Grammar-Prose Team Queue 2: Grammatic Boogaloo

Have fun guys:
ADV Salamence, Jirachi, Suicune, Gengar, Skarmory, Milotic, Cloyster, and Rakou are ready for GP checks.

Also the op should be fully updated :3

jumpluff edit: Got some more stuff that's been uploaded. I didn't touch the past generations stuff since I really can't tell how that's going, so I'm just relying on what's there / posted. Post if there are any errors~
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[thread=3481227]Gen 3 Milotic 2/2[/thread]
[thread=3481174]Gen 3 Swampert 2/2[/thread]
[thread=3475944]BW Snorlax 1/2[/thread]

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