LC Pseudo-Analysis Introduction / Reservation Thread


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It is alright if I take over dbw's analysis of Horsea since Meritt didnt want it. I talked to dbw on discord and wanted me to take over anything of his that wasnt reassigned already.

approved --9
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Roggenrola, Smoochum, Igglybuff, and Pidove are all available for re-assignment. Feel free to reserve any of these here. If you have experience writing LC analyses, I'll even let you reserve these beyond the usual reservation limit (eg. currently have two analyses in QC). If you aren't sure if you have enough experience to take an extra pseudo, it doesn't hurt to ask!
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since cacnea was reserved in July and still not written on,

may I please?

yes --9
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Can i reserve that boi Buizel please? Most likely special icium-z

remind me about this on discord in a few days. i'm not sure how I feel about buizel as a pseudo mon and I want to talk to qcers --9
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Can I do Paras?

Pretty much shit but dry skin, base 70 atk, spore and knock off is marginally viable in the nichest of niches. reaches 14/14 defenses and 17atk and w/an eviolite is (presumably) decent enough despite shit speed and typing.

yes --9
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