Middle Cup Discussion Thread

Ok, whoever can take all the stats from all MC legal pokemon (stats on top of page 13) and average them gets a Doom point which does something (don't know yet) and helps out the MC community.

Here's a start 66/??/??/??/??/??

E: On another note IMO the fact B/W are out merits a Mark II


We shall see ;) metadata phorically speaking
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This thread hasn't been active much since Uncharted Territory arrived, but I thought I better post this soon. I am proud to announce the arrival of a dedicated Middle Cup Shoddy Battle server, complete with a ladder! Here's how to connect.
On the Shoddy Battle Welcome Window, click 'Advanced' below 'Connect' and enter this information:

Host: middlecup.net
Port: 30000

There will not be a PokéLab server at this time (meaning new Pokémon/moves/items etc.), because there has not been a guide written and I don't really know how to do it myself - shouldn't be much more difficult than setting up a shoddy battle server though, so when the appropriate time comes, it will be updated.

Deep gratitude to user Duck92 who has been a constant presence of support in the Shoddy Battle subforum and did a majority of the work in setting this up for me (no no precious, for us).

Some things to address
-Level 50 Clause and level-up moveset restrictions have not been implemented, but will be shortly. Use the honor code, people.
-I am relearning PHP so I can make a leaderboard display.
-A fancy Pokémon usage statistics page is not viewable at this time.
-I am still quite new to this server stuff and that knowledge will come in time. It will still be fun to at least have a ladder, though!
-I contacted Cathy about having the server listed on the front screen server list, but for now you have to insert the info manually.
-If the welcome screen shows 5 dudes, don't worry, it's still the Middle Cup server. I will change the welcome screen later!

So, have fun guys!
From the little MC I have played Metang seems to be on a good choice. It is certainly an anti-metagame Pokemon. It has Pursuit for Haunter/Kadabra, Bullet Punch for Rhydon and a relatively strong Meteor Mash. Slap a Choice Band on to make up for 75 Base Attack and you're good to go.

Nothing strikes me as outright Uber so far, but Rhydon definitely needs a suspect test.
I agree with many of your things ( good pokes etc.) but your all saying that chansey and rhydon are broken but chansey is beaten by any stall breaker (e.g. Monferno, electabuzz, SubSplit haunter) and scarfchomp outspeeds +2 Rhydon with EVs left over. I havent had too much trouble with P2 but I havent met an apparently scary agility set.

My Votes

Rhydon: OU
Chansey: OU
Porygon2: IDK


We shall see ;) metadata phorically speaking
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We're listed!

The Shoddy Battle Server has been listed!
It should be listed on the Shoddy Battle server list screen as "Middle Cup" with a capacity of 100. If for some reason you don't see us listed, you can connect manually to shoddy.middlecup.net:30000.

As previously noted, HG/SS moves are available, as well as a leaderboard. Credit to Duck92 again for his endless work and Bearzly for the short response!

Creating a new metagame is a waste of time, most 'gimmick' tiers such as cap, little cup and NU barely have enough activity with their small (albeit devoted) community's. Making more of these would just split the limited ammount of people considering to play a metagame out of standard. Effectivly ruining all of them to inactivity

Besides Gen 5 is comming up in a month, as such even if you manage to create a banlist for this. By the time you are finished gen 5 will have started and you might start as well all over again.

edit: it would be nice if they made a rule of this, i've seen a lot of similar topics with 'new' metagame suggestions getting deleted lately
I don't see how in any way NU is a 'gimmick' tier. Though I've never tried it, so I can't speak from experience, I don't believe CAP is a 'gimmick' either. From experience, I can tell you, NU has a small, yet growing community, and is far from gimmicky. I suppose you think UU is gimmicky too, because of it's lack of Azelf and Scizor?

On another note, I have to agree with you that this seems like a bad idea. I don't think there's really room for it. From what I can see, there'll be about 20 usable Pokemon including 'mons from the release of B/W, and many of them appear broken to me. Things like P2-Chansey-Dusknoir cores will be nearly unbreakable. If some of those walls were to be banned, 'mons like Pikachu, Magneton, Haunter, Kadabra, ect would run rampant, so basicallly it's let 3-4 Pokemon wall everything in the tier, or ban them and let another 3-4 Pokemon sweep everything in the tier.. Seems to me like a cool idea, but I just don't see it working until there's more Pokemon for it to work with.

EDIT: Let me know if anything I said has already been mentioned, I only read the first page and can't be bothered to read 10 more right now.

EDIT2: Didn't realize I bumped a 20 day old thread, sorry.
Thinking of creating Middle Cup Discussion Thread Mark 2 on Dragonspiral Tower. Also can someone give me a link to the MC Forums.

Yes, I know I'm bumping a 5 month old thread.

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