Mafia of Thrones - Day 12


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Mafia of Thrones​

1. The game starts N0. No kills are valid, other abilities are, no sharing role PMs.

2. No screenshots, but logs are fine. Anything the host tells you can be shared unless it is stated otherwise.

3. No items in this game, no resurrects. Once you're dead, you can't even talk to your partner.

4. IRC access is, as always, necessary if you want to be successful. The game's channel is #ffm

5. Add the host(s) to any spreadsheets and channels you make.

6. If you aren't contributing to your faction then you suck and will probably get subbed out.

Day Phases:

7. During the day you may PM the host(s) "Uniting with [Faction]". If the other faction submits a PM to ally with your faction, then your factions will become a union. You may unite with any faction listed in your role PM. You may not unite with more than one other faction at a time.

8. Unions will have the actions from the original factions pooled together. Any actions that both factions have will not be available twice, and some actions will be improved in Unions.

9. During the day you may cast a vote. You do not vote for players. Instead, you vote for territories for the following phase to take place on.

10. If the territory that receives the most votes is one that gives you a positive effect, one member of your faction/union will be able to use one additional action during the next phase.

11. If the territory that receives the most votes is one that gives you a negative effect, your faction/union will be unable to use all its actions during the next phase.

12. If the same territory is chosen twice in a row, there is no positive effect. If the same territory is chosen three of more times in a row, it becomes a negative effect instead of a positive effect for the corresponding faction.

13. If you are part of a union, then that union will receive positive effects from both territories. If one faction of the union would be negatively affected by a territory, but the other would be neutral to that territory, the neutral effect overrides the negative.

Night Phases:
14. During the night one member of the faction may send a PM with all actions that will be performed by his faction.

15. The PM must be addressed to the host(s) AND all living members of the faction.

16. Each member of the faction may perform one action (one member may perform two actions if you are in a positive territory). All members of the faction are able to perform any action.

17. Breaking a union must be done within the night action PM by including "Separating from [Faction Name]" in your action PM.

18. If all members of one of the original factions in a union are dead, the remaining members may not dissolve the union or unite with anyone else.

19. The last correctly sent PM that is received will be the actions used. If a PM is not addressed to ALL living members of the faction AND all host(s), it will not be counted. You may be informed that your PM was improperly sent, but you also may not. Any PMs received after deadline is called will not be counted.

20. In addition to other actions, a member of a faction or union may be sent to perform a kill. Factions may kill once every five nights, while unions may kill once every three.

21. You can't target yourself or dead people unless the action says otherwise.

Blue Tornado
Vintage Books

ipl - Barristan Selmy - The Kingsguard - Killed Night 1
Shinyskarmory - Renly Baratheon - The Baratheon Brothers - Killed Night 1
TIO - Arys Oakheart - The Kingsguard - Killed Night 2
idiotfrommars - Daenerys Targaryen - Self - Killed Night 2
penguin344 - Robb Stark - The Heir to Winterfell - Killed Night 3
Crux - Bronn - The Imp - Killed Night 3
Walrein - Bran Stark - The Winged Wolf - Killed Night 4
Acklow - Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish - The Small Council - Killed Night 4
little gk - Ned Stark - The Hand - Killed Night 4
Django - Jeor Mormont - Self - Killed Night 6
Da Letter El - Robert Baratheon - The King - Killed Night 7
kok - White Walkers - Self - Killed Night 8
Blackhawk11 - Catelyn Stark - The Winged Wolf - Killed Night 10
HD - Arya Stark - The Hand - Killed Night 10
askaninjaskInfinity.Cypher - Jon Snow - The Heir to Winterfell - Killed Night 11
Quagsires - Cersei Lannister - The Lannister Twins - Killed Night 11

Role PMs are currently going out.


Mafia Champion
In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between them stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids him slay the other two.

"Do it," says the king, "for I am your lawful ruler."
"Do it," says the priest, "for I command you in the names of the gods."
"Do it," says the rich man, "and all this gold shall be yours."

So tell me - who lives and who dies?

All Role PMs are out. It is now Night 0. Phase ends in a bit over 48 hours from the time of this post at 11PM PDT, October 25.

Edit: Oh fuck I knew I forgot something.

A list of territories:

Casterly Rock
Iron Throne
King's Landing
Mountains of the Moon
Storm's End
The Kingsroad
The North
Tower of the Hand
White Sword Tower


Mafia Champion
All results should be out.

It is now Day 1. Day 1 ends in about 48 hours and 20 minutes on Sunday, October 28 at 5PM PDT.

Remember that you vote to go to a Territory which influences night actions (see rules), not to kill people.

Also remember that today you can attempt to form unions. Both you and the faction you're trying to ally with must send in a PM to ally with each other.

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