Mafia of Thrones - Day 12


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
So I think that Voting King's Landing is p cool. You guys should join me in my venture because, you know, baylife.


Mafia Champion
Okay I know Cypher isn't playing but once again there is a tie and no one could decide on where to go.

It is now Night 3. Night 3 ends in 48 hours on Wednesday, November 9 at 9PM PST.


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You first find penguin344, who is not looking so good. He seems to have more than the recommended daily amount of arrows in his back.

He was Robb Stark, a member of The Heir to Winterfell.

Next up you find Crux, who you can easily recognize despite his head being separated from his body.

He was Bronn, a member of The Imp.

It is now Day 4. Day 4 ends in 48 hours at 11PM PST on Sunday, November 11.
[.B]vote white sword tower[/B]

Because everyone can compromise on no one getting an advantage
I'd just like to comment that this reasoning is flawed. Since a union can't be broken once a team in it is eliminated, a team unioned with the Kingsguard will still receive an advantage. However for now I am abstaining from the vote.


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After 4 days of bickering, you've finally reached an agreement on where to go, and head off for White Sword Tower.

It is now Night 4, which ends in 48 hours at 11PM PST on Tuesday, November 13.

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