: Take Down
TM003: Fake Tears
TM006: Scary Face
TM007: Protect
TM010: Ice Fang
TM011: Water Pulse
TM015: Struggle Bug
TM017: Confuse Ray
TM021: Pounce
TM022: Chilling Water
TM025: Facade
TM027: Aerial Ace
TM029: Hex
TM032: Swift
TM034: Icy Wind
TM037: Draining Kiss
TM042: Night Shade
TM046: Avalanche
TM047: Endure
TM050: Rain Dance
TM052: Snowscape
TM053: Smart Strike
TM058: Brick Break
TM061: Shadow Claw
TM062: Foul Play
TM066: Body Slam
TM069: Ice Punch
TM070: Sleep Talk
TM073: Drain Punch
TM074: Reflect
TM075: Light Screen
TM077: Waterfall
TM079: Dazzling Gleam
TM080: Metronome
TM087: Taunt
TM090: Spikes
TM092: Imprison
TM103: Substitute
TM105: X-Scissor
TM110: Liquidation
TM114: Shadow Ball
TM116: Stealth Rock
TM122: Encore
TM123: Surf
TM124: Ice Spinner
TM127: Play Rough
TM135: Ice Beam
TM139: Misty Terrain
TM142: Hydro Pump
TM151: Phantom Force
TM152: Giga Impact
TM160: Hurricane
TM163: Hyper Beam
TM167: Close Combat
TM171: Tera Blast
TM177: Spite
TM180: Gyro Ball
TM191: Uproar
TM192: Focus Punch
TM193: Weather Ball
TM197: Dual Wingbeat
TM199: Lash Out
TM202: Pain Split
TM203: Psych Up
TM204: Double-Edge
TM205: Endeavor
TM207: Temper Flare
TM208: Whirlpool
TM209: Muddy Water
TM212: Triple Axel
TM214: Sludge Wave
TM219: Skitter Smack
TM220: Meteor Beam
TM221: Throat Chop
TM224: Curse
TM229: Upper Hand
(Field, Water 1)
Rage Fist (Annihilape)
Ceaseless Edge (Samurott-Hisui)
Feint (Meowth, Meowth-Alola, Meowth-Galar, Maushold)

Also, a couple dex entries based on current art subs:
- Regional Aurumoth(Assumes it evolves from Argalis)
Scarlet: It rests far down in the depths of the ocean, bursting out of its dense shell to feed on the life energy of nearby prey.

Violet: These Aurumoth are more commonly found after sudden monsoons. They display a more volatile temperment than their [Unovan] counterparts.
- Convergent
Scarlet: It has a hair-trigger temper but easily forgets what made it angry. It hunts Shellder both for food and to use its shells as multi-purpose weapons.

Violet: Once thought to be a regional form of Aurumoth by divers, [Name] is now believed to have adapted its current shape to deter predators.
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