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What day should we fight the Ender Dragon?

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A lot of people seem dissatisfied with the appearance of spawn currently. Perhaps they wish they could have a planned, neat, pretty spawn like in 2.0 (potentially with the same design, but not necessarily)? Well then, I have a proposal.

Above is spawn as we know it. I believe that with a bit of terraforming to neaten up the edges and remove the ponds from the centre, the half-moon lake would make an awesome place to nestle spawn in the middle where the star is. Or perhaps we could dig all the way round to make it an island. Either way it's a great setting for a grand spawn area, and it's close enough to the existing buildings that they can still be part of the "spawn city".

There are a couple of buildings marked in red, however. The sandstone one is Utilt's I think, then there's an igloo of some kind (dunno who that belongs to) and a wall with a sign saying ACDC plans to build something there. So even if we agreed to do this we would need their permission to do so.


Remember this post? Are people still interested? I'm afraid I don't have the skill or technical expertise to actually design a spawn hub, but I'm starting to terraform the land in the middle of the lake by filling in ponds, chopping down trees, and generally neatening the place up.

As I said, I need someone intelligent to actually design the place (and the community to get behind it, no point building a new spawn hub if people don't want it and spawn never get's moved there). Please post designs here if you're interested.
I'm still amazed at how many torches we have lying around XD

But I dunno, spawn has been looking nicer, even if I still disagree with the open area you arrive in since creepers can still wander in eventually or even be lured in by trolls. Sure creepers might not be generated there due to the lights, but they still travel in a very stalker-ish manner and don't die in the day like skellys or zombies.

In the next snapshot: stairs now attach to the underside of stuff and look awesome!

Possible release for 1.2 next week (assuming they can get the bug fixing done!)

Also, I'd like to repeat myself from about 3 months ago:

Just messing around with Shaders, yet another imgur album.

Messing around with Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders, I get a whopping 10 FPS with it on with low settings. I should get a video card.

Inside are screenshots of Spawn, Oho, and my house.
Just installed this (and optifine). I get around 20-30 fps, but every three minutes the game says it's run out of memory ):

If I can fix it I might try and do some videos with it.

EDIT: Installing 64bit Java seemed to do the trick. My PC makes ungodly noises and there are some lighting/shadows glitches, but even with fraps recording I still get a pretty stable framerate. I've been testing it on the old server map. Nostalgia video anyone?


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5 bucks the new mob is a traditional jewish golem or something similar

upside down stairs are great but for the love of god add glass / sandstone stairs

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