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Approved by Arcticblast

The Other Metagames section has seen a lot of resounding success with new metas popping up, namely Tier Shift, which now has a permanent ladder on Pokemon Showdown.

I thought of a new metagame that doesn't change a whole lot: Abilities stay the same, stats stay the same, and movepools stay the same. . .


Every Pokemon now learns every move of its corresponding type!


I know the banner is a little cheesy. If anyone wants help me design/create a new one... :D

How to play: From now own, every Water-type learns all the Water moves. Every Grass-type learns all the Grass moves. And so on. Dual-types learn all moves for both types. Fire/Steel now knows ALL Fire and Steel moves.
This metagame is heavy on setup moves like Belly Drum, Shift Gear, and Shell Smash; priority ExtremeSpeed, Mach Punch, and Bullet Punch are popular; Spore, Lovely Kiss, and Dark Void are everywhere; and Prankster, Shadow Tag, and Speed Boost likewise do well.
Types that get the most benefit are Normal, Grass, Steel, Psychic, Fighting, and Dragon, but everything else still gets a lot more to play with.

What else changes? So far, nothing. Ubers are still Ubers. Pokemon still know all their regular level up, egg, tutor, and HM/TM moves. Plus, if a Pokemon changes type in evolution/forme change, the evolved Pokemon retains access to all moves it had before related to that type. For example, Tyranitar has access to all Dark, Rock, and Ground attacks since it evolves from Pupitar, who is Rock/Ground. (AKA Pre-evo Clause)
Clauses apply as follows:
~Standard OU banlist
~Sleep Clause
~Species Clause
~Evasion Clause
~Moody Clause
~OHKO Clause
~Sketch Clause (Sketch banned outside of Smeargle)
~Pre-evo Clause (STAB can be transferred from earlier evolutions, see bottom of post)
~Forme Clause (certain formes can transfer STABs, see bottom of post)
~Nice Ubers Clause (some Ubers are allowed, see bottom of post)
~Limited Normals Clause (as of 10/3/13, only 1 instance of extra STAB is allowed for Normal-types, including access through the Pre-evo and Forme Clauses)

Where to play: We often battle in Joim's Lab but games can be organized on any Pokemon Showdown! server that runs the STABmons mod, specifically the main server where a ladder was started for OMotM.

Spin offs: STABmons Doubles
NU STABmons tourney
RU STABmons tourney
OM STABmons tourney

So give us some examples!

w/ Sucker Punch? Done.

w/ Dark Void? You bet!

w/ Nasty Plot? I hope so!

Assurance, Beat Up, Bite, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Dark Void, Embargo, Faint Attack, Fake Tears, Flatter, Fling, Foul Play, Hone Claws, Knock Off, Memento, Nasty Plot, Night Daze, Night Slash, Payback, Punishment, Pursuit, Quash, Snarl, Snatch, Sucker Punch, Switcheroo, Taunt, Thief, Torment

Rock Head+Brave Bird (and can you think of another powerful STAB now without recoil?)

Rain support and Hurricane

Hell, give it both Brave Bird and Hurricane.

Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Aeroblast, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Bounce, Brave Bird, Chatter, Defog, Drill Peck, FeatherDance, Fly, Gust, Hurricane, Mirror Move, Peck, Pluck, Roost, Sky Attack, Sky Drop, Tailwind, Wing Attack

Fake Out+Flame Orb+Guts+ExtremeSpeed. Does that look familiar?

Shell Smash. lol

Eviolite+Transform. Do I know you from somewhere?

Scrappy+Rapid Spin! (Ever heard of ban at first sight?)

Um, anything really.

There's Dynamic Punch. Then there's Hi Jump Kick.

And then there's Hi Jump Kick from this.

Blue Flare+Victory Star.

Give. It. V-create. Now. Or Sheer Force boosted Sacred Fire.

Finally Eruption that works.

No Guard Fissure. Plan for it. Alternatively, spin blockable Spiker (assuming Scrappy Rapid Spin gets banned).

Can you say offensive Spiker?

Hi, I have Leech Seed.

Yeah, I'm still here.

Did we mention we have Spore?

Slowww U-turn.

Hustle Megahorn (and it still has Hone Claws)


Did you think I could forget Technician Gear Grind?

It has the Metal Bursts!

Shiftin' into high gear.

Luster Purge. No, seriously, it gets LUSTER f***ing PURGE.

Stored Powerrr.

Hey Mewtwo. Can we borrow your Psystrike? K thx.

You tell me. What would you give it?

Moxie Aqua Jet. Yes.

Goodbye Razor Shell! Hello Crabhammer?

Volt Tackle zZz Bolt Strike zZz Fusion Bolt

Best physical Attacker non-Uber?

Well, can you at least do anything different?

Draco Me--, oh wait. Um, Dragon T--, hmm.


Well, what about Spacial Rend?

I guess Shadow Sneak and Destiny Bond.

You again! And you brought along Destiny Bond?

Kyurem-B gets Icicle Crash!

Icicle Crash FTW!

If there were ever a Rock-type that didn't get Stealth Rock, it does now. And Rock Polish, I guess. Oh, Head Smash. Yeah, Aero gets Head Smash.

I want Head Smash, too!

Please give Toxic Spikes to Crobat and Gengar. And Coil is nice.

Do the Sludge Wave!


Thick Fat/Huge Power/Sap Sipper
100/50/80/50/80/50 - Water

Be afraid when you see this little water fairy on your opponent's team. Be very afraid. You might even run screaming to something like Jellicent, but even then that's not always a surefire counter anymore...
Reason 1: Shell Smash/Belly Drum. Reason 2: Access to other Normal-moves like ExtremeSpeed and Nature Power (which now can reliable dispatch of Jellicent).
Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Crabhammer, Ice Punch, and Superpower fall into place to give it a shallow but deadly set of moves. Priority like Aqua Jet and ExtremeSpeed work great with a Belly Drum set, but Shell Smash will still carry them since +2 50 base speed is outpaced by +1/Choice Scarf 85 base speed. Even the lower base power of Aqua Jet and non STAB ExtremeSpeed will be doing A LOT with an Attack of 872 (at +2 positive) or, shudder, 1744 (at +6 positive).
Just remember, if Azumarill runs a set with SS or BD/Aqua Jet/ExtremeSpeed/Superpower or Ice Punch it is walled by Jellicent. While the jellyfish might not be too popular, it is still a good check should Azumarill forget to bring Nature Power.
Limited Normal Clause edit (LNC): Shell Smash, ExtremeSpeed, and Nature Power combos can't go together anymore. If you run SS, you can't also use Espeed and Nature Power. Since Belly Drum is an egg move, it still works with Espeed or Nature Power, but not both.


79/85/60/55/60/71 - Normal/Water

This Simple little guy has been the joke of Pokemon for a long time. Now, with access to Shell Smash, basically a +4 boost to Attack, Special Attack, and Speed, and priority ExtremeSpeed and Aqua Jet, it can become a problem in no time. Crabhammer, Waterfall, and Superpower are other options, as Normal and Water have decent coverage with Fighting. Belly Drum is usable, but doesn't gain anything from Simple, and is better done elsewhere. Amnesia & Curse or Stockpile & Swords Dance with ExtremeSpeed and Aqua Jet could also fit together. Without Superpower or Nature Power it can't get through most Steel-types, however. Pluck is gimmicky and only useful in stealing Lum Berries but not reliable or powerful enough.
Ferrothorn, Empoleon, Shedinja, Jellicent, and Unaware Quagsire are nice checks against it unless it carries Fighting for the first two and Pluck for Shedinja.
Should you want to take advantage of Bibarel's Simple boosts without making him completely offensive, Baton Pass can go alongside Shell Smash to pass +4 A/SA/SP to something like ... Kyurem-B? Landorus? Guts Ursaring? But remember it will also pass along -2 to Defense and Special Defense, so adding a White Herb somewhere is a good idea.
LNC edit: You'll have to substitute Espeed for something else if you use SS now. Return/Frustration/Quick Attack will have to suffice. Also, Nature Power can't be used with SS anymore.


Synchronize/Magic Bounce
65/65/60/130/95/110 - Psychic

With Magic Bounce, Espeon might present itself as a supporter since there are a lot of Spore, Dark Void, and other non-damaging moves flying around. Its real potential lies elsewhere, though. Now that Normal moves are open via its pre-evolution The_Eevee_General, I mean Eevee, it has access to Shell Smash. While many other Pokemon run Shell Smash, Espeon stands out for a number of reasons. First of all is Magic Bounce, for the qualities listed above. Second is STAB Stored Power, which becomes 140bp after one Shell Smash. Third is its superb Speed and Special Attack, which lets it outshine its closest rival and only other Pokemon besides Girafarig with access to all Normal/Psychic moves, Meloetta, by 20 Speed and 2 Special Attack. Espeon also usually carries Judgment (which becomes Fighting with a Fist Plate), Shadow Ball, or Lovely Kiss. Priority will decimate it after a Smash, so make sure Scizor, Metagross, and Co. are taken care of first. Also keep in mind if you only run Stored Power and Judgment as your attacks, Sableye walls you to hell and back.
LNC edit: If you still use SS, you'll have to drop Judgment for HP Fighting, which is doable with Focus Sash sets. Support moves like Recover and Sweet Kiss are also incompatible with each other and other Normal moves it doesn't learn naturally.
Similar option:
Normal-type STAB, better Special Bulk, but slower and smidgen less Special Attack


Iron Fist/Klutz/No Guard
89/124/80/55/80/55 - Ground/Ghost

While Golurk might not look like a top tier threat at first glance, one should realize that if the stage is set, it can wreak havoc. No Guard Fissure is the attack to watch out for, and while it can't break Sturdy, Focus Sash, or Flying- and Levitate-mons, it has ways around it. Gravity, for one, will remove Flying and Levitate's immunity to Ground. Rock Polish or Trick Room support will take the issue of Speed and flip it on its head. Spikes is another way to break Sturdy and Focus Sashes or you can use Sandstorm support for just breaking Focus Sash. Shadow Sneak can serve as a follow up as well when the opponent is at 1 HP. If all that setup looks tedious, Choice Scarf can let it outspeed some slow Pokemon. Otherwise it will like to carry Lum Berry for VoidSpore, Focus Sash for other OHKOs against it, or Lefties.
Ways to beat it include Sucker Punch, Ice Shard, and Aqua Jet priority if it is faster than you. Toxic Spikes will either put a timer on its rampage or take up its Lum Berry and leave it open to sleep. And generally anything faster than it outside of Rock Polish and Trick Room can do the trick. Keldeo and Sawsbuck are huge threats that carry super effective STAB, the former able to run priority (though it prefers special moves) and the latter immune to Shadow Sneak.
OHKO now banned. RIP.


Serene Grace
100/100/100/100/100/100 - Steel/Psychic

Do not underestimate the new toys Jirachi has to play with in this metagame. For one, like its Steel-type brethren, it gets Shift Gear, giving it Speed and the freedom to switch moves, making a Choice Scarf less ideal for physical attacking. Iron Head, Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, and Meteor Mash are all moves that take advantage of Serene Grace on the physical side. Special sets with Calm Mind will abuse Luster Purge, which always causes a Special Defense drop (which does pair nicely with Choice Scarf), and a combination of Thunder/bolt, Shadow Ball, and Flash Cannon.
Cosmic Power and Stored Power will cause your opponents to foam at the mouth, since unlike its Psychic friends that need Rest, Jirachi doesn't fear being worn down with Toxic. Substitute is still a nice option, though, letting it block VoidSpore, and unless you clear the field of Darkmons, you'll need a move to hit them other than Stored Power.
Similar option:
Remember Magic Guard+Flame Orb+Cosmic/Stored Power Sigilyph? Now try Reuniclus. Like Jirachi it doesn't fear status, has a much higher Special Attack, and can run Focus Blast or Shadow Ball alongside Stored Power for coverage.


91/72/90/129/90/108 - Water/Fighting

Sun may entice you to run Sawsbuck, Heatran, and Darmanitan, but Rain will definitely encourage you to consider Keldeo. The little pony hasn't changed much from standard OU, but what has changed is notable: Water Spout. While all Water-types gained the powerful move, none match up with Keldeo's combination of Speed and power. Choice Scarf and Specs work really well with Spoutspam, but a Calm Mind set can prove effective. Otherwise, it has Secret Sword, Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, Hydro Pump, and Surf for STAB options. Icy Wind or a Hidden Power add to its arsenal. What the pony lacks in coverage it assuredly makes up for by punching holes in a lot of teams. It still struggles with Jellicent, Lati@s, Slowking, Celebi, and Amoonguss, who all carry reliable recovery and can stop a pony sweep in its tracks. HP Ghost takes out 5 of those 6.
A faster revenge kill can come from the already mentioned Lati@s but also from those faster than base 108 with super effective STAB like Alakazam, Aerodactyl, Jolteon, Crobat, Starmie, and Swellow to name just a few, assuming Keldeo doesn't run Scarf.

125/170/100/120/90/95 - Dragon/Ice

Yep. Dragon Dance Kyurem-B is real now. And thanks to Terravolt, it don't care about Sturdy or other shenanigans trying to impede its sweep. With that absolute massive Attack stat, Kyu-B wrecks just about anything in its way. Dragon Claw is nice if you're afraid of real power. Dragon Rush is stronger but who has time to miss? Outrage blows them away. For Ice attacks it can attack physically with Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Ice Punch, or Ice Shard. Fusion Bolt, Earth Power, and Focus Blast have their places when necessary, but the special attacks just don't look as appealing anymore.
Hone Claws does offer some potential, letting it abuse Dragon Rush for a nice balance of power without the drawback of Outrage. And you can run it with Dragon Tail, which when behind a Sub, can really screw over some teams. Oh yeah, and if you're not behind a Sub, you'll want a Lum Berry for Sableye, Whimsicott, and other sleepers. Plus that Lum helps stave off that confusion you'll be facing after you plow through teams with Outrage after a Dragon Dance or two. Cuz yeah, just in case you forgot, it gets that now.


Sand Force/Sheer Force
89/125/90/115/80/101 - Ground/Flying

He's back and better than ever. Sheer Force Landy is a huge threat in standard play, what with boosted Earth Power, Focus Blast, Psychic, and HP Ice for coverage. Now he's even more threatening with the addition of the hugely powerful Hurricane and more reliable (outside of Rain) and haxy Air Slash. Special Flying-type STAB helps Landorus plow throw usual counters (Celebi is a big one) and rip apart just about anything that doesn't resist it. It pairs nicely with coverage from Ground, only really missing out on the rare Skarmory or Bronzong with its main STABs. New moves also give it some more flexibility like Roost and Tailwind and it still can run U-turn, Rock Polish, and physical sets, too. Brave Bird, Acrobatics, Drill Peck, Bonemerang, Bounce (its really only usable physical Sheer Force STAB option), Sky Attack (Mental Herb maybe?), can be added to physical sets alongside its usual repertoire. If priority Ice Shard didn't exist, this thing might just be too strong for its own good.

89/145/90/105/80/91 - Ground/Flying

While its Incarnate counterpart is busy tearing up the metagame with Sheer Force, Landorus-T is back to his old tricks as a bulky Intimidate pivot, but this time he has a few new toys. Notably is the inclusion of Spikes which lets him generally get a layer down against a foe that can't do much after an Intimidate drop. Bonemerang is a nice new attack, too, that a lot of Ground-types--offensive and defensive--carry to break through subs and Sturdy. Brave Bird is another big addition to his movepool and that with the immediate HP recovery move Roost gives him a fairly solid set.
Landy-T is one of the Pokémon in this metagame that can run an effective set with entirely new moves (like the four mentioned above). But don't count out its usual moves just yet. U-turn, Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Stealth Rock are still completely viable.


Keen Eye/Stall/Prankster
50/75/75/65/65/50 - Dark/Ghost

Sableye is the ultimate disrupter thanks to Prankster and its great typing, which not only grants it immunity to Psychic, Fighting, and Normal (Mach Punch and ExtremeSpeed in particular), but also gives it access to Dark Void. This jeweled ghost will enjoy springing up into battle, sleeping a foe, throwing up a Substitute, and using other support options like Taunt, Will-o-wisp, Switcheroo/Trick, Torment, and Swagger. Foul Play, Night Shade, Recover, and Shadow Sneak are still as useful as ever. And if all else fails, a quick Destiny Bond can bring down the right target.
Of course certain foes can counter it. Heavy hitters immune to Sleep or Burn and Guts users can handle it well, like Ursaring, Heracross, Conkeldurr, or Swellow, but those not resistant to Dark need to watch out for Foul Play.

Chlorophyll/Sap Sipper/Serene Grace
80/100/70/60/70/95 - Normal/Grass

As a Normal- and Grass-type, Sawsbuck now has access to some of the best setup in the game: Spore and Belly Drum. It is the only Pokemon in STABmons with this combination besides Leafeon and Smeargle, and boasts the Attack, Speed, and abilities necessary to present itself as a true threat. After Belly Drum, Sawsbuck is free to rampage through the opponent's team with STAB ExtremeSpeed (something Leafeon lacks), knocking down foes before they can even blink. And with at least 1 layer of Spikes or Stealth Rock, it proves capable of OHKOing Pokemon resistant to Normal such as Terrakion. Chlorophyll is generally preferred, making Sawsbuck faster than any other Pokemon with ExtremeSpeed.
Horn Leech is still a good choice for Sawsbuck since it has 100% accuracy and recovers HP, offsetting what's lost from Belly Drum and Life Orb. Power Whip is risky but hits very hard. Leaf Blade fits somewhere in the middle. Nature Power (EQ) and Jump Kick struggle to find a place but without them Sawsbuck will have trouble against Heatran, Skarmory, Forretress, Ferrothorn, and Cobalion to name a few, all of whom can run priority Bullet Punch if the deer Spores while Cobalion will carry Mach Punch.
If a Life Orb is not held, typically Lum Berry is chosen, unless you prefer Sap Sipper to avoid Prankster Spore and have a way to deal with Prankster Dark Void.
LNC edit: Since Sawsbuck can't use BD and Espeed together, it will have to use Return/Frustration, which is stronger but loses priority.
Similar option:
Same Speed, better Attack and Defense, Grass and Normal (via Eevee) attacks, access to Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard but no STAB on ExtremeSpeed

Swarm/Technician/Light Metal
70/130/100/55/80/65 - Bug/Steel

Scizor has been a staple of Standard play thanks to Choice Band, Technician boosted Bullet Punch, and STAB U-turn. But now in STABmons, it trades a Choice Band for a setup move unique to the Steel-types: Shift Gear. If +2/+1 Speed/Attack isn't scary enough, it also gets Gear Grind, which after the Technician boost, becomes a 150bp attack before STAB. Bullet Punch is less important after the Speed boost, but still handy. Meteor Mash less so, since Gear Grind has the same accuracy but way more power. U-turn can now get traded for the more powerful Megahorn which doesn't force Scizor to switch. Attack Order or Bug Bite has the same power, but one has a better chance of a critical hit while the other steals berries.
It should be noted that Scizor also gets Flying attacks from Scyther, so Brave Bird can net a KO on Keldeo, who resists its Bug/Steel STAB and still outspeeds a +2 Scizor with Choice Scarf.
Similar option:
Better bulk, Attack, and strong Gyro Ball, but slower, no Technician, and no Flying access


79/115/70/125/80/111 - Flying

As the second fastest Prankster, Tornadus is a valuable pivot and fast mixed attacker capable of various roles. Access to Taunt, Torment, FeatherDance, Swagger, Substitute, Tailwind, Roost, and even Bulk Up at +1 priority usually ensures it can pull something off before the opponent hits it. Hurricane, Aeroblast, Acrobatics, U-turn, Brave Bird, Heat Wave, Superpower, and Focus Blast give it some nice attack options. It can even run priority Mirror Move to steal the opponent's last attack targeted at Tornadus, but it's very situational. A set with Protect/Substitute, Mirror Move, Taunt, and an attack would probably work best in that case.

Sand Stream/Unnerve
100/134/110/95/100/61 - Rock/Dark

STABmons might not have given Tyranitar much to use from its Rock-typing other than Head Smash, but it got a grab bag of goodies from Dark and Ground, which it has access to via Pupitar. Dark Void, Sucker Punch, Torment, and even Switcheroo add superb utility. Spikes and Bonemerang (which are highly coveted by most Ground-types) are also very welcome. He still fills the role as a permanent weather setter but has a leg up on Hippowdon not only because he can learn Ground attacks (even though he doesn't gain the 50% boost from STAB) but also that he has a good Sleep move and much better Special Defense. Hippowdon might have Slack Off, but Tyranitar finally gets Sucker Punch. That has to count for something, right?


Guts/Quick Feet/Unnerve
90/130/75/75/75/55 - Normal

He stalks the usage statistics of Glitchmons thanks to a deadly combo of Fake Out+ExtremeSpeed powered by Guts and now he's ready to take STABmons by storm. This raging brown bear packs a wallop and should not be taken lightly. Thanks to a great additions in Crunch and Close Combat, little can stomach its onslaught and come out on top. Should you need even more power, Belly Drum and Shell Smash are there, but a Guts set with Belly Drum would have to rely on Recover and lose coverage. With such a low Speed he's easily dispatched by faster Steel-, Ghost-, and Rock-types that resist ExtremeSpeed and require a Close Combat or Crunch, like Cobalion, Gengar, and Aerodactyl. They have powerful STABs or super effective moves to take it out.
Similar option:
Way faster and access to Flying moves and U-turn, but frail, lower Attack, and runs Nature Power to beat Rock- and Steel-types.
LNC edit: The Fake Out+Espeed combo is no longer usable, nor is boosting with SS and abusing Espeed together, but the bear can still use Swords Dance and Espeed for lots of damage with Guts.


60/67/85/77/75/116 - Grass

One of the two popular Prankstermons, Whimsicott now has access to Spore and it definitely abuses it. 116 Speed is a nice trolly number, but with Prankster it can divert Speed EVs to bulk. It maintains its old antics with Leech Seed, Encore, Taunt, Protect, Substitute, Cotton Guard, and Switcheroo, but now gets things like Seed Flare, Synthesis, and Aromatherapy. Generally it can handle its rival Sableye with faster Speed and Spore, but its downfall are Sap Sippers, Magic Bounce, and Grass-types that brush off Leech Seed or Grass-type attacks (but they still must watch out for Spore).
It was noted that Vital Spirit Magmortar shrugs off Whimsicott. A Magic Coat trapper like Wobbufett or Gothitelle could also do the trick.


Tinted Lens/Speed Boost/Frisk
86/76/86/116/56/95 - Bug/Flying

Yanmega got a basket of goodies to play with in this metagame, namely Tail Glow and Quiver Dance. Tail Glow complements Speed Boost the best, giving it +3/+1 Special Attack/Speed after one turn. Bug Buzz, Aeroblast, HP Ground, and Giga Drain are good attacks, while Aeroblast can be replaced with Hurricane on Rain teams, doing massive damage with +3. Tinted Lens sets work well with Quiver Dance but Tail Glow can work, too, just be prepared to risk speed ties with Kyurem-B and Sawsbuck. With Tinted Lens you can run just its STAB attacks and use the fourth slot for Roost, Substitute, or Sleep Talk if needed. Tinted Lens Hurricane in the Rain deals huge damage, only doing 1/2 damage to things that normally resist it x4, like Probopass, Bastiodon, and Magnezone, all of whom are weak x4 to HP Ground.

So there you have it! A little bit of Glitchmons, a sprinkle of Hackmons, and a dusting of insanity.

Try it out. Tell me what you think.

RIP Fissure Golurk...

List of Pokemon that change types through evolution/forme change as affected by the Pre-evo and Forme Clauses:
Grass & Poison
Ground, Steel, & Rock
Bug, Steel, & Flying
Corresponding type & Normal
Water & Normal
Rock, Dark, & Ground
Bug, Flying, & Water
Bug, Flying, & Ground or
Bug, Ghost, & Ground
Dragon, Flying, & Normal
Dark, Poison, & Bug
(Forme changes as a result of conditions during battle, so theoretically its formes have access to all Normal moves once they change. That being said, Castorm only gets all Normal moves, it doesn't get all Fire, Ice, or Water)
Corresponding type & Ghost (Although they gain all Ghost moves, Rotom forme STAB moves are not interchangeable with each other. Rotom-W doesn't get Spore from Rotom-C or Hurricane from Rotom-S.)
(This is another instance of change during battle, so Meloetta-Aria does not learn Fighting-moves from Meloetta-Pirouette)
Grass & Flying (Shaymin does get access to Flying via Shaymin-Sky since moves are retained through forme change)
(Like Meloetta and Castform, Darmanitan only changes in battle to Zen Mode and can't learn Psychic moves from that forme)

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Oh god this looks hilariously fun.

One thing that may be more effective is Ninjask, now that it has Megahorn and Brave Bird. Offensive sets now viable?


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Oh this looks like a lot of fun. Your descriptions were amusing and nice to read. Sleep looks so freaking annoying though. X_X Aerodactyl looks sooo neat! Head Smash + Brave Bird with rock head? fk yeah. Water Spout Keldeo is going to be like a mini Kyogre in OU.

252 SpA Choice Specs Keldeo Water Spout vs. 252 HP / 236+ SpD Celebi in rain: 200-236 (49.5 - 58.41%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock


Rain mence looks just as good as rain dragonite too... =o So much potential here!
Amazing OM:

Alakazam @ Psystrike
Keldeo @ Water Spout
Sacred Fire - (the new scald)
Normal Types @ Shell Smash (get fucked)
DD on all Dragons (lol you ninja)
This is really awesome! Can everyone go in and make this the OM of the month?

Ursaring@Flame Orb
Shell Smash
Close Combat
Night Slash

Infernape@Choice Band
Sacred Fire
Hi Jump Kick

Scizor@Choice Band
Gear Grind
Bullet Punch

One more:
Venasaur@Life Orb
Seed Flare
Weather Ball
Could this be more fun if pokemon could NOT learn other type moves? Like eg. Lucario no longer gets Dragon pulse/Dark pulse

Other than that, Jirachi, Aerodactyl, Staraptor, Ursaring were my favorites on that list.
Plus every grass type.

Mr. Uncompetitive

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Something else I forgot to mention that I mentioned in IRC

Sheer Force Landorus-I with Hurricane. Celebi is no longer safe (ya ya ya U-Turn exists I know). And we thought Tornadus-T was broken as hell...

But in any case I'm really psyched to play this (go Joim go implement this please)
Guillotine Machamp to ubers? Spore Venusaur to ubers?

Pretty sick how Moltres can now be a less awesome Ho-oH now with the same moves! Darmanitan looks like a beast but I'd imagine its speed won't be good enough even with a scarf. Aerodactyl is by far my favourite right now with head smash and brave bird. Also lolling at the idea of shift gear metagross and acrobatics Gyarados (that is going to be a huge pain), this is going to be good.

But who was defence? Its completely unviable to use defensive pokes now! Can't wait to play this metagame, I'm expecting an average of 8-12 turns per game if not less.

edit: In a heavily offensive metagame, things like shift gear Cobalion will become more viable than terrakion (can't be revenged by anything barring a mach punch from Breloom or Medicham)!! HJK + Meteor mash + shift gear + coverage cobalion gonna be good.
Fkun lol I just thought of belly drum extremespeed snorlax... it'd actually be semi viable considering it also gets recover to outstall defensive pokemon! That leaves only Terrakion/aerodactyl/cobalion and other offensive threats as checks for it.

Mother of god.. extremespeed belly drum bouffalant!!! It'd have an easy as chit time setting up and can come in free on spores, its also very bulky!

Ok I'l be running bouffalant as my Whimsicott/spore counter now, no reason not to. Either that or sawsbuck
You forgot to mention Coil and Psychoboost in the OP, Coil will become really scary with Scolipede since it can start sweeping with just 1 coil and then spam an accurate Megahorn and Gunk Shot. I can also see Audino being very good for Shell Smash+Baton Pass because of Regenerator. Jirachi/Togekiss are also really OP with Shift Gear/Shell Smash and Iron Head/Air Slash flinch spam. Also, any thoughts about Bibarel? I think that Shell Smash and Simple with Water Spout (Or any other attack) can make him have a big niche in the metagame.

EDIT: Smeargle now has access to all normal moves!
Every Normal-type gets Sketch.

Uh, Normals are about as dominant here as they were pre-ADV. Wow...

Ursirang is basically Glitchmon Ursirang. V-Create, Mach Punch/ExtremeSpeed...
Guys, I found something scary, and it's name is

Shift Gear tran (Or Automize, they both give you +2 speed.) This thing, plus Blue Flare under the sun. Oh boy. It could even run Shift Gear and use V-Create/Other physical move for special walls, although I don't think walls will be popular in this meta.

Also, all the watermon will spam Water Spout in the rain. All of them.

EDIT: Yeah, I'd imagine we just completely ignore Sketch. Otherwise strongth normal-types are strongth :u

EDIT2: Alternatively, if you want a strong special STAB that doesn't rely on Rain, you can always use Aeroblast. 100 BP not bad. Doesn't get the Sheer Force boost though like Hurricane does :(

EDIT3: Also, Sweet Kiss normal types. :(


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Every Normal-type gets Sketch.

Uh, Normals are about as dominant here as they were pre-ADV. Wow...

Ursirang is basically Glitchmon Ursirang. V-Create, Mach Punch/ExtremeSpeed...
Yeah, I'd imagine we just completely ignore Sketch. Otherwise strongth normal-types are strongth :u
Added Sketch to clause/ban list.

I wanted everything to have access to its own STAB and Sketch inherently gets around that for Normal-types, which are already extremely potent in this metagame.
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