How did you pick your Avatar?

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Don't ask what my new one means.
I just found it on some random website and liked it, so it has replaced Captian Falcom for the time being.
EDIT: The previous was deemed too offensive, so I found a new one from Arkeis.
This is the one I use on all the other forums I frequent enough to make an account, so I decided to follow suit here. Also, it is awesome.
I did not copy Gen in having a Phanpy Avatar, Ive had this pretty much since over on LCF before the LC Subforum was made, I was desperately looking for an analysis to write.

I stumbled across Phanpy, and now it is my favourite Pokemon ever.

Therefore I have a Phanpy avatar made by the dearest Plus
My current avatar I decided to reflect it upon one of my current favorite bands which is Megadeth. I love the album art for their album Rust in Peace as well as their mascot Vic Rattelhead. I went with the Vic Rattlehead on Rust in Peace.


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YGO Card Dark Volatnis. When the card was leaked and I saw the art, I liked it and made it my avatar.
Simple, Kirby is a badass.

I'm proably going to change my avatar if I ever come across something awesomer or feel very Mudkip-ish and change it to a Mudkip.


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I was in a mafia game in which I was the last member of my faction, the wolf was leading the village, there were four (yes, four) members of the other mafia left, and 6 or 7 villagers left. I changed my avatar to this when we were about final 5 or so, and I outlasted every other faction and the wolf, even though I didn't win.

I like it, and it stuck (although i wasn't such a 'die hard' in Diplomacy)
I had the old Cola commercials running through my mind for some reason so I looked it up and found out who the character was, etc.


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I love making people cringe when they read my avatar, and a Twilight quote fits the bill perfectly.

Hope to see you all November 20th! >.>
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