Meh, I don't really like scarfing Genesect as imo it doesn't take much advantage of its GREAT movepool. Also in a dumb way in my experience Shed Shell kinda can bluff a choice set. Most people when they see no leftovers and no life orb assumes its Scarf... it always lures Chandelures and I can switch into my TTar and remove it.
occa berry lead genescet is viable as fuck; defeats other genesects (make your defence lower so your opponent doesn't get a SA boost), survives random non-STAB fire attacks, fucks with protect politoed, etc
Focus sash genesect is actually a very viable and underrated set. It obviously requires rapid spin support to be used to its full effectiveness, but it gives genesect the ability to act as a last-ditch stop to a sweeper, which is especially useful since genesect can pretty much KO any set-upper once they've taken a little damage. Sashsect also beats other genesects, can escape from chandelure (after taking a hit, surviving with sash, and u-turning, something occasect cannot do), and gets that great coverage.

Another set that, although I agree it is generally inferior, has some nice uses is the flame charge set. The big difference between genesect and something like heatran using flame charge is that, despite its low base power, genesect can actually do some decent damage with flame charge due to its high base attack. This allows genesect to run a set with fire/ice/electric/bug coverage (or even throwing in a STAB like flash cannon, which can catch ttar) while still boosting its speed and not being restrained to one move, a combination that can quite easily sweep unprepared teams (especially since so many of them simply rely on resisting genesect's choice-locked attack to switch to a resist). Overall, probably not as good as genesect's other sets, but it's more effective than people give it credit for.


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@ Pokeguymon I think that you should specify that it only helps against Protect Politoled in that they can't scout your next move effectively anymore.

People seem to have a penchant for Scarfing Genesect.This is in part due to its ability to revenge kill every Dragon Dancer other than +Speed Salamence, but I think that the ability to outspeed most un-Scarfed Pokemon also has something to do with it. When Genesect is faster, it can both pose a threat with whatever coverage move is going to wreck whatever it is facing, while simultaneously posing the threat of U-turning out to rack up hazard damage and keep the opponent in a bad position. A slower Genesect cannot do this as often, which is why people seem to be hesitant to use variants such as Rock Polish; not only do they lose out on Genesect's stellar revenge killer qualities, but they also miss out on the ability to easily force the opponent into a game of prediction. This isn't to say that non-Choice Scarf Genesect is unviable, but most teams are more accommodating to Choice Scarf Genesect than other variants.
Genesect is without a doubt the best scouter in the tier -- coupled with Download, a great typing and an ever better movepool. It's a great answer to a lot of common mons in Dream World, as well as being able to lure in several Pokemon such as Chandelure, Heatran, Skarmory and many more. Genesect also performs well under any weather. It gives Sand teams a second chance when Excadrill is gone as well as luring in Chandelure for Tyranitar to Pursuit trap it. Genesect can spam Thunder / U-Turn in Rain Teams to devastating effect. Even in Sun, Genesect baits the fire attacks that Heatran and friends can absorb easily. As a whole it's incredibly versatile. Scarf, Focus Sash, Rock Polish, it doesn't matter what set you run. It's still very hard to prepare for Genesect.

Considering the current state of the Dream World metagame, it's no surprise to me that Genesect is so common, or that Scarf Genesect is by far the most common Genesect set. Full Stall teams are almost non-existant on the ladder from personal experience. Genesect can easily grant its team mates free switches when need be. I've been using a Scarf Genesect / Specs Keldeo combination, and it's very hard to switch into. Genesect lures in Skarmory, Heatran, Chansey, all of which are hit hard by Keldeo. The Scarf set in particular is incredibly effective in allowing setup sweepers to sweep. All you really need is Stealth Rocks or a couple layers of Spikes combined with a U-Turn to put an opponent in a bad position, considering people are going to be bringing in bulkier Pokemon to deal with Genesect.
With 168 Speed EVs and a Timid nature, Genesect outspeeds Jolly Excadrill in sand after a Rock Polish. With 252 and a neutral nature, Genesect cannot do this.

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