Mafia From the Depths - GAME OVER, INSANE WIN

I think I should be clearer on that one. Lets look at this logically, who ever gets lynched, 100% loses, whatever faction they are. So naturally whoever is likelier to be lynched will naturally feel threatened, regardless of faction, since their win hinges on it, ergo raging isn't an indicator of ones faction. So in the end I meant it more in the way of stopping it because it's pointless. I'd understand it for the first 24 hours, but you kept it up for way too long, honestly it was hurting your ability to make a logical case, with every other sentence calling me a moron. So yes naturally I'd also be raging a bit, if MC was believing you, but I wouldn't keep it up for long, just like vent for a post(see me venting in my first post this day, after that I try to not let anger overtake reason)
Well then, if it has come to ''yeah, no reasons, just lynch LW'', then I expect this to be about the end of the game. Somewhere, my gut feeling is telling me that LightWolf is the mafia, but looking at the game's history, LW feels a lot cleaner, if you ask me. I'll probably hammer in an hour or two, so if any of you wants to say anything, do it soon.
I love how when Shining Latios isn't just asking if you changed your mind yet general tips "Look deeper into the facts". At least mention a fact he should look deeper into.

Either way, I will explain your gut feeling MC: It's fear of blame. You are merely are afraid of your choice being wrong and then facing the following blame if you were wrong, even if there is no actual proof of you being wrong. Your doubts only grew larger the more you pondered on the decision. Why am I explaining this? Because I don't fucking want to lose this due to psychology!
I already stated all the facts in my previous posts and if he can't tell that you are lying then wow. Also, More Cowbell, I really hope you aren't going to believe this fucking bullshit explanation LightWolf just posted...
Ignoring the fact things(half of which MC himself argued against already), what is bullshit about my explanation. If someone is even a bit unsure about an important decision, he will begin to doubt himself, I have screwed up plenty of tests because of changing my mind because I pondered a lot on a simple one(and then didn't have enough time for the rest). It's common enough that it should have happened to most people at least during an exam or quiz.
I feel really bad about needing to make a decision lol. On one hand, I feel that LW is being a bit manipulative here, on the other hand most of the facts speak for him. I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with LW again; we've been through most, if not all of the facts so far, and well, you know by now what I think of those facts. I find it really difficult to make this decision, as I feel like I'm making it on behalf of the whole village.

Seeing as LW and SL are both viewing the thread, I'm gonna let it linger for a bit longer, but if nothing more comes out of it, I will probably lynch in an hour or so.
Man I just do not see how you can't tell he is the last scum. He is a fuckin veteran in mafia why the hell wouldn't the mafia team kill him? He is obviously the last scum. His argument of "oh but I am not experienced in NOC" is bullshit. Neither are any of us, really. Even DLE himself stated he isn't but he got killed N1. I mean come on now.
You are repeating things I already addressed. I haven't played NOC in more than a year, and even then I was horrible, you can look at it, or look at my other even older game I linked, other than that I got no NOC. Everyone should have known my inexperience in NOC, and I made it clear a fair number of times.
Seeing as SL was online just now I was expecting some last response, but I don't really see it happening anymore. I was fairly certain that LW was town at the start of the day, and SL got me shaking a little, but looking at voting records, sentries and general behaviour, I'm getting a better town-feel about LW. Honestly, this is really 50/50 for me, but I'm just gonna go with what I feel is best at this moment:

Lynch Shining Latios

I already regret typing this and I'm probably wrong, but there it is. LW, if you were indeed mafia, props to you, and my apologies to the village and SL in particular. Let's just hope I'm right.

Also, how much fun would it have been if I were mafia all along, and I was just playing the two of you?
Okay I shouldn't try replying while being distracted by PFS scenarios, because I failed to read your whole post correctly. Okay so DLE might have claimed he was bad, but over half of the player base agreed he was the best. He might have had little experience, but he had more than a dozen of us. Compared to me, I was only showing signs of inactivity early, advocated no lynch, was on a couple of suspect lists. I obviously wasn't priority, I haven't even played mafia in god knows what time.

All this talk about hammers had made it so an actual giant hammer was summoned to the bottom of the pit. I do hope you're glad.

By popular demand, it struck at Shining Latios, despite his cries that LightWolf is clearly the more experienced in the field of "Enn-Ohh-Cee". It's safe to say that he is also the more experienced in the field of avoiding giant hammers.

What a pity.

Shining Latios was Sane.


The rescue crews from all over the world had waited in anticipation far too long. Cameramen struggling to lift their tools, ready to collapse at a moment's notice, taking note of a pit of no real importance. The various governments, unwilling to admit to their wild waste of time and resources. The slowly rising hand from the pit's edge would probably be unable to fix that.


The news story was clear as it swarmed around the sole survivor of the pit incident. As it was discovered that this was, in fact, the lone survivor, the fact that such a survivor existed was enough to muscle through cheer and optimism. Not a complete trainwreck, the silver lining was.

Perhaps that made so many overlook the unsettling smile on the survivor's face. Frighteningly large, hardly sane. All's well that ends not very well.

More Cowbell was Sane.
LightWolf was, is and forever will be Insane.




I'll do a post later.
No one dare to blame MC, he was put in a hard position, and SL wasn't helping himself much there. If you gonna blame anyone, blame SL, thanks.

More later
Oh god that was cringe-worthy.

When LightWolf voted for SL right in the first post he had to be mafia!!!!

But it's ok MC I don't think SL did anything to help...

I really loved the change in the sentry rules too B_T :) <3
I will gladly disagree, I played day 7, exactly as I would have as a villager. My whole playstyle, is based around playing differently than most do, looking at different things, and acting differently. I would have rage posted just like that at SL on the last day if he was mafia. Sure I might be bad, but the main reason I got this far was because I didn't think as a mafia for a minute, and so I kept it like that to the very end.

Also I have been manipulative the whole game, so I don't see your point, I disprove others rather than prove myself.

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