Tournaments GSC Grand Slam II - GSC ZU Open [Won by BeeOrSomething]

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Thanks to Siatam for the OP
Welcome to the second iteration of the GSC ZU Open! Whether you're an experienced player looking to prove yourself or someone that just wants to try something new, welcome and good luck!

Tournament Rules:
  • Matches will be best-of-three in every round (defined as the first player to win two games, i.e. ties are not counted).
  • All tournament games must be played on Pokemon Showdown!, and all replays of all tournament games must be posted.
  • The all matches will be played in the GSC ZU format - /challenge gen2nu @@@ -Xatu, -Weezing, -Primeape, -Dewgong, -Pineco, -Chinchou, -Ninetales, -Kingler, -Hitmonlee, -Dugtrio, -Sudowoodo, -Rapidash, -Magnemite, -Octillery, -Stantler, -Wigglytuff, -Fearow, -Magmar, -Flareon, -Lickitung, -Azumarill, -Gloom, -Dunsparce, -Farfetch'd, -Arbok, -Porygon, -Shuckle, -Graveler, -Exeggcute, -Pupitar, -Persian, -Pidgeot, -Ledian, -Raticate, -Houndour, -Dragonair, -Hitmonchan, -Sneasel, -Furret, -Seadra, -Murkrow, -Venomoth, -Poliwhirl, -Drowzee, -Elekid, -Magcargo, -Tangela, -Abra, -Cubone, -Seaking, -Voltorb, -Aipom, -Machoke, -Flaaffy, -Clefairy, -Rhyhorn, -Omanyte, -Gastly, -Noctowl, -Sunflora, -Hitmontop, -Delibird, -Beedrill, -Charmeleon, -Golbat, -Eevee, -Ariados, -Geodude, -Corsola, -Slowpoke, -Psyduck, -Ponyta, -Mantine, -Staryu, -Poliwag, -Quilava, -Wartortle
  • This tournament will be single elimination, meaning that a win advances a player to the next round and a loss means a player is out of the tournament.
  • Each round will last at most one week.
  • Resources can be found here.
  • GSC ZU rules/clauses can be found here. This will lead to the NU dex page but the clauses are the same for ZU.
  • All standard Smogon tournament rules apply, and can be found here.
  • General GSC Grand Slam information can be found here.
  • Post "in" to sign up!
  • Signups will be open for one week, closing on Sunday, April 14th 11:59 PM GMT-4
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