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Hi, I did not see anything I wanted, but I'll give you the Hippowdon for free and my RNG'd Raikou with semi-redis rights to my Raikou if you add a Luvdisc to my thread. Respond in my thread please.
Responding to your CMT, there's nothing I'm interested in at the moment, however I would like some Pokémon EV trained later.
This for the Cleffa?

Shiny EV'd Magnezone
Lv. 100, Naive Nature
252SpA / 40Atk / 216Spe
IVs: 30/31/31/30/31/31 OT: blaQk #25863
Moves: Thunderbolt/Hidden Power/Explosion/Substitute
Additional notes: bred by blaQk from pokecommunity, i didn't eV train this one.
i'm sorry, i never noticed you left so i thought you still had the single magnezone.

then the second time i didn't bother to go get something to trade for it. i'm sorry!
CMT for the Celebi below please. :3
I don't have much, so if you don't see anything I have listed I hope we can work something out, I really need this celebi for my team! (do credits work as "payment"? ^_^")

OT: えいがかん | ID No.: 07100 | Gender: N/A
Nature: Timid | Ability: Natural Cure | Type: Psychic/Grass

Hidden Power: Dark 70

IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Moves: Leaf Storm | Recover | Nasty Plot | Healing Wish

Availability: UT lvl 50

Fully Redis

I'll trade it for an UT version of Kingdra. If you don't have it UT then a UT Machamp. And if you don't have that UT, EVd Machamp would be great. :) Though I cannot Wi-Fi trade until Monday/Tuesday.
IN reply to your CMT, I like trellis's Kingdra. Since your starting and yours is ev'd and mine isn't would you like one more poke from my shop as well as Luis' duskull?
i already got a duskull the other day and EV trained it. :(
If I can still have two pokemon, could I get the following two for a friend to train for her team???

The flawless, shiny, modest Togepi!


♦ Level: 1
♦ Shiny: Yes
♦ Trainer: Mat
♦ ID: 48509
♦ Nature: Relaxed
♦ Characteristic: Often Some dozes off
♦ Gender: ♂
♦ Ability: Torrent
♦IVs: [31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31]
~ tackle ~ growl ~ yawn ~
Responding to your CMT:

Didn't see anything I want. But as I don't want you to leave empty handed, how about I give you two copies, one you get for yourself and the other you train for me a Crobat (moveset and EV spread of your choice, giving me the reasons for them)? :)
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