Monotype Ladder Tour 2

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Cycle 3 is complete!

Before we get to the winners this round, there is some disciplinary stuff to take care of.

Bushtush and Dorell are disqualified from the tour and won't be allowed to participate in Monotype events for a year. Someone reported that Dorell gave Bush the password to his LT account so Bush could ladder for him.

Screenshots from a Discord chat along with IP checks on PS! confirm that Bush has been on Dorell's LT account. There's also a flurry of ladder activity on LT3 Dorell right around the time Bush would have received the password.

In light of this, Bush is no longer co-host of this tour. Please direct any problems or questions to me for the remainder of the tour.

Now, on to the fun stuff! Thanks Dream Eater Gengar for taking screenshots of the high ladder at the deadline!

Congratulations to
1 True Lycan (LT3 feelsbd)
Endal (LT3 letsnottilt)
ElectricApples (LT3 Apples)
Typhozzz (LT3 Typho)
jiggle (LT3 Bad)
KevinELF (LT3 KevinElf)
zugubu royale (LT3 Zugu)
SirSkit (LT3 Fluke)

The-Vale (LT3 Vale)
TheTacoMan (LT3 Taco)

TheAce22 (MLT2 ace)
PsyZen (MLT2 Project X)
Confluxx (MLT2 yea lol✘)
Hammyosman (MLT2 NOLAKIN)
Paleo (mlt2 sterling)
Clearly (MLT2 Clear)
terrors (MLT2 bas)
Penguinn (MLT2 Peng)

Bushtush (MLT2 Bush) (disqualified for cheating)
ElectricApples (MLT2 Apples) (qualified in cycle 3)
juleocesar (LT1 Juleo)
KGBanter (LT1 KGBanter)
Barida (LT1 Barida)
Eien (LT1 Saber)
Sabella (LT1 Winner)
Balto (LT1 Ill)
Catalystic (LT1 Goose)

PsyZen 2014 (LT1 Sniper) (qualified in cycle 2)
Utu6 (LT1 utu6)

Cycle 4 has started and is the final cycle before playoffs! Tag: LT4

Cycle 4 Deadline: Tuesday, August 2nd 11:59 PM EST

Make sure you post with your alt before you start laddering!

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