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Fulgrate Art thread.

Hairy monster.


Bee/Wasp girl.


I've updated the character portrait thing, so you can see figure out their size relative to each other from this. Remember to zoom in.


When I figured out how to manage energy or how to generate energy, I'll hopefully be able to do more than this.
The grumpig request is done. D: I was finally able to do it since I managed to become three times faster than when I started drawing in this new style. It use to take three hours, now it only took less than an hour. How is the pic, is it done right?

It was the night of august 17th when I started being able to draw this way. So since then, if my speed was 20, it's now 60!

Now to do that other request!
An old design I brought back{from the same idea group that the lady butterfly is from.} It's a formidable bug, kind of looks like a mecha.

I worked some more on the Lilica vs Konoha illustration.
In the story I'm working on, Ultranimal, there's a pivotal fight in the story that I wanted to draw a glimpse of!

What do you think of it? Anyways, now that I've done enough drawings of characters, I think I'll start background work tommorow, I've been eager from the moment I started drawing like this if I could ever do backgrounds with these new found "powers". : P
I'm using a method where I shade first, then apply the hues! So far its just the shades.

I think this illustration is almost finished? Maybe it is. It's Goferro versus the fighting Dragon{Still no name.}
Tiger of Lightning and Tortoise of Fright. If you seen the sketch of them I posted a few weeks ago, you will see the turtles shell is a really scary looking face.

I updated the roster illustration. Do you have a favorite out of those that are shown?
I was trying to practice being quick with color while trying to tell a story sequentially, how did I do? It actually took longer than a normal illustration.


I am trying to decide between telling a story with word balloons, and telling a story simply through images like the above. Originally, there was suppose to be dialogue, but then decided to try just telling it this way. It turned out differently from what I wrote in the manuscript.

Page 1: Rad Reds are fighting with the heroes, who easily defeat them {their normal animals trapped inside the body of roaches via a pill their made to eat to become a henchmen for V.E.R.M.I.N. {Villanous Enterprise of Radical Menaces of International Notoriety.} {The V and E were originally for Vigilante exterminators, but whatever.}
Once a Rad Red is defeated, they revert to the original form and size of the real animal trapped inside, so even something like a hippo would have its essence trapped into a rad red. I didn't have time to show them reverting though.

Page 2: A representative from V.E.R.M.I.N., the radical rodent, seeing the heroes with their guard down, launches a surprise attack from his hiding place. There was to be some trash talk between them had their been dialogue. X D

Quirky SonSon.

As you can see, I was trying out different stuff in the Son Son pic. By the way, she had her debut in Marvel vs Capcom 2. {Although Hsien-ko, who appears in MvC3, becomes "sonson" in Super Gem Fighter when doing an attack,{She even has the replicating monkey dolls.}


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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You have so much great art here, it's a travesty that no-one has commented on it.

Perhaps drawing more mons would fix this problem.
SoIheardyoulikesentret: Thanks. XD It's a little harder than "sculpting" for some reason.


My energy is fluctuating, so it's difficult to draw straight. Anyways, some new art.

Piera brush test.

Goferro 2nd form.

What can I say?
Even though occasionally your characters get a bit wonky, I really love this art, and when you nail something, you nail it well!
Though criticism from me is a but hypocritical...
I love this!
LevitatingLamprey: Thanks. I want to know which art is wonky though so I can get better. :X

min min: Thanks. I want to know which arts have weird proportions. :X Only way to improve since my strange mind identifies all my art as normal and can't really make things that appeal to most people unless by accident. lol XI

That last image is sort of a new record. 5 minutes for decent line art on the right. The left was a warm up which turned out weird and nearly took 10 minutes. The knight pic is a redesign {again!} except adding elements from this old "human-like" version of the character. {Maybe I should tell the story using that art-style, it may or may not be harder. Who knows!}



I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Naw, your old stye looks fitting. Plus it looks rather unique. Don't change it. It's probably the only reason I ever come back to look at this thread.
Aklow: Thanks, I like the toonish style too, but I also like the human style as well, only reason I use the human style in fan arts now a days and not in my own story art is due to the FACT that the dragon characters don't translate well into that style. X D lol They just end up looking weird. I still contemplate using that style sometimes though. I still might! X I If I ever find a way to draw the dragons right.@ x@



Not bad for the bee girl, the bow coming out of her arm is an "inner world" weapon{which the monkey girl has by default; her weapon being microscopic and effecting her cells to make them flexible}. Weapons that are external like sword are "Outer World" weapons. What these two have in common is that they are organic in nature and have their wielders energy in them. So things like sword would be organic-steel, which means they heal during fights and never get brittle or rusty as long as their near their user.

The bee girl's "outer world" weapon is that stinger sword in other pics. The lobster by default has pincers that are part of a set of his arms, which count as "inner world", his "outer world" is a pincer glove with a cannon on the inside, nifty for mid to long range fights.

Anyways, here are some animations.

Goferro's twisting burn blade attack.

Piera's exploding laser attack.

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