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I have come with the first FlashCAP of Gen 7!

Art by HeaLnDeaL (link: http://imgur.com/AaAaAwu)
Name: Chisphera (by Areidis [PS! name])
TL: snake_rattler
Typing: Fighting / Psychic
Abilities: Contrary / Stamina | HA: Telepathy
Stats (by LucarioOfLegends): 105 HP / 70 Atk / 80 Def / 70 SpA / 80 SpD / 70 Spe | BST 475

Wind-Up Fighter: A Pokemon that starts out sub-average, but while staying on the field, it will get stronger and stronger, either defensively or offensively by use of attacks, items, or ability. (by Ria)

Assessment: Power Trip / Stored Power + Stat Boosts
Chisphera @ Life Orb / Leftovers / Darkium Z / Psychium Z
Ability: Contrary
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Superpower / Close Combat
- Power Trip
- Zen Headbutt / Gunk Shot / Ice Punch
- Recover

Chisphera @ Leftovers / Psychium Z
Ability: Stamina
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe
Bold Nature
- Calm Mind
- Recover
- Stored Power / Extrasensory
- Focus Blast / Moonblast
1: Scratch
5: Confusion
9: Vacuum Wave
13: Taunt
18: Psybeam
22: Slash
26: Aura Sphere
31: Recover
35: Extrasensory
39: Sacred Sword
44: Calm Mind
48: Stored Power
48: Power Trip
52: Psycho Cut
57: Moonblast
61: Zen Headbutt
65: Superpower
65: Close Combat
Egg Group: Field (all can be learned from Exploud or Infernape)
Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Hammer Arm, Mach Punch, Gunk Shot
TM01: Work Up
TM02: Dragon Claw
TM04: Calm Mind
TM05: Roar
TM06: Toxic
TM10: Hidden Power
TM11: Sunny Day
TM12: Taunt
TM15: Hyper Beam
TM17: Protect
TM18: Rain Dance
TM21: Frustration
TM26: Return
TM30: Shadow Ball
TM31: Brick Break
TM32: Double Team
TM40: Aerial Ace
TM41: Torment
TM42: Facade
TM42: Flame Charge
TM44: Rest
TM45: Attract
TM46: Thief
TM47: Low Sweep
TM48: Round
TM49: Echoed Voice
TM52: Focus Blast
TM54: False Swipe
TM57: Charge Beam
TM59: Brutal Swing
TM64: Explosion
TM65: Shadow Claw
TM67: Smart Strike
TM68: Giga Impact
TM71: Bulldoze
TM81: X-Scissor
TM84: Poison Jab
TM94: Surf
TM95: Snarl
TM99: Dazzling Gleam
TM100: Confide
Sun: Chisphera attacks its enemies with unrelenting Fighting-type attacks, which strengthens its Power Trip. It learns to trust its trainer gradually.

Moon: A product of the Type: Full project in the Aether Paradise, Chisphera escaped laboratory using its Stored Power. It trains through the night in meditation.

(by snake_rattler)

While I think its stats are too low to function well in the current CAP Metagame, and while there were a lot of bumps along the way, I think this FlashCAP fulfills this concept pretty well. We could have gone down the Beast Boost/Moxie/Soul Heart/Speed Boost route, but people because enthusiastic about the prospect of Stored Power and Power Trip. By choosing Stored Power, Power Trip, and Contrary early, we were able to have not just one but two viable abilities, the second being Stamina. This allowed us to run an offensive booster utilizing Contrary Superpower or Close Combat, while using Power Trip as a powerful coverage move, or a defensive booster utilizing Calm Mind to boost and Stored Power as a primary Psychic-type STAB (Extrasensory was decided to be the next best STAB move), while also having Stamina to increase Defense as well. Overall, we came out on top with a fine, versatile product that, while not too threatening in the metagame due to its stats (the stat bias is correct, just they're too low imo), it fulfills sufficiently our concept in creative ways.
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FlashCAP2 of Gen7 is here!

Art by Reigaheres (link: http://imgur.com/a/VvhlS)
Name: Elktrolysis (by boxofkangaroos)
TL: snake_rattler
Typing: Ice / Electric
Abilities: Snow Warning / Slush Rush | HA: Snow Cloak
Stats (by Agile Turtle): 75 HP / 75 Atk / 105 Def / 124 SpA / 95 SpD / 106 Spe | 580 BST

HAIL MON. mon tht does a magical SOMETHING with hail (by HeaLnDeaL)

Assessment: (credit to Agile Turtle for the language) A Pokemon that has three sets: "one for where it sets hail for other abusers or teammates, one for where it has a teammate that sets it, and one for where it sets up hail to abuse it itself."

Threatlist + Other Stuff:
Checks: Tyranitar / Mamoswine / Offensive Steel-types
Counters: Defensive Fire-types, Specially Defensive Steel-types, Chansey
Beats: Pokemon hit super-effectively, Weather Setters bar Hail and Tyranitar, Ground-types
Supports: Ninetales-A, Syclant, Krilowatt, Sandslash-A, Kyurem-B, the bear thing
Aurora Veil Support
FlashCAP2 @ Light Clay / Life Orb / Icy Rock
Ability: Snow Warning
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Aurora Veil
- Blizzard
- Volt Switch / Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ground / Surf / Thunderbolt / Freeze Dry

Hail Setter
FlashCAP2 @ Life Orb / Icy Rock
Ability: Slush Rush
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Hail
- Blizzard
- Thunderbolt
- Surf / Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Fire / Freeze Dry

Hail Abuser
FlashCAP2 @ Life Orb / Choice Specs
Ability: Slush Rush
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Blizzard
- Thunderbolt
- Volt Switch
- Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ground / Surf / Freeze Dry

FlashCAP2 @ Choice Specs / Life Orb
Ability: Snow Warning
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Blizzard
- Volt Switch
- Surf
- Thunderbolt / Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ground
1: Thunder Shock
1: Growl
1: Powder Snow
5: Powder Snow
9: Headbutt
13: Shock Wave
18: Charge
22: Icy Wind
26: Hail
31: Discharge
35: Freeze Dry
39: Aurora Veil
44: Wild Charge
48: Thunderbolt
52: Blizzard
57: Head Charge
61: Zap Cannon
65: Sheer Cold
TM05: Roar
TM06: Toxic
TM07: Hail
TM10: Hidden Power
TM12: Taunt
TM14: Blizzard
TM15: Hyper Beam
TM16: Light Screen
TM17: Protect
TM20: Safeguard
TM21: Frustration
TM24: Thunderbolt
TM27: Return
TM32: Double Team
TM33: Reflect
TM40: Aerial Ace
TM41: Torment
TM42: Facade
TM44: Rest
TM45: Attract
TM48: Round
TM49: Echoed Voice
TM57: Charge Beam
TM66: Payback
TM67: Smart Strike
TM68: Giga Impact
TM70: Aurora Veil
TM72: Volt Switch
TM73: Thunder Wave
TM77: Psych Up
TM79: Frost Breath
TM81: X-Scissor
TM87: Swagger
TM88: Sleep Talk
TM90: Substitute
TM91: Flash Cannon
TM93: Wild Charge
TM94: Surf
TM95: Snarl
TM96: Nature Power
TM100: Confide
No Egg Group
Sun: Living in the coldest tundras, this Pokemon calls upon massive thunderstorms and blizzards to build up its incredible power.
Moon: One of four legendary Pokemon. Its horns are made entirely of ice, and touching them can freeze a person solid.

As my second round of FlashCAP TL, I think this one turned out a lot better than the first (even though Chisphera turned out pretty good too)! In the beginning we wanted to have a non-Ice-type to have better type synergy with Ninetales-A, but in the end the allure of accurate Blizzards and lack of hazard damage netted us an Ice-type, and Electric typing serves as a powerful Secondary STAB. Abilities were mostly straight forward; the only other one that had any merit was Storm Drain but Snow Warning / Slush Rush won. Much like Chisphera, each of its two abilities allows different sets to work. For example, Snow Warning act as a Hail setter and allows it to use Aurora Veil, or it can run an AOA set as a standalone team member. On the other hand, Slush Rush allows it to act as a Hail abuser, taking advantage of its own Hail through the move or with Ninetales-A support. Again, similar to Chisphera, to allow the concept to flourish best, I found it for the best to disallow Ice Beam so that it has to capitalize on Blizzard. Overall, this would be a powerful addition to the CAP Metagame if this were a full fledged CAP with decent bulk, high special attack, good speed tier, unpredictability of sets, unique team support through Aurora Veil, nice offensive coverage, and pivoting using Volt Switch. Well done to everyone who participated!
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snake_rattler Damn, I missed another one. I really enjoy the concept behind this Flash CAP. It's nice to see that it's a sub-Legendary, and it's an Ice/Electric-type to boot.

I'm also looking forward to the canon CAP 23.


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Its not one of my favorite designs per se, but doing an Ice/Electric mon was quite the challenge, so I'm glad the moose was well received. I didn't think of it as a Legendary while designing it, but it fits quite well with other 580 BST legendaries like the Legendary Dogcathamsterbeasts and the Swords of Justice!

Overall very fun Flash CAP, and the first one where I was actually not almost asleep when it came up, so cheers.


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Fire/Electric, Water/Electric, and Rock/Electric... honestly it would be cool to see mons that could act as setters or abusers for each weather type. I could see them as a legendary quartet, like the swords of justice. Maybe not all meese, but all mammals with those cool lightning bolt patterns.

EDIT: They can be the deities of different biomes or ecosystems. That's something I don't think we've seen yet, and that would be an interesting concept. Sun for the prairie, Water for the jungle, and Rock for the desert.
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Fire/Electric, Water/Electric, and Rock/Electric... honestly it would be cool to see mons that could act as setters or abusers for each weather type. I could see them as a legendary quartet, like the swords of justice. Maybe not all meese, but all mammals with those cool lightning bolt patterns.

EDIT: They can be the deities of different biomes or ecosystems. That's something I don't think we've seen yet, and that would be an interesting concept. Sun for the prairie, Water for the jungle, and Rock for the desert.
Nah man gotta be a Fire/Grass moose with Drought and Chlorophyll, a Water/Flying moost with Drizzle and Swift Swim, and a Rock/Ground moose with Sand Stream and Sand Rush. At that's what a few of us decided last night.

We just gotta rig the next 3 flashCAPs ;)

Also I'm firelights btw


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That's what I like about CAP. It takes itself seriously, but not too seriously.

Also a cool signature move for the weather mooses would be a move called Storm Horn, which changes type based on weather, so its a better Weather Ball.


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Nah man gotta be a Fire/Grass moose with Drought and Chlorophyll, a Water/Flying moost with Drizzle and Swift Swim, and a Rock/Ground moose with Sand Stream and Sand Rush. At that's what a few of us decided last night.

We just gotta rig the next 3 flashCAPs ;)

Also I'm firelights btw
Do you want me to change your name to your Smogon name on the main post or leave it as firelights?


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Sun and Moon's third FlashCAP has finally arrived!

Art by garbagery (link: http://i.imgur.com/e2iqDO8.jpg)

Name: Holloqua (by lordpinecone)
TL: Ria/LucarioOfLegends (Ria originally led the project, but gave the reigns to me when they had to leave.)
Typing: Water / Ghost
Abilities: Emergency Exit / Stall
Stats: (by Ria) 105/70/120/125/105/80 | 605
Submitted by sparktrain

Cyclohm Reloaded: A Pokemon that effectively makes use of one or more abilities not commonly seen in the CAP metagame.

Threats: Hazards, Bulky Setup, Nature's Madness, Flame Orb Colossoil (Check), Plasmanta (Check), Greninja (Check), Malaconda (Counter), Mollux (Counter), Dark Types, Electric Types, Grass types, Ghost types

Dual Screen
FlashCAP @ Light Clay
Ability: Emergency Exit
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Light screen
- Reflect
- Scald
- Recover

FlashCAP @ Ghostium Z
Ability: Emergency Exit
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spa
- Curse
- Scald
- Wish
- Shadow Ball / Protect / Toxic

Bulky Attacker
FlashCAP @ Leftovers
Ability: Emergency Exit/ Stall
252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Spe
- Hydro Pump
- Shadow Ball
- Ice Beam/U-Turn
- Recover

Trick Room
FlashCAP @ Lefties
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spa
Modest Nature
- Hydro pump/scald
- Shadow Ball
- Trick Room
- U turn

FlashCAP @ Leftovers
Ability: Stall
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Toxic
- Hex
- Scald
- Recover

Other Options: Surf, Skill Swap

Level Up:
-Hydro Pump
2 - Water Sport
5 - Wrap
9 - Poison Sting
14 - Astonish
19 - Bubble Beam
24 - Reflect
24 - Light Screen
28 - Psywave
33 - Hex
38 - Muddy Water
42 - Skill Swap
47 - Shadow Ball
52 - Recover
55 - Hydro Pump

Egg Moves:
Water 2 and Amorphous
Wish (Alomomola)
Magic Room (Misdreavus)
Wonder Room (Misdreavus)

Hidden Power
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam
Light Screen
Rain Dance
Shadow Ball
Double Team
Shadow Claw
Giga Impact
Sleep Talk
Trick Room

Sun: Holloqua have long lost their purpose and are left to only drift aimlessly.

Moon: Creatures of deep sorrow, they are drawn to crying with the goal of soothing grief.

While certainly not experienced in TLing FlashCAPs, I think this project turned out pretty well, and can certainly rival with Elktrolysis and Chisphera. During Ria's time, Emergency Exit was an extremely interesting choice, as it was a decent ability, just without the right user. There were also quite a few other abilities that rallied support such as Rattled, Compound Eyes, and Liquid Ooze, but Emergency Exit was just able to edge them out. Stall was a very interesting choice of second ability, as the reasoning behind was to force players to use Emergency Exit because it had no better options. It is still used in some sets however, as it functions well with the prospect of slowturning in Pokemon that would otherwise have trouble switching in. Its great special attack and good defenses means that it serves well as a Bulky Attacker, being able to smash foes with strong Shadow Balls and Hydro Pumps. Recover is also added to a shocking number of sets, so Holloqua is a truly formidable foe. Some of the more interesting sets used more unique ideas, such as Curse and Dual Screens, which add a bit of variety to the mon. Overall, this FlashCAP would be an absolute beast in the current metagame, with great stats all round and a wide amount of utility in its movepool. The idea of redoing Cyclohm's concept certainly turned out a very interesting product. Thank you so much Ria for this opportunity, and thank you all who participated for making an awesome FlashCAP!


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Dang I missed the flashCAP...

Emergency Exit Trick Room actually sounds like the most frustrating thing ever with negative priority lol
After 2 and 1/3 years, the next FlashCAP is finally here!!

(Art by Pipotchi)
Name: Zapparition (by Pipotchi)
TL: Birkal
Concept: Ability Actualization V2 (by Jho)
Typing: Electric / Ghost
Abilities: Serene Grace / Static / Cursed Body
Stats (by Dogfish44): 128 HP / 59 Atk / 87 Def / 120 SpA / 59 SpD / 107 Spe | 560 BST
Movepool (by Dogfish44): https://pastebin.com/raw/HPrBHAsb
Competitive Notes (by me!): Relies on Serene Grace Thunder or Discharge combined with Hex to bust teams wide open. Mainly relies on Psychic and Hurricane as coverage, although it also has access to Tri-Attack. Can also pivot using Volt Switch or set up using Charge Beam or Calm Mind. Other utility moves included are Trick, Taunt, Eerie Impulse, Foul Play, and Will-o-Wisp. Can recover using Parabolic Charge, Pain Split, or Purify. Finally, Zapparition can set Trick Room if snake_rattler desires.

Here's a massive thanks to Birkal, Pipotchi, Jho, Dogfish44, quziel, Wulfanator72, ShunosaurusLii, snake_rattler, Sgt.Moose, Mythlore, Scizivire, Jordy, StephXPM, and Mova (and last but not least myself!!!) for helping to make Zapparition possible!!!!!


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These are less "logs" and more "entire ruddy forest"! Also IRC >>>>> Discord for getting logs like oml.

[19:36] Birkal: ok so concept pitches
[19:36] Birkal: whatcyha'll got
[19:37] Mova: 255 speed :BOI:
[19:37] pip: :rage:
[19:37] Birkal: pip let's do
[19:37] Birkal: gourgeist formes
[19:37] SgtMoose: stat lowering
[19:37] Mova: size differences?
[19:37] Mova: that can work too
[19:37] pip: gourg forms could be a bit hard for a quickie lol
[19:37] pip: is that a concept
[19:37] Project_Mars: Make a bad type good
[19:37] pip: also Birkal ur running it btw
[19:37] SgtMoose: gourg is a framework
[19:37] Zetalz: double same-typed mon
[19:37] SgtMoose: i think
[19:37] Zetalz: steel/steel time
[19:38] pip: sticky webber
[19:38] Birkal: alright i'm runnin it
[19:38] Mova: dark
[19:38] Luisar2002: Steel/steel is unironically pretty nice
[19:38] Birkal: no I think we should make gourgeist a framework
[19:38] Luisar2002: 3 double weakness, yeah

but 10 double resistances
[19:38] Mova: :BOI:
[19:38] Birkal: but yah it might be too much
[19:39] Birkal: ok so let's just do regular concept
[19:39] Birkal: stop: I ban typing discussion
[19:39] pip: cus we probably arent gunna be calcing much to do with evs andstuff lol
[19:39] Birkal: I wanna here concepts
[19:39] pip: which is what gourg is all abt
[19:39] Mova: sorry
[19:39] Luisar2002: Mova Alolan sandslash
[19:39] Birkal: I heard stat lowering
[19:39] Mova: i deleted
[19:39] pip: my concept is sticky webber
[19:39] Birkal: anythign else people wanna see
[19:39] Mova: ik Luisar2002
[19:39] Reviloja753: Plasmanta 2.0
[19:39] Birkal: but we have snaelstrom
[19:39] Mova: lmao
[19:39] Birkal: I think we should make boommon
19:39] pip: viable sticky webber :spy:
[19:39] Reviloja753: As in a mon that makes you not wanna kill it
[19:39] Birkal: is mine
[19:39] Mova: explosion?
[19:39] Birkal: dah
[19:39] Birkal: or final gambit
[19:39] Luisar2002: Oh this is discusion fo a new cap mon
[19:39] Birkal: no we're making a flashcap
[19:39] Birkal: right now
[19:40] Mova: nice >:]
[19:40] pip: hmm what else is fun
[19:40] Reviloja753: I wanna do a mon that makes you not wanna kill it
[19:40] Birkal: stat-lowering is probably the most flexible one
[19:40] Reviloja753: That’s mine
[19:40] pip: strength sapmon
[19:40] Birkal: i'm out
[19:40] pip: oh oh thats stat lowering
[19:40] pip: :imp:
[19:40] Mova: strength sook
[19:40] Mova: :BOI:
[19:40] Luisar2002: physical succ
[19:41] Birkal: how about chansey but defensive
[19:41] Luisar2002: that sounded horribly wrong out of context
[19:41] Mova: physical?
[19:41] pip: :no_good:
[19:41] Mova: physical chansey?
[19:41] Luisar2002: sounds interesting
[19:41] Jho: Yo flash cap?
[19:41] Birkal: rn
[19:41] Mova: yup, offler
[19:41] Birkal: jho what concept ya got
[19:41] pip: aaa
[19:42] Jho: I got er
[19:42] Jho: User of stat drops
[19:42] Jho: Stolen shamelessly
[19:42] Birkal: what do you mean
[19:42] pip: btw lets do voting like this
[19:42] Birkal: like it uses moves that lower stats?
[19:42] Luisar2002: what if, instead of stat dropper
[19:42] Birkal: I think I should post all the options, and whichever gets the best emoji reactions wins
[19:42] Mova: screech, metal sound, etc.
[19:42] Luisar2002: is an stat stealer
[19:43] Jho: There was a concept for 26 where it was a mom that made use of stat drops
[19:43] pip: vote for ur concept with red number:
1. doodoo
2. blabla
[19:43] Jho: Mon*
[19:43] Luisar2002: Aka a non broken marshadow
[19:43] Mova: equilibra?
[19:43] Mova: oh
[19:43] pip: or uh red letter, a, b
[19:43] Mova: :b:
[19:43] pip: like dat
[19:43] Mova: yea
[19:43] Jho: So stuff like heartswap er
[19:43] Luisar2002: JAJAJA, ONE
[19:43] Jho: Other ways to use this or eluding me
[19:44] Mova: heart swap?
[19:44] Birkal: jho this concept is bad
[19:44] Luisar2002: I was thinking more on spectral thief, but in a different typing
[19:44] Birkal: and unsupported
[19:44] Jho: yes boss
[19:44] pip: spectral thief isnt a bad concept
[19:44] pip: mayb
[19:44] SgtMoose: gotta lower dem stats
[19:45] pip: hailmon
[19:45] SgtMoose: feather dance your worries away
[19:45] Jho: we could do
[19:45] Jho: ability actualisation v2
[19:45] Jho: without starter typing limitations
[19:45] SgtMoose: tbh i still want just normal cap with stat lowerings
[19:46] Birkal: 1) stat-lowering
2) sticky webber
3) plasmanta 2.0
4) boom mon
5) stat stealer
6) hailmon
7) ability actualization v2
[19:46] Birkal: VOTE NOW
[19:46] Birkal: YOU GET A MINUTE
[19:46] Jho: 7
[19:46] Reviloja753: 3
[19:46] pip: blue numbers?
[19:46] SgtMoose: does boom mon explode
[19:46] Luisar2002: I probably can't vote myself so, 2
[19:46] pip: vote with reactions nubs
[19:46] pip: then its ez to count
[19:46] Luisar2002: ohh good idea
[19:47] Reviloja753: How many votes do we have
[19:47] pip: if its a draw we have to do both :spy:
[19:47] quziel: honestly, you could make both wor
[19:47] Jho: ability actualisation sticky webber
[19:48] quziel: aka mold breaker webber
[19:48] Jho: could also use er
[19:48] Jho: whatever the move is that does more damage depending on speed
[19:48] Jho: and speed boost
[19:48] quziel: electroball
[19:48] pip: electro turd
[19:48] pip: yea that move sucks sksks
[19:49] Birkal: VOTING ALMOST DONE
[19:49] quziel: aka the perfect mon for that is already made, and its called raichu alola
[19:49] Birkal: VOTE VOTE
[19:49] quziel: and it sucks
[19:49] Jho: raichu alola isnt that bad
[19:49] Birkal: ok actualization ability 2.0 wins
19:50] SgtMoose: what is that
[19:50] Luisar2002: fricc
[19:50] pip: ermergerdd
[19:50] Birkal: how about we start by picking an ability
[19:50] quziel: Stall
[19:50] Birkal: and then do a typing
[19:50] pip: i think its probably the easiest concept to do a flashcap for
[19:50] pip: okey
[19:50] Reviloja753: Works for me
[19:50] SgtMoose: ree who had that one
[19:50] Reviloja753: Offler did
[19:50] Jho: si
[19:50] Birkal: ok so let's pick an abiltiy to actualize
[19:50] SgtMoose: no what has actualization
[19:50] Birkal: requirement by me: it has to directly affect a move
[19:51] quziel: ah, can't just submit stakeout can I
[19:51] Divinity: oh its flash cap time?
[19:51] quziel: wait
[19:51] quziel: does stakeout affect a move?
[19:51] SgtMoose: well not every time
[19:51] pip: magic guard!
[19:51] Jho: Thick Fat :moon:
[19:51] Reviloja753: Oof
[19:51] Divinity: super luck/sniper/merciless
[19:51] StephanXPM: Merciless :wink:
[19:51] quziel: Sniper honestly
[19:51] quziel: that seems really cool
[19:52] pip: oh wait no ono
[19:52] SgtMoose: simple
[19:52] Reviloja753: For real what about
[19:52] pip: serene grace
[19:52] pip: plssss
[19:52] Reviloja753: Steelworker
[19:52] Birkal: serene grace is the play
[19:52] Birkal: imo
[19:52] pip: gimme serene grace without flinchings
[19:52] quziel: honestly
[19:52] Reviloja753: Steelworker with a mon who could use steel coverage
[19:52] Reviloja753: Sounds flames
[19:52] quziel: my original thoughts on 25G were serene grace thunder abuser
[19:52] pip: moonblast, shadow balls, etc :heart_eyes:
[19:52] quziel: which I felt was ultracool
[19:52] Reviloja753: Serene grace sounds fun
[19:52] SgtMoose: Rivalry :BOI:
[19:52] Reviloja753: Just we have to avoid flinching
[19:52] Birkal: why thunder serene grace
[19:52] Jho: 60% para
[19:53] Divinity: discharge
[19:53] quziel: 60% para
[19:53] Birkal: when you can no guard zap cannon
[19:53] pip: yea we will only give it a bad flinch move
[19:53] pip: how about double iron bash
[19:53] Reviloja753: No Guard is another choice
[19:53] phosphunosaurus: ofc it's flashcap time when I have a flight in like 15 minutes
[19:53] Jho: thunder serene grace aka why jirachi was good in bw
[19:53] phosphunosaurus: L
[19:53] quziel: because there's still risk inherent with SG thunder
[19:53] SgtMoose: Simple Flmae Charge
[19:53] quziel: I guess there's always cursed Triage
[19:53] Birkal: ok serene grace is slated -- any final ones
[19:53] Divinity: sounds like were making a new rain mon for frost
[19:53] Birkal: triage is banned by me
[19:53] quziel: good
[19:53] TwilightWing: Stake out
[19:53] Reviloja753: Steelworker, Birk
[19:53] quziel: triage is ultracursed
[19:53] pip: why triage banned?
[19:53] Divinity: super luck since we dont have to deal with it potentially using a 50% crit set
[19:54] Birkal: I hate it
[19:54] quziel: because its ultracursed
[19:54] Reviloja753: Imagine a dragon type
[19:54] quziel: fuck triage
[19:54] TwilightWing: Stake out for absurdity
[19:54] pip: loool
[19:54] quziel: hate that fucking ability
[19:54] pip: ok fair
[19:54] Reviloja753: That uses steel coverage
[19:54] Dogfish44: hihihi
19:54] Birkal: stake out is good
[19:54] Birkal: any others
[19:54] SgtMoose: No Guard
[19:54] phosphunosaurus: Fetch
[19:54] Birkal: LOL
[19:54] pip: ball fetch
[19:54] TwilightWing: Oh yeah, no guard
[19:54] Reviloja753: I’ve been saying Steelworker birk
[19:54] pip: yes
[19:54] Birkal: no guard is slated
[19:54] Jho: lol
[19:54] Jho: errr
[19:54] Dogfish44: Actualisation? Make it Speed Boost
[19:54] quziel: Sniper
[19:54] TwilightWing: I remember 25g no guard
[19:54] Divinity: if ball fetch isnt slated we riot
[19:54] TwilightWing: That shit would have been fun
[19:54] pip: speed boost cant be slated unfort
[19:54] Jho: Scrappy
[19:54] phosphunosaurus: BALL FETCH BAYBEE
[19:54] pip: it doesnt interact directly i dont think
[19:54] Reviloja753: Scrappy could work maybe
[19:55] Jho: give me scrappy spinner
[19:55] Dogfish44: indirect is 100% cool tho :-(
[19:55] quziel: I'd argue Megalop is basically the perfect actualization of scrappy though
[19:55] Jordy: chlorophyl
[19:55] Jordy: or however u spell it
[19:55] pip: ya idc for more scrappys
[19:55] Reviloja753: Tru
[19:55] pip: megalop did it best
[19:55] quziel: Sand Force?
[19:55] quziel: naw
[19:55] phosphunosaurus: Sand
[19:55] StephanXPM: long reach
[19:55] phosphunosaurus: o
[19:55] quziel: megachomp does that
[19:55] Reviloja753: Long reach maybe could work
[19:55] Jho: mega lop doesnt spin :c
[19:55] phosphunosaurus: I got sniped
[19:55] Reviloja753: Seems meh tho
[19:55] Dogfish44: Remember when we almost did Emergency Exit?
[19:55] Birkal: 1) Serene Grace
2) Stake Out
3) Sniper
4) Steelworker
5) Scrappy
6) Ball Fetch
7) No Guard
[19:55] Birkal: PLACE YOUR VOTES
[19:55] Jordy: 1
[19:55] phosphunosaurus: 6
[19:55] TwilightWing: Hmmmm
[19:55] pip: vote with reactions nubs
[19:55] TwilightWing: So wait
[19:56] snake_rattler: wait what's the concept
[19:56] TwilightWing: We just vote on whichever, no limit?
[19:56] quziel: ability actualization
[19:56] snake_rattler: o
[19:56] Reviloja753: Ye
[19:56] Dogfish44: CAP Starters, but Do It Proper
[19:56] Birkal: 2.0
[19:56] pip: ya
[19:56] Divinity: the fourth member of the cap starters
[19:56] Birkal: no limit
[19:56] Jordy: does that mean
[19:56] Jordy: we do competitive moves after typing this time
[19:56] phosphunosaurus: If we get a typing before my flight
[19:56] Birkal: we'll do a couple
[19:57] phosphunosaurus: I'll be able to throw together something
[19:57] Birkal: ok serene grace wins
[19:57] phosphunosaurus: and then come back
[19:57] Birkal: GO
[19:57] Birkal: no steel
[19:57] phosphunosaurus: And see the winning deisgn
[19:57] Birkal: no psychic
[19:57] Divinity: electric
[19:57] Birkal: no ground
[19:57] Jordy: ok hear me out
[19:57] Birkal: everything else is game
[19:57] pip: fairy/ghost
[19:57] quziel: Electric
[19:57] Dogfish44: basic comp moves first?
[19:57] Jordy: electric/electric
[19:57] Reviloja753: Elec/Fairy
[19:57] Jho: dude elec fairy is hot
[19:57] Birkal: actually ground is ok
[19:57] SgtMoose: normal for those body slams
[19:57] phosphunosaurus: electric/psychic
[19:57] StephanXPM: yeah elec/fairy
[19:57] Divinity: elec/water
[19:57] TwilightWing: GHOST/NORMAL
[19:57] phosphunosaurus: elec/ground is kinda hot
[19:57] quziel: is there'a 30% spdef drop move?
[19:57] Jho: theres a 50% one
[19:57] SgtMoose: shadow ball
[19:57] Jho: :eyes:
[19:57] quziel: Sball is 10%
[19:57] TwilightWing: How about
[19:57] Divinity: 40%
[19:57] quziel: iirc
[19:57] StephanXPM: water/elec
[19:57] SgtMoose: oh right
[19:57] SgtMoose: shit
[19:57] StephanXPM: for scald :wink:
[19:58] TwilightWing: Ghost/ice
[19:58] phosphunosaurus: no freeze
[19:58] wulfanator72: What I miss?
[19:58] TwilightWing: Ice has a lot of secondary effects
[19:58] pip: i like the idea of it being fairy
[19:58] quziel: no ice pls
19:58] Reviloja753: We’re doing ability actualization with serene grace
[19:58] Birkal: just gonna make a list here, don't mind me
[19:58] SgtMoose: water
[19:58] pip: moonblast and play rough are both very cool
[19:58] Divinity: elec/ghost or elec/water
[19:58] quziel: I have 0 desire to ever think about a mon with reliable freeze
[19:58] SgtMoose: scald it up
[19:58] quziel: yo
[19:58] quziel: how about normal
[19:58] SgtMoose: Serene Grace Scald boys
[19:58] Reviloja753: Elec/Fairy or Ghost/Fairy
[19:58] quziel: and then design the mon about SG Tri Attack
[19:58] snake_rattler: normal for serene grace crush claw
[19:58] Reviloja753: Even mono fairy
[19:58] quziel: the dumbest possible move
[19:58] wulfanator72: Discharge hex
[19:58] phosphunosaurus: electric/ground is hot just saying
[19:58] Reviloja753: That’s another choice
[19:58] phosphunosaurus: But also elec/ghost is wavy
[19:58] quziel: what secondary effect moves does ground have
[19:59] SgtMoose: Bulldoze
[19:59] quziel: mega rotom seems hot af though
[19:59] Jho: EP has spdf drop
[19:59] Divinity: ep spdef drop
[19:59] Reviloja753: Earth power that’s it
[19:59] pip: electric flying? :wink:
[19:59] Birkal: electric/fairy

[19:59] quziel: mega rotom seeming real fun here
[19:59] Birkal: banning water
[19:59] pip: aaa
[19:59] Dogfish44: ground is a terrible ttype to actualise from btw
[19:59] Birkal: because screw scald
[19:59] StephanXPM: ;_; water noo
[19:59] SgtMoose: Noooooo rip scald
[19:59] Birkal: that stuff is just not ok
[19:59] quziel: Normal seems ultrareliable
[19:59] Birkal: wit me
[19:59] Divinity: elec/flying
[19:59] quziel: and from usign togetic in DPPNU
19:59] Reviloja753: Why are ghost/fairy and fairy/ghost two different combos
[19:59] pip: oh normal could be cool i guess
[19:59] quziel: I know that SG tri attack is ultralegit
[19:59] Jordy: normal/electric
[19:59] Reviloja753: Normal/fairy
[19:59] quziel: can someone !dt tri attack
[19:59] Jho: sounds hot
[19:59] Jho: -dt tri-attack
[20:00] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) Tri Attack
Normal-Type | Special | 80 Power | 100 Acc | 10 PP
20% chance to paralyze or burn or freeze target.
[20:00] Birkal: what moves does normal get for this
[20:00] quziel: ye
[20:00] snake_rattler: crush claw
[20:00] quziel: 16% chance of all 3
[20:00] quziel: is fuckin hilariuos
[20:00] Jordy: tri attack
[20:00] quziel: Tri Attack is the coolest
[20:00] phosphunosaurus: Shit crush claw is hot
[20:00] TwilightWing: dark/fairy?
[20:00] wulfanator72: Relic song
[20:00] quziel: but there's also like a bunch of others
[20:00] pip: does dragon have good secondaries?
[20:00] quziel: on physical and special side
[20:00] Birkal: no
[20:00] TwilightWing: ah wait
[20:00] pip: no nvm
[20:00] SgtMoose: yeah gotta normal it up
[20:00] snake_rattler: dragon breath
[20:00] phosphunosaurus: Crush claw into like play rough
[20:00] StephanXPM: dragonbreath
[20:00] quziel: if we do physical electric we created jirachi v2 thanks to zing zap btw
[20:00] StephanXPM: lol
[20:00] Reviloja753: What does crush claw do
[20:00] Dogfish44: Elec/Normal sounds fun tbh. Zing Zap is basically Iron Head but Elec
[20:00] Jho: -dt crush claw
[20:00] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) Crush Claw
Normal-Type | Physical | 75 Power | 95 Acc | 10 PP
50% chance to lower the target's Defense by 1.
[20:00] Reviloja753: Oh boy
[20:00] Divinity: is 100% charge beam worth running on elec
[20:00] Jordy: shoutouts jirachi
[20:00] quziel: I vote no on flinch typings btw
[20:01] Reviloja753: Normal/Fairy thank you
[20:01] phosphunosaurus: Normal/something
[20:01] Birkal: -dt zing zap
[20:01] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) Zing Zap
Electric-Type | Physical | 80 Power | 100 Acc | 10 PP
30% chance to flinch the target.
[20:01] Divinity: elec/fire
[20:01] Birkal: y'all just makin up moves now
[20:01] phosphunosaurus: Normal gives us headbutt
[20:01] SgtMoose: SG Poison Fang would always Toxic
[20:01] quziel: scarf togedemaru, lord of NU
[20:01] Reviloja753: Omg that sounds amazing
[20:01] quziel: Poison seems real cool ye
[20:01] pip: hmm i think i like normal fairy and elec fairy
[20:01] Jho: toge carried me through PU seasonal
[20:01] Reviloja753: Poison/Fairy maybe
[20:01] quziel: either physical or special
[20:01] phosphunosaurus: Normal/poison
[20:01] pip: poison fairy is also not not heat
[20:01] Dogfish44: PFang can be done on the side tho
[20:01] Jho: until he was unjustly banned
[20:01] quziel: Normal/Poison
[20:01] pip: which is to say, heat
[20:01] quziel: seems real heat
20:01] Dogfish44: like you don't need STAB imo
[20:01] quziel: ngl
[20:01] Birkal: what does fairy give us
[20:01] Birkal: play rough
[20:01] Jho: 60% drops
[20:01] SgtMoose: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Additional_effect
Additional effect
An additional effect (Japanese: 追加効果 additional effect) is the in-battle secondary effect of a damaging move.
Additional effects include stat changes or status conditions with a chance of occurring. Some moves can also have more than one additional effect; Ice Fang is...
[20:01] snake_rattler: moonblast
[20:01] quziel: its even a pretty solid typing
[20:01] StephanXPM: moonblast
[20:01] Reviloja753: Moonblast
[20:01] Birkal: moonblast o yah
[20:01] Dogfish44: Fairy gives us stupid moonblast
[20:01] snake_rattler: poison / fairy
[20:02] wulfanator72: No more fairies
[20:02] snake_rattler: sludge bomb and moonblast
[20:02] snake_rattler: oml
[20:02] pip: o yes i like
[20:02] quziel: I really love the idea of a normal type here though
[20:02] phosphunosaurus: Normal/Poison
[20:02] Divinity: rip psychic ban
[20:02] quziel: just seems really good for the concept
[20:02] Jho: tryna make more mons
[20:02] phosphunosaurus: Crush claw+pfang
[20:02] Jho: walled by pex
[20:02] Reviloja753: Normal/fairy as well
[20:02] Divinity: the lati moves wouldve been fun
[20:02] quziel: thanks to all of normal's cool moves
[20:02] Reviloja753: And normal/poison
[20:02] pip: wait bug has good secondaries
[20:02] pip: what abt bug fairy
[20:02] quziel: also sg tri attack, lord of the game
[20:02] Reviloja753: What does bug have
[20:02] phosphunosaurus: Aren't most bug moves like
[20:02] Dogfish44: Bug has... Steamroller?
[20:02] phosphunosaurus: 100% secondary
[20:02] pip: oh wait nvm
[20:02] Dogfish44: but that's just Zing Zap but weaker
[20:02] pip: :feels:
[20:02] Reviloja753: Lol
[20:02] snake_rattler: struggle bug
[20:03] phosphunosaurus: Is 100 already
[20:03] pip: it has 100% effects
[20:03] pip: lunge etc
[20:03] pip: my bad
[20:03] Jho: quiver dance
[20:03] phosphunosaurus: Same with lunge
[20:03] Reviloja753: Normal/poison or normal/fairy seem heat
[20:03] Reviloja753: Elec/Fairy is also flames
[20:03] Divinity: how does tri attack calculate the status btw
[20:03] snake_rattler: normal fairy would have a problem with split
[20:03] quziel: uh
[20:03] Dogfish44: okay but real talk what works best for Diamond Storm and 100% +Def boosting to go alongside Assault Vest ???
[20:03] quziel: I think it checks if it is gonna inflict status
[20:03] Divinity: does it individually roll or roll once and then roll which status
[20:03] Reviloja753: Split?
[20:03] quziel: then randomly chooses 1 of 3
[20:03] quziel: so like
[20:03] quziel: 40% chance for status
[20:03] pip: diamond storm sounds a bit op
[20:03] pip: lol
[20:03] phosphunosaurus: How much longer we got until we vote for typing?
[20:03] quziel: then 1/3rd chance for any of the 3
[20:03] pip: even for this
[20:03] Dogfish44: shhhh
[20:04] pip: i dont have anything else to suggest
[20:04] Jordy: discharge + moonblast serene grace
[20:04] snake_rattler: elec / poison
[20:04] Jordy: laughs in clefable
[20:04] snake_rattler: or elec / fairy
[20:04] pip: elec poison is cool
[20:04] phosphunosaurus: Plasmanta but good
[20:04] quziel: elec poison is unironically pretty cool here
[20:04] snake_rattler: for them D I S C H A R G E
[20:04] Reviloja753: Elec/poison with
[20:04] pip: i like elec poison, poison fairy, elec fairy
[20:04] phosphunosaurus: I like elec/poison
[20:04] Reviloja753: Poison and para??
[20:04] quziel: 60% chance ot either get poisoned or para
[20:04] phosphunosaurus: My vote is for plasmanta 2.0
[20:04] quziel: on switchin
[20:04] Reviloja753: Seems sorta contradictory
[20:04] pip: im leaning towards poison fairy and elec fairy cus i think those typings are stronger
20:04] Reviloja753: To have two status types
[20:04] quziel: you choose based on which move you spam
[20:04] snake_rattler: dual status is a strat
[20:05] quziel: ye
[20:05] quziel: used it many times
[20:05] Birkal: 1) electric/fairy
2) fairy/ghost
3) poison/fairy
4) normal/fairy
5) ghost/normal
6) electric/ghost
7) electric/poison
[20:05] Birkal: VOTE
[20:05] SgtMoose: normal poison for bodyslam and poison fang
[20:05] Reviloja753: Can we vote for multiple types?
[20:05] SgtMoose: yes
[20:05] SgtMoose: Normal/Ghost for Triattack + Hex
[20:05] pip: wait aa
[20:05] quziel: oh
[20:05] quziel: I didn't see 5
[20:06] pip: steel is actually really good but missed it
[20:06] SgtMoose: i think birk banned steel
[20:06] Dogfish44: birk said no steel :-(
[20:06] pip: meteor mash, iron tail, mirror shot, steel wing etc
[20:06] Birkal: I banned it
[20:06] Birkal: because I'm mean
[20:06] pip: das ok
[20:06] Birkal: gotta make cuts somewhere
[20:06] Divinity: elec ghost is heat
[20:06] Divinity: discharge -> hex
[20:06] Divinity: ez
[20:06] quziel: no normal/poison
[20:06] quziel: rip
[20:07] snake_rattler: birk bans steel:
Emily the Griffin

[20:07] Jho: cursed video
[20:07] Jho: u keep sending me this
[20:07] Reviloja753: So I guess Poison/Fairy wins???
[20:07] pip: its been 30 secs w8
[20:07] Reviloja753: Ok ok
[20:08] snake_rattler: poison fairy is walled by pex
[20:08] Dogfish44: :stopwatch:
[20:08] snake_rattler: nooooo
[20:08] snake_rattler: vote electric
[20:08] Divinity: elec ghost is the wave
20:08] Dogfish44: Ghost/Elec pls
[20:08] Mr. Preserve: whats going on
[20:08] Mr. Preserve: flashcap hours?!
[20:08] pip: no cus we gunna have elec coverage
[20:08] phosphunosaurus: yeehaw :cowboy:
[20:08] snake_rattler: some elecs can barely break pex LOL
[20:08] quziel: vote ghost/elec
[20:08] SgtMoose: rip triattack hex
[20:08] quziel: leggo megarotom
[20:08] Mr. Preserve: what we got so far
[20:09] pip: but elec ghost has no switchins in the meta :frowning:
[20:09] quziel: serene grace
[20:09] snake_rattler: elec fairy
[20:09] pip: i mean no switchin opportunites
[20:09] quziel: ability actualization
[20:09] Mr. Preserve: serene grace?
[20:09] Mr. Preserve: electric. definitely
[20:09] Mr. Preserve: electric/ice
[20:09] snake_rattler: runoff imo
[20:09] Reviloja753: Votings already started
[20:09] Divinity: scroll up for type vote btw
[20:09] quziel: check up for the options]
[20:09] Mr. Preserve: wheres my 20% freeze chance
[20:09] pip: this is fun
[20:09] pip: lets do all the caps like this
[20:09] quziel: with normal/ghost
[20:09] Dogfish44: Gotta go Secret Power for them 60% freezes
[20:09] pip: its same result as threads
[20:09] quziel: SG tri attack leggo
[20:10] Reviloja753: When we’re done we have to put it on the cap kitchen thread
[20:10] Reviloja753: Please
[20:10] Dogfish44: ofc ofc
[20:10] Reviloja753: Good
[20:10] Birkal: 1) POISON / FAIRY
[20:10] Birkal: FINAL ROUND
[20:10] quziel: one vote only I assume?
[20:10] pip: we dont need 2nd round votes cus u can multivote btw
[20:10] pip: but okey
20:10] phosphunosaurus: Come on poison fairy it's he only one I have an existing sketch for
[20:10] snake_rattler: elec poison reeeeeeeee
[20:10] Dogfish44: good news folks
[20:10] phosphunosaurus: shid
[20:10] Dogfish44: we managed to get
[20:10] SgtMoose: smh you dont need sketches in flashcap
[20:11] Dogfish44: the reactions in order
[20:11] Dogfish44: !!!
[20:11] SgtMoose: that aint the spirit of flashcap
[20:11] Mr. Preserve: votes everything besides elec/ghost
[20:11] pip: lol are we gunna have an art round too?
[20:11] phosphunosaurus: rip the flamingo dream
[20:11] SgtMoose: of course we have art
[20:11] snake_rattler: what's electric / ghost gonna do
[20:11] Divinity: hec
[20:11] Divinity: hex
[20:11] pip: i offered to draw it but it would b fun to do a vote as well
[20:11] quziel: spam discharge into hex
[20:11] Reviloja753: Thunder and hex
[20:11] snake_rattler: oh
[20:11] Reviloja753: Or Shadow Ball
[20:11] snake_rattler: that exists
[20:11] pip: hex is a nice sell
[20:11] Birkal: ELECTRIC / GHOST WINS
20:11] snake_rattler: but
[20:11] TwilightWing: that's actually disgusting
[20:11] phosphunosaurus: I won the flashcap where the concept was make sun cry
[20:11] quziel: die to collossoil
[20:11] snake_rattler: gahhhhhh
[20:11] pip: but idt elec ghost can-
[20:11] Divinity: woo
[20:11] phosphunosaurus: so lit
[20:11] Birkal: ok let's go ahead and pick a bunch of moves
[20:11] SgtMoose: i dont know if we have art
[20:11] pip: switch in ... :scream:
[20:11] Birkal: gimme some
[20:11] phosphunosaurus: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...9/588807762755190785/sketch-1560453062281.png
[20:11] phosphunosaurus: rip
[20:11] SgtMoose: do we have art?
[20:11] pip: rip
[20:11] wulfanator72: Woo give it purify
[20:11] snake_rattler: discharge, thunder, hex
[20:12] Reviloja753: Shadow Ball
[20:12] Reviloja753: As well
[20:12] quziel: Discharge, Hex, Thunder, Zing Zap
[20:12] Reviloja753: No zing Zap
[20:12] pip: ill take it
[20:12] Dogfish44: Physically I'd love to toss on Zing Zap and Shadow Bone
[20:12] SgtMoose: are we going to art too?
[20:12] Reviloja753: Shame
[20:12] Divinity: charge beam?
[20:12] pip: shadow ball and hex are heat
[20:12] Reviloja753: Wait we need stats tho
[20:12] SgtMoose: chairman birkal can you confirm this
[20:12] quziel: physical is also interesting here
[20:12] Jho: shadow ball hex, thunder discharge
[20:12] Jho: volt switch
20:12] quziel: !dt shadow bone
[20:12] Reviloja753: Agreed
[20:12] pip: yea birk how will art work then
[20:12] Dogfish44: 20% lower def
[20:12] quziel: -dt shadow bone
[20:12] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) Shadow Bone
Ghost-Type | Physical | 85 Power | 100 Acc | 10 PP
20% chance to lower the target's Defense by 1.
[20:12] snake_rattler: oh wait
[20:12] Dogfish44: on sbone
[20:12] snake_rattler: shadow bone
[20:12] pip: dou want do to a vote
[20:12] Mr. Preserve: hey guys do demons count as ghosts
[20:12] snake_rattler: 40% i like
[20:12] Mr. Preserve: hypothetical question
[20:12] pip: okay lets think abt stats
[20:13] Reviloja753: Yea we need stats probably
[20:13] Jordy: just uh
[20:13] quziel: granted, physical means we're making rachi v2
[20:13] Jordy: steal a demon from kimetsu no yaiba
[20:13] TwilightWing: so
[20:13] quziel: which ain't necessarily desirable
[20:13] quziel: also
[20:13] Mr. Preserve: special
[20:13] quziel: non=stab attacks exists
[20:13] TwilightWing: we're making it a special attacker?
[20:13] pip: 100/100/100/100/100/100 is my spread
[20:13] pip: no stealing
[20:13] Mr. Preserve: thunder / hex
[20:13] quziel: I dont' think we've decided
[20:13] Mr. Preserve: wait guys
[20:13] pip: :smiley:
[20:13] Divinity: just give it low attack so it has to use shadow bone
[20:13] phosphunosaurus: Let's hope that art polls take
[20:13] snake_rattler: 101 / 101 / 101 / 101 / 101 / 95
[20:13] snake_rattler: @ pip
[20:13] phosphunosaurus: 4 hours
[20:13] Divinity: instead of flinch spam
[20:13] quziel: I find special to be more interesting than flinchbot v3
[20:13] pip: :rage:
[20:13] Mr. Preserve: is it too late to reconsider ability because hear me out
[20:13] phosphunosaurus: Because I have to fly to Chicago see y'all later
[20:13] Mr. Preserve: sure serene grace thunder is cool
[20:13] Mr. Preserve: buuuut
[20:13] pip: ya we already voted mr preserve
[20:13] Mr. Preserve: no guard zap cannon
[20:13] Dogfish44: Special Works because Hex is weird
[20:13] Reviloja753: We slated no Guard already
[20:13] Reviloja753: It lost
[20:13] Mr. Preserve: dang
[20:14] Mr. Preserve: welp anyway
[20:14] snake_rattler: no guard zap cannon is actual satan
20:14] quziel: ye
[20:14] SgtMoose: also zap cannon woulnt need serene grace
[20:14] Mr. Preserve: snake
[20:14] Mr. Preserve: my designs gonna be actual satan
[20:14] Mr. Preserve: B)
[20:14] Reviloja753: Birk help
[20:14] Reviloja753: What do we do
[20:14] Dogfish44: can we also give it Scald? Because we can do that off-STAB :u
[20:15] snake_rattler: discharge / hex / volt switch / coverage y/n
[20:15] Reviloja753: Yes
[20:15] wulfanator72: Energy ball coverage
[20:15] quziel: Feels good
[20:15] Reviloja753: But also thunder
[20:15] Reviloja753: And Moonblast maybe
[20:15] pip: my spread idea is 75/90/100/112/110/83, so it can be faster than things after paralysing them
[20:15] quziel: Could even do pain split last
[20:15] quziel: Or uh
[20:15] pip: as well as switch into hurricanes
[20:15] quziel: Charge beam
[20:15] Divinity: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/247525879113187329/588808736563396608/unknown.png
[20:15] wulfanator72: Purify for heals
[20:15] Reviloja753: I like that spread pip
[20:15] Dogfish44: PFang in that last spot?
[20:15] quziel: Now that charge beam is actually worth using
[20:15] pip: wait im confused what stage are we doing now
[20:15] Dogfish44: wait nvm duh
[20:16] pip: what stage is it?
[20:16] Mr. Preserve: 80/91/85/120/100/90
[20:16] Birkal: discharge / thunder / hex / shadow ball / zing zap / shadow bone / charge beam all allowed
[20:16] Birkal: we'll do coverage later
[20:16] SgtMoose: birk how do we art
[20:16] Birkal: but let's focus on those move especially imo
[20:16] Birkal: pip said he was drawing
[20:16] pip: and charge beam?
[20:16] Birkal: but if a few people wanna draw, that's ok
[20:16] pip: i dont mind doing art poll instead
[20:16] pip: i was gunna draw it cus i figured noone else would
[20:16] Birkal: if you're gonna draw, get started rn
Art begins in earnest below.
20:16] quziel: ok, so stats
[20:16] Birkal: we'll poll if there's more than one
[20:16] quziel: sorry
[20:16] Birkal: stats time
[20:16] Mr. Preserve: rushes to make demon
[20:17] quziel: its worth noting
[20:17] Reviloja753: I like pip’s spread
[20:17] Birkal: I presume we're an offensive mon, yah?
[20:17] quziel: electric/ghost is actually rather good typing
[20:17] pip: :thinking:
[20:17] wulfanator72: Needs decent but not outstanding speed
[20:17] pip: its good offensive typing
[20:17] pip: not good defensive
[20:17] wulfanator72: Make para more important
[20:17] quziel: I hate to bring up NU all the time, but rotom-N is good in NU with incredibly mediocre stats
[20:17] Birkal: it doesn't need speed if it's doing para, yah?
[20:17] quziel: in a hybrid offensive/defensive role
[20:17] quziel: a lot of that is due to levitate though
[20:17] snake_rattler: para halves speed now
[20:18] pip: it will want speed
[20:18] snake_rattler: doesn't quarter it
[20:18] Reviloja753: His spread was 75/90/100/112/110/83
[20:18] quziel: I feel like we might want to sit at like 101ish?
[20:18] pip: just because elec ghost doesnt have a lot of resists
[20:18] Dogfish44: Elec/Ghost needs stuff to be able to switch in. What sort of items are we expecting - Leftovers/AV, or more offensive?
[20:18] pip: rotom is good bc elec + levitate gives it free resists tho
[20:18] quziel: we def want to be faster than the tier's primary ground types
[20:18] pip: which this doesnt have
[20:18] quziel: ye
[20:18] snake_rattler: think about pursuit trap too
[20:18] quziel: ye
[20:18] Divinity: this mon really doesnt like colossoil
[20:19] Birkal: make it faster than weavile
[20:19] Birkal: imo
[20:19] quziel: 105 speed
[20:19] quziel: seems nice here
[20:19] quziel: like
[20:20] Reviloja753: I say we do 89/94/78/113/91/105
[20:20] snake_rattler: continue the electric cap speed creep
[20:20] snake_rattler: 107
[20:20] Dogfish44: Okay what calcs do we need to survive in particular?
[20:20] quziel: 90/70/90/120/90/105
[20:20] Dogfish44: or is it just "gib basic bulk"
[20:20] wulfanator72: Give it a decent physical def
[20:21] quziel: I don't have calc access atm
[20:21] quziel: so am unsure why I am making a spread
[20:21] Dogfish44: lmfao
[20:21] Dogfish44: gimme a calc to survive from 4/252/252 and I can whip up something daft (because BST currently sits in 'legendary' status :P)
[20:22] quziel: I guess a question is
[20:22] quziel: what do we need to 2hko with hex

20:23] quziel: -dt rotom
[20:23] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) #479 - Rotom
The Plasma Pokemon
50/50/77/95/77/91 (440)

[20:23] quziel: -dt rotom-wash
[20:23] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) #479 - Rotom-Wash
The Plasma Pokemon
50/65/107/105/107/86 (520)

[20:23] quziel: ok
[20:23] Divinity: give rotom 20 in every stat
[20:23] Divinity: ez
[20:23] Jordy: 86/53/95/123/103/89
[20:23] quziel: 50/65/107/105/107/105
[20:23] Jordy: i like these numbers
[20:23] quziel: perfect
[20:24] Divinity: 90/80/75/115/90/105
[20:24] Reviloja753: I like your stats Jordy
[20:24] Birkal: 80 / 120 / 60 / 120 / 60 / 130
[20:24] Birkal: is mine
[20:24] snake_rattler: why
[20:24] Jordy: is this
[20:24] snake_rattler: LOL
20:24] Jordy: a syclant revision
[20:24] Birkal: DONT JUDGE ME
[20:25] Jordy: u r too late
[20:25] snake_rattler: equilibra intensifies
[20:25] Jordy: i have judged u
[20:25] snake_rattler: birk why would you make the flinch hax machine
[20:25] snake_rattler: of the century
[20:25] quziel: wait
[20:25] quziel: that mon is fucking terrifying
[20:26] Birkal: let's see 'em
[20:26] Jordy: 86/53/95/123/103/89
[20:26] Birkal: I'm not scrollin all the way back up there
[20:26] Birkal: 80 / 120 / 60 / 120 / 60 / 130 is me
[20:26] quziel: 50/65/110/120/110/105
[20:26] Jordy: justification: i like the numbers
[20:26] quziel: round numbers are round
[20:26] Divinity: 93/81/77/117/93/107
[20:26] Dogfish44: 128/59/87/120/59/107 to survive (pre-rocks) Defensive Lando EQ and MegaZam SBall
[20:26] pip: 75/90/100/112/110/83
[20:26] wulfanator72: 65/70/100/120/80/105
[20:27] quziel: gotta get that pain split magic working imo
[20:27] Birkal: 1) Jordy - 86/53/95/123/103/89
2) Birkal - 80 / 120 / 60 / 120 / 60 / 130
3) quziel - 50/65/110/120/110/105
4) Divinity - 93/81/77/117/93/107
5) Dogfish - 128/59/87/120/59/107
6) pip - 75/90/100/112/110/83
7) wulfanator72 - 65/70/100/120/80/105
[20:27] Birkal: VOTE NOW
[20:29] Birkal: Electric/Ghost
Serene Grace
discharge / thunder / hex / shadow ball / zing zap / shadow bone / charge beam
[20:29] Birkal: dogfish wins
[20:29] Dogfish44: oh god
20:29] Birkal: ok let's get a secondary ability, if y'all want one
[20:29] snake_rattler: do we need it
[20:29] Sandshine: oh are we doing a flashcap
[20:29] wulfanator72: Corrosion
[20:29] SgtMoose: this concept doesnt need a secondary
[20:29] SgtMoose: maybe flavor
[20:29] quziel: flavor secondary
[20:29] quziel: tbh
[20:29] Jordy: give it uh
[20:29] Divinity: merciless
[20:29] Birkal: let's go back to sniper
[20:29] Birkal: imo
[20:29] quziel: I guess static could be cool
[20:30] quziel: as a secondary abiliyt
[20:30] Jordy: yes
[20:30] quziel: to just continue on the
[20:30] Jordy: static
[20:30] quziel: you are paralyzed now
[20:30] Birkal: how does static actualize any moves
[20:30] quziel: theme
[20:30] quziel: it doesn't
[20:30] quziel: well
[20:30] quziel: hex
[20:30] Dogfish44: Static actualises hex sort of :P
[20:30] Jordy: it actualizes hex
[20:30] wulfanator72: Corrosion toxic purify
[20:30] Trox: static sounds fine, imo
[20:30] quziel: also
[20:30] quziel: I vote we give it smellling salts
[20:30] snake_rattler: i think flavor secondary
[20:30] quziel: -dt smellingsalts
[20:30] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) Smelling Salts
Normal-Type | Physical | 70 Power | 100 Acc | 10 PP
Power doubles if target is paralyzed, and cures it.
[20:30] Reviloja753: Flavor secondary imo
[20:31] Dogfish44: flav 2ary, flav hidden, slav is population in eastern europe
[20:31] Dogfish44: .... ouch, that bad?
[20:32] quziel: ye, flavor secondary
[20:32] quziel: test
[20:32] quziel: soz, internet is acting dodgy, and thought I had dc'd again lol
[20:32] Dogfish44: that's the eternal mood
[20:33] Reviloja753: Oof
[20:33] Dogfish44: .... do we need a suggestion to just make a full slate?
[20:33] Reviloja753: But uh yea flavor secondary/hidden
[20:33] Birkal: guys, can we please
[20:33] Birkal: just do galvanize boom
[20:33] Birkal: for me
[20:33] Dogfish44: Any objections?
[20:33] Birkal: don't give it any other normal moves
[20:33] quziel: galvanize works
[20:33] quziel: give body slam though
[20:33] wulfanator72: Ew
[20:33] quziel: cause like
[20:33] Mr. Preserve: im back with draws
[20:33] quziel: we are the paralord
[20:33] Dogfish44: oh lord
[20:33] Mr. Preserve: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...9735/bd874ac5-1494-4776-a450-17ae888a189c.png
[20:34] quziel: ye, give explosion and bodysmal
[20:34] Mr. Preserve: storm friend
[20:34] quziel: slam
[20:34] Reviloja753: I like it
[20:34] Reviloja753: The art I mean
1) Static
2) No Competitive Ability
3) Galvanize
[20:34] Birkal: VOTE NOW
[20:34] Mr. Preserve: easy 1
[20:34] pip: galv will split the mon too much
[20:34] Birkal: just don't give it another normal move
[20:34] pip: lets focus on serene grave imo!
[20:35] quziel: I might have voted on all three because I don't really mind any of them
[20:35] Birkal: except boom
[20:35] Mr. Preserve: gotta get that sick extra para chance
[20:35] Birkal: omg who is voting static
[20:35] Birkal: you sickos
[20:35] Dogfish44: Static is sorta flavour but also not :P
[20:35] Dogfish44: (£10 on Minus/Plus as Flavour Ability btw)
[20:35] Divinity: i voted galv for u birkal
[20:35] Birkal: ok let's just do static, even though it lost, imo
[20:35] Birkal: because serene grace is way better anyways
[20:36] Birkal: that cool with everyone, or are people against static
[20:36] Dogfish44: BugManiacBirkal :eyes:
[20:36] quziel: works
[20:36] Dogfish44: (that sounds fine)
[20:36] snake_rattler: :(
[20:36] Divinity: static is the flavor ability :eyes:
[20:36] wulfanator72: Static > galv
[20:36] Reviloja753: ^
[20:36] snake_rattler: it lose
[20:36] Birkal: ok let's say no competitive abnility wins
[20:36] Birkal: but static will just win it during flavor imo
[20:36] Birkal: in the fuyture
[20:36] Dogfish44: lmao
[20:36] Reviloja753: Fair enough
[20:36] Reviloja753: We don’t need to discuss secondary
[20:36] quziel: ok
[20:36] Dogfish44: So, movesets!
[20:36] Reviloja753: Just have it be static
[20:37] Birkal: MOVESET TIME
[20:37] Reviloja753: We’ve already done moves tho
[20:37] quziel: -dt purify
[20:37] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) Purify
Poison-Type | Status | 20 PP
Cures target's status; heals user 1/2 maxHP if so.
[20:37] quziel: I think
[20:37] Reviloja753: Or is it coverage time
[20:37] quziel: this is hte only time
[20:37] Dogfish44: now we look at Weird Moves
[20:37] quziel: this move actually works
[20:37] Reviloja753: It doesn’t
[20:37] Birkal: Electric/Ghost
Serene Grace / probably static
discharge / thunder / hex / shadow ball / zing zap / shadow bone / charge beam
[20:37] Birkal: what coverage do we want
[20:37] Divinity: purify
[20:37] Birkal: we haven't picked any counters or checks
[20:37] Mr. Preserve: so uh
[20:37] quziel: I feel
[20:37] Dogfish44: also can someone keep a list of the moves somewhere? movepool making urge intensifies
[20:37] Reviloja753: I assume Moonblast is too much
[20:37] Mr. Preserve: air slash
[20:37] Birkal: so let's just pick a few mons that probably beat us
[20:37] quziel: that we absolutely need some way to hit grounds
[20:37] quziel: like
[20:37] Divinity: ttar soil
[20:37] wulfanator72: Colossoil
[20:37] quziel: this concept is dead if we can't harm ground types
[20:37] snake_rattler: zing zap / shadow bone / thunder wave / focus punch
[20:38] Reviloja753: Focus punch????
[20:38] Mr. Preserve: air slash
[20:38] wulfanator72: Sharp
[20:38] Reviloja753: Are you betting on para
[20:38] Mr. Preserve: wait what atk did we get
[20:38] quziel: actually
[20:38] Birkal: those are all allowed snake
[20:38] wulfanator72: Voodoom
[20:38] quziel: what other 30% para moves are there
[20:38] Dogfish44: Force Palm
[20:38] Divinity: we got 59 atk
[20:38] Mr. Preserve: snake what
[20:38] Birkal: ty
[20:38] quziel: ok
[20:38] Divinity: purify!
[20:38] Birkal: I wanna pick some coverage types for this
[20:38] Divinity: i shouted it
[20:38] Divinity: instead of saying it
[20:38] quziel: so this is gonna sound weird
[20:38] quziel: but poison coverage
[20:38] snake_rattler: ZING ZAPPERINIUM Z
[20:38] quziel: if we get chomper poisoned
[20:38] Reviloja753: I assume no Moonblast?
[20:38] Dogfish44: 30% Para on special moves are... uh, just Dragon Breath :P
[20:39] quziel: it sorta just dies to hex
[20:39] snake_rattler: discharge
[20:39] Divinity: poison fang does that right?
[20:39] quziel: and it preserves ark types as our biggest fear
[20:39] snake_rattler: and thunder
[20:39] Mr. Preserve: flying or normal coverage :)
[20:39] quziel: even with para ttar eats us every day
[20:39] Birkal: I am fine with fairy coverage, personally
[20:39] Reviloja753: Ah really?
[20:39] Birkal: maybe an easier question is what typings of coverage SHOULDN'T this get
20:39] Dogfish44: ... hey Dragon Breath is a great way to whack mons with Para, right?
[20:39] Jordy: give it
[20:39] Jordy: focus
[20:39] Jordy: ty
[20:39] Mr. Preserve: focus energt
[20:39] Mr. Preserve: yes
[20:39] quziel: I feel like our answers should basically be
[20:39] Reviloja753: No ice coverage I feel
[20:39] Dogfish44: Laser Focus pls
[20:39] Divinity: dragon breath is heat
[20:39] quziel: dark types + electric types
[20:39] Birkal: I think we give it all coverage but fighting and ground
[20:39] Reviloja753: No grass either maybe
[20:39] Birkal: imo
[20:39] Divinity: i agree w/ birka
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: no fairy
[20:40] Birkal: sure, no grass too
[20:40] quziel: grass coverage isn't fun, and hurts some matchups
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: if we want ttar
[20:40] Reviloja753: What about ice and grass
[20:40] Dogfish44: "Pursuit" is a nice option for countering us
[20:40] quziel: also
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: or colo or whatever
[20:40] quziel: pease deny ice coverage
[20:40] quziel: I don't want a mon to viably use 20% ice beam
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: well quziel
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: i do
[20:40] Dogfish44: also we're not that bulky we survive eq/sball but only with like 1 HP left :-(
[20:40] wulfanator72: Freeze dry
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: pk freeze time lets gO
[20:40] Birkal: BANNED COVERAGE: ice / ground / fighting / grass / water
[20:40] Birkal: this ok with everyone?
[20:40] quziel: gucci
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: no ice?
[20:40] Dogfish44: sounds solid
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: and yes fairy??
[20:40] Reviloja753: Ye
[20:40] Birkal: fairy allowed
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: dont we want ttar/colo
[20:40] quziel: so what you're saying
[20:40] Birkal: as is poison
[20:40] quziel: is lava plume go?
[20:40] Mr. Preserve: wait. colo is ice weak
[20:41] Birkal: fire is allowed
[20:41] wulfanator72: No flying
[20:41] Dogfish44: also excluding Poison Fang and other 50%ers
[20:41] Dogfish44: can we agree to just discuss special moves
20:41] quziel: also
[20:41] Mr. Preserve: is ice disabled for any reason besides freeze chance
[20:41] Dogfish44: so we don't get another Smokomodo?
[20:41] quziel: what relation do we want
[20:41] quziel: with cap26
[20:41] wulfanator72: Preserve voodoom as counter
[20:41] snake_rattler: ice beam!!!
[20:41] wulfanator72: Lol
[20:41] snake_rattler: freeze hax yay
[20:41] Mr. Preserve: i agree with snake
[20:41] Birkal: ok final thing before I turn you lose in movepools
[20:41] Birkal: I want this thing to have one very good boosting move
[20:41] quziel: you can still get reliable freeze by submitting tri attack
[20:41] quziel: gucci
[20:41] Mr. Preserve: quiver dance hours
[20:41] SgtMoose: charge beam
[20:41] Birkal: but only one
[20:41] Divinity: charge beam + agility
[20:42] snake_rattler: SHELL SMASH
[20:42] SgtMoose: coil
[20:42] quziel: The Nastiest Plot
[20:42] Birkal: shell smash oml
[20:42] Mr. Preserve: cloud smash
[20:42] Jordy: yeah shell smash will be fine
[20:42] SgtMoose: wait no coil
[20:42] quziel: alos
[20:42] quziel: recoveru
[20:42] quziel: yay or nay
[20:42] wulfanator72: Coil
[20:42] Birkal: this mon gets no recovery
[20:42] wulfanator72: Yes
[20:42] quziel: ok, cool
[20:42] Reviloja753: We have charge beam
[20:42] Birkal: parabolic charge tho
[20:42] wulfanator72: What???
[20:42] Reviloja753: So
[20:42] Birkal: is allowed
[20:42] Divinity: gib purify
[20:42] quziel: wait
[20:42] wulfanator72: How dare you cut off purify
[20:42] quziel: can we make an exception for purify
[20:42] Birkal: ok we need to decide a boosting move first tho
20:42] Dogfish44: Purify is good imo, because it's reliant on us doing our thing
[20:42] Birkal: -dt purify
[20:42] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) Purify
Poison-Type | Status | 20 PP
Cures target's status; heals user 1/2 maxHP if so.
[20:42] Mr. Preserve: i say nasty plot
[20:42] Reviloja753: We have charge beam Birk
[20:42] Dogfish44: it also gives us Z-Purify
[20:42] Birkal: sure, allowed
[20:43] Reviloja753: We’re fine
[20:43] quziel: its so dumb, and so cool
[20:43] Dogfish44: which is cool
[20:43] Mr. Preserve: because it goes with my design well
[20:43] Birkal: if no one says anything
[20:43] quziel: Nasty Plot
[20:43] Divinity: agility+charge beam
[20:43] Birkal: I'm giving it shell smash
[20:43] Mr. Preserve: hang on
[20:43] quziel: is the default
[20:43] Reviloja753: We have charge beam
[20:43] Divinity: no straight boost
[20:43] Mr. Preserve: nasty plot
[20:43] Reviloja753: Agility I guess but we don’t need it
[20:43] Mr. Preserve: but also
[20:43] quziel: and lets us do the BW Groudon Paradancer thing
[20:43] Birkal: here's the play, you guys ready for this:
[20:43] Mr. Preserve: wouldnt this mon be really dumb
[20:43] Mr. Preserve: we got parahax
[20:43] quziel: which was always a really fun strat
[20:43] Mr. Preserve: and buff
[20:43] Birkal: Dragon Dance custom move -- but it's +Spe and +SpA
[20:43] Birkal: THOUGHTS
[20:43] wulfanator72: No
[20:43] quziel: honestly, at that point
[20:43] Dogfish44: .... so Quiver Dance?
[20:43] Mr. Preserve: only if its cloud dance
[20:43] Birkal: no, doesn't boost SpD
[20:43] Reviloja753: What about just
[20:43] quziel: it sorta takes away from the para spam thing
[20:43] Reviloja753: Calm Mind
[20:43] Mr. Preserve: cloud dance
[20:44] Dogfish44: Honestly I don't like Speed boosting
[20:44] Mr. Preserve: :^)
[20:44] Reviloja753: Speed boosting is dumb for this
[20:44] quziel: Speed Boosting is sorta antithetical to the concept
[20:44] Birkal: ok I'm fine with CM I guess
[20:44] Reviloja753: Just give CM
[20:44] quziel: our entire design is just like paraspam
[20:44] Mr. Preserve: the point of paralysis isnt to outspeed
[20:44] Birkal: or TAIL GLOW
[20:44] Dogfish44: like I think boosting on this and I kind of think "okay so spread para then sweep at the end once you outspeed everything"
[20:44] Reviloja753: No
[20:44] Birkal: :frowning:
[20:44] Reviloja753: CM is enough
[20:44] Mr. Preserve: its to flex your nagito powers
[20:44] Dogfish44: which leans more CM imo
[20:44] Birkal: alright Calm Mind /Nasty Plot is the strongest boosting this thing can have
[20:44] Reviloja753: No NP
Things learnt below: How the fudge do artists get sketches and designs done so fast when it takes like half an hour to draft a movepool -_-'
20:44] Birkal: Let's see those movepools -- take a hot 5 to write 'em up
[20:44] Birkal: ping me for legality checks
[20:44] Dogfish44: What's the current legal list again? :x
[20:45] Dogfish44: oh wait full movepools?
[20:45] Dogfish44: oh god much pressure
[20:45] Birkal: Electric/Ghost
Serene Grace / probably static
discharge / thunder / hex / shadow ball / zing zap / shadow bone / charge beam
[20:45] Birkal: BANNED COVERAGE: ice / ground / fighting / grass / water
[20:45] Mr. Preserve: lvl 1: ice beam
lvl 1: thunderbolt
lvl 1: nasty plot
lvl 1: pk fire
lvl 3: zap cannon
lvl 1: ghost coverage
[20:45] Mr. Preserve: yes/no?
[20:45] Reviloja753: Any required coverage
[20:45] Birkal: none
[20:45] Reviloja753: Oof
[20:45] quziel: -dt heat wave
[20:45] BOTPhosphophyllite:
(Pokedex) Heat Wave
Fire-Type | Special | 95 Power | 90 Acc | 10 PP
10% chance to burn the foe(s).
[20:45] Dogfish44: Birkal Hurricane, or Hurrican't?
[20:45] quziel: hmm
[20:45] Birkal: allowed
[20:45] quziel: are there any higher burn chance
[20:45] Dogfish44: :D
[20:46] Dogfish44: gimme that 60% confusion
[20:46] quziel: that ain't at ya know
[20:46] quziel: lava plume levels
[20:46] pip: aaa drawing is hard lol
[20:46] Mr. Preserve: 60% confusion??
[20:46] Mr. Preserve: hell yeah
[20:46] quziel: hmm
[20:46] quziel: ok
[20:46] quziel: I think I got something
[20:46] Mr. Preserve: gamer moment
[20:46] Dogfish44: Blue Flare
[20:46] Birkal: pip it can be pretty rough drafty
[20:46] wulfanator72: Are we doing full movepools or sets?
[20:46] Birkal: don't worry
[20:46] Dogfish44: is 20% x2
[20:46] Mr. Preserve: burn chance dumv
[20:46] Mr. Preserve: para time
[20:46] Birkal: full movepools
[20:46] Birkal: I don't believe in sets
[20:46] Mr. Preserve: hey can we give it glare
[20:46] Birkal: glare is allowed
[20:46] Mr. Preserve: might not be that useful but
[20:46] Mr. Preserve: hits grounds
[20:47] Birkal: I'd make your movepool in a pastebin
[20:47] Mr. Preserve: thunderbolt / glare / 60% confusion / ghost coverage
[20:47] quziel: Calm Mind / Discharge / Sball / Hex/ Tri Attack / Purify / Toxic / Hidden Power / Protect
[20:47] Birkal: all allowed and encouraged
[20:47] quziel: Tri Attack is really cool secondary coverage here y'all
[20:47] quziel: it ain't strong
[20:47] Birkal: yeah I wanna see tri attack
[20:48] quziel: but it actually has amazing neutral coverage for us
[20:49] quziel: thanks to how good electric/ghost is from a neutral coverage standpoint
[20:49] quziel: I don't think you need too much else
[20:49] Mr. Preserve: normal hits anything not rock, steel, or ghost if i remember
[20:49] quziel: also tri attack is the best way to get a high freeze chance
[20:49] quziel: for those who are interested in that
[20:50] Dogfish44: aaa I need to find an appropriate early game move asdfjkl
[20:50] quziel: spark
[20:50] Mr. Preserve: I'm voting for any moveset with tri attack
[20:50] quziel: you could do a cool evolve when levelled up knowing tri attack
[20:50] quziel: and screw over the artists by making them draw a 3 headed mon
[20:52] Birkal: here's a soft 5 min warning on movepool subs
[20:52] Birkal: lmk if you need more time
[20:52] Birkal: (just curious -- who's making one? i know df is)
20:52] wulfanator72: More time
[20:52] Dogfish44: need one
[20:53] Dogfish44: like need 10 hours normally :P
[20:53] Birkal: wulf you are?
[20:53] Birkal: WE DON'T HAVE 10 MATE
[20:53] Dogfish44: ... ooft
[20:53] wulfanator72: I'm on level up lol
[20:53] Mr. Preserve: i might as well mention i also ended up making a prevo for mine before i actually made mine
[20:54] Mr. Preserve: helped me not fall into "oops this looks like a NFE"
[20:54] SgtMoose:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/247525879113187329/588818570213851146/Flashcap.jpg
[20:55] Dogfish44: those eyes are both adorable and terrifying!
[20:56] Mr. Preserve: looks NFE to me, though it may just be me
[20:56] Birkal: ooo good arts on both
20:56] Divinity: ^
[20:56] SgtMoose: ur nfe
[20:56] phosphunosaurus: Y'all ever just
[20:56] phosphunosaurus: Get ur flight delayed an hour
[20:56] Birkal: love your coloring sgt moose
[20:56] Mr. Preserve: no im not moose
[20:56] SgtMoose: no cuz i dont fly
[20:56] quziel: I've had my flight delayed for 12 hours once
[20:56] phosphunosaurus: We're electric/ghost with serene grace right
[20:56] Mr. Preserve: in real life the FE is a corpse
[20:56] wulfanator72: What coverage ess banned?
[20:56] Birkal: also phosphunosaurs, I was once delayed at an airport for 30 hours
[20:56] SgtMoose: scald is banned
[20:56] Birkal: I got SO MUCH smogon stuff done
[20:56] phosphunosaurus: o o f
[20:56] Divinity: ice water grass fight iirc
[20:56] SgtMoose: or is it
[20:57] quziel: sleeping in an airport ain't nice tbh
[20:57] Birkal: Electric/Ghost
Serene Grace / probably static
discharge / thunder / hex / shadow ball / zing zap / shadow bone / charge beam
BANNED COVERAGE: ice / ground / fighting / grass / water
[20:57] SgtMoose: i cheated on colors this time i sloppily recolored it a bit in photoshop because i cant get the colors right from a phone photo to save my life
[20:57] SgtMoose: no scanner big rips
[20:58] snake_rattler: did you steal that list of banned coverage from plas
[20:58] Mr. Preserve: sees
[20:59] quziel: also recovery is banned outside of purify
[21:01] SgtMoose: parabolic charge
[21:03] wulfanator72: If someone wants to throw a list of breed moves at me, I'd appreciate
[21:04] Birkal: NO MORE MR NICE BIRKAL
[21:04] Dogfish44: aaaa
[21:04] wulfanator72: Reeeeeeeee
[21:04] Mr. Preserve: birk
[21:04] Mr. Preserve: you're too nice
[21:04] Mr. Preserve: should've been one
[21:04] Mr. Preserve: one second
[21:06] Dogfish44: aaaa where do TM lists exist
[21:06] Birkal: in your heart
[21:07] Birkal: https://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/tm.shtml
[21:07] wulfanator72: does this link work
[21:07] wulfanator72: https://pastebin.com/jWmWaMqy
21:07] Birkal: and here
[21:07] Birkal: yes
[21:07] wulfanator72: mk
[21:07] Birkal: a hot movepool
[21:07] Birkal: is that a final sub?
[21:07] wulfanator72: shit no tutor moves!!!!
[21:07] wulfanator72: ahhhhhhhh
[21:08] Dogfish44: oh god this is gonna be terrible
[21:08] Mr. Preserve: tutor moves dumb
[21:08] phosphunosaurus:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...9/588822120809627852/sketch-1560456518804.png
[21:08] phosphunosaurus: It's bad but it's a start
[21:09] Birkal: Very cute
[21:10] Mr. Preserve: might just be me but makes me think poison
[21:10] SgtMoose: it is the purple
[21:10] Divinity: needs a different shade of purple
[21:10] SgtMoose: yeah id drop saturation a chunk
[21:11] phosphunosaurus: Also I'm rocking the far better pose
[21:11] phosphunosaurus: and it's more oarfish
[21:11] Birkal: is anyone else besides dogfish and wulf making a movepool?
[21:11] Dogfish44: ned more :timer:
[21:11] Birkal: granted
[21:12] pip: heres my concept lul
[21:12] pip:
[21:12] phosphunosaurus: Damn gg
[21:12] Birkal: spooky
[21:12] wulfanator72: https://pastebin.com/1USdr4NA
Movepool - Pastebin.com

[21:12] wulfanator72: should be right now
[21:12] Reviloja753: That’s awesome
[21:13] pip: its based off of a plasma ball thing and a hungry ghost
[21:13] Birkal: well while we're waiting
[21:13] pip: which is apparently a ghost which has a skinny neck and a big stomach so it can never eat enough
[21:13] Birkal: ART POLL TIME
21:13] Birkal: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...89-8042-9ecdabc7f7e0.png?width=521&height=521

[21:13] Birkal: 1) Mr. Preserve
[21:14] Birkal: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...70213851146/Flashcap.jpg?width=388&height=522

[21:14] Birkal: 2) Sgt. Moose
[21:14] Birkal: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...sketch-1560456518804.png?width=521&height=521

[21:14] Birkal: 3) @phosphunosaurus
[21:14] quziel: where do we react
[21:14] Birkal: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/247525879113187329/588822998115549201/unknown.png

[21:14] Birkal: 4) pipotchi
[21:15] Birkal: polls will be open for however long it takes me to put on a swimsuit here
[21:15] Birkal: Dogfish44 hurry it up too, ya goof
[21:15] pip: :eye:
21:16] Dogfish44: asdfjkl
[21:16] SgtMoose: hecc foiled again
[21:17] SgtMoose: again did not get past poll 1 :smirk:
[21:17] pip: :sob:
[21:17] Birkal: wdym ; you're in second atm
[21:17] pip: (because theres only 1 poll)
[21:17] Birkal: oh lol
[21:17] Birkal: OK PIPOTCH WINS
[21:18] Birkal: Electric/Ghost
Serene Grace / probably static
discharge / thunder / hex / shadow ball / zing zap / shadow bone / charge beam
BANNED COVERAGE: ice / ground / fighting / grass / water
[21:18] pip: congrats pipotch
[21:18] Birkal: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/247525879113187329/588822998115549201/unknown.png

[21:18] Reviloja753: We need a name for this thing
[21:18] Birkal: ok name subs are rn
[21:18] SgtMoose: this makes it 10 poll ones
[21:18] Birkal: you can write whatever you want for 5 mins
[21:18] Birkal: then name subs will be open for 1 min
21:18] Reviloja753: Plasmare (plasma + nightmare)
[21:18] Jordy: haunted fan
[21:18] Birkal: Phantorb
[21:18] phosphunosaurus:
[21:18] SgtMoose: Teslass
[21:18] phosphunosaurus: damn I was too late
[21:18] snake_rattler: ohmagod
[21:18] Reviloja753: No
[21:18] snake_rattler: final sub^
[21:18] Birkal: final subbed too early
[21:19] SgtMoose: lol
[21:19] Birkal: automatically disqualified
[21:19] snake_rattler: wait nO
[21:19] wulfanator72: oof
[21:19] pip: plasgeist
[21:19] pip: nah nvm not that
[21:19] Dogfish44: f
[21:19] Mova: oh cool flashcap
[21:19] Dogfish44: Defog or Defgone? Birkal
[21:20] Birkal: disallowed
[21:20] Birkal: this thing can't have everything
[21:20] pip: voltasm
[21:20] Birkal: Terrorb
[21:20] pip: zapparition
[21:20] Birkal: ooo that's nice
[21:21] wulfanator72: i was trying to think of something to do with backscatter
[21:21] wulfanator72: the orbs in photos thought to be spirits
[21:21] Dogfish44: https://pastebin.com/raw/HPrBHAsb
[21:21] Birkal: Van de Ghast
21:21] Dogfish44: finally done™
[21:22] Dogfish44: (much like my reputation after that)
1) wulf - https://pastebin.com/1USdr4NA
2) dogfish - https://pastebin.com/raw/HPrBHAsb
Movepool - Pastebin.com

[21:22] Birkal: VOTE
[21:23] pip: oh gosh
[21:23] pip: are these with any different competitive moves?
[21:23] Birkal: yes
[21:23] Dogfish44: btw thank you drifblim for existing
[21:24] Dogfish44: and fuck rotom-fan for not being able to breed
[21:24] Birkal: drifblim has a comparable movepool
[21:24] Dogfish44: no air slash ;_;
[21:24] quziel: ok
[21:24] quziel: I can't look at this stuff
[21:24] wulfanator72: that was stressful
[21:24] quziel: which one has hair slash
[21:24] pip: its very hard to sift through everything
[21:24] pip: can someone summarize :joy:
[21:24] Dogfish44: mine doesn't because I couldn't breed it on via Rotom-F xD
[21:24] Birkal: nope
[21:24] Birkal: DOGFISH WINS
[21:25] pip: lul
[21:25] wulfanator72: rip
[21:25] quziel: ok
[21:25] Dogfish44: f
[21:25] quziel: long as no flinch moves
[21:25] Birkal: Electric/Ghost
Serene Grace / probably static
discharge / thunder / hex / shadow ball / zing zap / shadow bone / charge beam
BANNED COVERAGE: ice / ground / fighting / grass / water
[21:25] Dogfish44: ..... coughs lightly in Zing Zap
[21:25] Birkal: dogfish get that movepool cleaned up
[21:25] Birkal: also pip this needs a prevo now
[21:25] quziel: eh, 59 attack means that it ain't really a flinch move
[21:25] pip: WHAT
[21:25] quziel: more of a
[21:25] Dogfish44: .... whoops
[21:25] quziel: hey, you get 1 extra turn of lefties
[21:25] Birkal: yo get:
[21:25] Birkal: two submissions
[21:25] Birkal: ig
[21:25] Birkal: nah
[21:25] pip: zapparition
[21:25] Birkal: just one
[21:25] quziel: pip wins
21:26] wulfanator72: did you forget zing zap Dogfish44
[21:26] Reviloja753: It’s in prevo only
[21:26] pip: isnt zing zap a flinch move :scream_cat:
[21:26] pip: but i guess grounds are immune always
[21:26] Reviloja753: Plasmare
[21:26] Birkal: Van De Ghaast
[21:26] quziel: Cuirpwell
[21:26] wulfanator72: Orbacle
[21:27] phosphunosaurus: Voltergeist
[21:27] pip: noice
[21:27] pip: 2nd sub: ghost womon
[21:28] wulfanator72: typos for days
[21:28] Birkal: 1) Zapparition
2) Plasmare
3) Van De Ghaast
4) Cuirpwell
5) Orbacle
6) Voltergeist
[21:28] Birkal: VOTE NOW
[21:28] Birkal: also if you don't vote for mine, you aren't funny or a scientist
[21:28] pip: umm is ghost womon dqd?
[21:28] Birkal: yes
[21:28] Dogfish44: f
[21:28] pip: ..
[21:29] wulfanator72: grrrrr
[21:29] Dogfish44: also f didn't think of anything better than Banshock which didn't look banshee enough
[21:29] wulfanator72: im trying to get numbers in order and people keep messing it up lol
[21:29] pip: i was trying tothink of a banshee name but then remembered banette
[21:29] Dogfish44: oh f
[21:29] Birkal: ZAPPARITION WINS
[21:29] Dogfish44: .... that's why that line gets Screech so early

Rest in the following post because this post is literally Too Big For Smogon's 65000 Character Post Limit


You can call me Jiggly
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[21:30] Birkal: Zapparition - Electric/Ghost
Serene Grace / probably static
discharge / thunder / hex / shadow ball / zing zap / shadow bone / charge beam
BANNED COVERAGE: ice / ground / fighting / grass / water
[21:30] quziel: fast build
[21:30] Dogfish44: (also shuppet is weird the first move it has is Knock Off like sure give it a massively competitive move because you can)
[21:30] Birkal: ok flavor ability go
[21:30] pip: wtf banned coverage is everything sksks
[21:30] wulfanator72: static
[21:30] Birkal: quziel I'm off to the pool
[21:30] Birkal: so you're the new TL
[21:30] Birkal: congrats
[21:30] quziel: ok
[21:30] Dogfish44: 2 winners for Flavour Ability?
[21:30] Birkal: just do flavor ability
[21:30] Dogfish44: because hidden
[21:30] Birkal: and then we're done lol
[21:30] Birkal: make sure to post this in the flash caps thread
[21:30] Reviloja753: Who makes the post Birk
[21:30] quziel: uh
[21:30] quziel: I can't really get to smog atm
[21:30] Birkal: anyone, idc
[21:30] Dogfish44: Ergo proposing Static and Cursed Body b/c I can :P
[21:30] quziel: can someone else do that
[21:31] Dogfish44: I can when we're done
[21:31] Birkal: yah just do it as a team
[21:31] Birkal: OK SO ANYWAYS
[21:31] wulfanator72: Pip is in charge
[21:31] pip: this was fun
[21:31] Birkal: FLAVOR ABILITY GO
21:31] quziel: Pip, you are now TL
[21:31] pip: hf at the pool bb
[21:31] pip: noo ihave to go to the shops sorry
[21:31] pip: lol
[21:31] Reviloja753: I’ll be TL
[21:31] quziel: I legit gotta go in like 10 min
[21:31] quziel: so uh
[21:31] quziel: this'll be fast
[21:31] wulfanator72: dogfish
[21:31] Birkal: ok let's just say
[21:31] Birkal: it's static
[21:31] Birkal: and call it a day
[21:31] Reviloja753: Ye
[21:31] pip: lightningrod
[21:31] quziel: anything else for flavor other than Static / Cursed Body / Plus / Minus?
[21:31] Dogfish44: hi wulf
[21:31] Reviloja753: What about Ha
[21:31] pip: okey
[21:31] pip: static isnt rly flavor but its fine!
[21:31] Reviloja753: That’s also flavor so
[21:32] quziel: hmm
[21:32] Birkal: just give it Static and Cursed Body
[21:32] Birkal: those are both good
[21:32] Birkal: imo
[21:32] quziel: ye
[21:32] Reviloja753: Agreed
[21:32] quziel: works
[21:32] pip: sounds good to me
[21:32] quziel: ok
[21:32] wulfanator72: lol
[21:32] Birkal: YAY we're done
[21:32] pip: yay
[21:32] pip: we did it
[21:32] Birkal: rev you wanna post it in thread
[21:32] pip: !!!!
[21:32] Dogfish44: approval voting!
[21:32] pip: ill do a better drawing later
[21:32] Dogfish44: I'm gonna go update movepool descriptions to look Professional
[21:32] quziel: Vote: Yay/Nay
[21:32] Reviloja753: I will post it in the thread just gimme like ten minutes to get on PC
[21:32] Dogfish44: also yeah there's a prevo because I ran out of space oml
[21:32] Birkal: ok cool
[21:32] Birkal: i'm out
[21:32] Birkal: see y'all
[21:32] Birkal: good cap
[21:32] Reviloja753: I’ll list myself as
[21:32] Birkal: I would hate to fight against this thing
[21:32] Reviloja753: A title
[21:32] Birkal: yah make sure to thank the majority of people who were here
[21:32] pip: when will this be on pokemon showdown :wink:
[21:32] quziel: Zapparition - Electric/Ghost
Ability: Serene Grace / Static, HA: Cursed Body
discharge / thunder / hex / shadow ball / zing zap / shadow bone / charge beam
BANNED COVERAGE: ice / ground / fighting / grass / water

Time Taken: 56 Minutes. Yeesh.
Bet you didn't expect another one so soon, huh?

(Art by Sunfished)
Name: Eskimamba (by Birkal)
TL: Me!
Concept: Focus Punch Abuser (by quziel)
Typing: Ghost / Ice
Abilities: Prankster / Iron Fist / Unnerve
Stats (by G-Luke): 100 HP / 130 Atk / 78 Def / 67 SpA / 82 SpD / 103 Spe | 560 BST
Movepool (by Dogfish44): https://pastebin.com/raw/wPGJAChr
Competitive Notes (by me!): Uses sheer power combined with Prankster Encore to force scenarios in which Focus Punch can be executed. Ice Hammer is an option for a stronger Ice STAB at the cost of speed. Ice Shard is another alternative to have for priority. Can also use Prankster Taunt or Haze for extra utility if it so chooses. Finally, it, like Zapparition, can go boom like everything Birkal has ever dreamed of.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and sorry it was such a slow process. I appreciate that you guys stuck it out with me.


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Force Palm.

Anyways, great looking mon, had a shit load of fun being apart of it, id run this bastard on a team.


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Another day, another great FlashCAP!


(Art by ShunosaurusLii)
Name: Gilamonjaro (by EUOIA)
TL: The one and only, yours truly!
Concept: If GF wont nerf you I will
Synopsis: Lowers opponents stats, but not by status effects like burn and paralysis (by Sgt.Moose)
Concept Assessment: An offensively oriented Pokemon centred around moves with Stat dropping secondary effects
Typing: Fire / Dark
Abilities: Intimidate / Immunity / Anger Point
Stats: 108 HP / 126 Atk / 84 Def / 61 SpA / 92 SpD / 94 Spe (by Dogfish44)
Movepool Sub: https://pastebin.com/VS6v3Pxm (by Dogfish44)
Competitive Analysis: A great stallbreaker that utilizes Fire Lash to break walls and force lose - lose situations with Pursuit after a defense drop.

A big thanks to everyone who participated in this undertaking, tagging contributors like Reviloja753 quziel Wulfanator72 Zetasniper especially for the consistent participation and for helping to shape Gilamonjaro into existence!
Well, after seven hours, this one got finished!

(Art by ShunosaurusLii)
Name: Nimbird (by snake_rattler)
TL: Me!! (Also snake_rattler helped out while I was AFK)
Framework: Gourgeist Forms (by snake_rattler, originally from Pipotchi)
Concept: Master of All - A pokemon that can accomplish many different roles depending on its form. (by snake_rattler)
Type: Electric / Flying
Abilities: Compound Eyes / Immunity
Stats: (by snake_rattler)
Small - 75 / 64 / 60 / 100 / 60 / 146
Average - 90 / 64 / 65 / 115 / 75 / 96
Large - 105 / 64 / 70 / 130 / 90 / 46
[515 BST]
[+15 / +0 / +5 / +15 / +15 / -50 each jump]
Required Moves: Thunder, Volt Switch, Discharge, Hurricane, Focus Blast, Heat Wave, Calm Mind, Roost, Will-o-Wisp, Defog
Banned Moves: Nasty Plot, Tail Glow, Quiver Dance, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Taunt, Fire Blast, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, U-turn
Nimbird-S @ Choice Specs / Expert Belt
Ability: Compound Eyes
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Thunder
- Hurricane / Defog
- Volt Switch
- Focus Blast / Heat Wave

Nimbird-A @ Leftovers
Ability: Compound Eyes
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Thunder
- Hurricane
- Volt Switch / Focus Blast / Defog
- Roost / Focus Blast

Nimbird-L @ Leftovers
Ability: Compound Eyes / Immunity
252 HP / 196 SpDef / 60 Spe
Calm Nature
- Thunder / Discharge
- Hurricane / Heat Wave
- Will-O-Wisp / Toxic / Defog
- Roost

Nimbird-S @ Iapapa Berry
Ability: Compound Eyes
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Calm Mind
- Thunder
- Hurricane
- Focus Blast / Heat Wave / Hidden Power Ice

Nimbird-A @ Leftovers
Ability: Compound Eyes
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Thunder
- Hurricane
- Calm Mind
- Roost

Nimbird-L @ Iapapa Berry / Firium Z
Ability: Compound Eyes
252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Quiet Nature
- Calm Mind
- Thunder
- Hurricane
- Heat Wave
Movepool: Made by G-Luke

Thanks to snake_rattler, G-Luke, and Wulfanator72 for helping out, as well as everyone else who participated!! Sorry this one dragged on longer than expected, folks.
A New FlashCAP has arrived!

(Art by Reiga, original version here)​

Name: Chewerm (by Quanyails)
TL: Me
Concept: Materialism (by Gravity Monkey) - This Pokemon makes use of an item rarely seen competitively. During assessment, Pinch Berries (Liechi, Petaya, and Salac) were chosen as the main focus of the concept)
Type: Dark/Poison
Abilities: Unburden/Ripen/Sticky Hold
Stats: 100/72/68/120/108/73 (by quziel)
Complete Movepool: (by Reiga)
10-Stuff Cheeks
15-Feint Attack
19-Acid Spray
24-Poison Fang
33-Bullet Seed
42-Sludge Bomb
51-Gastro Acid

Simple 5-4-5 pattern here.
This flashcap is basically based on a generic apple worm, with some sort of dragon-y elements and a rotting/molding fruit theme. It basically hangs around with this fruit that it bites into to rot and stuff.
There's a couple moves just based on general physical aspects, like yeah its got shark teeth so Crunch and Bite, but a lot of moves are based on the berry/fruit theme, like Fling, Belch, and my favorite, Bullet Seed.
Sucker Punch
Dragon Rush
Poison Tail
Apple Acid
Grav Apple
Bug Bite

Its a worm and those are generally gooey so Amorphous, but its also lowkey snake-y and wyrm-y, so I felt like dragon could still fit. Dragon Rush reinforces this. Incinerate is a bit awkward but its required, and in the end does fit the fruit theme since it burns berries.
Apple Acid and Grav Apple are carryovers from Applin line, they're very fitting but I don't think they deserve being on the main learnset considering this Pokemon doesn't specifically dabble with apples.
08-Hyper Beam
09-Giga Impact
26-Scary Face
37-Beat Up
47-Fake Tears
50-Bullet Seed
73-Cross Poison
97-Brutal Swing
99-Breaking Swipe
00-Swords Dance
01-Body Slam
13-Focus Energy
18-Leech Life
22-Sludge Bomb
27-Sleep Talk
31-Iron Tail
57-Poison Jab
58-Dark Pulse
59-Seed Bomb
62-Dragon Pulse
67-Earth Power
69-Zen Headbutt
72-Power Whip
73-Gunk Shot
74-Iron Head
77-Grass Knot
78-Sludge Wave
81-Foul Play
85-Work Up
91-Venom Drench
95-Throat Chop
97-Psychic Fangs
Dex Entries (by Soul Dew Latias):

Sword: Chewerm injects a special venom into berries that it bites, which acts as a preservative. It also causes the berries to taste terrible to other Pokemon.
Shield: Its taste for berries depends on the area it comes from. Offering it a berry it likes is a surefire way to befriend it.

Notes: With the combination of Unburden+ Stuffed Cheeks+ Petaya Berry, Chewerm aims to sweep the opposing team by boosting its Special Attack, Speed and Defense in a single move. It's typing takes advantage of common Choiced-locked Ghost-types in the current meta like Dragapult and Aegislash, which become set up bait if they lock into their main moves while having a direct way to fight back against common Fairies that trouble other Dark-types. Its good bulk also means that it's capable of tanking many strong Special hits like Focus Blast from Kerfluffle if necessary, to then proceed to sweep, and while its Speed tier is rather mediocre without Unburden , it's still enough to outspeed anything but Sand Rush Excadrill once the ability activates.

Apart from Unburden, Ripen serves as a alternative way to take advantage of Berries. Not only Pinch berries now boost your stats by +2, but other berries like Sitrus and Iapapa become attractive for bulkier sets, although the lack of Speed makes most of this strategies niche at best, especially with the current omnipresent risk of getting trapped by Dugtrio.

Onto moves, Stuffed Cheeks is probably the most important one. During the first stages of Discussion, one of the main problems with using Pinch Berries was that they'd only work at low health, leaving you with no room for error. However, Stuffed Cheeks allows us to access the benefits of Pinch Berries without its main drawbacks, which makes it ideal for this concept. Belch was another easy inclusion, as it synergies perfectly with berries, even though the fact that it can't be used before setting up can be a problem during early game. Recycle is another cool addition which allows you to use your berry again if you are willing to sacrifice a moveslot for it. Earth Power is our main coverage move, mostly to deal with Toxapex, which, unlike Arghonaut and other generically bulky mons, can't be easily worn down. It also helps a lot against Mollux, Excadrill, Tyranitar, and Bulletproof Equilibra. There were some talks about adding Fire coverage, but it was ultimately decided that it was mostly not necessary, although we still added Incinerate as a possible tech to surprise Ferrothorn. Nasty Plot was another move that saw a significant amount of discussion. Some saw it as a way to further boost our SpA to guarantee a clean sweep, others argued that it distracted us from our concept, as with a boosting move, Pinch Berries lose a lot of their value. This move went to a Poll, where it ended up being banned from our final movepool.

All in all, I'm very happy with our final result. I think Chewerm is an excellent showcase of how to use existing mechanics in creative and unique ways. I think there were many parts that could have been improved in retrospect, but that's just the nature of FlashCAPs, we just can't have enough time to carefully analyze which option is the most optimal, so I believe we did our best and should be proud of the final product.

As promised, here are the full logs for the project (thanks Jho for helping me find them). Warning: Extremely long, more than 3000 lines.
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