How did you create your username?

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PChaos: stands for Perfect Chaos. I think I was playing Sonic Adventure when I started posting in forums. I thought it was a cool name and it almost sounded like an oxymoron.

WM: These are my real life initials.

I like this name because as far as I can tell, it's unique. I don't think I've ever had a problem getting this name before, even on very popular sites.



I KickTehAss
is a Past SPL and WCoP Champion
my name.....well I was talking with one of my friends from school about these weird ass names we had heard of. And he said he saw Folgorio on this portuguese TV show. Anyway like so many people here, the name kind of stuck with me. The reason im here as Teh and not The like in shoddy is because the one written with The never got the damn confirmation e-mail and i couldnt think of anything else to do.

The kickass part is pretty self-explanatory i think so i won't go into details. Besides just "Folgorio" would like kind of weird as a username even though everyone just calls me Folgorio or Folgo.
It was freshmen year in high school, i really don't know what i used for inspiration, but i thought it up for when we were playing CS, and I stuck with it, and use it for almost everything
When I was playing Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for wii one day, I saw some guy whose username was "WeHeroes". I thought it was pretty cool, so i used my version "I am that hero" for a bunch of stuff, then I shortened it to "That Hero"
The Patty part of my username is actually a nickname given to me by one of the managers where I work.(you can probably guess what my name is when I tell u that I am male) The 24 comes from Jeff Gordon's race car number. Simple, right?
I was originally CyberShadow when I first joined a sonic forum years ago, eventually people started shortening my name down to Cshad or Cshadow because CyberShadow is tedious to type.
These threads are kinda repetitive, but whatever. pc++

I was trying to be creative or something, so I took ubermench (which is german for "superman") and replaced one letter. I guess I did munch cause my friends always say i get the munchies way too much when high. Whatever. I was trying to make a clever play on words, but it kinda suggests an affinity for the Uber tier, which I don't have.

edit: damn, I just realized this post ruined my "420" post count. kinda ironic...
Well, I remember hearing about an Earthquake a few years back, and I wanted to use something like that, because it resembles power. I wanted to add a number at the end, like "Magnitude9" or something, that that makes you look like a tool, so I just replaces the 'A' with a number....that being a '4'.
im a laxer brahh and i kill, going to d1 on a full scholarship though cant wait, yall gonna be seein me on that tele!!! ayyy laxers

chillax relax playlax killax!
i've had a few.

Raven- ravens are animals that feed on living rodents. intense. so i used that for.. generally ssb.
jackO- jackO is my favirite armor core unit in any of the games. No im not a fanboy.
Started: ninja because they are awesome; Ryu - Street Fighter; 08 - my graduation year

Been my name on forums for as long as I can remember =]
My name always sound like Yoshi. So most my school calls me that. then one day we had to create word problems for math, and i made one about my best friend. Then he made one saying "Yoshi San" Now he calls me that a lot and i really like so it has become my user name.
mine was rather simple. I was trying to think of a really cool nickname, and decided to have assassin in it. But assassin was boring by itself, so I needed something original. Then, it hit me: assassinfred. It was brilliant, since Fred is not a very assassin-like name. I have stuck with it ever since.
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