Fulgrate Art thread.

Rhyssa: Thanks, although I guess it's too late to ask which those were? D:



I need an opinion on this. I'm trying to finish a comic before the 27th. Here is page 1 slightly unfinished and no text. How does it look?

EDIT: Page 2 and 3. No text, except for the notes on page 3.

Pages 6-8. Those % are just notes relating to the art.

If you can see the faint grey lines, she's shooting herself out of a canon hidden in a palm tree. Don't try to guess what's going on in the page before that, it's not what you think. :}

While working on page 6, I saw an optical illusion of the bee girl in human form. :{ So I quickly drew that down.

The lobster I just drew in human form too just to see how they compared.
awwwww, all your critter characters are so cute and creative (wow unintended alliteration there! >.>). love the way the comic is going so far, and I love all the various expressions you give them.
Saeglopur: Thanks! I was wondering whether the expressions would work out since I have no references. Did you read the version with text in the links?


Page 10 nearly finished, no backgrounds though. :{

I turns out the deadline is the 31st and not tommorow as I previously thought. I wonder if I'll be able to finish in time.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
I really like this. Though one little tidbit I have to comment on is the number of times you put words into quotations. Maybe use italics/bolding to emphasize words instead?
Acklow: Thanks. Yeah, the word quotations is probably the wrong way. Thanks for pointing that out. Comic fare standard probably does dictate that italics or bolding be used. I might still use quotations for the "hero" part though. X{


Page 11 60% done.
Page 16 and 17 work in progresses. 2 more pages and theres still 2 days left! MAYBE, just MAYBE, I might make it! After the next two pages, I just gotta go through all of them and add all the missing details, backgrounds, and missing panels, and if there's still time, and the page I omitted. D: I haven't tried to use my funny side in a comic before, so it might be a hit or miss with some of the jokes. Did anybody find the table of fruits and vegetable people to be offensive? :{


Pages 18-20.{21 pages total, with there being a page 0, so these are really 19-21.}


What do you think of the ending? Is it mind-boggling? Random? Funny? D: I don't think I can post the pages with finished art until after the competition is over. So I didn't post the final page with lineart. Is it clear what is going on in the last panel. Do you see the realistic depiction of a bee and a lobster? I went for that instead of showing toon people kissing for humorous effect.
I like the ending, it's funny and cute :)
Also (not sure if you noticed or was going to check it) but there are a few grammar mistakes, where globster was saying manipulated and there is an apostrophe missing in page 12 in "aren't". I thought there was another spelling error but I can't find it now. :X
But overall I really like the comic, it's short and sweet and has a funny twist at the end, the characters are likeable and the art is great. Rooting for you in the competition! :D
Yikes! I just barely finished a few hours before the post office closes. 21 page comic, started 11 days before the deadline, worked on it 8 different days{3 days didn't get to work on it at all.} Some days only got a few hours on it while others up to 8 hours. So I'm guessing in total its about 30-50 hours of work. It use to take me 200 hours to finish a 20 page comic.

The Smog is out, so now I can post my art for it.

Saeglopur: I thought it was the funniest out of the three endings I had.
Thanks for pointing out the grammar mistakes. Fix'd.

Thank you for rooting for me. I'm wondering how it will fair. Any favorite characters in this story?
I really liked Ubee the best, she has charm for being the heroine and all. :)
Also really good smog art! Keep up the good work! ^_^b
Okay, I think I managed to figure out how to post images from photoshop.com, kind of primitive though, you'd think they'd have the auto-paste thing that imgur and other sites have.

Even though in game, the knight is wearing the silver knight armor, my mind turns it into that while I'm playing, the way it really looks is still awesome, but I like this style better. The princess is almost perfect, even the dress, except I would wish that the color was pickable. Egg yellow is okay, but not what I wanted on my princess character, the dress design however is just perfect, down to that awesome gem.

I was trying to remake these guys in the games customization engine:

Down to the playstyle, even managed to find two different swords that had a similar design to the knight's, while for the princess, I had to substitute a twig for her magnifier, their human versions turned out awesome, which is why I had made fan art.

Anyways, here are some gameplay vids of the game:

Hero Knight:

Royal Princess:
I'm working on another comic, this time for web comic distribution and related formats.

The intro has the same dialogue {same world}, so I used a modified version of page 001 of the other art, showing a different view of that scene.

Page 2, work in progress:

Page 3, w.i.p.

Page 4, w.i.p.

This time, I'm putting some soul power into this, unlike the failed webcomic from months ago, so directionless!

Speaking of souls, I've been playing this game called DARK SOULS. Something of a horror game set in a medieval world.

I tried to give the knight a toon-like, middle english voice. :X For humorous effect. I'm not sure if it turned out funny or just nerdy. :P

I've heard of that game! It looks really good, almost like a scarier Skyrim, lol. Anyways lookin' good so far on the comic, I just really love all your character designs. XD
Saeglopur: I haven't played Skyrim, but this game is definately scary.

Thanks. Glad the character designs are likeable.


This page is nearly done:


Now its done.

So, anybody ever watched Sacred Seven? I did some fan art for that.

I'll probably update the comic every 2-3 days. Not sure yet though.

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