Fulgrate Art thread.

Xaqwais: Yeah, I take requests from most video game genres.


If anybody wants to know, my PSN is Fulgent. I'm presently playing AH3 and some MvC3. Other games I can play are Blazblue, Armored Core For Answer, and Soul Calibur 4.

Also, for anyboy interested, I heard that SNK, the guys who made KOF and some other games, branched off from CAPCOM. The guys who made Arcana Heart, Examu, is a company that branched off from SNK a few years ago. That's what I heard. Anybody know if its true?
I worked some more on the Arcana Heart 3 fan art. I stopped short of shading it. I'm just not sure which method to go for, the good 'ol crosshatching, or using different shades. Do you think the line work is smooth or could it be even smoother?
Hello, your stuff is awesome :D I love how I can feel the characters moving! I see you play alot of fighting games, sadly I never got the hang of learning combos. The closest thing I know how to play is super smash bros. brawl. Anyway if you are taking requests would you mind drawing something with Deadpool?

I just read Cable & Deadpool (volumes 1-19) And I've wanted to nickname a poke after him, but no poke I can think of suits him. Anyway, if your still taking requests I would love to see Deadpool interacting with some kind of pokemon!
Thanks. I see. In most fighting games, I can only do half-combos and I still beat people that know full combos. That is the versatility of fighting games.

I can do that request. Deadpool will be interacting with the pokemon: Jellicent. The phrase "Where yo curly mustache at?" will be involved. Expect it around maybe tomorrow afternoon.
thank you its beautiful :') I don't find the neck off, theres just alot of tension because of the weight of the line. You could always make it a bit thinner, but I think it looks great :D
Breludiculo: It's a jellicent without its facial hair. D: The pic is based off the phrase "Where 'yo curly mustache at?" Which is a meme started years ago relating to Magneto in MvC3 and said by Deadpool when he beats Magneto in the recent game: Marvel vs Capcom 3.

See. :D I saw it by accident while playing the game when it came out earlier this year, I don't remember if I was a losing magneto or winning Deadpool, but I was surprised to see a magneto meme from the gaming community in an actual game.



Deadpool mentions various memes and references in the game, its funny.

sophies: You're welcome. Yeah I need more training with line weight. I'm still experimenting. How much thinner? Like half as thin or 3/4 as thin? D:
What is Agirudaa?

It's a clam that had its shell stolen by some asshl beetle, so he mastered the Way of the Ninja to get his revenge.
These were words that were epicly said last year when Accelgor was revealed.{I found it on some random forum that was quoting from another forum back in the days of P:BW waiting.}

Anyways, those words pretty much describe what comes to mind when you see Shelmet/Accelgor and Karrablast/Escavalier. Obviously, anybody would think "Hmm, it seems that beetle took the snails shell". Although, I think the quote above puts it best {and hilariously}.

Anyways, ever since the introduction of Accelgor, I've been waiting to draw this. Well, I was thinking about this paticular story below while EV training my Shelmet and Gloom the other day before evolving them. I haven't had a piece of ARTWORK in a quite a while that took several different tries to finish.

I present to you, ACCELGOR NINPO!

While working on this, I worked on this as a warm up today before finish the accelgor work. Try to guess who this character is. :D It's from a manga with some of the best fights I've ever seen. Later in the series, things get DBZ level. There's also what can only be described as Dragonites on steroids late in the series. Too bad they didn't release the last arc of the series in the states. D: At least one of the awesome dragons appears in the second to last volume they released here.

Just try and guess who it is! D:
Wow, that comic is really good! I'm just curious, what is the Gloom doing in the panel towards the bottom left (with the spiky ball)?

Edit @ below: Ah, I can't believe I didn't realize that.
Chameleon: Thanks! Drawing it was fun. It's a sun stone like Pravinoz said.

EDIT: Oh yeah, remember the deadpool thing right? A quote of his from MvC3 references the same game that I made a satire pic of last year.


Where "magnezoner" has the description of "Master of Magnet, HAHAHA" is in reference to this:

From the same game, the deadpool quote when fighting magneto is from this:

That game provided much hilarity with its funny lines. D:
AH3 fan art, still not done with the Akane pic.


Finished requests.

Trying to redesign some characters in the Ultranimal/Enden story.
This style is really funny. lol
I was drawing in my sketchbook images of a tusked whale with arms and flipper wings for the story I'm writing. It's suppose to be 30 ft tall and really powerful. It's color scheme was that of a normal whale though. lol Then I was thinking what if it was a pokemon? It would be FIRE/WATER, then BOOM, in my head, it suddenly takes on a reddish hue, flames spout from its nostrils instead of mist, its now swimming in lava, and it looks madder than before. So I quickly sketched that digitally since I felt like giving it those colors too.

Even though its a villain in the story, if that was a pokemon, it would totally fill the niche of water/fire type. lol

It's stats would be
hp 130
att 105
df 60
spatt 80
spdf 85
spd 95

Anyways, what do you think of the design? I almost never color stuff, but I felt really inspired with this design and wanted to fully illustrate it.
I think, if polished, the FIRE/WATER whale would actually look really great! The concept is really there! Also, that Accelgor Ninpo......<3*1000000 Meep! Keep it up! I like the Akane and AH3 pics especially as well! That AH3 pic is adorable! It reminds me of Cooro from +Anima manga eating Shadow's goat cheese. (Lol never mind about what I just said there!)
The mere concept of a flame-spouting Land Whale is fantastic. :D

Looking over your OP, your skill at drawing humans has really improved! I'm attempting to improve in that area too, it takes work!
Didn't want to post these until I decided what the color scheme would be. XI Unlike the whale, it's more difficult for some reason. It might be something like silver, white, and black for the knight, while the princess might be pink, purple, and magenta{Nearly the same color schemes as before. I might try to get imaginative and add patterns though? I really like these designs a lot. It's both passable for either a comic or a game and its also hilarious. Unlike previous designs which would only be good either for comics or game, but not both. I still haven't named them yet.


LevitatingLamprey: Thanks, I'll probably be drawing more of it digitally because its still in my head. That pic took me about 20 minutes {six minutes for the lineart} which kind of was neat since other pics take me around an hour or more to do.

Thanks, the Accelgor Ninpo/Gaiden is something I wanted to do for a while. XD

AH3 is a really awesome game. Everybody should try it out. XD

Tenodera: Thanks, its a really awesome concept. XD Yeah, true, it takes practice indeed.

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