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Ok so I originally decided to build my Sinnoh Frontier Team after I was done with the Factory, but that doesn't seem to happen anytime soon, so I just decided to build it now. 3 scripted encounters and 3 bred mons in my Heart Gold cart that compliment each others strenghts and weaknesses, while personally trying to avoid any mon I used in my Hoenn Frontier team, to have more variety (so no Salamence, Heracross, etc). I think these 6 frens are more than enough to beat all the facilities, I just finished their EV training and I already love my team so much. :blobwizard:


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This is overall how would I imagine my team if I were a trainer in the Pokemon world. All of these are my favorite Pokemon, whom I love and share many experiences together.
Also I changed my 'main Trainer Card'. Decided to include Shiny Mamoswine, since I always seem to run with a lot of luck with the Swinub line. My first legit shiny ever, bred a shiny one years later in SWSH by mere accident, ran into a perfect attack shiny Swinub in a fangame after that (it was Rejuvenation, and I know the shiny rate is higher but still, of all Pokemon...). So yeah, it's destiny at this point. Sorry Hydreigon.

These are what I consider to be adorable first stage mons. Animals are overrated. This has the side effect of when I'm looking at other upcoming monster taming games, I fail to get excited about their mon designs most of the time. So I guess this is the reason I stick with pokemon primarily.

From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me
I crave the strength and certainty of steel
I aspire to the purity of the blessed machine
Your kind cling to your flesh as if it will not rot and fail you
One day the crude biomass you call a temple will wither, and you will beg my kind to save you
But I am already saved
For the machine is immortal

Yung Dramps

awesome gaming

Pretty big news for this thread: Pokecharms recently redid their trainer card maker with a new modern style that uses Masters assets and the like. It's been a while since I last posted here so why not take the chance

I would've put honse palkia but it isn't available for some reason even though just about everything else from Hisui is

EDIT: non-monotype version

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Since it doesn't have Bertha (my longtime showdown avi) might as well use the nearest thing Pokémon has to a husbando for me right? Right.

I tried to do a champion team of my favourites, meaning no type overlap, because I don't like type themed champions. Surprisingly difficult, since a lot of my favourite mons are Flying- or Ground-Type. Would this actually be a good champion team? No, a lot of these Pokémon are p weak and all are single-typed besides Xatu. But hey, there's a monke, 2 elephants, 2 bears, and a totem pole, so actually it's a great champion team.

Inspired by Finland doing it, here's my team having been built. Pokémon AI can't handle this so this would legit be a fine first champion battle, but with the items and EVs maybe it's a rematch team.
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yes i am the champion who'd call herself Gamer and plug her disc in her card twice

team theme, besides fairy+grass, is cramming mischief
Alcremie-Mint-Cream (F)
Ability: Aroma Veil
- Acid Armor
- Calm Mind
- Rest
- Dazzling Gleam

Ability: Synchronize
- Psyshock
- Mystical Fire
- Thunder Wave
- Healing Wish

Ability: Disguise
- Toxic
- Protect
- Swords Dance
- Play Rough

Ability: Suction Cups
- Barrier
- Amnesia
- Toxic
- Recover

Ability: Chlorophyll
- Sleep Powder
- Sunny Day
- Solar Blade
- Morning Sun

Ability: Chlorophyll
- Sunny Day
- Knock Off
- Heat Wave
- Explosion
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Oh hey, the new format of these actually look decent. The old format was super hit or miss on whether you could get all your mons in the same style iirc.

My teams are really just the mons from the signature team thread, but I also include a non-monotype team for good measure.




For the non-monotype I restricted myself to only one representative of any given type, otherwise it's hard not to just fill it with ghosts again :P
Decided to join the bandwagon and make another card with the new template.

Some changes since last time because there are a lot of Pokémon I like. Choosing just 6 is very hard for me. If I wanted this to be completely representative, I would have to choose 60 or something before feeling satisfied. All the Pokémon are from Gen 5-8 since I think those generations have the best Pokémon.

Enamorus is my favorite Pokémon from those that were introduced in L:A. I have no idea why they decided to make it, but I'm glad they did.
Obstagoon is really cool, representing both Galarian forms and evolutions, a great concept with a great execution.
I am a big fan of Braviary, coolest Normal/Flying bird if you ask me.
Mimikyu is love.
Clawitzer is one of my top favorites from Gen 6.
I like Cinderace, my favorite Galar starter and one of my favorite Fire starters.

The nicknames are names I have used for these Pokémon in my games, except for Obstagoon and Braviary. For them, I went with names I might use if I am going to use these two again in the future.

The trainer, trainer name and background represents my three favorite generations.
Hilbert = Gen 5
Kalosian = Gen 6
Mt. Lanakila = Gen 7
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squad from my recent vw2 playthrough, as built by bdt2002 - check out his thread! (this plug not officially sponsored by bdt2002)
Wait, really? If I'm being perfectly honest I thought this was for the regular iteration of White 2. Either way, this "bdt2002" guy sounds pretty cool. Wonder where I could find him...

In the meantime, I had wanted to make a new Trainer Card (or two, or more) using the new format, having accidentally discovered PokéCharms being under matinence because I wanted to do this for some fictional characters I made up. I later come to find out that a very shy but very joyful friend of mine apparently already made one for me. As such, I wanted to show off what she made. Some questions just to get them out of the way: no, she doesn't have a Smogon account. Or at least, not that I would know of. Yes, my name is Ben for those unaware, and yes, I'm okay with sharing at least that much. I find that "Ben" is much less of a mouthful than "bdt2002" is, that's for sure.

NOTE: This has been moved to a later post, thus now rendering this most of this post obsolete excluding that top part. Is there a way to delete this one?

Holy crap, the file actually loaded for once. Sweet. This wasn't designed in the same way I would have done it myself, but I must say I was very impressed at her attention to detail here. The team you see listed is the team I imagine myself using in my future fan stories (and my next run of SoulSilver if that old mono-Poison playthrough wasn't currently on that cartridge). Pretty obvious Johto theme here, and I can't wait to try all six of them in the same playthrough for the first time someday.


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It's seeing other trainer cards and me wanting to make some for my recent teams.

So I decided to make one per Elite Four run I had in BDSP.





Beautifly gets Steam City border because it was so ridiculously dominating




(The Money is the same because it's the amount I currently have on the save; I naturally don't remember how much I had back then. The Dex numbers and EVs are just estimations as I don't remember them either.)
Remade mine in slightly better quality, with added nicknames and social media tags. Still looking for an Ampharos nickname, it seems. I've also provided a side-by-side comparison for your viewing pleasure. Which style do you guys like better? Personally I think the old one has some nostalgic factor to it.

Classic Legacy Style:

New Modern Style:

First post here in a while, might as well post a new Trainer card

It feels weird when one of your favorite Pokemon just doesn't do it for ya anymore, but that's what happened with Dragonite. Still really cool to me and I will always like it, but I can't say it's one of my top favorites anymore. Empoleon has taken that spot, since penguins are my favorite animal and there's so much to love about Empoleon.

Other new additions (as far as I know): Salamence, Staraptor, and Hisuian Typhlosion. I mean I don't remember my last card exactly but I do know these 3 probably weren't on them



Everything has a Pryce

Here is my first Trainer Card! I should have a lab like Professor Oak, or better, a big ranch to raise all the cool pokes that I would definitely raise in real life.

To start, Parasect! This mon looks so cool that I always catch a Paras in Mt. Moon tunnels.

Mewtwo isn't a mon, but a Poke-human and is the most interesting creature of the series by far.

Slowking is the dumbest and smartest little guy that is fun to keep around. I remember the one from the Legendary Birds movie. Very cool.

Scizor is just badass. This guy is a Scyther even more cooler.

Rampardos, this is the one mon I would keep around ever, I really like Its design.

Metagross is in the limite between pokémon and Digimon, and Its strong looking design is awesome. Would have one.

But this card isnt complete. Should I mention Excadrill, Pelipper, Aggron, Kangaskhan and a bunch more of pokes that I would have. Maybe I can add an othe card.
I do prefer the legacy version, personally, due to the charm of in-game sprites, having badges, and being more compact almost like an actual business card. I've edited my original post but here's the new version as well:


I want to give Cyrus some more shine. Kinda wish there was a Distortion World background but the ancient Galaxy HQ will have to suffice.
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