Fulgrate Art thread.

Fatecrashers: Me neither. :{ I can't believe I drew that, this version has a well-defined world, which is why I can't stop from drawing backgrounds. I just "know" it this time around. I can see the lands, kingdoms, and all the factions. :{
Pravinoz: No. If you force yourself to draw, it returns without you realizing it{it returned after I forced myself to draw 3 pics which I didn't upload since the slump made them look crappy and stuff.}


Also, the fighting jester never officially appeared before now despite being mentioned since november of last year. XD

She is mentioned here.

She was also referenced to on this page I made in may. The line the jester describes regarding "Mighty Mime"{Joid's super hero alias, since she looks like a mime, but is really more a jester or harlequin.}

That recent picture is them in the "BIG KINGDOM" performing "tricks and illusions" for the denizens. Joid uses her super strength to do things like juggle 2 ton boulders while balancing on an ball, while Grandemonium performs illusions to wow the audience people.

This was really her, but in my incompetence, I gave her Grande's color scheme and hat. XI But everything else was Joid's, the height, the fighting stance{Grande's uses illusions rather and doesn't have the strength for fist fights}. I was exhausted at the time and which is why that happened, and didn't feel like fixing her sprite then because she wouldn't appear until halfway in the story back then.

In that same thread, I updated with Grandemoniums real sprite.

Okay, now here are those two same sprites next to each other, except with Joid having her right colors instead of wearing Grandemonium's costume.

Note that they have the exact height difference as in the pic I posted yesterday.

I didn't look at the old sprites for reference, they are just that height difference in my mind when ever I draw them. That pic with all of the mons standing together was also to show the difference in size between them all. {The only people who's designs I had to redo completely was the princess, knight, and dragon. The knight and princess are main characters, and that is why it is important I make the best possible design for them, which is why I re-made them so many times. XI Some how, I got the other people right the first or second time around.

I wanted to explain that, because I thought it was funny that the fighting jester never officially appeared despite being mentioned since way back in November. The fact my brain knows the size without references is at least a good sign that I'll be able to tell this story quickly when I get started.

If they were pokemon, this would be their stats.

Ability: Hustle
Hustle because Joid can sometimes stretch her arms and legs a little, giving her jabs, kicks and punches more range{not to the extent of the stretching monkey, who's internal weapon causes her to stretch her arms x20 on the average, Joid's just about x1.5 to x2.} Joid mainly uses kinesis type energy to boost her strength and defense.

Ability: Prankster
{She uses illusions, so the best way to represent that in pokemon would be to make a high defense poke that has a good movepool full of status moves like hypnosis and attacks with additional effects. Prankster represents how illusions happen pretty quickly before the opponent can hit her.
I got some new art:

This is a group of antagonists in the story. They try to get Piera into their group due to her power and former royal status.

Royal Ribbon:

The lady in the back is the leader and also the most powerful. The girl on the right has the greatest strength, her 2nd stage is kind of hilarious{Her arms get muscular.} The girl at the front is good all around, the lady in white with the hat is high in defense, and the lady in black in special, using her bands for attacking.

The hairy monster and monkey.

The hairy monster is trying to master his weapon, which is an internal type, able to give him the ability to make his hide extremely durable. The monkey also uses an internal weapon, which makes her cells elastic and durable, allowing her to stretch her arms or hold kinetic energy like a rubber band when its being pulled.
Man I feel bad doing this becaus I haven't been very hardworking myself, but

Could I request you to draw my three loli fakemons from my thread? (amorpha voltinne and carmilith)

I'll do something in return!!! :oops:
Yilx: Yeah, I'll draw them. They're awesome and epic designs.

Hmm, something in return? Are you sure I don't owe you fan art? D: Just kidding. :P Thanks for requesting.
It is halfway done. I'll add a background tommorow.

Kinda wished I designed them myself.

Line art version. Which do you like better?

I'm still thinking of what I want in return. Thanks for the offer!
dear god i
i.. oh my god

i love them!! you did them so quickly too...!
prefer the shaded version too

you gave them a personality of their own too lol... what inspired you??

i absolutely LOVE how you posed volty and camz but could i request you give amorp her ghostly smile insted???
Yilx: I looked at all the available art of each and their personality just came out when it was time to draw.

Sure, I'll make that happen. : D

For my request, I'm thinking it's either you could draw my characters{I haven't figured out which yet} or a drawing of favorite pokemons I have{haven't figured out which either.} I'm still thinking about it!
Thanks, do you want to draw you're favorites?

Here is the updated art.

A lot of expressions resulted from trying to get her smile right, so here are some of the alternatives. The last is a joke that I saw in my mind when I was drawing the background{Or I think I thought of it when I read her bio and it said she ate bug type pokemon's, so that is probably why that appeared. lol) Number #2 and #3 I saw while trying to draw the smile, #4 was the alternative to the original smile that I didn't draw in the initial pic, and the first is an alternative smile to whats finished, which do you like best or is the smile in the above pic good?

Definitely liking the version you decided to stick with the best, the last one is pretty funny too LOL

i really can't believe how much effort you're putting into this i'll definitely do something once i get back from camp...
Yilx: Thanks. Glad it came out good then. Thanks again for the request offer.

Blastoiseboy: Am I the only person that sees both shaded and non-shaded as equally good? lol Must be my brain.
The girl in black in the Royal Ribbon pic is also in this old note.

These guys are awesome, I have to redraw them{well, I already redrew the firefox, but I need to do a better version of her.}

Old pics.

Four Forte beasts. Not sure if they should be Idor class or Enden class. Their badguys for sure though.

I haven't decided which tiger head I was gonna use, so I drew a bunch, but some might belong to good characters. The tiger's face might either be head #2 or #3.

Suzaki is the vermillion bird with the power of fire.

Seiryu is a wind dragon of great power.

Genbu is either a turtle with water/ice or earth power.

Also, the main characters I've been showing around, they're on different planets. So they don't meet up for a while. The reason for this is one planet is on the verge of getting big bads taking over, while another planet is already ruled and divided between insanely powerful monsters. So the world some of these characters come from affects their personalities.

EDIT: My art powers were drained when I drew this. :[ So it's so so.

Do these guys look strong? I re-used two old designs from last year that were meant for something else since they seemed really good. Their suppose to be a team of that planet's strongest heroes *compared to other planets, their average*. I'll probably change this line-up.

Wasn't gonna upload it, but either way, it's part of the Dragon's early arc. Basically, because of the gap in power between some of the eventual protagonists, and because of their drastically different origins, their storylines at this point don't intersect for quite a while! For the fighting dragon, because he has tremendous power, he is able to fight Endens, and he's in a group that fight the most powerful villains. The only thing is, I have no idea who to pick for the 6 person team. This is what I have so far, so who ever is on the team is at least Idor level. Basically, a vague way of telling somebodies tier level is in this order of classes Bland > Gire > Node > Idor > Enden > Univoid. With Univoid being ridiculous in power{traveling at a fraction of the speed of light and so on.} Enden is usually the normal cap of power.

Power scaling is tough to work with. Basically, the Dragon is suppose to be between 5,000-25,000 when stats are averaged{a normal high end villain would be around 30,000 at minimum}, while some of the others at the beggining of their respective story are only 200-1500. It's gonna take sometime before those characters catch up in power. For those, most of their story involve gains in power, until they eventually have high enough stats to go out and fight in more planet affecting story-lines. The simpler thing to would be to limit the fights to around an accepted limit, like say almost everybody is around 300-1,000, even the high end bosses, and the fights mostly come down to strategy and thinking. This would make it so that bad guys aren't all powerful and have to rely more heavily on henchmen, but then it would be tough to shown a 5 vs 1 fight against a super boss if every is almost the same in power. And IF there is a bad guy who has 5 times more power over the average, it would also mean a hero would have reached that level, so in some ways, argh, I got to go think.
Quick drawing of Akane from AH3, about half an hour. :[

I forgot how much time this took, but it may have been faster, since I didn't stop to think. :X

A little over an hour. I invested less in ink lines and more in trying to color with lighting and shading! It's Genbu, the turtle from yesterday's pic. He's his team's wall, but because their so powerful overall, his offensive abilities are already beyond that of normal monsters, even if its miniscule in comparison to his defense. In the background is the "vermillion bird", Suzaki, using a wide ranging fire attack, and the lightning is from Byakko, the white tiger. Their like pretty far away, so it shows just how much power they have to be seen from that far away. I need to get better at coloring, though, it's not professional at all.

Piera's bodyguard early in the story. Her role is pivotal in the plot. Her humanoid form is the result of a seal type skill.

16 minutes!! New record for me I think.


NEW RECORD, 20 minute line art, yet it looks as high quality as an hour drawing! I think!? How does it look?

It's the timid, paranoid, BEE girl.

Petra Johanna Levarsky, I think that's her name. She's from AH3.
Urgent Argent{knight} and Gallopi{quadruped}. Well, if I introduce parody elements into the story, I guess I'll use these, otherwise, I'll have to work some more on the horse's design. Basically its a white knight gone insane due to hero syndrome overload, so when the heroes encounter these two, they pose as antagonists of sorts.{Does the horse look too much like a magic pony? So many pony avatars on the other forums I go to, so I think that's influencing the design somehow. I tried to alter her face as much as possible, or is it fine? Well, either way, she is homage of sorts.}

Goferro blocking a lightning bolt.

I have no idea what I'm doing, which is why I usually just stick to black and whites.
Yilx: Thanks, lol. XD I still got others to draw like a proper SAKI.

An AH3 request from a different forum. LILICA. I never thought about drawing her before, at least I don't remember.

I was just looking through your art and just wanted to say that it's all awesome. You have a very unique style that I've never seen and you seem to be getting better and better, keep it up. :)
Saeglopur: Thanks. At what point do I get better, so I can research my notes from that period.{Because depending on what week it was, I'm sometimes using a different method of drawing.}


The LILICA request.

Just from when I first looked at your thread, you seem to have gotten better (though your original work is very good as well!)
What program do you use? I think what really makes you unique is your use of thin and thick lines and your lineart in general.

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