Fulgrate Art thread.

I use Photoshop Elements 6, unfortunately. I'm thinking of using some other program soon.

Thanks, I try to vary the lines.

Which work looks more refined than the others?
I really think the digital artwork of the Pokemon/anime/characters are exceptionally good. Especially from like 5/12/11 on. I also noticed you do expressions and perspective really well. Your art is one of my favorites here. :)
Oih thanks! I'm really trying to improve my perspective so its nice to see that it doing good.

5/12/11? Hmm, that was early on, I think I know what settings those are.
I tried out GIMP after not having used it in a long time. ARGH! It LAGS with EVERY STROKE! Whats up with that? The pen looks like it might have better movement, but I can't tell, and there seems to be no pressure sensitivity at all!!

Anyways, monkey girl done in GIMP. It's suppose to be 7:16 to 7:29 for lineart.

Now let us compare to this pic, drawn in PE 6. I don't get weird lag icons when drawing and I felt encouraged to shade.

Gimp only encouraged me to color, but nothing more, it seems to have a good blend tool, other than that, I can't get the other stuff to work well.

EDIT2: Using this different method, also drew this, but not sure if the lineart is good. How's the lineart in this?

Even though I'm doing vigorous art research, I'll find time to make the serperior within the next 5 days. So definitely!


I got some new art, AH3 related this time. This style I'm using, seems quick and results in elegant line art. The lines just seem to look better.

Also, Lilica vs Konoha. I got the idea when I saw some sprites that Lilica had where she's eating an ice cream, the Konoha part came in when I remembered that Lilica gets mad in her intro with her because Konoha wants to use her skates or something. The rest fell into place, of course, the part I didn't draw was the Lilica's furious reaction afterwards :slowpoke:.

I think I got better at coloring!

Which is better, the top frame that has an outline, or final frame, without an outline? That explosion is something else I put there after finishing just to see if I could make explosions. I was hearing a song called "miracle" in another language. Incredible! Am I almost there? At a higher level or something!?
I see, thanks for explaining that. I did the above image in PE 6 though. lol I would rather use it's system than GIMP and its slowness.


I've improved overnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this SUPER SAIYAN?!? DID my inner artist achieve BANKAI!? What is this inner power!?!?!? Is it sharingan!?

Goferro illustration finished!!



I go from disliking colors to being able to actually use them?! Just last week I had the skills of a novice!! Then I get a great power boost overnight!? What is this!?

Wow, okay, do you take requests? if so I would like a Shiny Grumpig in your new and improved coloring prowess! If not, ignore this post.
Shiny Grumpig? I'll try, but expect it within the next 5-10 days. :X


New art!

Monkey Flex!

This took me about 3 hours, and I was experimenting and researching tons during that time. This is INCREDIBLE! I feel perplexed. Is this at the level of a professional? I need to know where I stand in regards to skill.
New Art!!!!!



No name for the time being.

Is my art better or worse? I've been experimenting with this method a lot.
Konoha and Akane. I guess it's still unfinished, but I spent 5 hours already, I feel slow. I should have tackled something smaller. This is what I have so far, but I need to do more research on a faster way.

These are all awesome, but where are these characters from? Did you make them up? If so, are they in a story or something you're writing?? Just wanted to know since I had no idea.
That's really good! :)
You shouldn't worry about how long it takes you, just spend as much time as you think you should until you feel it looks right. :-P
Thanks Saeglopur. I'm just use to taking only about an hour on average per artwork these days. I'm trying to get faster so that I'm able to draw more stuff in the same amount of time. I want to tell a story through sequential art and I want to be fast. :X Although I guess for some art, you gotta take your time.

I did not see Master Win's and Yilx post. XI I just scrolled down to the bottom and saw a single reply. Sorry!! It was late. X ,X

Master Win: Yeah, what Yilx said, their from Arcana Heart. My bro has the game, Arcana Heart 3, and it's a good game. It's gameplay system is really great.

Yilx: Thanks! Do you have Arcana Heart 3?


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Quite honestly the top and bottom left ones but that's just me.

I only played arcana heart 2 for abit because I fell for Kira's charm :heart:
Yilx: I see, I only played 1 and 3, never got to play #2. lol Kira's antics in #1 are more ambitious I think.

The top is a bee and a spider, and the bottom left is a bird girl.


Konoha with the new style of coloring, is it better than the other style?

Pole kitty/Skunk girl.{Pole cat is a type of skunk I believe.}

Kitsune and beast. Top pic is them when their "antagonists", bottom pic is when they join the protagonists{The kitsune gets all orange eyes when she uses some technique, so she's able to have normal eyes or animal eyes. The beast just trims its fur in the second pic, lol.}

Dragon, in this re-design, it only makes him slightly taller than most others, instead of being a semi-giant as you've seen in some other pics, where he dwarfs anything else. Well, he still might get that tall when transforming.
Sorry to those that are waiting for a shiny Grumpig and the snake. Any art energy I manage to get or generate I usually end up using for my own stuff. Now that I can color like this, my art energy has become something of a invaluable, limited fuel. :X I have to ration the krap out of it.

I modified the silver beast. How is this design when compared to the version that has hakama pants?

And here is LADY BUTTERFLY. She is from Ultranimals. Her personality is that she is a push over, despite being taller than others in her group. Gets picked on a lot by that ant girl in the bug girls pic in a previous post{she has a bladed weapon with a jagged edge and a mean scowl.}

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