Tournaments GSC Grand Slam II - GSC PU Open - [won by Sanke Carp]


Welcome to the second GSC PU Open. Old and newcomers are welcome to partake in this journey in the tier that is too cool for your big scary mons. Cuteness is not a guaranteed formula for success, but it helps calm the nerves.

The GSC PU Open is part of a bigger series of tournaments aka the GSC Grand Slam II. Your performance in this and in other tournaments from the grand slam series will award you with points to qualify for a playoffs phase.

Tournament rules
  • Matches will be a best of three. In other words the first player to win two times wins the round (ties will not count towards your score and a game must be repeated in the event if one happening).
  • All games must be played on the main server (or smogtours). All replays are required
  • GSC PU is now a challenge able format on Showdown. Hooray!
  • This tournament will be single elimination, meaning that a win advances a player to the next round and a loss means a player is out of the tournament.
  • Each round will last at most one week.
  • Resources can be found here.
  • GSC PU rules/clauses can be found here. This will lead to the NU dex page but the clauses are the same for PU.
  • All standard Smogon tournament rules apply, and can be found here.
  • General GSC Grand Slam information can be found here.
  • Post "in" to sign up!
  • Signups will be open for one week, closing on Sunday, April 21st 11:59 PM GMT-4
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