Pet Mod Megas for All v7 - Kalos Slate 6: Quagsire, Heatmor and Pangoro! | Please read the first post! | Fully playable through Kalos Slate 5!

We back in black bois
  1. Blueray
  2. Exploziff
  3. Arandomperson
  4. Anaconja
  5. Ausma
  6. Drpumpkin
  7. Abismal
  8. Kerosenezanchu
  9. NANI?!
  10. Yoshiblaze
  11. Eeveegirl10
  12. Jazzmat

  1. Blueray
  2. Gekokeso (SV)
  3. Okispokis
  4. Josjet
  5. TGtz8920
  6. Isocon
  7. NANI
  8. Jazzmat
  9. Anaconja
  10. Kerosenezanchu
  11. Drpumpkin
  12. Gravity Monkey
  13. Ausma

  1. Arandomperson
  2. NANI
  3. Kerosenezanchu
  4. Rosario
  5. Okispokis
  6. Ausma
  7. Yoshiblaze
  8. War Incarnate
  9. Galvantic
  10. Deepblue


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NANI, Gravity Monkey, Gekokeso, ausma, Karnachar, IsoCon

ausnam Eeveegirl1380, BlueRay, Exploziff, KeroseneZanchu, okispokis, Gravity Monkey, Seranode

Rosiario, ARandomPerson, ausma, DrPumpkinz, okispokis, KeroseneZanchu, War Incarnate
Alright, It's really good to see the mod up and running again!
(I'm gonna be a bit less active as school is picking up again, 2nd week back, but hopefully I can still do some stuff! Don't have time to write really in depth analysis for voting so yeah)

1. Ausma
2. ARandomPerson (Self)
3. Yoshiblaze
4. Seranode
5. KeroseneZanchu
6. Dr. Pump (GOAT)
7. BlueRay (GOAT)
8. Anaconja
9. Eeveegirl1380
10. Jazzmat
11. abismal
12. Exploziff
13. okispokis

1. ARandomPerson (Self, this has been one of my favorites, only behind my Roserade and Slowking-G ideas, can't not do this first haha)
2. KeroseneZanchu
4. DeepBlue
5. Dr Pump (GOAT)
6. Ausma
7. Rosario
8. Okispokis
9. Yoshiblaze

1. Gekokeso (Grats dude)
2. Ausma
3. BlueRay (GOAT)
4. Jazzmat
5. Karnachar
6. KeroseneZanchu
7. Abismal
8. Tgtz8920
9. JosJet
10. IsoCon


Banned deucer.
1. Tarionate
2. BlueRay
3. Seranode
4. anaconja
5. Clastia
6. ausma
7. EeveeGirl1380
8. Gravity Monkey
9. KeroseneZanchu
10. jazzmat

1. Yoshiblaze
2. Rosiario
3. DrPumpkinz
4. KeroseneZanchu
5. anaconja
6. ARandomPerson
7. NANI?!
8. okispokis
9. Galvanatic
10. ausma

1. Karnachar
2. NANI?!
3. JosJet
4. IsoCon
5. BlueRay
6. abismal
7. KeroseneZanchu
8. Gekokeso
9. DrPumpkinz
10. ausma
1 Blueray
I really enjoy the interaction of Rock Head Woodhammer/Head Smash, this Gogoat submission seems like it’d be fun to use and build teams around. Flavorly, As One makes a lot of sense for Gogoat.
2 Gravity Monkey
3 ARandomPerson
4 okispokis
5 NANI?!

1 ARandomPerson
I like how this one elevates moves that are reflective of Pyroar’s flavor - Hyper Voice, Roar, Noble Roar - I think it’s nice that this feels very unique to Pyroar without feeling too niche and far from what could reasonable ever be implemented in game.
2 Rosiario
3 Ausma
4 |-Deepblue-|
5 NANI?!

1 JosJet
I designed this submission so it would still feel very familiar to base Clawitzer. Clawitzer is a really cool mon, though it lacks the tools to see any real viability. This submission seeks to uplift its base flavor while simultaneously creating something that is competitively viable.
2 DrPumpkinz
3 Gekokeso
4 Jazzmat
5 GravityMonkey
As always, below my votes:

01. ARandomPerson
02. abismal
03. BlueRay (me)
04. okispokis
05. EeveeGirl1380

06. Yoshiblaze
07. ausma
08. jazzmat
09. NANI?!
10. Tarionate

11. Galvanatic
12. GravityMonkey
13. DrPumpkinz
14. KeroseneZanchu
15. Exploziff

16. Seranode
17. Clastia
18. anaconja

The Pyroar subs are literally fire! I'll be eagerly looking forward to the winning one.

01. ARandomPerson
02. DrPumpkinz
03. ausma
04. KeroseneZanchu
05. Rosiario
06. Yoshiblaze

07. War Incarnate
08. okispokis
09. Galvanatic
10. NANI?!
11. I-Deepblue-I

01. BlueRay (me)
02. IsoCon
03. jazzmat
04. ausma
05. JosJet

06. NANI?!
07. KeroseneZanchu
08. DrPumpkinz
09. Karnachar
10. okispokis

11. GravityMonkey
12. TGtz8920
13. Gekokeso
14. abismal
15. anaconja


Banned deucer.
(1) jazzmat's the GOAT on grassy goat
(2) BlueRay's rocks rock
(3) and ausma can't stop

(1) Rosario's scenario is number one for flamin' foes
(2) And when KeroseneZanchu's lion roars,
(3) ARandomPerson's lion echoes

(1) No shrimpy shrimps or Simpy Shrimps, just NANI?!'s shrimp throat punchin' wimps
(2) Gas, Grass, and Ass, IsoCon's got it
(3) And for going fast, BlueRay's locked it
:Clawitzer: Nani, Blueray, DrPumpkinz
(I really like the idea of a download shell side arm Clawitzer. I was a bit disappointed when I was late for submission, but Nani's submission is somewhat i'd vote. Blueray's Idea is perfect too, considered it has access to moves like Zap Cannon, that would let it has speed advantages even if it hit or not. DrPumpkinz's Idea is kinda neat.

:pyroar: Kero, I-Deep-Blue
Kero's submission is good, since I have bias for something that'd good in VGC. I-deep-blue's submission is great too. I'd vote for Ausma if I don't have a similar submission in the future, with the almost exact ability.

out of energy for now, thanks for reading this post, might vote for goat in the future!
New season, new voting stage! I didn't submit anything this time (personal belief that not submitting anything is better than subbing something half-baked) but I'm more than eager to help push through these conceptual Megas into M4A.

This time however, my criteria for voting will strictly be focusing towards the metagame. I'm looking at their potential usages in teams, metagame impact and uniqueness in whether I'd pick it over other options. Now I haven't actually played M4A ORAS (yes, I know, really dumb of me), but based on my former experiences with these Pokemon in general I really hope these megas can help provide some fresh air into the metagame :)

1. ARandomPerson
3. Clastia

All 3 entries here provide something interesting: ARandomPerson's is my favourite because it not only provides a great new tool for sand teams, but also serves as another answer to rain teams, which may or may not be the dominant archetype of the metagame. ausma's provides tons of options in terms of its usage, both as an offensive/defensive tool. Clastia's is literally better Chesnaught that also serves as a sound counter to the Ground/Steel types that peer over the metagame, while also having the option of Stone Edge for birds, too.

4. Eeveegirl1380
5. Kero
6. okispokis
7. DrPumpkinz
8. Exploziff

I hope that little snippet helps in terms of explaining how I vote, even if my reasonings atm aren't concise enough (I swear I'll get myself into playing M4A ORAS after this slate's over)

damn y'all went ham for this fucking lion
1. Rosiario
3. Kero

4. ausma
5. Yoshiblaze
6. okispokis

1) JosJet
IsoCon. this would be our first terrain setter if it wins
3) NANI?!

4) ausma
5) Kero
6) BlueRay
7) Gekokeso
8) DrPumpkinz

Finally, a word of gratitude to Hema for being such a great leader for M4A, and I wish you the best. As for the Pet Mod itself, I can't wait for things to kick up another gear :eyes:

Hopefully I can submit something next slate~


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Aaaand the votes are in!

Before I get started, a quick run-down of how this works:
  • Each vote contributes one point to its first-place choice
  • The candidates are ordered based on both the number of first-place votes and the number of total votes, and eliminated from the bottom
  • Any vote whose first choice has been eliminated instead gives its point to its second choice, or whatever its next ranking is. (On the sheet, points that have moved in this manner are highlighted in yellow.)
  • The elimination and re-ranking process continues until there are two remaining, upon which the one with more points is the winner.
  • You can view the whole thing on this spreadsheet.
Without further ado...

:Gogoat: Mega Gogoat: ausma !!

Ability: Speed Boost

HP: 123
Atk: 135 (+35)
Def: 77 (+15)
SpAtk: 142 (+45)
SpDef: 106 (+25)
Spe: 48 (-20)

New Moves: None!


Speed Boost is an ability that fits Gogoat really well, being based on a weird motorcycle of sorts; revving its speed and eventually getting to a point where it's absurdly fast as it warms up feels really fitting for it. However, more importantly, Speed Boost complements its overall bulkier stat spread, access to Bulk Up, and access to 50% recovery. This has the potential to make for a very interesting angle on a bulky setup sweeper that also comes with solid defensive utility by merit of its phenomenal bulk and natural resistances.

However, providing such a powerful ability that near perfectly complements an intrinsically powerful set of traits means that the stat spread needs to be incredibly deliberate, and also means a lot of throwaway unless you want a super strong, super fast, super bulky Mega that can easy spiral out of control. Its access to strong and synergistic coverage options like Earthquake, Rock Slide, Wild Charge, and Brick Break means it's even more important to be careful of.

The big thing to notice right away is its decreased Speed, which makes Speed Boost an ability that needs several boosts before it can get to a point where it actually matters, even with maximum investment. This was intentional otherwise snowballing would be far too easy. This obviously does mean this Mega needs even more throwaway investment, but in this case, lowered Speed contributes to balance as opposed to minmaxing its offensive potential (though, if you really wanna be funny with the Special Attack, it does get Surf). This plays more to the potential of Bulk Up as an option, but also means longevity is much more important as well. Instantly, 4MSS becomes a massive issue as it means Gogoat either has to forego its STAB for EdgeQuake coverage, or it has only one coverage option to make use of if it wants to take a bulky setup route. It also needs to watch out for status or waste another precious moveslot on Substitute. However, Bulk Up + 3 Attacks could also certainly work too alongside Horn Leech at the cost of Milk Drink, though its coverage is mediocre in BP which makes it easier to take hits and cripple it with status.

Although its boosting potential is something to be extremely wary of, what I find most fascinating is this spread's relationship with SubSeed as an option. SubSeed is an option that naturally thrives off of empty turns, and Speed Boost also greatly appreciates this as Speed accrues at the end of every turn. Alongside some coverage options, other utility, and a naturally threatening STAB in Horn Leech, SubSeed could make for a very engaging route as well, although would likely be less useful than its Bulk Up variant.
10 total points part-way through the tally - out of 18 possible points - is over 50%!

:Pyroar: Mega Pyroar: Rosiario !!
Mega Pyroar

Ability - Pounce
When this Pokemon lands on an entry hazard, it drops the special defense of opposing pokemon by one stage; immune to entry hazards.

HP: 86 (+0)
ATK: 68 (+0)
DEF: 119 (+57)
SPA: 139 (+10)
SPD: 66 (+0)
SPE: 119 (+13)
Weight - 40.8kg

New Moves: Court Change

Mega Pyroar is super super light on its feet - incredibly nimble, jumping from rock to rock across the savannah, with the speed of a cheetah and yet still all the force and more of a lion, to hone in and pounce on its prey for the kill.

So I've been watching people talk and basically everyone agrees that Ferrothorn is the best defensive mon in the new meta by a long shot. So, naturally it's the first Fire mega's job to deal with it. However, almost any Pyroar could deal with Ferrothorn itself as long as it's prepared to take a physical hit from Power Whip, Gyro Ball, or Knock Off. That added physical defense also helps it handle Weavile a bit easier with resisting Triple Axel and taking unboosted Knock Off, and the lowered weight also helps it take the super effective Low Kick a bit more safely.

However, I wanted Pyroar to go even harder. Don't just force out Ferrothorn, Pyroar's going to get worn down from its attacks, Leech Seed, Spikes, and especially Stealth Rock with the weakness. With Hematite's old ability, Pounce (with a slight edit) that he subbed for his Mega Incineroar, Pyroar kills two plants with one Fire Blast. First, it completely removes the worry of Spikes and Stealth Rock. Second, it punishes Ferrothorn's whole team just for having it. The -1 Special Defense on switch-in if Ferrothorn ever dares to do try and do its job lets Pyroar break past many Pokemon that it couldn't otherwise. Now it can force out almost any mon on Ferrothorn's team, not just Ferrothorn itself. And what's more, if Ferrothorn's team feels prepared to deal with it and stacks hazards anyway, Pyroar can very easily take advantage with its new access to Court Change. Or, Court Change could also be used with your own team's hazards on the opponent's side to force-enable Pyroar's ability!

The drop forcing switches puts a lot of pressure on the opponent - switching in on something that's not Ferrothorn means the enemy only has four potential Pokemon to bring in to deal with a free hit from Pyroar's STABs. Assuming they're also abusing Weavile, that leaves them with three at most. Plus, this pivoting playstyle works perfectly with Pyroar's strengths. It can take advantage of the free turn to use Court Change. Or, it can take the opportunity to unleash a giant Overheat before switching out of whatever check the opponent tried to bring in. Lastly, there's also synergy with Noble Roar, Pyroar's signature move - using it on the enemy switch can quickly shut down many would-be offensive checks and letting Pyroar capitalize on the situation yet again.
7 points at the start of tally - out of 12 possible points - is immediately more than 50% of the vote, so it wins automatically!

:clawitzer: Mega Clawitzer: NANI?! !!
Mega Clawitzer
New Ability
: Download

New stats:
HP: 71
Attack: 73 (+19) ---> 92
Defense: 88 (+22) ---> 110
Special Attack: 120 (+7) ---> 127
Special Defense: 89 (+22) ---> 111
Speed: 59 (+30) ---> 89
(BST): 500 (+100) ---> 600

New moves: Shell Side Arm, Stone Edge, Dragon Dance
I know what you're thinking: Clawitzer has no real justification for Download. That's true, it's just one of those cases where a generally applicable ability has very specific flavor. That being said, I think the best reasoning I can come up with it is that Clawitzer can both fire with its cannon and crush with its claw; it's very versatile.

Competitively, Mega Clawitzer functions similarly yet very differently from its base form. When it gets the Special Attack boost, its pulse moves will do damage similar to Mega Launcher on the pre mega version, but it won't be able to outdamage Specs sets. Meanwhile, upon getting an Attack buff instead, Mega Clawitzer can use powerful physical moves, but will do less damage with pulse moves. This allows you to intentionally not Mega Evolve when you want to click a pulse move and you know you're not going to get the Special Attack boost.

Although it already had the movepool for a Download Pokemon (STAB pivoting in Flip Turn, good coverage on both sides, etc), I personally chose to add Shell Side Arm and Stone Edge. Stone Edge is the usual coverage move, meant to catch stuff like :volcanion: Volcanion, :dragonite: Dragonite, and :salamence: Salamence on the switch. Shell Side Arm is currently the signature move of :slowbro_galar: Galarian Slowbro, and it uses whichever attacking stat will do more damage. This is a perfect pairing with Download, and helps Clawitzer against Fairy types which resist its pulse moves, such as :azumarill: Azumarill, :florges: Florges, and :sylveon:Sylveon.

One problem I always had with Clawitzer was that it was too slow to outspeed and KO most opponents, yet it did not have enough bulk or recovery to take many hits. Mega Evolution naturally alleviates this, as it now has enough Speed to outspeed upto :rotom_wash: Rotom Wash, and plenty of bulk to go alongside that. As a matter of fact, this allows unusual sets like Swords Dance or Dragon Dance, which can double as a revenge killer through Aqua Jet. So yeah, on the whole, Download gives Clawitzer the ability to make use of all its tools and shine.

Thank you all for your submissions and for taking the time to vote!!

While I'm here, I do want to clarify that the submission review process we tried this slate is not final - while it largely worked out in the end we didn't really accomplish our goals in changing it, and we're going to discuss how to improve our workflow for the process to make it easier on everyone, for both us as reviewers and you as submitters. Thank you for your patience as we're figuring this stuff out!

And speaking of patience, we aren't opening this one right away (keep an eye out for an announcement post sometime this week!) but we do have the lineup for
Kalos Slate 2!
Our second slate of our first formal season will feature :wormadam-sandy: Sandy Cloak Wormadam, :drifblim: Drifblim, and :heliolisk: Heliolisk!

Just like last time when we announced the Gogoat / Pyroar /Clawitzer slate, we want you to pay attention to stats, abilities, and movepool. It's very important to have an understanding of what tools a Pokemon already has when trying to design something that expands on those tools; you can't just look at your stats and abilities in a vacuum!

For instance, Drifblim is a Ghost Pokémon, which naturally makes it a challenging type to deal with, as Ghost immunities / resistances are usually rare. This is further underlined by its supportive movepool, like Will-O-Wisp and Strength Sap, the latter making it fairly resilient and potentially obnoxious if you go overboard with its defensive stats. As for Heliolisk, it's themed around different weathers, as indicated by its choice of abilities: Sand Veil, Solar Power, and Dry Skin. Since abilities around weather can be fairly powerful and go out of hand, we would strongly suggest you be careful with this Pokémon if you do want to work around its weather gimmick.

Kalos Slate 2 will most likely be opening sometime this next week. Keep an eye out for an announcement about that, as well as some other news that my fellow councils have been talking about that I'm not entirely sure I'm up to date on! Until next time!​

As ink has already mentioned last time, I have a new announcement for you. First of all, Kalos Slate 2: Wormadam-Sandy, Heliolisk, and Drifblim is now open and will close on Monday: 05.09.2022, at 20:00 o’clock, GMT +2. Any submission posted past that time won’t be accepted, unless you let us know about it in advance.

Bear in mind that, when working on the submissions, you need to be careful about stats, especially when it comes to Heliolisk and Drifblim. The former is already a fast Pokémon, and Kalos doesn’t have as many fast Pokémon on average as NatDex does. So, there are naturally less Pokémon able to outspeed and pressure offensive threats, especially one that has good coverage and a strong offensive type. Please, keep that in mind.

As for Drifblim, it has all the tools to be a threat on its own, such as good offensive typing and supportive movepool (Calm Mind, Strength Sap, or Will-O-Wisp). So, any stat increasement, especially on the defensive side, can turn it into a fairly challenging Pokémon.

Ability wise, try to be careful with Heliolisk. It's themed around different weathers, as indicated by its choice of abilities: Sand Veil, Solar Power, and Dry Skin. Since abilities around weather can be fairly powerful and go out of hand, we would strongly suggest you be careful with this Pokémon if you do want to work around its weather gimmick.

And now, have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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Type: Ground (removes primary type)
Ability: Rotation
Stone: Wormadite
Height: 0.8m
Weight: 18.5kg

HP: 60
Atk: 79 -> 119 (+40)
Def: 105 -> 125 (+20)
SpA: 59 -> 69 (+10)
SpD: 85 -> 105 (+20)
Spe: 36 -> 46 (+10)

New Moves: Shore Up, Knock Off, Rock Slide, Rapid Spin (4)

Concept-wise, Mega Wormadam-Sandy can rapidly shift itself in the sand to camouflage and protect itself better while consuming any nutrients, aggressively attacking any predators that may stumble across it before hyper-composting them. It may resort to kicking up rocks or sand if it feels threatened.

Competitively, Rotation allows Mega Wormadam to become an amazing mixed wall while remaining decently active. With tools in Rapid Spin, Toxic, Knock Off, and Stealth Rock, there isn't much that Mega Wormadam can't do to benefit a team. While its base 65/125/105 bulk may not look all that special, in reality it is a lot more effective, being extremely customizable while remaining bulky. Offensively, Earthquake and Rock Slide cover most of the metagame, although Knock Off allows for it to remove items like Heavy-Duty Boots from Rotom-H and Weavile, or Leftovers from Rotom-W and Garchomp. Its pure Ground-type lets it check Fire-types like Mega Pyroar and Chandelure, while both Knock Off and Rock Slide threaten Flying-types like Zapdos, Moltres, and Dragonite.

Mega Wormadam is not without its flaws, though. For one, it despises Toxic and burns as they eat into its longevity and, in the case of burns, neuter Wormadam offensively. Despite offensive Ground-resisting sweepers like Mega Gogoat, Hydreigon, and Gyarados, and even bulkier Pokemon like Garchomp - while fearing Toxic - can freely set up on Mega Wormadam and proceed to sweep. Offensive staples like Volcanion, Weavile, and Zapdos do not care about Rotation, and can freely blast through Mega Wormadam. Most notably, Mega Clawitzer can come in on Mega Wormadam and abuse Download to boost one of its STABs and freely claim a KO. Finally, the role of a defensive Ground-type is heavily contested, meaning that Mega Wormadam constantly has to worry about Water-, Grass-, and Ice-type Pokemon every game.
how tf do u drag out an analysis on a submission on a sand bug oml lmao
Type: Ghost / Flying
Ability: Ignite
Stone: Drifblite
Height: 2.3m
Weight: 90kg

HP: 150
Atk: 80 -> 115 (+35)
Def: 44 -> 49 (+5)
SpA: 90 -> 124 (+35)
SpD: 54 -> 69 (+15) (nice)
Spe: 80 -> 90 (+10)

New Moves: Hurricane, Tri Attack, Poltergeist, Work Up (4)

Drifblim was in all honesty a challenge to design. More specifically, its combination of Calm Mind and Strength Sap along with its pitiful Flying-type coverage meant that I did not have as many options as I would have liked. The concept was pretty simple, however - Drifblim effectively uses souls to fly, and so Mega Drifblim converts these heated-up souls into literal flaming balls of death to fly and grow and who doesn't love that? These balls can also force fierce winds down, causing tempest weathers unexpectedly before flinging objects towards those unfortuate enough to be stuck before consuming them.

Competitively, Mega Drifblim is meant to serve as a strong Special attacker and wallbreaker thanks to its powerful coverage in Shadow Ball and Poltergeist, Hurricane, and Fire-type Hyper Voice, Return and Explosion that competes for the role of a Fire-type breaker with other options like Rotom-H, Chandelure, and Moltres (not like moltres is a very effective breaker lol its rather just the most relevant here coverage-wise). Hurricane serves as a way for Drifblim to touch Conkeldurr and spam an actually damaging special STAB, although it can also be threatened by a +1 Stone Edge OHKO if it isn't careful and Hurricane isn't known for its accuracy either. Tri Attack gives Mega Drifblim a spammable Fire-type STAB that isn't overbearing in power while still being strong enough that Mega Drifblim can still check standard sun teams, especially Venusaur. Notably, however, Thick Fat Mamoswine can tank 1 Tri Attack cleanly from Drifblim freely and smack it with any of its STABs, or two Tri Attacks if Stealth Rock is not up. Shadow Ball lets it hit all other resists like Rock-type Pokemon except Tyranitar reliably (who stone-walls Drifblim), Rotom-H and Rotom-W for noticeable damage. Strength Sap gives Mega Drifblim much-needed recovery, and serves as a pseudo-fix to its abysmal base 54 Defense.

On the flipside, however, Mega Drifblim can also be a dangerous physical attacker thanks to Poltergeist and Fire-type Return and Explosion. Poltergeist in particular is scary as it targets traditional special blanket checks like Mantine and Rotom-W, slamming them if not careful. Return, on the other hand, makes walls like Ferrothorn and (presumably) Mega Wormadam think twice before switching in on a Poltergeist. Explosion can serve as a one-time nuke to break nearly every wall in the metagame at the cost of its own life, whereas Work Up can allow Mega Drifblim to extend its pressure on even neutrally resisting walls like Moltres and Gliscor and allows for a generally easier time cleaning for teammates without removing itself from play too. Once again, Strength Sap lets Mega Drifblim have a stream of much-needed recovery on top of giving it a way to handle slower physical behemoths defensively.

Despite Mega Drifblim's early-game power in its set diversity, it's not without its problems - faster staples like Weavile, Gengar, and offensive Zapdos can often render Mega Drifblim worse off in most matchups, and Mega Drifblim's base 90 Speed tier is no better either. Furthermore, Mega Drifblim's weakness, dependency on its HP stat, and inconsistent recovery can quickly force Mega Drifblim into trouble if used too liberally. Pursuit trappers like Tyranitar, Krookobile, and Weavile all pray on Mega Drifblim's weakness to physical attacks and Dark-types, further restricting its progress. Toxic and Thunder Wave, along with burns for physical sets, also completely cripple Mega Drifblim as they effectively remove its longevity and offensive capabilities alike, including allowing for even slower threats like Conkeldurr and Magnezone to berate it.
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Mega Heliolisk
Forecast (Instead of becoming a pure type in weather, its secondary type will change to Water, Fire, Ice or Rock depending on the weather)
Typing: Electric/Normal
HP: 62
ATK: 55 => 85 (+30)
DEF: 52 => 92 (+30)
SPA: 109=> 149 (+40)
SPD: 94
SPE: 109
New Moves: None!
Description: Mega evolution has caused Heliolisk's frill to sense weather conditions and adapt to these patterns. Using this newfound power, Mega Heliolisk is designed to be used in any weather thanks to its unique ability. This lizard will change its type based on the current weather, allowing it to get excellent STAB combos and fire off powerful STAB Thunderbolts, Thunders and Weather Balls. It can also be used as a counterpick to weather teams by profiting off of the opponent's weather. However, it is very frail and has no boosting options, which makes breaking through special walls very challenging.
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Mega Drifblim

New Ability: Neutralizing Gas

Type: Ghost | Flying

New stats
HP: 150
Attack: 80
Defense: 44
Special Attack: 90 → 145 (+55)
Special Defense: 54 → 89 (+35)
Speed: 80 → 90 (+10)
BST: 498 → 598

1) Concept
Drifblim is based on hot air balloons. As such, they are reliant on gas to "fly". After all, the gas used to fuel the burner heats the envelope. The air inside becomes hot and rises upwards. Against this background, the gas reference in the Pokédex entry makes a lot of sense on Drifblim; in fact, it mentions how the gas inside this Pokémon's body is made of souls. So, basically, every time Drifblim rises, you could interpret it as burning souls.
Here, Neutralizing Gas is supposed to underline Drifblim's pragmatic nature. Below, you will realize how exactly this will manifest.

2) Competitive
This Mega Drifblim mainly uses Neutralizing Gas to underline the unique defensive strengths of its dual Ghost and Flying type.

a) Mega Drifblim walls Guts users like Conkeldurr or Heracross. Normally, if Guts were shut down, these two Fighting Pokémon would still have the option to resort to Facade, which ignores the halfed damage from Burn and doubles in its power. However, because Mega Drifblim is a Ghost type, Conkeldurr and Heracross cannot touch it with Facade. That's a very valuable niche to have in a Kalos centric metagame since these two Fighting Pokémon are notoriously difficult to handle on the defensive side. This niche can extend even to VGC where Ursaluna, another terrifying Guts user, becomes helpless in the presence of a hot air balloon.

b) Mega Drifblim shuts down any ate-ability, therefore making it immune to any Normal move as a Ghost Pokémon. This means Pokémon like Sylveon can no longer rely on Hyper Voice to break through teams. This advantage becomes even more prevalent in VGC where Pokémon like Mega Salamence or Mega Gardevoir loose a lot of their main power.

c) Other unique defensive applications involve checking Huge Power Diggersby, Pure Power Medicham, and Chlorophyll Venusaur in Kalos. Moreover, in VGC, Mega Drifblim can avoid taking damage from an ally's Earthquake thanks to its Flying type while allowing its partner to ignore opposing Levitate users, like Rotom-Wash.

d) On the offensive side, Mega Drifblim can spam Shadow Ball without having to worry about Bulletproof (from Chesnaught, for instance) or abilities that take advantage of stat drops, such as Competitive (from Wigglytuff), Contrary (from Malamar) or Defiant (from Bisharp). Mega Drifblim can even use Strength Sap without having to worry about these punishing abilities.

e) Utility wise, Mega Drifblim can spread Will-O-Wisp without having to worry about Synchronize (from Umbreon), Flash Fire (from Houndoom) or Magic Bounce (from Espeon). This synergizes very well with Hex as this Pokémon inflicts status conditions more reliably.

All these qualities make Mega Drifblim a very unique user of Neutralizing Gas, be it in Singles or in VGC. I believe it would be a healthy addition to these metagames since it further stabilizes them with its unique utility options and defensive applications as a dual Ghost and Flying type.

While it is true that Ghost in combination with Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, and Strengh Sap can be very scary, Mega Drifblim isn't very fast. So, it can't become a fast oppressive threat. There's enough counterplay in Kalos. A lack of Taunt means Mega Drifblim becomes very susceptible to status, such as Toxic. Moreover, its Def is very low, making it therefore an easy target from fast physical attackers, like Krookodile, Sharpedo or Aerodactyl. There are also special attackers like Hydreigon, Heliolisk, Zapdos or Pyroar that can keep it at bay, even more so if Stealth Rock is on the field.
From slate 43 through slate 52, M4A will be focused on a Kalos dex format, which we will begin with no preexisting Mega Evolutions - not even official ones that were included in the original X and Y!
No pre-existing megas means no more Mega Swampert. With the literal perfect rain abuser out of the picture, there's now room to experiment with other Swift Swim mega designs.

Mega Heliolisk
Electric / Normal
Ability: Swift Swim
HP: 62​
Att: 65 (+10)
Def: 62 (+10)
SpA: 149 (+40)
SpD: 124 (+30)
Spe: 119 (+10)

The most striking ability of real-world basilisk lizards is their ability to run across the surface of water.

Incredible. The beauty and grace with which these magnificent creatures move is truly unmatched.

In addition to boosting its Speed to near-unreachable levels, Mega Heliolisk can make use of the rain to boost the accuracy of its Thunder, as well as power up its Surf coverage. It also has the option to replace Surf with Weather Ball, which is slightly stronger at the cost of not being able to be used effectively outside of rain. Additionally, its access to Volt Switch (and U-turn??? which it's been able to learn since its inception??? I never knew this thing could learn U-turn until now) allows it to draw in Grass-types and pivot out to a Hurricane user.

I considered going with Slush Rush to complete the quadfecta of weathers, but since Heliolisk already had strong anti-Ground coverage in Surf, I decided that Ice-type Weather Ball wasn't actually all that interesting. Maybe on a different Electric-type, but not Heliolisk.

Mega Wormadam (Sandy Cloak)
Type: Bug / Ground
Ability: Sand Force
HP: 60​
Att: 149 (+70)
Def: 135 (+30)
SpA: 59​
SpD: 85​
Spe: 36​

Sandy Mega Wormadam has the potential to be something rather interesting: a physically-offensive Quiver Dance user. Sure, it won't get much use out of the Special Attack boost, but the Special Defense boost compliments its naturally high Defense, and after two Speed boosts it outspeeds every unboosted mon slower than Greninja.

Unfortunately, Wormadam's movepool is rather lacking. Earthquake is a strong STAB, but its best Rock move is Rock Blast, and it doesn't really learn any other useful physical moves besides Sucker Punch. It's still got a few different options for its last slot, though. Besides the aforementioned Sucker Punch, it can run Stealth Rock for some utility if it doesn't get the chance to set up, Substitute to help it set up, or Sandstorm as a sort of double dance. Though I think the most interesting move would be Hidden Power, fitting for the evolution of Burmy. Even with its low Special Attack, after a few boosts Hidden Power becomes strong enough to 2HKO problematic foes like Ferrothorn and Gliscor.

Mega Drifblim
Ghost / Flying
Ability: Perish Body
HP: 150​
Att: 100 (+20)
Def: 104 (+60)
SpA: 110 (+20)
SpD: 34 (-20)
Spe: 100 (+20)

Mega Drifblim dominates any physical attacker that dare oppose it. Its titanic physical bulk makes any attack from them bounce off, it can burn them with Will-O-Wisp to make their attacks bounce off Mega Drifblim's allies, it can weaken them with Strength Sap and heal itself back up at the same time. Most devious of all, if the physical attacker ever touches it, Mega Drifblim puts them on a Perish Song timer, and it can even ensure they won't escape with Bind. What can be done to stop this defensive menace?

Well, just don't use a physical attacker. Not only is Mega Drifblim's special bulk significantly worse than its physical bulk, but none of its tools are effective against special attackers. They don't care about burns, they don't care about Strength Sap drops and give less healing in return, and they'll almost never activate Perish Body. Mega Drifblim can't even turn the tables on them with Calm Mind, since if it tries setting up a physical attacker can come in and force it out with its own Perish Body. Speaking of being forced out by Perish Body, Mega Drifblim is weak to Stealth Rock, meaning that whenever it switches out after Perish Bodying a physical attacker, it'll often take a 25% health penalty when it comes back in. It's also extremely vulnerable to U-turn despite its double resistance, since it'll be left with a countdown while the attacker gets away.

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