NOC Greek Mythology Mafia [GAME OVER: SCUM WIN]

ok ur clearly caught up, do you even have any reads? why shouldnt i look at what they were thinking? ive done plenty of analysis this game already, maybe the rest of you guys and especially u could generate stuff i can actually gain a read of you from
I'm not, I'm reading from SoD3. (I honestly shouldn't have joined this game. I've been far busier than expected.)


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lets assume as is probably the case this is similar to the last setup metal sonic hosted in which the set up is rolled with prs so each member of the mafia receives a power role and the remaining power roles are given to the village. that game had 10 power roles in 13:4, meaning 4 went to scum nd 6 went to town , bit less than half the town had a power role. now for this game:

confirmed to exist
1 shot vig
inventor (JOAT??)

my role
another pr i know exists*

said to exist
2 shot jailkeeper
1 shot cop
mafia roleblock / redirect*

(there exists a world where this supposed 'mafia redirect' and the pr i know exists are the same role attached to a joat but this is extremely unlikely and im only putting that as a possibility here to say i thought about it for the l0lz if its an actuality)

theres 7-8 prs itg imo, with 7 being more likely if this setup is similar to animals

this means that some of our bes shots at hitting scum are to be found in the power role people but i cbf to analyse who i think is the scum in that grouping until tomorrow. somone else can do it
you're doing this when a bunch of slots havent claimed
warren42 flavour and roles are not alignment indictivie in this game, people cn probably just claim whatever rhey want without the mods suppling them a fake.
Was this explicitly stated? If so I don't remember seeing it, and the fact that we have "you are sided with the good gods" or whatever makes me think that there is a clear distinction between the good and bad gods.


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Rules and Setup Information
1. All standard NOC mafia rules apply. This includes no editing posts, no contacting players outside the game (unless given explicit permission to do so), no quoting your Role PMs, no cryptography, no timestamp comparison/extreme host angleshooting, et cetera.
2. This game is created using Metal Sonic™ mafia industrial-standard setup balance protocols. This ensures that:
2a: Flavor is not indicative of alignment. You cannot infer a player's alignment from the flavor they claim, don't try.
2b: All Role PMs and other variables are randomized using a standard pseudo-random number generator, ensuring fairness.
2c: Other setup safeguards to ensure that the setup is balanced and fair. No team will have any advantage (setup-wise) over the other.
3. The game contains 13 players. There are 3 scum and 10 town.
4. The moderator who approved this game and also as a result my beloved co-host is Da Letter El. He will be handling flips and deadlines in the event that I am unable to come online at deadline timings.
5. I reserve the right to force sub anybody from the game if I find their behavior to be unacceptable (e.g. extreme flaming, trolling, or very poor activity).
warren42 number 2


Genious to some... retard to most
Actually I don't have time to read everything I missed anytime soon and might get lynched at LYLO... I don't think my lynch is the worst play today, for what it's worth. Obviously though I'd prefer we find a better target, preferably a scum one.
dont make posts lie this...

empoof said u could spew yourself as town if u were. im waiting on that to happen if u are. find me a lynch or something

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