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Good thing that creeper isn't filled with tnt... actually forget I said that I dont want to give you guys any ideas.

Some progress has been made on my mansion, but it's still waaaay off completion. Only the front part is really done to any extent. At least it looks classy at night.

Now to stop mobs spawning in there and punch a load of sheep, hurray!
oh, so that's your mansion wyverii (i swear it took me at least three tries to get the proper number of v, r, and i in there ._.)

i absolutely love it. my castle in the sky that i'm working on is just a little up the path from it so I can see it from there if i've got max render. i might come inside one time and surprise you (but not really because i am much too shy to talk to real people on the internet besides when cursing that i lost all my tools and talking to dan who is the nicest person that i've never met)

just wondering, but what are you putting in it? aquarium? creeper in a glass display case? lava pool? p. big mansion you got going on and i'm pretty sure 4-24 squid would love to fit in there :D
What i'm planning to put into it apart from the obvious is a secret! Also it's already a squid party with large groups of the lil' things spawning underneath it and- hey! What are you doing in there?!

Damn squid.

I'll pop up and visit your castle at some point. Hopefully I can see red flowers from up there!
I definitely spent an hour hunting squid under your mansion a couple days ago. I need like 30 ink sacs, I only got 15. But then I just gave up and used half steps on my roof, and it looks nice.
So we had a big group of guys go off to find caves. What to do in these caves? Explore them of course! The group was me, forks (cactusmaster), RocketGrunt (Grumbler), Stylish Interval (Graphix), Chispy (linkshot), cooncooncoon (is he a Smogon guy?), Splatty (IRL friend of forks) and Cyzir. Was awesome, managed to remember to cap screens this time and I have a bunch to post! There'll be a bunch of images, so be warned!

This is the prep stage, waiting for daylight hours. The meeting place was the swag pad, but then we kinda shifted over slowly, sorry az.

My computer shut off right when I yelled at everyone to stop lounging around and go, so I had to play some catchup. I head off west to go find them not off far due to...

Stylish dying twice by drowning and RG once... We could still see spawn and they were already slowing us down, I mean come on guys, what's up with that? First few deaths of many.

Team name wasn't ever decided but I think Team Suck was appropriate for how bad we were doing. We were making very little progress at all.

We were lounging about in mine and CM's (forks) super quarry when Stylish pushed CM off to his death :). Stylish felt bad and CM was mad, but we were all glad, or something along those lines. Moral: Don't make giant craters.

CM killed Splatty on his way down to grab his stuff so not only did we have to wait for CM to come back, but we had to wait for Splatty to make the return trip. We decided to truck on during the night. And we fought a lot of mobs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QnvuT1MV-s is exactly how we felt but not really.

We found a nice pumpkin patch, and the challenge was to go on with pumpkin visors! Not exactly the most charming perspective, so someone suggested 3rd person viewing.

But you get some mixed results, of course. We were chilling in Cyzir's far off mine at the time of this.

So I'm not sure what happened but Splat ran out with no armor into a fray of bad guys. We save him, and ask him if he needs food, and he's like "No, I'm good." Then Stylish pushes him or hits him and he falls down and dies. Stylish feels super bad so he signs off. Splat feels bad 'cause it's not a big deal and he was gonna sign off soon anyway. Stylish comes back, and all is sorta well again.

We're like 30 minutes into a trip and we still haven't found a cave. Worst cave trip of 2011.

We (I) found a cave and CM was being a jerk face about it until he found 10 iron in it and then he started kissing my feet. That's exactly how it happened!

CM then found this ginormous cave through a chunk error and I kinda fell in to get ambushed by a creeper, a zombie, and something else behind me that killed me. No one could help me in time/loved me enough to help so I had to try making my way back from spawn :/

Look at all that fun they're having...

Even though I knew what the entrance looked like, it took me like, 10 minutes to find the dang thing. The cave was pretty awesome though.

There was this corner of cave where a steady stream of monsters were streaming in from when I entered. The first thing I see when I'm reunited with the buds is CM dying to like, 5 mobs at once.

After that though CM comes back and we explore the frick out of this massive cave. We have like, 5 stacks of iron, and 12 stacks of coal, it's crazy.

Lesson of the story: Come exploring and take screenshots!
You guys didn't tell me where you were, so I couldn't go... But in the meantime, I found my own giant cave, one that had a zombie dungeon in it! Ha!
Do we have a Smogon server yet?

I think my friend can teach my how to host a server...

The problem is my time zone contradicts with the USA.

Rocket Grunt

✁ - - - - - - - - - - - - -
is a Top Artist
dude i totally did not drown i dont know why they were saying that
catching on fire is another story
i dont want to talk about it
Who died at the beginning? Someone else drowned that wasn't Stylish. And I forgot about you lighting yourself on fire, haha.

And Groshi, we've been posting about it for like 4 pages straight! PM Dan_dan or forks and they can add you to the white-list so you can actually play.
I would just like to say that I jumped down to help you xaq while cm and rg stood by and you died right as I killed a zombie

also then i was raped nearly to death but barricaded myself and rg threw bread at me until i ate it so all was well. sad i had to sign off right as we found even more caves behind the lava and other place T_T

real moral of the story: don't kill people or kill yourself so that you can finish exploring before bed time and / or have a snow day the next day and don't have gay weather that causes you to leave school early instead
New download link (It's a lot better!)

This is from my second house, in the middle of a shaft. That is towards LSB. As you can see, the place has been mined to death.

On the opposite side of that same shaft. There is only one visible shaft with torches. The rest are unexplored caves. I just love the look of the lava lakes.

I made the creeper a little brighter. In the dark it doesn't help you much, but in the daylight it is a godsend.

Congrats Cyzir on the creeper. It's looking great!

And I saved the best for last.
Although, it was in the middle of a lake of lava, I tried to get to it but I just couldn't. Oh well! There is some redstone next to it too, as denoted by the red R
Second page? What is this madness?!

Rollbacks always bring some crazy reactions. Our thoughts are with the missing diamonds and wool.

We doin' big pimpin', we spendin' cheese (Check 'em out now)
Big pimpin'
On B-L-A-Ds
We doin' big pimpin', up in LSB
It's just that PoryDan, Rock-G, and that Wyverii

Okay, I had to try on that, don't make funna me.
Got trapped in a cave and a Creeper started running at me, so I turned a ran only to find a narrow dead end. It just sat there watching me and didn't even explode. When I attacked it... yeah. (I don't know why this image is so huge)

"Honey I'm home!"

Remind me never to do this again... it was on a friend's server. Placing monster spawners on grass in light just creates infinitely spawning pigs. The funny thing was the nearby river pulled them all down into a huge cave - if you went in the cave, there were literally stacks of pigs piled up and you just got trapped under them all.

I'll never do this again either... mods are fun and all but damn, it was suicidal. Also Ghasts spread out across the entire damn map and they don't "de-spawn" either if you go far enough away from the area. Soon I was just getting shot at wherever I went.
Smogcraft Test Episode - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSPjBwWDHxQ

Sound might suck - I'm talking about my voice being a lot softer than the original recording, I think Youtube does something to it I dunno, but it also might be better now I've uploaded it at a better quality. Hopefully gonna make a few of these, showing off the wonders of Smogcraft! If anyone can help me in editing and generally making these it would be awesome because I clearly suck at it!
Well, ladies and gents, I've moved up back to school, so it's possible that I may be without Minecraft for a while. Hopefully it will work on my laptop, but if it doesn't, have fun, and don't get blown up!

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