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Thought we should have a dedicated fighter thread.

Been playing a lot of KOF14 recently on ps4 and have really been enjoying it. I am a pretty avid fighting game fan in general, I also have BlazBlue ChronoPhantasia GGXRD SFV IJ2 on PS4 if anyone wants to play anything sometime.

The KOF14 Evo grand finals were absolutely insane, highly recommended watching

So yeah feel free to discuss anything FGC here. From tournaments and pro games to finding ppl to play with.
Anyone remember Spartacus Legends for the Xbox 360?

Literal Pay to Win fighting game...tricked people into buying weapons with real cash to win fights but in the end the best strategy was to just get naked and use your fist to stun lock people...which then lead to the developers redesigning hand to hand combat, forcing people to buy weapons...Also if you lost a fight, your fighter was gone and you literally had to buy a new character...

Anyways, I've always been a fan of Street Fighter, MK, BlazBlue, and Virtual Fight 1 and 2.
What's your psn?

I just picked up SFV/Tekken 7 probably gonna get XRd at some point. I'm trash at Tekken though.

BTW If you're in St. Catharines there's an old crew who used to play back in 2012 probably still having sessions somewhere if I ask around I can find out... you know if you want some local comp .. just dunno how many got the PS4 we had bar fights and everything
I've been wanting to play a fighter for years ( that's not smash) so I picked up guilty gear on ps4. The execution barrier is kinda tough specifically because I haven't really played a 2d fighter before. It's still a fun game and I'm probably going to start practicing regularly.


"fujiko mine smokes a bong" by pablo picasso
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gonna bump this to say: i just bought bbtag and its insanely good, and i want people to play with. also i made a discord to hopefully build more of a fg community on smogon.


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Pocket Rumble just came out for Switch, I highly recommend it as someone who has spent time with it in its earlier stages.

It's probably the easiest fighting game to get into with the exception of like, Divekick, maybe Fantasy Strike. I think there are going to be complaints about the AI being too difficult, but the thing that's great about it is that it teaches you how to confront basic strategies like "what if Subject-11 just doesn't stop spamming rushpunch." Also it has GGPO which, yeah

There are so many fighting games out right now it's so great to enjoy fighting games x_x I'm also into UNIST, DBFZ, BBTag at the moment, but I really just wanna play everything.


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Late but Android 17 (Super) trailer dropped:

17 and Cooler release along the Nintendo Switch Version in August 28th. Part of me itches to buy it again for switch, but I heard some stuff about increased input lag.

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