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What day should we fight the Ender Dragon?

  • Sat, Dec 15

    Votes: 42 33.9%
  • Sun, Dec 16

    Votes: 28 22.6%
  • Sat, Dec 22

    Votes: 47 37.9%
  • Sun, Dec 23

    Votes: 36 29.0%
  • Sat, Dec 29

    Votes: 48 38.7%
  • Sun, Dec 30

    Votes: 72 58.1%

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yeah I would support a couple trees/saplings spawned in so we can have the wood type, screw monkeys/bananas unless you can tame them
They're a hostile mob that drop out of trees and claw your face off.
Nonononono. I bet they will be a mob that are like spiders. When you attack them, they become aggressive and chuck uecalyptus at you. When they die, they drop sugar cane (looks like eucalyptus or bamboo to me).

OPLV has been working on a competitive Minecraft PVP map that is unlike any other. It is called OO:SOS, Onslaught Orbs: Spheres of Strife. There are two teams, each given their own planet with the bare necessities to survive. For example, you are given 2 buckets (one filled with lava) so that you can make a cobble generator or otherwise be stranded forever. The objective of the game is to safely infiltrate, stealthily or otherwise, into the other teams base and find the hidden switch to detonate their planet. In between the planets are nodes of ores also containing chests. I'll include some more screenshots and the rules below. It'd be nice if smogcraft was down with playing with us!

So, where did you guys find the Mushroom biome at? Kinda curious, always wanted to visit one...
3090 1880 is the closest one.

Minecraft makes very large continents (ours is like 4000 blocks tall or so I believe) with wide oceans between them. In between the continents are mushroom biomes.
Hey you, yes YOU, the jackass that stole supplies from the chests near the Blaze grinders, how about you put that shit back??

A few other things:

Minecraft Xbox 360 will launching at Beta 1.6.6. I'm not longer interested in the title, regardless of it they get it up to date.

Onslaught Orbs: Spheres of Strife is stupid amounts of fun. I hope to play this more regularly!

And a photo dump (some of these are old):

Bad dogs!

Sunrise over spawn

Creeper spawned on a single block space on that one face:

Triple Ghast ._.

Level 50 enchantment (that gave me Unbreaking III)

Attack of the Slimes!

Victorious Blue Behemoths from OO:SOS (Layell, myself, Sal, Borogoves)
I just posted a post-game survey for those who took part in last night's OO:SoS game in the social group. If you could take a few minutes to give us your opinions, that would be fan-dan-diddley-doo-tastic.

I've got about 30 gigs of raw footage from the match that I plan on editing into a video sometime in the near future, so be on the lookout for that.
There's been a lot of talk about Oho Oasis.

And there's good reason why-

screenie dump tiiimmeeeeeee. warning the pics are pretty big

aShot from the sea

This was taken from Master Win (jamster)'s big tree, which is excellent btw.

And this one from tennisace's lighthouse, which is also very massive.

There are quite a few people building in Oho and I can't show them all in this post but I will update later. People I can think off the top of my head- Tennisace, me (sidscarf), Flounder, Layell, Buffalo Wings, HolyChipmunk, asdfy, rawbi, Drunk Monk (who has an awesome underwater glowing Pineapple) and Master Win (jamster). If I missed you out sorry ^_^

I thought I should add a few pics of my own house though because reasons

It's not the biggest but I put a good amount of time in it and I love it.

The main and pretty much only room. The lighting is from pumpkins underneath the leaves in the floor. The only other room is a small potion room and a bedroom upstairs.

As a town we're quite established.

And the latest addition is a slime farm, fitted with a slime elevator that brings them to the surface and sorts them by size!

The spawning pads are two adjacent chunks at around y = 25. Asdfy and I painstakingly carved out the pads and canals and I finished up the elevator to the surface. The slimes do take a while to get to the surface though if they dont despawn so you may have to wait say 10 minutes or so before you get any slimes up there but once they spawn they only take a minute or so to make it up.

And finally some random happenings


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