Jewelry Gen UU Tournament - Signups Closed


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Jewelry Gen UU Tour

This will be an individual tournament with tiers GSC UU, ADV UU & DPP UU being played in a best of three with me choosing which tier will be played first and the loser of the first game choosing the second tier.
Hopefully we can have fun while learning about lower tiers in past gens.
This will be a single elimination tournament.
Each round will last a week.

Rules and general guidelines for tournaments on Smogon:
ADV UU information:
GSC UU information:
DPP UU information:

Signups close either next Sunday or when I get "enough" players.

Player list:
1. Diophantine
2. pasy_g
3. Drud
4. SoulWind
5. KURAI 28
6. neomon
7. BKC
8. Sinkyr
9. xJoelituh
10. alive
11. MysticalHaze
12. Raseri
13. Earthworm
14. fatty
15. Sage
16. The Kyle
17. smallsmallrose
18. Ranshiin
19. Holiano
20. Bedschibaer
21. ChiefWek
22. aceofbabes
23. Gilbert Arenas
24. Ominous Draco
25. cb aaron judge
26. ChillShadow
27. Alfredo_Rivero
28. Haru
29. Hamhamhamham
30. wyc2333
31. melle2402
32. Lavos
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