Infinite Ditto Giveaway [Done, don't post]

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Obsessive Collecting Disorder
If you haven't had your Ditto yet, please re-upload your Wurmple. Will trade the Dittos in a few hours!
Deposite: lv.12 female Wurmple
Request: Timid ditto 6Iv
IGN: LotusInc
Message: Buckert+Timid
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You said we can do it again after like a week right? If you're about to trade in a few hours, mine if I sneak in again?

IGN: David
Deposited: Female Lvl 2 Wurmple (a German-languaged one on an English cart)
Ditto Wanted: Timid HP Fire
Message: Buckert HP Fire
sniped so i reupload a new one
IGN: Marine
Deposited a lv5 female wurmple
Ditto wanted: Timid 31 | 00 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 0 Atk
Message: Buckert 0 atk

thank you very much :)
Alright let's try thing again!
IGN: Arcelle
Deposited: Level 2 Female Wurmple
Ditto Wanted: Jolly Ditto
Message: Buckert Jolly

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Well, it's been exactly one week now since my first Ditto.

IGN: Christophe
Deposited: Lv5 Female Wurmple (holding a Pecha Berry)
Ditto Wanted: Adamant 31 | 31 | 31 | 01 | 31 | 31 Ditto
Message: Buckert+Adamant

Thank you very much once again for these generous giveaways.
I can't thank you enough.

Best greetings.
IGN: Khan
Deposited: Level 2 Female Wurmple holding Pecha Berry
Ditto Wanted: Modest
Message: Buckert Modest

Thank you very much!
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Obsessive Collecting Disorder
Traded all the Dittos to the people of which I could find the Wurmple! If yours has been sniped or if I skipped you, please upload again!
IGN: Phil
Deposited: Level 5 Female Wurmple holding a Pecha Berry (German-languaged one called "Waumpel")
Ditto Wanted: Timid 0 Atk
Message: Buckert 0 Atk

Thank you :)
I believe I have waited long enough to ask for another Ditto.

Deposited a lv. 2 (F) Wurmple.
IGN: Stephen
Ditto Wanted: Timid HP Fighting
Message: Buckert HP Fight

(I can't fit Fighting on the message, so I used Fight for short.)

Thanks again in advance!
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IGN: Haseo
Deposited: lvl 5 female wurmple
Ditto Wanted: sassy (0 speed IV)
Message: Buckert Sassy

This will save my life. Appreciate it much! :)
That's a lot of amazing Dittos! I would like to ask for the shiny Jolly Ditto as a physical-oriented parent.

IGN: Sapphire
Deposit: German Wurmple, which is called "Waumpel", Female, Level 3; holding a Pecha Berry
Ditto Wanted: Shiny Jolly Ditto
Message: Buckert Jolly

Thank you in advance! Hope I didn't do anything wrong.

Edit: Received, thank you Buckert!
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IGN: James
Deposited: Level 6 Female Wurmple
Ditto Wanted: Timid 0Atk 30Def
Message: Buckert Timid 0A

EDIT: Thank You!!
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uploaded wurmple lvl 3 male for Ditto: Timid 31 | 00 | 30 | 31 | 31 | 31 0Atk 30Def
ign Brandon
message: timid hp ice
Deposited: Level 6 Female Wurmple
Ditto Wanted: quiet
Message: Buckert quiet

EDIT: thank u! ^_^
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can i have another ditto after 1 week, right?

Deposited a lv. 1 (F) Wurmple.
IGN: ◆ Yin Saske ◆
Ditto Wanted: Brave 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 00
Message: Buckert Brave

Thanks so much!
IGN: Bodacious
Deposited: Level 2 Female Wurmple with name Incognitus
Ditto Wanted: Careful Ditto
Message: Buckert Careful

Thank you in advance!
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