Fulgrate Art thread.

In terms of rough pages, I'm way ahead of this, but I'm steadily inking each and only updating every two days, if not everyday.

Page 6.

Here's the comic link.


I just realized that pages 3-5 are unshaded. D: What an oversight. I gotta update the art on those later.
I tried drawing Piera in a style that is seen in some anime's/mangas.

New pages, various stages of work:

Page 10 is the punchline. D:
Page 9!

The last panel was the first panel of page 10, but decided it would be better on this page to break the "serious art" joke more abruptly. X D

EDIT: Anyways, for those curious about where this is going, here are some details about the storyline that may prove to be spoilerific, read at your own risk! It's pretty awesome in my opinion though, so here are some of the spoilers of how it goes:
Piera basically joins the Royal Ribbon before the beggining of this story, and her master is the Dark Ribbon, pictured here in the bottom left:

Her orders are to become strong enough to take over the world. Piera goes along with this because she thinks it will ease the burden on her parents if their are no villains on the planet her kingdom is in. She was eager to join the Royal Ribbon when they gave her the offer because she was neglected by her parents due to them being busy saving planets all the time. At this point in the story, her father is the one that is home for once, but only temporarily. He is there to oversee her choosing a knight so that both he and the queen can have peace of mind in the Princess's safety. They leave her there to take care of the duties of that kingdom which is a responsibility they dump on all their offspring.

With that kind of pressure, she becomes easily misguided by the dark ribbon taking advantage of her good will and well-meaning disposition and turning it towards goals that would be more along the lines of a villain.

The only difference is that she is doing it for her parents while a villain would just be doing it for themeselves.

Anyways, this plot line would last the equivalent of maybe 3-5 volumes. It ends with the Dark Ribbon confronting Piera about neglecting her goals after seeing that her goals are starting to aim less and less at conquering the planet and more at helping it.

I've already drawn out how this plot line ends last year which is hinted at on page 8.

Basically, the Dark Ribbon forces Piera to fight Gofero due to him having goals opposite and effecting Piera's thinking. It's around that point that Gofero finds out/realizes that some of the villains in past fights where telling him that she was a "bad guy" due to her being part of the Royal Ribbon. {It's suppose to be a running joke, since Gofero thinks they are being metaphorical or some other misunderstanding. lol}

So after that fight, they defeat the Dark Ribbon and Piera is able to honestly be a good guy. They get the attention of the other members of Royal Ribbon for being strong enough to defeat the Dark Ribbon. So they became enemies they have to fight later.{The Queen of Royal Ribbon is in the background above the others, sitting on a throne. She's 10x more powerful than her strongest underlings. So she is a "late game" boss for lack of a better word.} Each of the "ribbons" pictured have their own small group of "lost princesses".

Anyways, the running joke about Gofero's obliviousness starts with the mini-villain that appears a few pages from now.

Anyways, what do you think of Piera's sub-plot? Would you rather she just be a real heroine from the get-go rather than a "heroine" who just happens to be defeating villains because their goals interfere with the plans of her "masters"?

It's a sub-plot since the real plot begins with the "Dragonhood". That's when the dung pie hits the proverbial fan.
Yilx: Thanks, I based her off her video game version design, which had the most potential for character development. You've come just in time, I've just gotten to the good part!


Here is the guy that Gofero is to have a showdown with at the tower.

Pages 11-13 w.i.p.

Piera's dark form is an artificial power up that the Dark Ribbon Lady gave to her, it's stored in the Royal Ribbon symbol on her sleeve which appears upon transforming but is otherwise invisible. Makes her about three times more powerful than normal and feeds off her sadness, the side effect being she can't use her powers for a while afterwards.

The Royal Ribbon makes their followers stronger by taking advantage of negative emotions like anger and fear. Most of the villains in the series have become powerful using such methods. The good guys have to make use of the positive emotions which is harder to do but brings greater power if a protagonist figures it out. A good way to depict good vs bad: by showing where the source of power comes from.

Pages 1-10 with fixed or better dialogue.

Ninja and Flower Princess.

Page 11

Page 12 wip

I think after I finish this chapter, I'm thinking of trying another medium. Maybe use these last two comics as an intro for a game? :X
Some Dark Souls fan art!

I should really use the hide tag. I've started using images at a smaller size since I realize the bigger the image, the harder it is to intake the entire illustration.

Here's the real page 12, with the right text and shading{in the w.i.p., since I didn't write from the original text, Piera sounds kind of mean it.}


I uploaded the many notes that have still to see the light of day, I usually just sit on these for weeks since I tell myself not to upload anything that isn't at least inked.

Although, they might prove to be spoilerish in a way. The pictures showing a scientist in front of numbered canisters and robots fighting ultranimals are from the story that has to do with the fighting dragon.

Sometimes when I don't have my sketchbook or a folder with paper near me, I usually end up using scrap pieces of paper. The intro to the present comic I'm working on was done on such a piece.


Here is a scrap sheet showing a scene I have YET to ink. {It's in the later 20s, which would put it beyond the end of this chapter.}


Then when I get it to the sketchbook, looks like this:{ignore the skunk note, it was there before, but I needed to use all the space in the sketchbook since I'm running out.}


And some random notes relating to that chaper:

Becomes this:

From the little scribble showing a knight and lady dragon on that scrap was so that I remembered the origin of the Dragon knights that guard the Princess's portion of the castle. They are what guard her until she is appointed a "real knight".

The part after that shows Piera's mother, who senses her daughter's distress from light years away. She is very powerful, in this scene, she is actually fighting in the vacuum of space alongside a knightess of hers against a really powerful super villain.{Their talking telepathically, since theres no air in space. Also, that sphere in the back is suppose to be a planet.{My sketches are always so rough.}

Piera talking to her father in this scene, he is usually fighting against super villains out on another planet just like the Queen.

This guy is the leader of a group of dragons.

This is looking REALLY interesting, Fulgrate!
I especially liked the strip with the more realistic style!
Waiting eagerly for more.
LevitatingLamprey: Thanks. The realistic style is something I've been doing every chapter. Like in the chapter with Globster and Ubee, when things got serious, the art turned realistic for humorous purposes.


Nothing new today, was busy with school work.
And, just like in the Lobster and Bee story, the pupper masters behind the Knight and Princess! Mind breaker page{still w.i.p.}!

I'm tempted to re-write the dialogue to say the same thing with less words or just simplify the conversation a little more, but then they won't be able to talk about the game mechanics or why they're doing what they're doing. Tough decisions. :thumbsup:


It is finished!

Which style do you like best? I think both styles are good in their own ways.

The drawing at the bottom took 13 minutes, it was the style I use to use when drawing mecha notes with humans back when I was only into mecha and related stuff and nothing else. It was influenced by all the manga I read at that time, which wasn't many compared to now. The more mangas I was exposed to, the more styles I could draw.


its okay.
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Haha, their expressions are great though.
I prefer the second one more, but they're both cool like you said.
Danmire: Thanks. The second style is much faster for me due to having known it for years.


Akane Inuwaka:

Found this vid somebody uploaded on youtube from searching my psn name, the summer when I was playing AH3, I was using that character a lot.


Page 18 of the comic, w.i.p., thats how much inking I did for it in half an hour.


Some more work done on that page:

From their side, its just a dream, from the human side, its just a game.
I feel bad that this thread has so much art and so few responses! Comic art at is a mightily underdeveloped medium, and I think you're contributing something special already.

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