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I will need special permission because I have not previously written a LC analysis/pseudo analysis before, but Elgyem is in QC, I have a ladybug badge for writing PU analyses, and I am working on several things for RoA. I believe these credentials are sufficient for me to reserve another Pokemon, for which I would like to reserve Bagon.

approved - levi
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Taking Fomantis. If I can reserve another, I'd like to take Litten too.

Also, quick question: why is Gulpin blacklisted? The other blacklisted Pokemon I can understand due to them having horrible movepools, horrible stats or in Slakoth's case an atrocious ability, but I have no clue why Gulpin is on there. As far as I can see, it's just outclassed by other, better Poison-types.

both reservations are fine. -9
honestly don't remember why we blacklisted gulpin. let me check back on my reasoning list and get back to you.
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Can I take regular geodude?

this has a real analysis. please check to see if the pokemon you are reserving already has an onsite or wip analysis. -9
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slugma balls lmao

yes i reserve slugma, and shroomish

denied, ask again when you don't have more than the maximum number of analyses --9
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FYI to analysis writers (this was also on Discord):
Until the forum is a little emptier, we won't be approving new pseudo-analyses. If you want to write, feel free to reserve a takeover of an abandoned analysis (I've posted that they are available in the respective threads). If you posted reserving a new pseudo-analysis, I'll go back and approve/reject your reservation in (hopefully) a few days.


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If you guys are accepting new reservations, can I take Sewaddle and Charmander?

approved --9
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I'm taking two of the worst spinners in the tier (besides Tyrogue of course): Squirtle and Bergmite.

Actually, which Squirtle set should I do: Z-Celebrate or Rapid Spin?

approved, write spin squirt --9
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