Fulgrate Art thread.

Tenodera: Thanks. I've been trying to figure out how to make the comic more "presentable" by studying sequential art from various books.

Danmire: Thanks, working on trying to make the best facial expressions art wise.


Here's a Fennec Kitsune! I forgot to put the fire tail symbol on her kimono. D: For this, I used a new drawing technique. A two step variation of the double lightning ink technique. The pic was done in 20 minutes. D: If I remember right, regular double lightning on the same page size sometimes takes 30-45 minutes. Even though it seems faster, it seems to have turned out a little rougher. I should probably try different page settings and re-try the 2 step method.

Page 20 of the comic.
Sometimes, I just want to tell the story in a humanoid style. :{ It's like I strongly want to draw it that way, but then it goes and I'm fine with just monster styles.

Princess Piera in a humanoid style with a different hairstyle.


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Hello I am here for my monthly expression of adoration for your work.

Please continue! I also love the edges of humour in this.
Alchemator: Thanks a lot. I'll try to up the ante.


New art. RK switched with GK fan art.

I used my most powerful inking technique, which produces the smoothest lines I can make. Despite it's overbearing power, it's flaw lies in it's extremely reduced speed.
Smoothest line art in years. D:

While still trying to find my fastest inking method, decided to try the thinnest inking method. Took about an hour, might have been faster, but I was testing different settings while drawing this. D:
your art is so dynamic and lively, you definitely deserve more luvs!

I'll have to check out the links / the rest of your thread when I've got more time, but I particularly have to mention those in the OP you painted (is that what it is? /ifail@art) - your coloring and shading make them just leap off the page at me.

this latest work is great as well - the lineart is fab and I love the colors you picked :) I'm kinda confused about what's going on with its arms/ hands though...

anyway, nice work! grats on the feature, too :)
sirndpt: Thanks. :} What is she doing with her hands? I guess she has a hand in a fist while the other is open for no reason, lol. She's use to holding her bow in her left hand all the time I guess.


Joid the jester! Using the same method as with the foxy kitsune, thin ink lines with smooth shading.

EDIT: LOL, it looks like she's saying "COME AT ME BRO" or "COME AT ME SIS". XD lol


its okay.
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the butterfly lady looks like Fi from skyward sword.
Joid the Jester is really cute!
I love all of your people, man, keep up the good work!
Danmire: Thanks, I'm really hyped about them. Also, I looked up Fi from Skyward, the resemblance is uncanny. O _O That statue face is the same look I'm going for with the butterfly{with metallic sheen added.} Is there any other iteration of Fi from previous Zelda games before Skyward sword? The butterfly lady was inspired by a mix of anime's and other stuff I saw in 2009, as well as ancient statues with their cryptic faces. XD So if Fi existed in 2009, I'm wondering if I saw her during a google image search and she somehow had a subconcious influence then. I know I got her from mixing a ton of things.

By the way, Fi is such a great design. I never saw her before now.


This if for school, we are to make a movie poster using Illustrator + Photoshop. I think I spent like 10 hours total on it, maybe more. D:

By the way, those "proper gentlemen" are bad guys, trying to monopolize people's stuff. They are a parody of many things. Their monocle can read power levels and they speak in "proper".

I am getting a Statler-and-Waldorf vibe of those proper gents.
Also another vibe that I'll decline to mention since it's bleeding obvious from the artwork.

(keep up the good work sir :D)

edit: sorry if this has been brought up before, but the katakana next to the title of the poster is incorrect. what you have there says ulTARanimu. What you want is ウルトラニム (u-ru-to-ra-ni-mu).
Mos_Quitoxe: I see how they might appear to be like Statler and Waldorf. XD {Those actually make good super human names, wether it be super-hero or super-villain}.

I'm thinking of parodying the "over 9000" scene with the proper gent villains except spoken in proper english, which I hope ends up being really hilarious. Kind of like those motivational posters you see repeating some meme in old english. lol

Thanks for the correction. XD I just realized I was spelling out "U-ru-ta-ru A-ni-mu" I guess I got caught in that thought because I remembered L and R are the same in japanese, and when I was looking at the L and R in "Ultr", I spelled it out as "U-ru-ta-ru", which seemed to make sense at the time as the word Ultranimal in my brain was seperated as "Ultr, Animu." I think I might still use Urutaru-animu as the katakana spelling since it kind of rolls of the toungue well for me.

And that is how it happened. XD

I spelled it this time with the Ult-ranimu in mind so it came out as U-ru-ta-ra-ni-mu. I think its my pronounciation that makes me think theres no "to" but now that I pronounce it differently, I do hear a "to" like you suggested. DO'H! D: I somehow pronounce it as "ta" due to the language I spoke before english.

I guess next time then! Unless, Ultaranimu actually sounds kind of catchy! That's actually how I've been pronouncing the word this whole time like I said. XD Darn my accent. lol

Also, I want to know what the other vibe. :D Is it pokemon or am I wrong?



Ah, okay. Katakana spelling is okay now :) The rest of the poster's coming along nicely as well!

I'm thinking of parodying the "over 9000" scene with the proper gent villains except spoken in proper english, which I hope ends up being really hilarious. Kind of like those motivational posters you see repeating some meme in old english. lol
That there is the exact vibe I was hinting at :naughty:
Mos-Qiotoxe: Oh okay, I was thinking for some reason that you meant some monster style game. XD


That other comic I was working on, here were the last pages of it.







Or just keep hitting the next button. XD
Here is some SoulCalibur fan art. It's Kamikirimusi.

Here's a drawing using "Yilx" method of straight and quick strokes, he truly is a master of his own method to be able to draw his finished works. A very fun style to use but you have to be brave to use it. It's very wild. I manage to fill a page in 25 minutes, while my own inking method usually takes 40-50 minutes to make the same amount of lines. Truly, this style is a speed that matches that of Accelgor, NO, that of Deoxys. D: Deoxys-like speed.

^^^I don't know why they all turned out different looking and why some have noses. :{
Setting this page up took nearly an hour. D: I didn't even get to ink before time ran out.

It's the Entono Imperial guard. They're extremly powerful, their leader is in the upper left. The butterfly lady will appear in the present events of the comics.

Ubee happens to be from Entono.
Finally inked the bug people pic. The butterfly is suppose to have a pattern on her wings, but I'm still trying to come up with a really great and unique design for it.

EDIT: Bigger version, so you can see some of the characters that got little space.

Mos-Quitoxe: Thanks. The next stage would be to color, and I need to figure out how to do it masterfully. D:


I have been researching a faster, better method of inking since I was last here, and I think I found it! I upgraded to a nib that is more to my style of strokes while finally turning on the pressure sensitivity on the pen. {My main inking method, Double Lightning, doesn't use pressure sensitivy, but instead achieves differing line weight by more tedious, painstaking methods.}

Here is the initial attempt, I thought the method wouldn't beat any of my refined, none-pressure techniques.

Then I messed around with the pressure sensitive pen again since it was stress free and intriguing, and the result was this:

I was dumb for not recording the time it took, but not only was it stress free, but I don't have to put that much pressure when drawing, making it more efficient. The linework already rivals the DL method on just the second attempt! And I'm pretty sure it was done in less time due to not feeling drained afterwards. At this rate, the DL and FF methods will be obsolete!
I think I'm getting better with this new method:

I'm trying to decide between the Piera pic, and the pic with the firebird and butterfly as the cover page of act 3 of Ultranimu.



my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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Alchemator said:
Hello I am here for my monthly expression of adoration for your work.
Regrettably I missed January.

The 'proper gentlemen' are brilliant; I just love the uniqueness (not a word but whatever) of your designs.

Your recent work with Piera is particularly impressive, though it's quite harsh. Perhaps lower the contrast slightly, though it's still nice to keep it sharp.

Keep up the great work!

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