I'm too exploud for my own good (Now taking quick and easy requests)


formerly Doran Dragon
NOW OPEN FOR QUICK AND EASY REQUESTS. meaning no backgrounds, just something simple please.​

So, I was an avid sprite artist, but I never really showed you my other artist side...and Thus that is why I am making this thread. While I may not be the best artist here, by far I am not, but I like to show off what I at least think looks good. So, Doran's Digital and Traditional art thread, go! ALSO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM REQUEST, I promise I will take your suggestions into account in my next drawings!​

Pokemon Calamitas (name still in question) Pokedex
Grass Starter 1/2/3​
Fire Starter 4/5/6​
Water Starter 7/8/9​
Brawlk 21​
Thogret 27/28​
Coyote 29​
Tadpole/Frog 30/31​
Kid/Goat 32​
Lamp/CaP 2 33/34​
Gargoyle 35​
Bell 40​
CaP Designs


formerly Doran Dragon
@V0x: Sure, I'll see what I can do. :)

@Alb: I've been keeping to myself a bit. Alot of this art isnt so new, the regular groudon and Kyogre, Exploud above the text, and Ludhia are my most recent works though. Really my works remind you of Kipps stuff? :O


formerly Doran Dragon
that cavern groudon may be good, but the first one is better, it looks like the actual groudon art from 3rd gen! Still, Thanks TT13 :)
Hey man, you've got some cool stuff. I like the pose that Sableye is making, I think it would be cool to see that bigger and a bit more polished. But my favorite piece of yours by far was the Tron Ruby, he looked mega-badass, I would love to see a final version of that. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see what else you come out with!


formerly Doran Dragon
Thanks both of you.

I actually made a few rayquaza pics a long time ago, but since its been so long, they dont show up on Marriland Oekaki anymore lol I'll have to make some new ones eh?
I'm surprised that you don't have as many luvdiscs as some others. I especially like the swimming kyogre and saphire team. Did you do a mulitply layer for the shading for both?
Wow lol. Like the clean style you have for some of them! And being able to use so many mediums and in a pretty good way is quite impressive. o.o

I like your Groudon, Kyogre, Magikarp, Exploud, Flygon etc etc. Your fakemons are pretty cool too! I'm not sure which medium suits you the best :d Hope to see more from you :)


formerly Doran Dragon
Thanks guys, Ill definitly be drawing more often now, so you'll see alot more stuff from me.

And yeah, on all my digital drawings i use multiple layers, so I dont mess up line art or that stuff :p

also I dont use Photoshop or Gimp, i use chibipaint on www.marriland.com/oekaki :D
Was wondering if I could give you a request Doran?

Would you be willing to make a picture of my avatar please? I think you could make it look awesome. :)


formerly Doran Dragon
Hey, yeah I'll do that for you Furo, I just have a few other things i need to get done first, and with work now added to the schedule, I have less time to draw when all i do is try and try to perfect and fix what doesnt exactly need to be fixed.

Also check out all the major changes from the old Volcelk picture to the new Vulcelk. Many design changes and what a jump in skill from...June 21, 2011...huh
*glance at Love Hina picture*
Memories, sweet memories...
There's some great stuff here, like that sexy new Vulcelk! I'll certainly be watching with a keen eye C:

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