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I just got my English version of Pokémon White.

After playing the Japanese version with Oshawott the whole way, I decided to give Pokabu a try, instead.

And HOLY HELL, it's a LOT better than Oshawott. Oshawott was great too, but he's nothing compared to Pokabu.

I mean, I'm only at the third gym so far, but it's proving to be extremely useful... Especially considering that it's got moves all over the type chart, where Oshawott was stuck with Surf, Megahorn, and Revenge.

I just wish there were more Water-types in this generation. ):

agreeing with Jumpluff. What most people also don't notice is that Samurott gets great coverage with TM's (I ran Blizzard/Surf/Grass Knot/Strength, i believe)
Darmanitan, once he evolves and you stop missing Fire Punch every turn, kills everything. I can count on one hand the amount of things that can survive a hit from it in-game. Complete monster and easily my favourite pokemon.

Really disappointed with in-game Sawsbuck though. Dies to a sneeze and all it's weaknesses are found all over the place. I did use a Victini too, but it felt way too easy so I've boxed him despite him being one of my 5th gen faves.

My team isn't great, its mostly made up of my favourites of certain types (that were available early):

Samurott, Darmanitan, Sawsbuck, Garvantula, Reuniclus (when can you get the Shadow Ball TM - I've just won the 7th badge and still can't find it), Throh (badass, guy doesn't die to anything ever). The only one I want to replace is Sawsbuck because Fighting, Bug and Flying types are everywhere right now.

I'm really impressed with Samurott (even though I got a -Speed nature <__<), Darmanitan (jolly + Fire Punch :D) and Garvantula's typing means it beats a shit load of stuff. Definitely my 3 MVPs of my first play through.
You'll find Shadow Ball in Relic Castle. It is near your path, just make sure you pick everything up.
I just caught Kyurem. Not really relevant for tiering discussions but hey, it's still an awesome mofo.
I'm now in Twist Mountain. Comments on pokémon I used up to now.

Samurott line - I find it good, it has its flaws against many gymn leaders, but specially if you teach it Grass Knot, it is good. It hits strong and has OK defenses, you know it won't fail when needed.

Stoutland line - Best route 1 pokémon ever. It's fast, good attack, good defenses, good speed, 1 weakness, good movepool, evolves fast, Intimidate. The most reliable pokémon on my team, I know he's there when the situation gets bad and he cleans the mess. Take Down early hits like a truck, Crunch and Return make it steamroll everything. Super useful.

Munna - It's not bad, but mono psychic attack is quite underwhelming. Replaced it.

Scraggy - Very good. Amazing typing, strong attacks (Brick Break, Payback, Hi Jump Kick soon), Shed Skin + Rest is LOL. Reliable, specially with Shed Rest.

Galvantula line - It comes a little late, but because it resists the movepool of the pokémon where it lives (and the resting house nearby), it's actually easy to train it. It's good but not great, then it evolves, and you gotta love the typing, speed and power, I teach it Volt Switch and it's a great scout for big battles (I have set).

Ferroseed - As expected amazing typing, horrendous attack in mono steel offensive coverage. But Iron Barbs + Rocky Helmet means that if someone uses Fury Attack and it hits 4 times, they suicided themselves. Amazing tank.

Litwick - Slow, but with OK moves when you catch it. Need to evolve it to evalute more.
I started with Oshawott. Got Bold nature which although shit, allows it to tank in the early stages of the game. He's my first starter and i'm not resetting in my first run-through.

I've also got Pansear, who though not the best fighter, helps burn berries and put people to sleep. I'll evolve him soon and fill him with Tms.

Victini is just amazing. Glad I got the event.

Gurrdurrhurrdurr is a beast too. +attack nature wrecks shit up.

I've only got 2 badges, gonna get my 3rd tonight. Dunno how i'll fill out the rest of the team, doubt i'm getting Alien-head anymore because I'll have 2 Psychics and 2 Fires :(
Just got to Castelia city, having formed my FWG core of sorts.

Tepig is pretty neat (if his evolotions are retarded), I got +Def-SpDef so he can tank most things at this stage nicely, and with Flame Charge has decent speed. Probably aim for a mixed set, depending on what I need.

Pansage looks too ridiculous to use on my team, so I got a Liligant with +SpAtk-Def, which is alright. Currently the Sleep/Seed/Drainer you'd expect, though hopefully eventually will get her Aromatherapy and Quiver Dance with Giga Drain for a supporting special sweeper of sorts.

Tympole is actually really good, kinda annoying he'll be weak until he evolves at 25, but currently doing okay with Bubblebeam and Mud Slap.

Not bothered to get anything else but for HM slaves - am aiming for probably a Sandile, Archeops and a Denchura perhaps.
Where do you get the Lucky Egg.

So far I`ve got 5 of my 6 members. Deerling, Darunak, Herdier, Archen, And Dewott, with Joltik coming up soon.

Deerling- I literally just caught it so no comment.

Darumaka- Such a beast. Fire Punch rapes everything and has very good bulk with the Eviolite attached.

Herdier- Very reliable. Unfortunately it take a lot of damage from its strongest move in take down but intimidate helps alot.

Archen- Best Pokemon Ever. Seriously, getting Acrobatics 3 levels after reviving is rediculous (effective 165 BP move). Having Rock Tomb also gave my team a way to beat the retarded Emongas.

Dewott- Very reliable. So far I`ve run Shell Blade, Grass Knot, Revenge, Water STAB and I`ve had very little problems. Will evolve soon.

So, questions.

Where is the lucky egg? When do each of my pokes evolve?
just beat iris and got my final badge even though the trainers up to iris where really difficult i didn't lose a single hp against her(chandelure and scrafty are beasts,scrafty ohkoed fraxure with hi jump kick and chandelure ohkoed druddigon with shadow ball and 3hkoed haxorus with shadow ball and with the aid of will-o-wisp...)

galvantula lvl 45(modest)
charge beam/signal beam/gastro acid/thunder
darmanitan lvl 45(lonely)
strengh/hammer arm/fire punch/flare blitz
samurott lvl 46(bold)
megahorn/aqua jet/surf/grass knot
scrafty lvl 45(mild)
brick break/hi jump kick/crunch/payback
lampent lvl 46(rash)
shadow ball/will-o-wisp/flame burst/night shade
Currently have beaten 7th Gym and caught my last pokémon (finally) so far:

Oshawott line: AWESOME, pure epicness. It's learnset is good, is enough to pull my rather weak begin-game team like the epicness itself is. It has a Lonely nature, which is just OK, but good 'nough for a first run. If you need a water-type, this'll be the best you'll get hands done, shame it only learns revenge as fight move (no brick break >.>) and that he isn't fighting in samurai form (joking). While I'm still working on it's moveset every minute, it's purely one of the best starters I've ever had with teh current moveset of: Surf/Razor Shell/Revenge/X-scissor

Dribur line: quite weak in beginning (Mud slap as only STAB? seriously?), got ok after it gained Metal claw and Hone Claws as Level up, and after Dig. It just 'digged' for victory, now that it's excadrill with EQ/Metal Claw(pure for a normal attack with high pp)/Rockslide/Sword dance it can easily sweep this whole game.

Sewaddle line: with high PP above-average power moves, it could easily grind up to my other 2 and then dish damage quite swiftly. I may have been lucky that it reached it's last evo at lvl 24 (!!!!) thanks to two massages, and as such. Was able to be my best pokémon untill excadrill evolved.

Scraggy line: apart from it's dumb name (nicknamed it F. off lol). Quite failed in my ultimate team of ultimate awesomeness, though not exceptionally weak or anything. It was quite strong, but not strong enough or bulky enough so far. However it had just evolved, has high jump kick and I hope for the best. Maybe it's only his appearance that keeps him in, I don't know.

Darumaka line: Pure. Overkill. Firepunch, Headbutt, Facade, Thrash, Flare Blitz and Belly Drum before evolution? What was gamefreak thinking? I named it Sir Chibi 'cause of it's appearance, but with hustle (and my kind of luck) it was pure overkill. And now that it has evolved with Firepunch/Rock Tomb/Belly Drum/Hammer Arm it has enough 'firepower' to steamroll everything on it's path (to bad it hasn't got bulldoze lol).

Golett: don't know anything yet. But it learns fly. How awesome it THAT?
Just posting to say that Maractus is a BEAST at this stage.

I got a Bold one, and, frankly, it's tearing stuff to bits. Giga Drain is awesome off a Base 106 Sp.attack. Base 86 Attack, even with a - Nature, allows me to bypass special walls with Needle Arm. Water Immunity from Water Absorb is good.

Then, there's Accupressure. I managed to solo the whole of Clay's gym with Maractus... without returning to the pokemon center, or using an item. I started at Lv 31. Left the gym after OHKO'ing everything [Includeing Excadrill, thanks to a Sp.Attack boost from Acupressure], at Lv 34.

And, Petal Dance at Lv 38 is coming fast. Base 120 STAB? I can back it up with Accupressure boosts to cover myself too [[Sp.]Defense, Speed, or Evasion all do nicely] Probobly going to remove Needle Arm for it. Pin Missile is good for taking out other Grass-types, although it'll probobly change to Posion Jab later.

Oh, and, talk about Irony, my Maractus is Bold, with a 31 IV in Defense [Absolute Max]. 20 In Sp.attack too. Too bad for the 0's in HP and Sp.Def.

Combine that with the support it can get from my Yamask [Power Swap, Evolution Stone, Will-O-Wisp and Hex make for something which is a real pain to take down...]

Also, Unfezant is tearing stuff up to. The day is rare that Return isn't an outright OHKO on something that it hits neutral on.


Dewott: Lv 34:
Meh. Average

Unfezant: Lv 34
OHKO'ing the world with Return/Fly. I never even use Work Up or Roost anymore.

Maractus: Lv 34
Awesome. Starting to think she might need a teir bump up, possibly swapping with Pansage

Trubbish: Lv 34
Pulling his weight. Stockpile + Evo Stone = Trolling

Dwebble: Lv 33
Good. Can't wait for evolution, so I can get Shell Smash

Yamask: Lv 33
Annoying to level. It's a massive troll, but while grinding, I need to use the EXP.Share on him, as he can't hit Audino. Useful though, might have lost against Eslea if he hadn't tanks about 6 Volt Changes [And various Persuits too], to rack up SR damage...
My current team:

-Dewott LVL 24
Pretty good so far. With Razor Shell, Water Pulse, Grass Knot, and lolTackle, he pretty much OHKOs everything and he's Jolly, so he's not too slow.(No resetting :D)

-Herdier LVL 17
Boxed him in favor of Timburr.
He died too easily and didn't deal enough damage :/
STAB Take Down wasn't enough I guess.
Mine had Sand Rush though....

-Pansear LVL 12 >:(
I boxed this miserable pile of crap as soon as I found out you only need Cut ONCE.
Simply horrible.

-Darumaka LVL 23
Fire Punch + Hustle + STAB = Rape.

-Gurrdurr LVL 25
Another nice pokemon.
Wake-Up Slap murders everything and he's bulky enough to take a hit.
He's Lonely, but he still takes physical attacks nicely.

-Sandile LVL 18?
Recently caught one so I can't rate it. It's Calm IIRC.

-Munna LVL 22
Pretty nice at the beginning, but she's losing her awesomeness :/
I'm seeing more and more Dark types and having only Psychic moves really sucks.
Gonna exchange her for Sigilyph.
Attempting to play through using only Pokemon I like. I just beat Cheren in the Trainer's School so I'm not really that far yet, lol.

Valdis the female Purrloin.
Lv. 5, Naughty, Unburden.
No item.
Not really being used at all, but still better than nothing, so I'm keeping her. Maybe she'll work alright later on. Doubting it though.

Havoc the male Pansear.
Lv. 10, Naughty, Gluttony.
No item.
I just got this guy, and I've only used him in one battle, but he raped. Incinerate versus Grass-type with Oran Berry? Yes please. I hope he keeps his usefulness for awhile.

Mortimer the male Oshawott.
Lv. 11, Bashful, Torrent.
No item.
-Water Sport
-Tail Whip
-Water Gun
This guy is the current MVP and I predict that he will be after my battle with Dento/whatever his English name is. Not sure though.

Should I go for a Blitzle in the next Route or wait until I can get a Joltik instead? I love both so I'm sort of torn.

Serperior Lv. 38 - Mega Drain makes anything weak to grass Easy Mode, Coil is good when it gets a chance to set up, but it's mediocre otherwise.
Galvantula Lv. 38 - Probably my team's MVP. Charge Beam -> rape. Can't take a hit, but it rarely needs to.
Cinccino Lv. 39 - My favorite Pokémon of Gen V. Pulls its weight with respectable Technician-boosted attack and excellent coverage, but also frail.
Throh Lv. 34 - Not as good as it was in the early game, but it's still bulky as fuck and hits hard, especially with all the Dark-types Team Plasma uses.
Victini Lv. 31 - I'm honestly kind of disappointed with this one. Hasn't gotten any decent STAB moves yet (Confusion, Flame Charge and lolIncinerate). Certainly not useless, but could be better.
Ducklett Lv. 31 - Got it mostly as a Fly/Surf slave. Maybe it'll be more useful once it evolves, but it doesn't do much when I use it.
Should I go for a Blitzle in the next Route or wait until I can get a Joltik instead? I love both so I'm sort of torn.
I'd personally get a Blitzle, it's served me really well. I actually have both Galvantula and Zebstrika on my team, they're both very good.

Blitzle is great at the start as long as you get one Lv. 11 or above so it has Shock Wave. It does great with Shock Wave/Flame Charge/Thunder Wave for quite a while, and then it learns Spark which is a brilliant move, shortly before evolving. Later on it learns Discharge to replace Shock Wave, but Thunderbolt is available at P2 Lab by the time you get the 6th badge, so I used that instead. Mine just learned Wild Charge, and Thunderbolt rapes everything; using Wild Charge on something is just overkill. I only use it when I'm facing something like a Cryogonal that'll definitely survive Thunderbolt.

Joltik was weak for me at first, but after it evolved and I taught it Volt Switch it started pulling its weight. Signal Beam was great too, and it didn't take too long to level up at all. After getting Thunder in Icirrus, it's just ridiculous (though you could probably teach anything Thunder at this time, it's raining so much). Not to mention it's one of the few things that can beat Ghetsis's Hydreigon (I'm not at that point yet though, I'm at the league).
If you're considering waiting for Joltik, keep in mind that it doesn't show up until after the 5th gym, so you might want to get Blitzle now and then either use both or switch it out later.
Joltik is only good once it evolves, trust me. Once it evolves, all I do is spam Thunder and he can actually take a hit. Great Pokemon, but it requires patience.

Anyone tried the slow Dragon (Drudiggan or something like that, I've not got the hang of the names yet)? What's he like? Considering swapping out my Sawsbuck for an Adamant one I have in my box. Although I have Throh and Reuniclus as two of my other Pokemon, so I'll have a slow team at that point.
I just finished my White version, and I must say, I'm sad it's over. I'm most definately restarting and doing this again, it was fun. Now, for my rating of my team:

Snivy + Evos

I have mixed feelings for Snivy and his line of Vine Snakes. At the beginning, he was a little underwhelming. Herdier did all the work until he learned Leaf Blade; afterwards, he became a useful staller w/ Coil/Leaf Blade/Leech Seed/Giga Drain. Him setting up 4 Coils on Marshall (Fighting E4) was the reason I beat him.

Ranking: Upper Mid


I know I'm not supposed to rank him, but I will tell what he was good for. When i caught him, his moves sucked, plain and simple. However, thanks to the next gym being Burgh, Levelling couldn't be easier. After he learned Flame Charge, he started seeing more use in my team. Confusion/Flame Charge/Grass Knot/Thunder had decent coverage, and helped when my team needed bulk mostly. If I weren't trying to not use any pokemon from a previous in-game team, I'd most definately use him again on my team.

Ranking: N/A

Scraggy + Evo

Man oh man...I fucking love this thing. Took a little bit to get a fighting attack, but after it did, easily became the MVP of my team. Got a sassy nature with Moxie, so it tooks hits like a pro, dished them back (normally after being boosted by Work Up), and proceed to sweep till his counter showed up. Beat 3 of the E4 members, N, and Ghetsis (who required a helluvaton X-speeds).

Ranking: Top

Tympole + Evos

At first, I thought i was gonna use Panpour on my team, but i forgot to save before i got the monkey and got a careful nature >.> Instead, I caught this little annoying Tadpole. Was a powerhouse at the beginning (Bubblebeam at this level = Great), but after the 3rd gym, he died to everything, and i mean everything. Didn't evolve into Palpitoad till after the 5th gym he was so frail. After he evolved, though, he did pretty decent w/ Scald/Bulldoze. Once he evolved into Seismitoad, OMG...It was the same as Palpitoad, except more HP. Drain Punch at lv.44 helped train it against Audinos, however.

Ranking: Upper Mid

Joltik + Evo

Why are powerhouses so darn frail? When i got Joltik, I had to baby this thing...a lot. Wasn't till after lv.34 (Signal Beam) before it couls actually train on it's own. Once it evolved, it managed to take down the entire 6th Gym by itself w/ Electroweb+Volt Switch. At 7th Gym city, i bought Thunder...GG opponent. Sadly, didn't help against Ghetsis's Hydreigon as much as i thought it would.

Ranking: Upper Mid(Due to lateness of arrival)

Yeah...I never had a permanent 6th member. Had Herdier at the beginning of game, but then he couldn't hit hard enough. Got Unfezeant when i earned Fly, and replaced with Zekrom to take out Reshiram. I will be playing through again, except this time, I am not using any pokemon i used this run. Only certain poke I know I'ma use is Archeops.
Post-game did some reshuffling because the game got hard all of a sudden. Combined Rufflett and Zebstrika into Thundurus. Want a fighting type for my last slot and as I can pick up a Mienshao at a really decent level and i love the regenerator ability.

Does anyone have much experience with him?
I have just defeated Skyla, and here's my thoughts on what I've used. Everything is level 38, except Krookodile, who is 40. I have the Lucky Egg on my lead constantly, lol, and he soloed his way up Celestial Tower.

I love this thing, I really do. People moan about its coverage, but what the hell? I currently have Scald/Slash/X-Scissor (should I go Megahorn? I have it on Sawsbuck...)/Revenge, and it does seem to fuck shit up. Has had a few lull points, notably from the end of the desert to the Ground gym, but definitely my go-to-guy in a crisis. Razor Shell was also really nice while I had it. Defense drops :)

I got unlucky with Nature (CALM?!), but is a true glass cannon. Was a pain in the ass to raise at first, until it got Dig, and started to pull its weight a bit more. Its low defenses are also a bit of a pain, but good HP and Steel typing make up for it. Quakeslide coverage, Hone Claws, and Metal Claw for a second STAB has decimated everything up to this point. I may go X-Scissor or Return instead of Metal Claw.

Crunch, Dig, Moxie. Literally all it has needed. THE reason Elesa was lol. Emolgas couldn't do shit but Double Team and Pursuit, and I had a fuckton of X Accuracy. GG, bitch. And THIS is the hardest gym in the game?

Starting to lag a bit behind my fully evolved monsters, but still pulling its weight with Psyshock, Grass Knot, and Thunder Wave. Samurott and Klang especially appreciate the paralysis, and it's surprisingly bulky for a Psychic, it's got about 65 defense? Timid nature is love too.

Bambi took out Clay's Excadrill in one hit at level 29 with Jump Kick. Nuff said. And survived a +1 Slash. Gives my team a much needed answer to Grass and Water type attacks with Sap Sipper, Horn Leech and Megahorn. Fragile? Pfft, it gains it right back with Horn Leech. Jump Kick hasn't failed me yet, surprisingly, and I'm enjoying the coverage.

Set to become my MVP over the rest of the game with his massive defence. He hasn't had much time to prove himself yet, but with the Ice, Dragon, and resistances to like 3/4 of the E4, I know I'll be relying on him heavily. And I love the design so much, it hurts.

EDIT: Forgot my ex-party members:

Ditched after the fourth gym for Deerling. It simply became too fragile, and its damage output, while amazing at the start, I found lacklustre compared with the coverage and power of my other party members. But still excellent early game.

Ditched at the fourth gym for Gothita. It actually wasn't bad while I used it. It outsped everything even as a Woobat, and Heart Stamp was usually a clean 2KO. Coverage was meh, but the double STAB was usually sufficient, and carried me through the Bug Gym and forest. I actually liked it.
Meh. Here's my experience, use it how you like. At Driftveil City, team members are Lv. 26 (yes, I am anal-retentive about raising them evenly).

Tepig/Pignite - Slow as crap, but Flame Charge is awesome. Woe be you if you accidentally miss this move. It is god. It is is love. Haven't tried other starters yet, but it certainly made Burgh's Leavanny easy.

Lillipup/Herdier - Easily one of the best Pokemon in the game. Take Down will massacre anything that doesn't resist it, plus a few things that do. Highly recommended.

Patrat/Watchog - Eats Exp. early on and craps Speed stat. I ditched it at around Lv. 22. Hypnosis is wonderful when it hits, and Super Fang is meh (I prefer straight-out killing things). Lacks Take Down like Herdier, so its power is... less powerful.

Pansage - Look up the word frail on Wikipedia, and you'll see Pansage's picture. Lousyish level-up movepool, and takes a while to get Seed Bomb. Evolve it after that, don't bother waiting till Lv. 43 to teach it Crunch. Power is meh, coverage is meh, difficult to use. I still have it, and I keep asking myself why.

Sigilyph - Fast, powerful, gets Air Cutter upon levelling up. Appearing right before Elesa is unfortunate, but it still pulls its weight. Haven't really used it enough. Tricky to catch.

Sandile - SLOW. Sand Tomb is a surprisingly useful move, though it hasn't learned much yet. Extraordinarily useful versus Elesa if you can keep it alive. (Try the Eviolite.)

Tirtouga - SLOWER THAN SLOW. SLOW, SLOW, SLOW. NOT FAST. That aside, it has good defense, and it starts with good moves, Aqua Jet especially. Comes at a high level, so that's a plus. Again, appearing before Elesa makes it hard to train. Not enough usage to make a really informed decision.

Throh - Yes, I'm playing White. Raised it for a few levels, then dumped it, though it may arguably compete against Tepig/Pignite for a spot. Teach it Rock Smash and destroy things, including Lenora (probably). Hard to catch, though.
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