Got Talent (Playable on ROM!) [Dead - no conditions in Gen 7]


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Warning this will be a big post!!!


I noticed awhile back how dangerous Cobalion could be whenever I saw Chopin's post thanks to its astounding base 129 Defense stat and great base 108 Speed stat. The fact that it can check Furfrou with ease is nice as well since it can't boost as fast but it can force it to attack while it sets up itself and use its powerful STABs and stallbreaking capabilities. I also wanted to try Meloetta as it has nice coverage options and the ability to go mixed fairly easily with an Assault Vest and base 128 Special Defense. Physical Defensive Mega Venusaur was added for the team's Mega Diancie check since Cobalion doesn't outspeed it and Meloetta dies to 2 Diamond Storms. Venusaur also takes on the Water-types in the metagame fairly easily, even though it hates getting burned from Scald. Spiritomb was another wallbreaker that added some priority on the team to take on Speed boosters such as Sceptile and to pick off weakened threats in general. Swampert was added for a Fire-type check while also providing the team with Stealth Rock. Swampert also served as a catch all check to any setup sweeper thanks to its access to Roar. Lastly, I added Sylveon as a cleric and SpD wall that could keep the team healthy while still able to abuse its ability with Pixilate Secret Power.

This team was built around the "famous" Dianxie core that can easily threaten so many teams. Mega Diancie serves as a wallbreaker to chip away at the Dark-types for Uxie while Amnesia Uxie can break the bulkier mons trying to take advantage of Diancie. Sceptile is added as a way to revenge kill Mega Diancie and faster threats while also cleaning up after Dianxie has ripped through the opposing foe's team. Furfrou is my secondary win condition and has a really good Speed tier + Fur Coat to essentially give a Huge Power boost to its Tough moves. Suicune has a bit of a weird set on this team, but it does it job very well which is "stealing" the boosts of Steel-types and use Scald to hit them on their weaker defensive stat. Bulldoze is used to nail Volcanion, who is immune to Scald, while also slowing down Pokemon that may be faster. Lastly, I added Kecleon for some special bulk and priority and it is a nice wallbreaker thanks to Protean and a base 120 Special Defense coupled with an Assault Vest.

VR Shift
B+ to unranked
A- to B+
B- to B+
A- to A
B+ to A-

Needs More Discussion
unranked to B
A- to B+
C+ to B-/B
C+ to B/B+
unranked to C
B+ to A-/A

Looking Ahead

Thank You!

I just wanted to dedicate this section to all those that voted for Got Talent and to tell you guys that I thank each and every one of you for bringing to light what I consider my baby and my "big step" into the OM forums community. I am very happy everyone enjoyed it despite the initial bumps in the road with the Unaware "bug" and the burn status mishap. I also know quite a few people had trouble wrapping their heads around the way this OM changes standard play with a lot of random Pokemon becoming massive threats and it sort of served as a unique look at competitive Pokemon as a whole. While it was confusing, I also got from you guys the praise of this metagame allowing for a lot of flexibility in terms of teambuilding and threats. Whether you enjoyed it, or even voted for it, I am hoping to continue grooming this OM and allow it to be the best it can be.

Shaping / Fine-Tuning the VR

The main thing I wanna do now that a lot of the OM community has had a chance to play this metagame is to finish shaping up and subsequently fine-tune the Viability Rankings. When it was first done, we didn't know about a lot of threats that have been discovered throughout this past month such as Furfrou and Ninjask, which is the main reason Speed Boost got banned. I want to continue working on it by having you guys give your input on it and make it the most consistent and up-to-date VR.


To generate activity for the OM in the "off-season", I decided that I'm going to try and host mini-tours on ROM to keep everyone continuing playing the metagame and help cultivate it. I may make a schedule or I may just do them on a whim, but I wanted to start doing these on a somewhat regular basis as to keep the activity going for Got Talent. These mini-tours can also be used for future suspects, if necessary. Besides that, I, along with the council, will of course be available for challenges if you ever have a team to test.


Unbanning Hoopa-U

My first announcement is allowing Hoopa-U back into Got Talent. The council decided that Hoopa-U wasn't defined as being inherently broken when it was initially allowed, but since GT follows OU's banlist, Hoopa-U got the boot. With this coming back, it is bound to be a powerful threat thanks to a powerful base 130 Special Defense and STAB Knock Off and Psychic to work off of it. Outside of that, it really lacks anything for coverage bar Hidden Power, leaving it to rely solely on its STABs, which can leave it in bad situations at times.
On the note of Hoopa-Unbound's unbanning, it's still able to make use of its extremely high Attack and Special Attack stats in GT as some of its prior notable moves, such as Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, and Thunderbolt (Cool) and Ice Punch, Psyshock, Energy Ball (Beautiful) still correspond to those stats. That said, it does lose many other important moves such as Hyperspace Fury, Gunk Shot, and Fire Punch which are all reallocated to its awful Defense stat. As such, I think its best role would be as a Clever wallbreaker using Assault Vest as the Assault Vest doesn't move-lock the holder (like the Choice items) or inflict residual damage upon the holder (like Life Orb) and, as mentioned in the above post, Hoopa-U does boast an excellent Special Defense stat (which is on the higher end of viable AV users, incidentally). It's also able to use Calm Mind to boost should it so wish, and that opens up the way to make use of Beautiful moves more effectively as well, but Hoopa-U is likely to struggle when trying to set up in a meta as full with physical offense as GT so it's probably best off as a non-boosting wallbreaker.

I'll go ahead and drop the set I'm discussing above:

Hoopa-Unbound @ Assault Vest
Ability: Magician
EVs: 172 HP / 252 SpD / 84 Spe
Calm Nature
- Psychic/Hyperspace Hole
- Knock Off
- Hidden Power [Fighting]/other Hidden Power
- Secret Power/Shadow Ball/other filler

Psychic or Hyperspace Hole for the primary special-sided STAB (choose depending on whether you'd rather have a bit of extra power or the ability to break through Protect). Knock Off serves as the physical-sided STAB and allows Hoopa to cripple other Assault Vest users (many of which it has a good matchup against to begin with). Hidden Power is mostly used to hit physically defensive Steels and all Darks harder than Hoopa's STABs; if you have another way to handle Darks such as Cobalion, feel free to use Hidden Power Fire to hit Skarmory as hard as possible or other Hidden Powers for different targets. The last move is mostly filler; I like Secret Power because of the potential to paralyze the few things that might be able to switch into Hoopa-U, but Shadow Ball is also promising as it hits Mega Slowbro much harder than Knock Off; you can also use a Cool or Beautiful move here, but keep in mind that they're not boosted by Assault Vest and so will be rather weak as a result. The Speed EVs are designated to outspeed Meloetta with no Speed investment, but feel free to run more if you want to meet different benchmarks.
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Sorry for the double-post, but the usage stats for the OMotM month came out a few days ago. I don't want to post a full analysis of it since it's pretty late right now and I'd probably miss a bunch of important details, but I figured it'd be useful to start a discussion about it nonetheless so we can see where the meta goes from here.

One thing I found particularly interesting about the stats is that Ninjask was far and away the most common Pokémon for the 0 and 1500 stat ranges (which are the only ones with enough data to really matter that much, honestly) despite the fact that Speed Boost, its main draw, was banned halfway through the OMotM month. It's probable this is just a symptom of the tendency for OMotMs to lose traction after one or two weeks, since while Ninjask is still viable after Speed Boost's ban it's not the first thing you'd look to while building a team like it was before Speed Boost's ban so it likely doesn't matter that much in the long run, but it was still the first thing that jumped out to me as I was skimming over the usage stats.

I also found it interesting that Mega Heracross is the second most-used Mega at the 1630 range, even above Mega Aggron which is probably the best Mega in the meta imo. I wonder how much the team I posted here awhile back factored into its usage?
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Hello everyone! With the announcement of mini tours, I came up with a command for Abyssal Bot. -gt or .gt is now usable! This command returns the corresponding contest stat of the move in the argument. Use it like this:
(Thats Abyssal Bot on
I hope this helps with teambuilding!
This also works with Abyssal Bot on main! :D
I came up with a command for Abyssal Bot. -gt or .gt is now usable! This command returns the corresponding contest stat of the move in the argument
If you can remember which contest condition is which, the /ms command (on any up-to-date server) can search for moves by contest condition, e.g. /ms Hoopa, Clever shows you all the Clever moves that Hoops can learn. (Additionally will show you the contest condition when you use /dt on a move.)
If you can remember which contest condition is which, the /ms command (on any up-to-date server) can search for moves by contest condition, e.g. /ms Hoopa, Clever shows you all the Clever moves that Hoops can learn. (Additionally will show you the contest condition when you use /dt on a move.)
:) thanks for the addition to /dt :D
I hope it comes handy on main tho
Thanks, now it's gonna be added to main! :'D
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Hello guys! Long time no see n_n

While I'll admit I was a bit of a bad host by not keeping this alive, and neglecting the mini-tours idea I had, a lot of sht piled up over the months (irl + PS/Smogon responsibilities mainly) that I decided to just let this "die". At first, I figured with the release of Sun and Moon, that this was going to die off because the newer games tend to lack contests, but lo and behold, the new moves came with contest conditions attached, meaning that Got Talent is back for Sun and Moon. While there aren't a ton of new moves, this gen also brought forth some buffs to old moves and nerfs to certain mechanics (burn doing less damage allowing specially based attackers to not worry about taking more dmg than necessary, paralysis only cutting a mon's speed in half rather than by 75%, etc.) which allows for quite a bit of breathing room. Furthermore, we also got 79 (80 once Marshadow is released) new Pokemon which, while a small pool since most of those are parts of evolution lines, means there are potentially new threats that can benefit from the changes this meta provides.

New Moves
(no change)

Darkest Lariat

Zing Zap

Shadow Bone, Spectral Thief

Solar Blade


Smart Strike, Sunsteel Strike


Moongeist Beam

Prismatic Laser

Brutal Swing

Dragon Hammer

Beak Blast

Spirit Shackle


High Horsepower, Stomping Tantrum

Ice Hammer


Anchor Shot

Clanging Scales, Core Enforcer

Shell Trap

Sparkling Aria
(Special Attack)
(no change)

Fleur Cannon

Revelation Dance
(Special Defense)

Power Trip, Throat Chop

Psychic Fangs

Burn Up

First Impression, Lunge

Fire Lash

Trop Kick

Pollen Puff

Changed Old Moves

Fell Stinger 30 BP --> 50 BP

Flying Press 80 BP --> 100 BP

Mystical Fire 65 BP --> 75 BP

Leech Life 20 BP --> 80 BP
Parabolic Charge 50 BP --> 65 BP
Sucker Punch 80 BP --> 70 BP

Unreleased Megas
With the release of Sun and Moon, people have discovered that only a handful of Megas have made a return in game, which means that Pokemon such as Mega Aggron, Mega Altaria, and Mega Diancie are no longer "legal" (even after Pokebank in January since the Bank cannot transfer items). This list shows all of the currently available Mega Stones, which is bound to shake up the Got Talent metagame since the current S rank threats are no longer allowed. This may just allow "weaker" Megas such as Mega Venusaur and Mega Slowbro to move up to S rank, but at the same time it may also allow Pokemon to rise through the ranks that originally couldn't have beat those S rank threats and teambuilding in general becomes a lot more freeing with them gone.

New Pokemon
While we got a decent amount of new Pokemon, I don't really see too many of them becoming major standouts in Got Talent, although the slowness of SM released Pokemon may fare better here than they would in standard tiers due to the nature of this metagame. I figured I would share a couple of mons I had in mind that would be cool to use in Got Talent:

Toxapex @ Black Sludge / Rocky Helmet
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Recover
- Scald
- Haze
- Toxic Spikes / Sludge Bomb

Something that looks really disgusting in Got Talent is Toxapex. Most bulky Water-types with high Defense have been proven to be hard to overcome (Mega Slowbro is a prime example of this); however, Toxapex is lucky enough to have a great Special Defense too, allowing it to sponge a LOT of hits with the combination of Recover + Regenerator. Haze helps complete the set by neutering the common setup sweepers that may try to set up on it.

Celesteela @ Leftovers
Ability: Beast Boost
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
- Iron Defense
- Heavy Slam
- Earthquake
- Seed Bomb

While Celesteela has a lot going for it with 97/103/101 bulk, this setup sweeper set may be the best because for some reason Celesteela gets access to Grass moves, allowing it to take down the Water-types that tend to wall Steel-types such as itself. Heavy Slam is a fantastic STAB as well since Celesteela is the heaviest Pokemon, making sure it will be 120 BP versus a lot of threats. The issue is Celesteela's lack of special variety in its Tough movepool, meaning any powerful Tough abuser can potentially overpower it and take it down with a special move of its own.

Pelipper @ Damp Rock
Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe
Bold Nature
- Scald
- Hurricane
- Roost
- Seed Bomb / Gunk Shot / Filler

While this doesn't seem to have changed much from ORAS to SM, it actually is a neat option as it can provide itself with 8 turns of spamming Rain-boosted Scalds and 100% accurate Hurriances. The last slot is basically filler, but the options I provided are the other relevant Tough moves Pelipper learns.

There are plenty of Pokemon from Sun and Moon, new and old, that can make quite an impact in Got Talent and I am excited to see what people can find (and I know for a fact there are more than what I just posted lol). Hopefully we can cultivate this very fresh and very new metagame by exploring more in-depth into the meta that now lost both S rank threats while gaining a ton of potentially new ones.

A new Pokémon I think could be interesting is Tapu Koko, as its Electric Terrain-boosted Thunderbolts/Thunders and Volt Switches are reallocated to its superior Attack stat. In addition, at 130 base Speed it's blazing fast for the standards of a Pokémon in GT, and it also has Brave Bird to deal with pesky Grasses such as Mega Venusaur. I could see it forming a core with Pelipper and a Steel-type booster of your choice, as Pelipper grants Tapu Koko access to fully accurate Thunder and mitigates the Steel's weakness to Fire (presuming you're not using Lairon/Aggron) and Tapu Koko can break or wear down Water-types for the Steel, while the Steel breaks various other things for the rest of the team. Here's a Tapu Koko set that I could see working:

Tapu Koko @ Life Orb / Choice Band
Ability: Electric Surge
EVs: 252 Atk / 80 Def / 176 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Thunderbolt / Thunder
- Brave Bird
- Grass Knot / other filler
- Volt Switch

Most of the set is already explained, but the Speed EVs are to outpace unboosted Timid Sceptile; this probably isn't ideal but I couldn't think of a better spread off the top of my head so you can run more or less depending on how much you think you need. Grass Knot is used to hit Ground-types which wall Koko's STAB, but it's worth noting that since its damage is based off of Speed rather than Attack it'll do less damage with a Choice Band than with a Life Orb.

Speaking of Ground-types:

Mudsdale @ Leftovers
Ability: Stamina
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Bold Nature
- Iron Defense
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide / Rest
- Heavy Slam / Superpower / Sleep Talk

Aside from being a competent Ground-type booster in its own right (it benefits from the fact that Mega Swampert which would have been its main competition as a Ground-type booster is illegal), Mudsdale's main draw is its excellent ability Stamina, which increases its Defense every time it's hit with a move. As a result of this I could see it being a good check to various physical-based (as in, uses moves that use the opponent's Defense stat in calculation) boosters, as not only can it boost Defense manually, it can also do so automatically when taking a hit, and in addition its STAB move hits Steels super-effectively and its sheer weight drastically reduces the damage of opposing Heavy Slams, though unfortunately Celesteela is immune to its STAB. Its main drawbacks are its lack of Speed even relative to the rest of the meta and the fact that its STAB has immunities, reducing the potential viability of RestTalk sets, though that may be for the best as RestTalk also leaves it heavily open to special-based boosters despite its remarkably good matchup against physical-based boosters.

edit: run like 4 speed on Mudsdale to creep Toxapex, maybe more depending on how much Toxapex ends up running

there's other cool stuff too but im lazy
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Kommo-o @ Leftovers
Ability: Bulletproof
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD OR 196 HP / 252 Def / 60 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Iron Defense
- Dragon Tail / Clanging Scales
- Earthquake
- Poison Jab / Rest

This set is kind of a psuedo-offensive Pokemon with having boosting move + 3 atks but inherently being physically defensive. This is more meant as a breaker that can beat other Defense Boosters and break fat teams midgame for cleaners to come in and clean up. Lack of Fighting STAB is unfortunate, but Dragon / Ground / Poison is pretty good neutral coverage hitting almost everything hard and denting Fairies that are immune to Dragon Tail. An optional alternative could be to run 0 Speed IVs and underspeed Skarmory so that you can smack it with EQ on its Roost, but then leave yourself vulnerable to phasing. Creeping Suicune is another good idea because it cannot Roar you out as long as you click Dragon Tail and connect. A set that I think has potential, but is going to need to some tinkering. Also if you want more longevity you can run Rest + pair it with a cleric of some sort to be able to beat Fatter teams that rely on passive damage to beat Pokemon. The alternative EV spread is a lot of creep ik, but I just crept standard benchmark for UU RoarCune so w/e.

Edit: Thanks nv for pointing this out! Clanging Scales is indeed Tough in this metagame which gives Kommo-o the potential to hit Physical Boosters. Lowering Defense may be a bit annoying, but basically its like a psuedo-Draco Meteor except with less drawbacks and 100% accuracy. On top of that Kommo-O has the tools to safely boost again, which makes it a very good option to consider.


Muk-Alola @ Assault Vest
Ability: Poison Touch
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Knock Off
- Pursuit
- Explosion / Hidden Power Fire
- Shadow Ball / Shadow Sneak / Hidden Power Fire

A kinda hilarious set sporting Alolan Muk with Explosion, but I think it has potential with access to the best Clever Move being Knock Off, and also Pursuit support which it can use to trap Special Attackers with its High SpD. Explosion can be used to dent non-ghost types, which the other 3 moves deal with rather well. Shadow Ball can be used to beat Defense Boosters such as Slowbro, but Sneak can be used for Priority as well. This set also serves as great switch-in for other Clever Pokemon such as Uxie which it can easily beat 1v1. Poison / Dark is a fantastic typing with a lot of useful resists. Hidden Power Fire can be used to shred Ferrothorn, Skarmory, Celesteela (Physically Defensive Sets), and Scizor.


Greninja @ Life Orb
Ability: Protean
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature / Modest Nature
- U-turn
- Grass Knot
- Surf / Hydro Pump
- Ice Beam / Return

This thing is good in like every meta and this one is no different. This is basically the same set it runs in most other tiers, except a far stronger U-turn and Grass Knot due to its high speed stat. Surf and Ice Beam are just as strong as they were before, but basically Greninja just gets a buff in this metagame. No need to go super in depth because this set is rather self explanatory. Modest if you want stronger Surf / Ice Beam and don't mind a weaker U-turn / GK. Hydro Pump if you love missing. Return is always an option but normal coverage doesn't help a lot here.

Greninja @ Life Orb
Ability: Protean
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Water Shuriken / Waterfall
- Extrasensory / Return
- U-turn
- Grass Knot

A slightly different variation of Greninja that abuses its access to Water Shruiken, which can potentially make it a good revenge killer. Extrasensory beats Mega Venusaur, while U-turn and Grass Knot have the same use as in the other set. Waterfall provides a more consistent attacking move if you are like me and get 2 Water Shurikens everytime. Which set you use depends on what the team needs. You can also run Return but same as above explanation it doesn't help as much.

Excited about Gen 7 and what it brings to GT! So ready to create some new sets.

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I'm no expert on this meta, so somebody call me out if it doesn't seem all too viable, but I figured that the Leech Life buff would be able to help Volcarona quite a bit.

Volcarona (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Swarm
Happiness: 8
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpA / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
IVs: 1 Atk / 30 Def / 30 SpD / 30 Spe
- Fire Blast
- Leech Life
- Hidden Power [Rock]
- Quiver Dance

Volcarona is often looked down upon for it's 4x weakness to Stealth Rocks, but it is still a powerful Pokemon none the less.
In this tier, investing heavily in bulk pays off really well, so using a defensive Volcarona spread not only helps you set up easier, but it also allows you to hit harder with certain moves, in this case both Leech Life and Hidden Power getting boosted by Special Defense. Speaking of Leech Life, it's now a physical base 80 power move, so it can hit opposing Pokemon's Defense stat, meaning that if your opponent switches in their special wall on you, you have a physical attack to hit them with that also heals you 50% of your HP back. (Fire Blast hits off of Special Attack, which also gets boosted by Quiver Dance.)
I wasn't sure what Speed benchmarks there were in this tier, but at +2 Speed, it is able to outpace (non-Scarf) Ninjask, which I hear is fairly common, so I figured that 0 Speed would be fine.
Alternatively Giga Drain can be used to hit Water types harder, and Hidden Power Ground can be used to hit Heatran (if that's even a thing in this tier, I'm still a noob).

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