Gen V RNG Breeding Guide (gone again)

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Yeah, I'm not really sure of the mechanics behind it. It seems to be reasonably often that a low random encounter shiny frame does translate to a low breeding frame too, though.

I don't think the converse holds true either, though, I think it just looks that way because if you're following my instructions, you're searching ONLY Seeds with low random encounter shiny frames.
Back again today, and refound my parameters, and yes my timer 0 is C7F now. means i'll retry all from start now, wish me luck :)
I don't think the converse holds true either, though, I think it just looks that way because if you're following my instructions, you're searching ONLY Seeds with low random encounter shiny frames.
I admit that I was working from a small sample size but I had a list of frame 8 seeds I'd manually picked through for low shiny breeding frames without pre-sorting for low random shiny frames. Of the handful of ones that I'd sorted out that had shiny breeding frames under a thousand, they all had similarish shiny PIDRNG to the breeding shiny frames
'Luckily, Smogon has some super-geniuses who have cracked the code on how your game generates Pokémon, and you can use that to your advantage. I'm not one of those super-geniuses...'

The single best professor I had in college taught the most intimidating subject. The reason he was a favorite was because he broke down the subject matter and presented it to us in a way that we could understand.

Smogon is populated with geniuses; I believe that teaching to the masses is a form of genius.

Thank you for this guide.
I used to TA the Introductory Japanese courses at my University and I'm currently a tutor for Abstract Algebra/Number Theory/Vector Calculus, so teaching is kind of my thing XD
No shinies yet, but i did just breed a flawless 31/31/31/31/31/31 Squirtle in less than 2 hours work - even with one imperfect parent - thanks to this very guide.

I tend to skip ass the SSF business and just hatch 3-4 eggs (hitting seed which is 6 way flawless) one with no Chatter, then with 1-3 chatters for the next 3 eggs. Hatch the eggs, check nature/IV's. Pick the one with the most 31's, put a Power Item on if im not sure that the flawed IV wont re appear on the nature chatter i want. Then re breed another 3-4 eggs.

Usually after 2 cycles with 1 flawless Everstone Ditto as the mother and then the Pokemon i want with flawed IV's but egg moves as the father - i get my perfect Pokemon:)
See, but by finding my SSF, I'm usually able to hatch my flawless shiny Pokemon on the 2nd egg (first to find the SSF, second is my target).

This is of course barring any timer0...or me using the wrong time, which I've been doing for the past 2 hours lol.

Seed was at 21:49:24..I've been using 22:49:24

Haha i used to always get a time seed and then spend 20 ins trying to hit it wondering why im getting quirky 6/18/x x x x spreads only to realise that the time generator in the older versions of RNGReporter defaulted back to Pokemon Black instead of keeping pokemon white selected from the DS parameters section (thankfully this is now sorted out and the White cart selection stays between DS Parameter screen and the Time Finder screen!).

Can i ask, how many chatots do you usually have to chatter to get that shiny? When im selecting 3x 31 IV's and using perfect parents to fill the othets the lowest shiny frame i found was at least 400-500 is that normal?
I haven't chattered past frame 200 in days. :)
But, the frame shown in time finder isn't correct, if you're only looking there.

For me, the "low shiny" breeding frame tends to be either lower, or not exist for some reason.
Ive been using the time finder to make 3x 31IV spreads with 0 in the other 3 IV's and then putting the long seed into the main screen of RNG and selecting Breeding BW from the drop down, selecting everstone nature and then ticking the shiny box and hitting generate to find the shiny frames but some seeds have no shiny frames?! and most are 400-500:/
Yeah, it's not a 1-1 correlation that a low shiny frame will even exist. I find it's like 50-60% of them do.

It's probably just bad luck, but it's not too bad to chatter to around 500.
Maybe, i like my seeds on frame 1, or 8 if its a breeding project. And i guess because im not confident that i will hit my PIDframe after 500 chatots i dont want to go through the pain and anguish, only to find that i didnt hit my initial seed, or that my ssf was off or that i chattered one to few times by bad counting:/
So I'm starting to try my hand at breeding shiny flawless pokemon in b/w, but I'm having some trouble with the RNG Reporter. In time finder I put in my parameters, I have the 3 31s I want, I've put in my ID/SID, set the method to standard/gift, and clicked the shiny only. I got a list generated in the time finder, and I copied the full seed and put it into the main page. I selected breeding BW, clicked shiny only, made sure my ID/SID is the same and clicked genreate. Instead of getting what the time finder told me, the shiny frames aren't anywhere near what it said(closest I've seen is 4,000), and the nature is not the same either. Am I doing something wrong, or could it be the RNG Reporter? I'm using the most recent reporter too.
No. That's normal.
You have to search through them by hand to find a reasonable shiny breeding frame.

How many have you gone through?
To quote the guide:

The Guide said:
NOTE: You may have to examine 100+ seeds to find this. It sounds tedious, but it's much better than chattering 7000 times, then realizing you overshot, and having to chatter 7000 times again. It doesn't take too long to copy/paste and hit generate. I can usually find a suitable frame by searching the first hundred returned seeds of a single month. It's all luck and it's much faster than finding a flawless frame with a low shiny PID frame.
Could I use the Parameter finder to check my seed?

EDIT: I used it and I'm hitting a completely different seed. I hit my timer0 of C7E and seconds while doing this.
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