Megas For All (Read the whole 1st post and check current slate)

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Edited the OP all new reservations have been added. Again PM me if I missed you

There acestriker19 I nerfed farfetch'd's speed (102 is hopefully more manageable)
Choose mega spinda. What have i done


Typing: Normal -> Normal/Psychic
New Ability: Intimidate
Stats: 60/60/60/60/60/60 -> 60/90/90/60/140/20
Movepool + U-turn, Glare, Roar

Purpose: Let's face it, spinda was never good. Even if it got v-create, it would STILL suck. So I completely rethought spinda's completely ugly design and decided that a defensive mon would be pretty nice. Normal-Psychic is a great typing, despite being weak to knock off. It gets the slow u-turn and the insane bulk. Also that thing is ugly. Thus it gets glare and roar. Sorry, but this was the best i could do for this pathetic thing.
102 sounds pretty managable as it gains some notable counters in gengar, alakazam, and Keldeo.

Good attempt with Spinda XD

I can has Magcargo?

Magcargo -> Mega Magcargo
Magma Armor/Flame Body/Weak Armor -> Solid Rock
50/50/120/80/80/30 -> 50/60/150/110/110/30
New move: Power Gem

So, Magcargo is a poke I have been trying to use...but failed. It has an...interesting typing which gives it 8 resistances, but unfortunately also gives it TWO crippling 4X weaknesses in ground and water. The ability and stats changes allows magcargo to maybe survive a super-effective attack if it has to whilst doing what it should be doing: tanking resisted hits, either hitting relatively hard back with Power Gem/Lava Plume/Earth Power or Toxic stalling. If HP runs low, Recover. Probably still not OU though.

Edit: Also, if nobody minds I can do Grumpig and Wailord as well. Pretty please?
Looks good added

Mega Torterra
Type: Grass/Earth
Ability: Overgrow/Shell Armor >>> Magic Guard(Because of the shell)
Stats: 95/109/105/75/85/56(525) >>> 95/130/ 145/75/145/35(625)
Moves: None
Really becomes a good Pokemon for stall thanks to its ability and above average bulk. The attack boost is so that it can dish out some serious damage. Not a lot to say about this one. Might be OP, I don't really think it is. It's already set up for doing residual damage. It still has problems with any mon carrying ice beam. Not great not horrible.
This is good switch-in set up rocks run away from ice attacks pretty simple but good.

Yes I know I do a lot of Weather / Effect megas but this one is 100% needed. I'm done after this one i promise.

Type: Ice ===> Ice / Steel
Ability: Clear body / Ice Body ===> Snow Warning
Stats: 80 / 50 / 100 / 100 / 200 / 50 ===> 80 / 50 / 150 / 125 / 200 / 75

Steel typing is to actually give poor old Regice some defensive presence, considering Regice only resists Ice on its own. Snow Warning is to give a good Snow setter. Stats give better mixed defenses and allow for hard hitting Blizzards.
Good added
Hopefully I do Sableye Justice :S (Gettit? Cuz Sableye in Court, lolol I'm so funny...)

Sableye ----> Mega Sableye
Dark/Ghost (No Change)
Abilities: Stall/Keen Eye/Prankster ----> Rock Eater (idk what else to call it, but immunity to rock, and therefore SR)
50/75/75/65/65/50 ----> 50/115/115/65/105/30
New Moves: Bulk Up, Phantom Force, Jump Kick

Concept: Sableye is normally a quick little WoWer that annoys the hell out of people and can even be seen as cheap sometimes. But Sableye's mega evo takes it from annoyer to Tank. It gains 40 point boosts to it's attack, defense, and special defense (after taking 20 out of speed) means it can actually beat things up for once and can even take a good hit or two. I changed Prankster because with those stats and Prankster, it would just be too much. However we often see in flavor text how Sableye eats gems for nutrition. So I gave it a new ability, which gives it an immunity to one of the most prevalent offensive types in the game. I was considering Magic Guard and even Magic Bounce, but both seemed just to be too much and borderline OP on paper. Not much else to it, I think. Any feedback graciously appreciated.

Glalie ----> Mega Glalie
Ice ----> Ice/Fairy (Glalie does belong to Fairy egg group, believe it or not)
Abilities: Ice Body/Inner Focus/Moody ----> Adaptability (I was/am considering Levitate)
80/80/80/80/80/80 ----> 80/80/80/150/80/110
New Moves: Moonblast, Rapid Spin, Earth Power
Concept: And then there was Glalie, another one of my personal favorites (even before it's cool cousin Froslass was a thing). I picked it large in part to it's balanced stats of 80 across the board, because it'd be a great baseline to develop a mega evo on. To be completely honest, Glalie's only OK role is being a Spikes setter down in NU, but really that it doesn't do that well with the loads of other lower tier spikers, like Cacturne and whatnot. I went with something a bit predicted, but hopefully well appreiciated.
Glalie goes from a frozen Phione to a nice-typed Special Sweeper. It's weak to Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel (4x) but resists Bug, Dark, and Ice, and is immune to Dragon, four very common attacking types. Ice and Fairy are both pretty fair offensively Although it's designed to sweep, 80/80/80 is not that bad for defenses, meaning it go for a pretty bulky set if need be. I gave it Moonblast for STAB reasons (if possible, we can assume it learns a couple other generic fairy moves, namely Dazzling Gleam and Disarming Voice, I suppose.) Rapid Spin is a bit for flavor-- Glalie has just the perfect body for spinning. Earth Power is a bit more for coverage against steels- But it is also a part of the Mineral egg group, implying it has some sort of connection to rocks/ground.

Vespiquen ----> Mega Vespiquen
Bug/Flying ----> Bug/Dark
Abilities: Pressure/Unnerve ----> Filter (her Combee underlings are her shield)
70/80/102/80/102/40 ----> 70/120/142/80/142/20
New Moves: Knock Off, Drain Punch, Aromatherapy(makes so much sense flavor-wise, dat Honey)
Concept: Vespiquen, once another bug/flying we just tossed aside, now becomes an amazingly tanky bug/dark type 'mon. With Filter, the types that do hit her super effectively (Bug, Fire, Flying, Rock) will have trouble breaking through her 70/142/142 defenses, no matter what side of the phys/spec spectrum they're on. Bug/Dark makes sense because bees are often very defensive, and can be seen as almost evil, not to mention that being queen tends to make you full of yourself and selfish. It will be able to take plenty of hits, not to mention dish them out with base 120 atk. Bug/Dark is alright Offensive STAB, but Vespiquen's only options are Thief, Fling, and Pursuit. So adding Knock Off gives it a nice STAB utility move, which hurts with damage and it's effect. Drain Punch may seem odd, but Vespiquen does have arms, and rounds out coverage. Aromatherapy makes perfect sense, because Vespiquen is a bee, and bees are all about honey. Honey smells nice, and in the Pokemon world could probably cure anything. I don't think there's much to add, really.

So what do you guys think? I tried to make the pokemon pretty good, but not OP or anything. Hopefully I did this correctly and I'm not making a fool of myself :S
These all feel balanced and interesting great job.

kk lego shuckle.


Bug / Rock ---> Bug / Fairy
Sturdy / Gluttony / Contrary ---> Natural Cure
20/10/230/10/230/5 BST 505 ---> 20/70/250/10/250/5 BST 605
Now gets Play Rough

Originally I had Oblivious so that it couldn't be taunted, but Natural Cure lets it use Rest and switch out, giving it decent recovery. I think its recovery options are more of a problem than being Taunt bait. Bug / Fairy would show Shuckle breaking out of its shell and reveal a beautiful mon or something. Or maybe he turns into a giant Diamond. Honestly, I don't know, but Bug / Rock is bad defensive typing while Bug / Fairy is much more managable. Play Rough gives it decent STAB. There isn't much to do with the stats though, I could of gone with 255 bulk instead of 250, but meh. 70 attack lets it hurt things kind of. There were some other options I could of went with this, but I am glad with what I have here.

Also can I reserve Samurott, Ditto (lfgi), and Shaymin?
Looks good added.
Crawdaunt- Mega Crawdaunt

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Typing: Water/Dark- Water/Fighting
Ability: Hyper Cutter/Shell Armor/Adaptability- Tough Claws
Base Stats: HP 63/Atk 120/Def 85/Sp.Atk 90/Sp.Def 55/Speed 55- HP 73/Atk 120/Def 100/Sp.Atk 110/Sp.Def 100/Speed 50
Movepool: +Focus Blast, +Bulk Up, +Ice Beam
Mega Crawdaunt trades in speed for power, making it play somewhat like physical CroCune, especially with the increased bulk. This set below plays to Mega Crawdaunt's strengths.
Crawdaunt-Mega @ Crawdauntite
Ability: Tough Claws
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 Satk
Brave Nature
- Crabhammer
- Knock Off
- Return/Frusturation
- Ice Beam
Its interesting and definitely different from regular Crawdaunt I like it added.

Just putting it out there that there have been so many fairy retype megas added so can we like pull back the fairies for a bit I understand its a fantastic defensive typing but try not to retype everything as it gets a bit redundant.

Also if anyone wants to see the google doc where I added all the current megas to check if yours is there, its here.


Typing: Ghost -----> Ghost / Fairy
Abilities: Levitate -----> Etheriate (Increases the power of Normal-type moves by 30% and changes them to Ghost-type; Ghost variant of "Pixilate", "Aerilate", "Refrigerate")
BST: 60/60/60/105/105/105 -----> 60/60/70/155/125/125
Moves: + Moonblast, + Sing, + Hypnosis, + Hyper Voice*
(Relic Song was also considered, but ultimately not included because of its status as Meloetta's signature move; flavorwise, the move would have fit due to Mismagius's affinity with enchantments, and the fact that Relic Song was some sort of vocalization that had a chance of inducing sleep, so let me know if you think I should change this.)

* Mismagius can currently learn Hyper Voice through a tutor, but it theoretically wouldn't be compatible with Mismagius's new moves because of this, so I'm proposing it as a permanent movepool addition.

Unlike its pre-evolution Misdreavus, who absolutely terrorized Little Cup, Mismagius has not made nearly as much as an impact in the tier in which it resides. That's a great shame, because in my opinion, it is very well designed; an ethereal ghost-witch who specializes in enchantments, curses, and hexes. It is in fact this that prompts me to add Sing and Hypnosis to its movepool, more for flavor than for anything else (although I'm sure some would be able to find use for the latter). It is also this that justifies the addition of the Fairy-typing upon its Mega Evolution. Mismagius's dark mischievousness and affiliation with magic makes it a prime candidate for either the Fairy- or Psychic-type; the latter has 2 4x weaknesses, 2 immunities, and 2 resistances while the former only has 2 2x weaknesses, 3 immunities, and a double resistance. Additionally, while Ghost/Psychic will likely be explored in the near future in the introduction of Hoopa, Ghost/Fairy doesn't seem to be coming any time soon, so it was the type i chose for Mega-Mismagius. Naturally, the inclusion of a Fairy-typing begs the addition of a better Fairy-STAB other than Dazzling Gleam, so I also added Moonblast to Mismagius's movepool.

"Etheriate" was how i sought to make Mega Mismagius differ from other quick, strong, Ghost-type special attackers, namely Gengar. Though new moves can't be added, new abilities could; thus, Etheriate became my way of allowing Mismagius to circumvent the fact that the strongest Ghost-type move without some sort of drawback or condition was the 80-BP Shadow Ball. Mismagius was already capable of learning Hyper Voice through a Move Tutor, and it also has a connection with voice in general due to its theme of enchantment. Thus, Hyper Voice would give Mismagius a nice 117-BP Ghost-type move to use against its opponents, distinguishing it from its main competition Gengar.

(For those of you who were curious or didn't figure it out yet, "Etheriate" is from the word "ethereal", meaning "celestial" or "spiritual." Hence, "Etheriate" is to "make spiritual", fitting for an ability that turns Normal-type moves into Ghost-type ones. For the pedantic out there, the mispelling of "ethereal" in "Etheriate" by changing the 3rd "e" into an "i" has precedence in the change from "aerial" to "Aerilate", dropping an "a" in the process. For those of you who could care less how I chose to spell a fictional ability that isn't even real, carry on.)

HP and Attack stayed the same in this Mega Evolution, HP because it can't change and Attack because I wanted to focus on Mismagius's design choice of being an enchantress, and thus focus on her special side. I did throw in a 10-point boost to her Defense, though, just to soften blows on that side a tad. Larger boosts went to her Speed, Special Defense, and Special Attack, with 20-point boosts in the former two and a whopping 50-point boost in the latter. The Speed boost put her just on par with the likes of Weavile (exactly a point behind Talonflame, though), while the Special Defense boost matched her stat to Milotic's (5 less than Mega-Gyarados). The Special Attack boost of 50 points has occurred before in Mega Ampharos, so it has precedence. And though Etheriate + Hyper Voice may sound broken, remember that Mega Mismagius is holding Mismagite (Pokemon with "I's" in their names have problems in naming Mega Stones), and subsequently can't hold any other boosting items. Mega-Gardevior has Pixilate and Hyper Voice, as well as 5 more Special Attack points, and no one is claiming that it is broken.

Since I'm up for a challenge, I'd like to reserve Ledian and Sunflora.
155 special attack plus an ability that gives it aerilate boost on one of the best offensive typings and dual STABs. Mega Mismagius is just way too fast and can use nasty plot and OHKO or 2HKO the entire metagame. Fairy-Typing Mismagius is awesome already just give it an all around boost to its stats keep its ability and it will still be good in the OU metagame because of its incredible movepool: Nasty Plot, Will-O-Wisp, Sub,and Disable makes it an incredble stallbreaker or set-up sweeper already a modest boost of just throwing 20 points in each stat would already make it a very viable choice. Otherwise it has to slow down by alot if you want to keep its ability and it has no competition since Mega Gengar is banned.

Type: Dragon ===> Dragon / Bug
Ability: Rivalry / Mold Breaker / Unnerve ===> Tough Claws
Stats: 76 / 150 / 100 / 90 / 80 / 104

This gives Haxorus a good secondary STAB, as well as more power and a less awkward speed tier. Tough Claws, while seeming too good, isn't actually that bad considering the huge wave of new fairies entering the tier, stopping outrage from being a win button. U-Turn is just a great move in general and great flavourwise now since it's getting bug retyping.
155 special attack plus an ability that gives it aerilate boost on one of the best offensive typings and dual STABs. Mega Mismagius is just way too fast and can use nasty plot and OHKO or 2HKO the entire metagame. Fairy-Typing Mismagius is awesome already just give it an all around boost to its stats keep its ability and it will still be good in the OU metagame because of its incredible movepool: Nasty Plot, Will-O-Wisp, Sub,and Disable makes it an incredble stallbreaker or set-up sweeper already a modest boost of just throwing 20 points in each stat would already make it a very viable choice. Otherwise it has to slow down by alot if you want to keep its ability and it has no competition since Mega Gengar is banned.
Ah, it's true that Ghost/Fairy is a very potent offensive typing. How would cutting 30 points from Special Attack, relocating 10 into Defense, and "throwing away" 20 into Attack fair?


Banned deucer.
Parasect, Milotic, and Bouffalant plz

Bug/Grass---->Bug/Ghost (look at its eyes for real yo)
Effect Spore/Dry Skin/Damp---->Hydration
+Sticky Web, Shadow Claw, Megahorn (it grows a horn, ok?)

With a great support movepool now complete with Sticky Web and a new semi-unique typing, MegaSect looks like a real annoyer/disrupter ready to terrorize the opponent's team. Bug/Ghost drops its horrible x4 weakness to Fire and Flying, trades Poison and Bug weaknesses for resistances, and loses its weakness to Ice. Though it picks up some new weakness to Dark and Ghost, it can nail both of those types Super Effectively with its STAB.
With Leech Seed pulling in lost recovery from Leftovers, it can be very hard to take down without a strong SE or Special attack. Sticky Web is there to screw over switch-ins and a higher base 70 Speed means MegaSect can get the jump on some of them and strike with a solid base 125 Attack or begin Sub+Seed+Hydration shenanigans.
Thanks to the addition of Sticky Web, it struggles to find a place for Spore, though that might not be so bad since Spore+Leech Seed together is risky should a Grass-type come in (though it had better watch out for Megahorn!)
Downside is it really needs rain support to function well, so slashing in Rain Dance over Sticky Web could be an option, but then it loses out on a valuable new toy. Decisions.
Sample set:
@ Parasectite w/ Hydration
Careful (+SD, -SA) 252HP/4A/252SD
-Sticky Web
-Leech Seed

Water---->Water/Fairy (nope, sorry, not a Dragon)
Marvel Scale/Competitive/Cute Charm---->Pixie Dust (30% chance to Confuse with contact)
+Dazzling Gleam, Baby-Doll Eyes

Normal Milotic was a bulky supporter that was good at spreading status and phazing. With its ability Marvel Scale, it become a solid physical wall to go along with its already great Special Defense. Now it boasts even more all around bulk and becomes a real pain in the ass to take down. 95/99 are solid physical stats but factor in a priority Baby-Doll Eyes, burn from Scald, and the threat of Pixie Dust and your opponent will think twice about touching Milotic. Instead they will have to hit on the Special side where they will meet an absurd base 145 defense waiting for it.
It is the ultimate shuffler with Dragon Tail (off a buffed-but-not-crazy Attack), heals itself with Recover, and runs STAB Dazzling Gleam and Scald. Regular Milotic sets itself apart with Competitive, or if it's abusing Marvel Scale, Rest+Sleep Talk+Dragon Tail. This Milotic is all about not dying. Ever. (Except to Toxic)
Sample set:
@ Miloticite w/ Pixie Dust
Relaxed (+D, -SP) 252HP/252D/4SA
-Dragon Tail
-Dazzling Gleam

Normal---->Normal (was going to make it Normal/Fighting, but Ursaring)
Reckless/Sap Sipper/Soundproof---->Rock Head
+Head Smash, Bulk Up, Jump Kick

While its former self could hit hard with a Choice Band attached, Mega Bouffalant can finally invest in Speed and rely on its natural bulk to setup with Bulk Up, making it even more threatening. Of course, it can just spam Head Charge right off the bat thanks to Rock Head. Jump Kick is a new coverage move that pairs with recoil-less Head Smash.
Sample set:
@ Bouffalantite w/ Rock Head
Jolly (+SP, -SA) 4HP/252A/252SP
-Bulk Up
-Head Charge
-Head Smash
-Jump Kick
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Mega Ursaring
Type: Normal >>> Normal/Fighting
Ability: Guts/Quick Feet/Unnerve >>> Defiant
Stats: 90/130/75/75/75/55(500) >>> 90/130/100/120/100/60(600)
Moves: None.
This one was difficult to select an ability. The stat changes were easy, make mixed a possibility and make it a bit more difficult to kill. The spread is simple, poor speed to counteract good bulk and attack. I don't think it really needs new moves. The ability though took some thought. My first idea was tough claws, but that was too much damage. So then I thought toxic boost, but no access to toxic orb makes it useless. And after like seven or eight more thoughts I got to defiant. It makes sense flavor wise and game play wise so that's what I'm going with.

I'm going to reattempt regigigas latter cause I don't really like the one put up. I'm willing to let anybody else try it though.
Again if I missed anyone PM me.

Ah, it's true that Ghost/Fairy is a very potent offensive typing. How would cutting 30 points from Special Attack, relocating 10 into Defense, and "throwing away" 20 into Attack?
Hmm I'll have to run some calcs

+2 252 SpA Mismagius Shadow Ball (104 BP) vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Heatran: 241-285 (62.4 - 73.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

252+ Atk Technician Mega Scizor Bullet Punch vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Mismagius: 320-380 (122.1 - 145%) -- guaranteed OHKO

I suppose thats fine cause it doesn't get any LO boost, approved.

Type: Same
Ability: Justified ===> Valor (Special Moxie)
Stats: 91 / 72 / 90 / 129 / 90 / 108 ===> 91 / 112 / 100 / 139 / 100 / 108
Now gets Ice Beam.

Had to kinda burn a lot of points on this one, due to the ability being extremely good. Valor makes Keldeo's lack of set-up irrelevant, since it can get some easy kills and easily sweep a whole team. Also, with the attack buff SD sets aren't dumb.
Hmm its interesting though I feel that a special moxie mighted by borked along with Ice Beam (and annoying to program) how about lightning rod as it gets rid of one of Keldeo's largest weaknesses and helps CM keldeo lots.

Adjusted Staraptor looks good though added.

Mega Ursaring
Type: Normal >>> Normal/Fighting
Ability: Guts/Quick Feet/Unnerve >>> Defiant
Stats: 90/130/75/75/75/55(500) >>> 90/130/100/120/100/60(600)
Moves: None.
This one was difficult to select an ability. The stat changes were easy, make mixed a possibility and make it a bit more difficult to kill. The spread is simple, poor speed to counteract good bulk and attack. I don't think it really needs new moves. The ability though took some thought. My first idea was tough claws, but that was too much damage. So then I thought toxic boost, but no access to toxic orb makes it useless. And after like seven or eight more thoughts I got to defiant. It makes sense flavor wise and game play wise so that's what I'm going with.

I'm going to reattempt regigigas latter cause I don't really like the one put up. I'm willing to let anybody else try it though.
Yeah Regigigas is a tough one though Mega Ursaring looks though good approved
H'okay! Now it's time for two new challengers

Mega Mew
No Type Change
Synchronize -> Protean
100/100/100/100/100/100 -> 100/130/105/130/105/130
+ Psystrike, Air Slash

Everyone uses Mew as a utility Pokemon. This version is biased towards the opposite as everyone would normally use it. Now we can use Mew's expansive movepool for actual power. If we just consider the good special moves and these two additions, Mew can use: Psystrike (Psychic), Vacuum Wave/Aura Sphere (Fighting), Ice Beam (Ice), Thunderbolt (Electric), Giga Drain/Energy Ball (Grass), Shadow Ball (Ghost), Flamethrower (Fire), Sludge Bomb (Poison), Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Dark Pulse (Dark), Surf/Scald (Water), Earth Power (Ground), Hyper Voice (Normal), Flash Cannon (Steel), Dazzling Gleam (Fairy), and, if you really want it, Signal Beam (Bug), Ancientpower (Rock), and Air Slash (Flying). Unlike Greninja it also gets a way to boost its special attack.

At the same time, with slight defensive increases along with Roost, Mew can actually use Protean defensively unlike Greninja.

As for the movepool adition, it's not a big one. I just figured that if Mew's clone can get a signature move, Mew should get it too! Also, I figured, it had a passable special attack for every type but I added Air Slash!

Mega Manaphy
No Type Change
Hydration -> Heart Copy (New Ability)
100/100/100/100/100/100 -> 100/100/115/150/115/120
+ Stored Power

Soul Trade: Swaps the stat changes with the opponent. Like Ditto with Imposter, this is an auto-ability version of Manaphy's signature move, Heart Swap, with the same effects. Goes after any entry hazards (to make a switch-ins force the opponent to deal with their own -1 from Sticky Web)

Say hello to THE Baton Pass Killer. Let's say you're fighting someone that doesn't know Mega Manaphy's ability. You let the guy get all the boosts imaginable and then he KO's whatever Pokemon you have out. You then bring out Manaphy, Mega Evolve it, and press the various instant win buttons you now have. If the opponent is smart enough to switch out, then you just return Mega Manaphy and let the opponent do everything again. It's balanced because, at the same time, you get the stat decrease if you used Overheat/Draco Meteor/Leaf Storm/Psycho Boost/Superpower. So it really can't be used as a revenge killer for everything. At the same time, attack increases really don't help too much. Even if it got an increased attack stat, it only gets Waterfall, U-Turn, Return, and Knock Off (And Bounce).

I was originally going to have it be a Drizzle Pokemon, but upon seeing the Mega Tentacruel having it, I decided that Manaphy could have a new ability that works like its signature move! In this case, the main strategy is come in on something that might have speed/special attack boosts, mega evolve and now sweep. If the opponent is now scared that you will get these boosts, you have just forced it out in fear. So, Mega Manaphy is now an excellent revenge killer. I added Stored Power for the extra Baton Pass Killing. Manaphy has a crap physical movepool, so I was considering removing points from that to add to the rest, but I opted against it for the slight trolly nature of not min-maxing. The speed addition is to outspeed Espeon on baton pass teams. The special attack power is for special attacks. I don't know if it'll be too op. I only increased it by 50. Then I dumped the rest into its two defenses. A lot of Pokemon don't boost so I don't think it's too bad...and some laugh at it's attempts to heart swap and copy boosts (I'm looking at you Critdra)...meanwhile the most common boosts, attack boosts, don't really help Mega Manaphy too much. It just hurts the opponent.


Godlike Usmash
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Type: Dragon ------> Dragon/Steel
Ability: Rough Skin Mold Breaker Or Sheer Force ----> Huge Power
Stats: 77/120/90/60/90/48 -----> 77/120/110/120/110/48
New Moves: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt (flavor moves)

I wanted to make mega druddigon exceptionally good at what it does in RU (sorry if it isnt balanced enough lol): be a slow and powerful wallbreaker with some great bulk. I also wanted to stick by a little bit of an injoke between some irc channels, the RU playerbase, (and TROP in particular) that Druddigon is by FAR the most broken Pokemon in the game, so i had no choice to try and make druddigon as powerful as possible while just barely skimming the line between balanced and broken. Hopefully the low Speed, Outrage locking effect forcing you to either stay in for a revenge or use the weaker dclaw, and lack of boosting moves other than Hone Claws will keep it from needing to be nerfed, but if need be i will lol. The extra special attack was added to keep it from being even more powerful than it already is with Huge Power, but i think i turned it into something flavorful with what i have below.

Flavorwise, Druddigon is partially based on a gargoyle, a dragon-like sculpture. My idea is that when Druddigon Mega evolves it becomes a form of "Metal Gargoyle" of sorts. I went with Dragon/Steel instead of Dragon/Rock because Dragon/Steel shows a definite step up from the original Druddigon (something based on something made from rock), and because of the fact that i could make an excuse for the extra special attack by making it a little cyborgish (think Genesect).

If you want me to nerf that's fine, just as long as i can give it some kind of ability that increases its damage output.

Water ---> Water / Fighting
Torrent / Shell Armor ---> Swordsman (Boots Blade, Cut, Slash, and Sword moves by 1.5x)
95/100/85/108/70/70 BST 528 ---> 95/142/105/113/95/78 BST 628
Now gets Sacred Sword and Slack Off

This adds to its offensive power from it. Swordsman makes sense on Samurott because he's a samurai - Sacred Sword is a really strong attack, and Night Slash is a decent coverage move. This adds to his Swords Dance moveset. It also has a bulk boost, and emphasises more on bulk than speed. It did get a slight speed boost though. Water / Fighting is there to give it STAB on Sacred Sword, and makes sense with all the samurai stuff. Slack Off is there to help it as a bulkmon.

Swordsman is an ability I can see on M-Gallade, M-Bisharp, M-Horses (Terrak, Virizion, Cobalion), and some other mons I'm missing.
Reserving: Meganium, and Ariados


Type: Bug/Poison =======> Bug/Steel
Ability: Swarm/Insomnia/Sniper (Hidden Ability) ======> Fur Coat
BST: 70/90/70/60/60/40 ======> 70/100/120/60/90/50
New Moves: Powder, ExtremeSpeed, Dragon Dance

We All Know Ariados is a Joke mon. it's original BST is lower than some Second form mons and it's fully evolved. It's Only real niche is being a sticky web user that can't be put to sleep in monotype for the likes of Mono bug and Mono Poison

Mega Ariados takes inspiration from a wolf spider, hence furcoat, move choices are selected to either fit flavor wise such as extremespeed because it's agile and fast, and ariados is kinda slow (and spiders have a habit of moving very fast sometimes), and powder because wolf spiders can be dusty

Dragon Dance is there just because.... well corphish learns it so why not

Steel Typing and Fur Coat: Ability and secondary typing were chosen to reflect the wolf spiders hairiness, and multiple habitats ranging from woods to arid environments, and rather than just selecting rocks, since rocks will kill bugs irl, I chose steel because steel is immune to sand damage and bugs have exoskeletons

This is a retype btw, I had a much longer break down typed up but my tabs closed and I lost it all :C

Type: Grass ====> Grass
Ability: Overgrow/Leafguard =====> Soothing Pulse
Stats:80/82/100/83/100/80 ====> 80/102/150/83/150/60
New Moves: Wish, Healing Pulse, Seismic Toss

Soothing Pulse: Upon entry into battle Meganium releases a wave of energy that removes all status ailments from the party (So... auto aromatherapy)

When you look at meganium the first thing you see and come to realize is that it's supposed to be a support pokemon. But it does not have the bulk to go along with its typing, and lacks essential moves and abilities to do better than things like Blissey/Florges etc.

With these changes I'm pushing the cleric roll into overdrive. Status effects are the bane of everything's existence, and the amount of options to prevent them are abilities that effect the user only and niche moves (Like safe guard) that don't last very long and require crucial turns (Heal bell and aromatherapy). So here is the exclusive ability I propose for Mega Meganium Soothing Pulse.

Meganium's Biology states: "It is said that Meganium's petals can release an aroma that can soothe anyone that comes in contact with it and can calm aggressive feelings, and its breath has the power to revive dead grass and plants. Its powerful and soothing regenerative powers can even come about by being around it, giving those who stand near the impression of being in a clean and lush forest".

In reality it does that.... to a very meager extent.

The additional moves are there to further establish Mega Meganium's role as a defensive supporter and wall, and give it the ability to fully support crucial sweepers that rely on recoil, are very frail, or become useless instantly in one status move.
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Damn...I got really inspired. Here are the ones I said I'd do.

Grumpig -> Mega Grumpig
Psychic -> Psychic/Normal
Thick Fat/Own Tempo/Gluttony -> Magic Bounce (geddit?)
80/45/65/90/110/80 -> 80/45/85/130/130/100
As for new moves, maybe it can learn Hyper Voice for Stab? Seems fair.

There's a reason why many people don't use Grumpig. It is outclassed in almost any way. Even as I tried to improve this pink pig I couldn't really make it stand out. But maybe, if Grumpig got better stats and typing, it could be used as a very versatile Pokémon?

It's new Psychic/Normal typing allows it to gain ghost immunity, and it makes sense flavour-wise (Psychic pigs). Its improved defensive stats along with Magic Bounce could make it useful as a (anti-)lead, while its improved offenses can actually hit something for damage -like a poor man's Gardevoir. All in all -not even a Megaevo can make Grumpig the best poke in the world, but a Megaevo can make Grumpig a worthwhile addition to a lower tier team.

Wailord -> Mega Wailord
Oblivious/Water Veil/Pressure -> Levitate
Water -> Water
170/90/45/90/45/60 -> 170/90/70/110/70/90

Wailord has always had two problems: low defences and low speed. This Megaevo gives Wailord a slight buff in each but most importantly -it gives Wailord a possibility to switch in. Earthquake is one of the most used physical attacks in the metagame and Mega Wailord can utilize this to switch in and threaten its opponents with a base 110 sp.atk water spout, provided Wailord has already Mega Evolved earlier during the battle.

Its increased defensive stats also makes Wailord capable of taking a hit or two, bringing some justice to the megablimp.

(This last one may recieve a lot of flak and if everybody hates it... it's ok: someone else can do it instead.

Registeel -> Mega Registeel
Steel -> Steel
Clear Body/Light Metal -> Stall
80/75/150/75/150/50 -> 80/80/200/100/200/20

So this thing is basically almighty Shuckle on steroids. 80/200/200 defences, with a base 100 sp.atk? Sign me up! Registeel always wanted some firepower and now it's free to spam Flash Cannon and RestTalk all day long!

Of course, with great power comes bad abilities. I decided to cut a lot of speed in favour of bulk, which makes sense seeing how both GF handled Mega Abomasnow and Ampharos and the fact that Resisteel is a giant made out of massive steel. I gave it the worthless ability Stall to counteract Registeels increased power and it kind of makes sense, since it is sooo sloow and actually still a threat regardless of its ability.)

Type: Same
Ability: Magnet Pull / Sturdy / Analytic ===> Levitate
Stats: 70 / 70 / 115 / 130 / 90 / 60 ===> 70 / 90 / 135 / 145 / 105 / 40

This mega gives VoltTurn a nice new toy, since a slow, bulky Volt Switch coming off of 145 SpA is very good. Levitate alleviates Magnezone's main weakness, and gives easier switch in.

(Sprite by me!)
Mega Flareon
Type: Fire
Stats: 65/130/60/95/110/65 (525) >>>> 65/140/80/135/120/85 (625)
Ability: Flash Fire/Guts >>>>> Fur Coat
Moveset additions: Crunch, Play Rough

Flareon has always had problems with an awkward stat distribution. The biggest of these concerns for me was that Flareon had very little physical defense, as well as the stereotypical "lol u has no moves XD".
I bumped up Flareon's Physical defense and gave it Fur Coat, allowing it to become the tank it had always dreamed of being. Crunch and Play Rough patch up any coverage issue Flareon might have had. Bumping up Flareon's Special attack allows it to either go mixed or not have any qualms about a Lava Plume tank set. I had 20 points leftover which I put into speed, because I felt anywhere else would have been a little overkill (If only they could go into HP!)
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Updating Greninja
Ability: Protean --> Infiltrator
Stats: 72/95/67/103/71/122 --> 72/135/72/133/71/157
Movepool: +Knock Off +Poison Jab +Jump Kick
Mega Greninja will be best used as a revenge killer, though it will have great uses as a lead as well thanks to its extraordinary speed along with access to moves such as Knock Off, U-turn, Taunt and Spikes. It could function a lot like Scarf Genesect. As a revenge killer, it can go mixed more efficiently thanks to its new physical moves, high Speed and Water Shuriken. Infiltrator gets it past subs and works as a ninja, but there is probably a better ability. Mega Greninja's special Water and Dark attacks do equivalent damage to Life Orb Greninja's, but misses Protean for moves like Ice Beam, Hidden Power and Extrasensory. Techinician may be a good replacement for Infiltrator and Jump Kick could be replaced with Force Palm or something as a replacement if that is the case.
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