Resource LC Pseudo-Analysis Introduction / Reservation Thread

May i do Froakie please?

I'd like to talk with qc team about this one first, sorry. --9
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Could someone provide me a list of what is still unreserved? Thanks.
hi, this is the full list of eligible pokemon without a pseudo-analysis being worked on yet.
35 pseudos remaining
  1. Barboach
  2. Blitzle
  3. Bonsly
  4. Chingling
  5. Cherubi
  6. Eevee
  7. Fennekin
  8. Flabebe
  9. Glameow
  10. Grubbin
  11. Lillipup
  12. Litleo
  13. Litwick
  14. Nidoran-F
  15. Nincada
  16. Noibat
  17. Oshawott
  18. Patrat
  19. Phantump
  20. Poochyena
  21. Popplio
  22. Pumpkaboo
  23. Pumpkaboo-Large
  24. Rockruff
  25. Seedot
  26. Sentret
  27. Seel
  28. Shroomish
  29. Shuppet
  30. Skiddo
  31. Slugma
  32. Spoink
  33. Venonat
  34. Yamask

e: added a couple more mons that hadnt been included
this hasnt included some of the most recent pseudos cause they havent been approved by the qc team yet but it should be mostly complete otherwise


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Given that we just approved a (large) batch of pseudos at once, we will be waiting for a short while before approving other pseudo requests. Feel free to reserve pseudos in this thread in the meantime, but expect to wait a week or two for them to be approved. Thank you for your patience!


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Oh, can I also do Seel?

since (I don't think) you've written for LC before, I'm limiting you to one analysis as per our guidelines.
feel free to reserve this later. --9
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