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Some time ago, Jeb confirmed new mobs for 1.6.
What are your speculations?

I think Wyverns would be awesome. Hostile flying mob hat you can tame when it has taken enough damage. Like, put a saddle on it and fly around. :D


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At the moment, oceans are too boring. Notch said sharks would be too difficult to deal with, but slow water mobs would be easy enough.
To be more specific we have to wait on Bukkit to update so that we can keep thing like log block and border guard and whatever else running.

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I think actual fish would be nice, it would make fishing something worth doing. Also bats should drop black leather or normal leather.
Also I'm just wondering why do we use bukkit?
Anyone like the idea of taking a groupe picture of all the players on the server and having it on the fron page of the thread? maybe with the smogon logo behind?
it'd have to be VERY coordinated, but probably doable if it doesn't take long

when the server rises from the dead i would like help building a volcano in the ocean near spawn (since nobody's there atm), mostly because the volcanos in my test world are p ugly. also im gonna make a bridge to it and it will be cool n stuff, etc etc

so yeh, wake me when the server updates zzz
When I can I'm going to try and build an underwater room for storage, hard but quite easily doable. Not that big maybe 20x20x20 something like that, I may be talking out of my butt but whatevs.
WHAT that was quick.
I'll be back in a couple of days, I ordered my new computer on Sunday. All the parts should arrive within the week, and on Saturday it's building time. I hope to get it all up and running within the next 2 weeks. And it's a fucking BEAST, I'm so excited.

I sure hope that when I join there's at least SOME Quartz left. Hold Layell back.

Oh, and when the Nether is being reset, get your butts out of there or your player file will be reset too. Not fun.

What are everybodys plans for 1.5? :)
Bored, might as well post the beginnings of my solo Xbox survival world. I've chosen to live in a cave .-.

Lots of youtube stuff. In the future I'll add my own creations
So I've been working on a PVP map lately and it's all sorts of in need of balance tests. I need a lot of players to help me figure things out and I was wondering if anyone even still plays this game?

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