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There isn't any posibilities on reviving this but now considering those changes made on gen 6? This concept is actually pretty fun IMO, and could be exploited a lot more, in order to have a kinda different metagame... Of course... That should be done starting from the scratch probably... What do you think?
well,it sort of died once the room was destroyed, and the people in the Other Metas room don't really like to talk about it. not sure if it is able to come back
Mostly it's gone since everyone dispersed to other rooms once the next room was deleted...

and I have no idea why it was deleted, although it might have something to do with the lack of people


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It was deleted for mainly 2 reasons.

1. Activity was next to none. With even some of the previously active staff not being there it looked bad.
2. Upkeep for the mod was also next to none. At best some stuff got fixed from ascriptmaster/Slayer taking a look when I would ask. Without constant updates there is no point in keeping a room for the mod. Dedicated rooms should exist for dedicated mods. Zarel no longer had the time to watch his pet mod and hasn't had the time for a long while.


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While I'm no OM mod, this thread seems to be dead since its founder appears to be and just an overall lack of interest. If this decision of mine is unwarranted, feel free to delete my comment and unlock it again.
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