Fulgrate Art thread.

Wario is Ossim: You're welcome, but I was lacking imagination that day. :X Now I feel like I could have made a pic of Terrakion playing cards at a table with the other fighting type four legged mons.

LevitatingLamprey: Okay, hopefully it'll be by today, or tommorow morning.
darkrai plz? *puppy dog eyes* it's probably gonna be an avatar, so can it be a ninja or an assassin from the Assassins Creed. You can do it plain darkraiy if you want, or not at all if the case may be.
DL13: Sure, I can do Darkrai.

I think I'll do fan art of this game I've been playing recently as well. It was a psn download game on my brothers PS3 that I tried out earlier this week and is way funner than I thought it would be. It's all girl fighting game. I ended up using this ninja dog girl that has a moveset that can be found on ninja style pokemon.

So I decided a few days ago to play on a live stream somebody was hosting. My PSN is Fulgent by the way. Anyways, this game is far more entertaining and fairer than other fighting games.

Here is that Ninja Dog Girl using "substitute".

She has various levels of "seismic toss".

Even "Me first". D:

Here's a list of videos from my fights on the livestream.

This fight was awesome.

Anyways, this game makes me hyped for Pokemon too for some reason. It's good to immerse thy self in games of different kinds in order to stir the imagination pool.

So yeah, I'll have art up in the morning, at least by noon hopefully. Tonight, I dine in heck, I mean PSN. My brothers at some BIG tournament related to EVO.

It's to fighting games what the VGC is to Pokemon, yeah.

I also have photographs of some really rare animals that I got while exploring remote areas like a GOATSUCKER{or it might be a nighthawk, either way, it was a VERY CLOSE.} And I even found an ALLIGATOR hanging out with a VULTURE that YAWNS, and I even found a really big, pointy nosed turtle that was crying, I'm totally serious. The best was this "grass hallway" in the forest that stretched out for what appeared to be a mile, it was majestic, I wanted to call it gate of the moon in my mind or something. It sounds nuts, but its true. Sorry if I seem hyper at the moment.
Okay, there is the new art.

For LevitatingLamprey:

For DL13:


Now for some photographs of wildlife here.

The setting.

A heron.

Somewhat Submerged Gator.

Tearful turtle.


Nighthawk! You see them flying in the sky at dusk and at night. They hang out on the ground during the day! What a find!

Gator and Vulture show.

Hanging out.

No Mr. Vulture! Don't walk to me! I heard you vomit acid.

Out there.[This place is like 10 miles from civilization or something.]

Grass type hallway to nowhere. I would have walked down it, but there are large mammals in this area.
DL13: You're welcome, it was no problem.

elDino: Thanks! Yeah, I guess I better put hide tags on most of the posts.{I think I'll leave the initial post alone, or should I put hide tags there too? D: }

Anyways, here is some new poke art.

This is my in-game team.
I felt like drawing my own ideas.

Imp, dragon, knight.

What's with this Jellicent stuff? 0 _0 I don't get it? Is it taking OU by storm? Is it more broken than Excadrill? I tried googling it, but found nothing. D:


I think it's an inside joke to do with Somalia; I guess he was tired of this shitass game and unable to beat energy ball jellicent.

tbh Idfk

anyway, nice and very stylistic work as always!
Yeah, I don't understand the shit about somalia, I checked Trou, I checked loads of his Visitor Messages and couldn't find anything

EDIT, Oh yeah, and nice stuff, I love the shading you do. Especially on the Bisharp. I think though you should colour some of your stuff
Breludicolo: Oh okay, I see. I thought Somalia was a reference to the place or something. Either way, it spawned several humorous art works. Anyways, thanks. I guess I should color them up soon.

LevitatingLamprey: You're welcome.

GlassAbsol: I see, I wanted to find the meaning of the joke. The jellicent artworks depict some kind of hidden humor potential that I'm trying to fully understand and stuff.

Thanks, I'll try and color my stuff soon.

On another note, when I go on the PO smogon server, my entire team is automatically put in UU tier. I had no idea that nobody on my team was OU.


oh cool you've started to color them! it looks much more vibrant now!

for a second there, I almost thought that I was looking at Jarardo's art, lol
TsukasaSign: Thanks! I wish somebody told me about the bad shading on the head before I colored it. :X

Breludiculo:Thanks. Jarardo's art is awesome and it's neat to be compared to a fellow poke artist.
Huh, an Arcana Heart player! I can't watch it more than 10 minutes at a time, but fighting games in general are pretty rad. Can I request some fighting game characters or something similar?

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