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Okay it is time to wrap this up! The votes are in and...
Art: Amamama (2), JAGFL (5), Bloopyghost (6)
Name: Auruwraith, Aurafroth (2), Horrumoth (5), Oarumoth (4), Auqumoth
Dex: Amamama (2), AyeCrusherKing (Convergent) (3), snake (4)

Congrats to Bloopyghost for the winning art!

Congrats to Shadowshocker on the winning name: Horrumoth!
And finally, congrats to snake for the winning Pokedex entries!

I wanna thank you all again for a wonderful FlashCAP and maybe we can do another one later this year but first let's get pumped for CAP 33! :swole:


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Hello everyone! We decided to do our 2nd Generation 9 FlashCAP today and it was quite the Paradox ;)

SV FlashCAP #2! (Name TBD)
: kenn

Framework: Make a Paradox CAP.

CAP Chosen: Naviathan

Primary Ability: Quark Drive

Typing: Water / Flying

Defining Moves: Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, relevant STABs (Surf/Hydro Pump/Hurricane), Ice Beam, Roost

Stats: 100/80/68/118/96/108

Secondary Ability: N/A

Flavor Abilities: N/A

Any flavor aspects such as art, full movepools, pokedex entries, and names* can be submitted here and we can do a poll on them at a later date! Thanks so much for a wonderful time and can't wait to do this again!

*Names must include "Iron" as this is a Future Paradox.
Name: Iron Vessel
Justification: Naviathan is a ship. A vessel is any craft designed for transportation on water, but since this is the future the water we are sailing on is space - the final frontier. Also, vessel is a broader descriptor for design choice than to pigeonhole it as a specific vehicle.

WIP Movepool: (Once again, note that I'm basing this from Naviathan's Gen 8 movepool because I can't find the Gen 9 one. And by that, I mean the list of which ones it gets via lvl up, which through TMs, which via egg moves. When is the Indigo Disk move expansion coming out, anyway?)
Bold is required/universal, Italics are repeated
1 Cosmic Power
1 Metal Sound
1 Protect
1 Pluck
Rem Electric Terrain
7 Aqua Jet
14 Defog
21 Metal Claw
28 Acrobatics
35 Scary Face
42 Water Pulse
49 Air Cutter
56 Roost
63 Air Slash
70 Flash Cannon
77 Ice Beam
84 Hydro Pump
91 Electro Shot
TM001: Take Down
TM006: Scary Face
TM007: Protect
TM009: Thunder Fang
TM011: Water Pulse
TM013: Acid Spray
TM014: Acrobatics
TM020: Trailblaze
TM022: Chilling Water
TM023: Charge Beam
TM025: Facade
TM027: Aerial Ace
TM031: Metal Claw
TM032: Swift
TM034: Icy Wind
TM040: Air Cutter
TM047: Endure
TM048: Volt Switch
TM053: Smart Strike
TM055: Dig
TM065: Air Slash
TM066: Body Slam
TM068: Thunder Punch
TM070: Sleep Talk
TM072: Electro Ball
TM077: Waterfall
TM082: Thunder Wave
TM085: Rest
TM087: Taunt
TM088: Swords Dance
TM093: Flash Cannon
TM094: Dark Pulse
TM096: Eerie Impulse
TM097: Fly
TM099: Iron Head
TM102: Gunk Shot
TM103: Substitute
TM104: Iron Defense
TM110: Liquidation
TM113: Tailwind
TM117: Hyper Voice
TM118: Heat Wave
TM121: Heavy Slam
TM123: Surf
TM126: Thunderbolt
TM129: Calm Mind
TM130: Helping Hand

TM135: Ice Beam
TM136: Electric Terrain
TM140: Nasty Plot
TM142: Hydro Pump
TM143: Blizzard
TM147: Wild Charge
TM148: Sludge Bomb
TM151: Phantom Force
TM152: Giga Impact
TM160: Hurricane
TM163: Hyper Beam
TM164: Brave Bird
TM166: Thunder
TM168: Solar Beam
TM171: Tera Blast
TM172: Roar
TM173: Charge
TM174: Haze
TM178: Gravity
TM180: Gyro Ball
TM184: Vacuum Wave
TM186: High Horsepower
TM187: Icicle Spear
TM188: Scald
TM189: Heat Crash
TM193: Weather Ball
TM202: Pain Split
TM203: Psych Up
TM204: Double-Edge
TM205: Endeavor
TM207: Temper Flare
TM208: Whirlpool
TM209: Muddy Water
TM210: Supercell Slam
TM211: Electroweb
TM220: Meteor Beam
TM223: Metal Sound
TM224: Curse
TM225: Hard Press
TM229: Upper Hand
Dex entries are gonna be slightly different; one has to reference the Violet book, and the other from some edition of Occulture, so I might as well make up an article covering our new Paradox:
Scarlet: It resembles a Pokémon described in a dubious magazine as a Naviathan that had been modified to travel through alien dimensions.

Violet: This Pokémon is theorised to be Iron Vessel, a mysterious object recorded in a certain expedition journal. Its framework appears to be metallic.

Occulture: Iron Vessel - A Cruiser From The Final Frontier?!
  • A fleet of unnerving flying objects bearing a resemblance to Naviathan have been sighted in certain areas of Paldea. Witnesses reported them congregating over mass outbreaks of wild Pokemon before soaring off into hyperspace.
  • Iron Vessel is believed to be a space shuttle capable of inter-dimensional travel, piloted by aliens from another world. Its name is derived from a similarly described entity recorded in the era-defining Violet Book.
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Name: Iron Cruiser (It's the future form of a war canoe)

This is mainly based on Naviathan's existing movepool. I added autotomize for double dance action, plus it makes some sense for a future naval vessel, in my opinion. I also added a few cannon moves (spike cannon and zap cannon) for flavor.

Dragon Dance
Calm Mind
Nasty Plot
Rain Dance

Spike Cannon (flavor)
Metal Claw
Drill Peck
Iron Head
Iron Tail
Wave Crash
Sky Attack
Giga Impact

Water Gun
Flash Cannon
Dragon Pulse
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
Zap Cannon
Steel Beam
Hyper Beam
My personal take on a name is Iron Airship. I feel like a paradox Naviathan would end up looking like a more industrial less wooden version of a Final Fantasy airship, perhaps with propellors instead of or in addition to oars. The term airship has gained a notable association with flying boats thanks in part to Mario and Final Fantasy, so an iron airship would logically be the metallic version of the image conjured by the latter term.
Oh hello I didn't know this was happening

Name: Iron Hydro
Reasoning: As a flying-type, I see this as more of a hydrofoil - a boat that lifts out of the water - than anything else. Spacecraft are too trite.

WIP movepool:
1 Peck
1 Gust
1 Splash
Rem. Electric Terrain
7 Aqua Jet
14 Metal Sound
21 Bubble Beam
28 Slack Off
35 Drill Peck
42 Flash Cannon
49 Shift Gear
56 Brine
63 Wide Guard
70 Hurricane
77 Iron Head
84 Blizzard
91 Self-Destruct

I really have no inkling on TM listings - I do know all the other required moves are available as TMs, so that's covered at the least.

WIP dex entries:
Scarlet: It has been described in a credulous publication as a Pokémon/vehicle hybrid that was captured and shipped to a secret government facility.
Violet: This Pokémon-like machine bears superficial similarities to the creature known as Iron Hydro, as mentioned in an old field guide.
WIP Movepool: (Once again, note that I'm basing this from Naviathan's Gen 8 movepool because I can't find the Gen 9 one. When is the Indigo Disk move expansion coming out, anyway?)
All the CAPs got updated with Gen 9 movepools (with the exception of the Indigo Disk TMs for now), just search a CAP up on the Showdown Dex, but for your convenience I'll add screenshots of my own notes here :)


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