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The Monotype Council:

Monotype is run by a council of eight, each with an equal say in tiering decisions. The council leads the metagame, decides what should be suspected, and may implement quickbans. In general, the council requires a 4/8 favorable majority to call for a suspect. The council can choose to quick ban new elements of the metagame without a suspect test if a 6/8 majority threshold has been met.

Council members are meant to be model members of this community; they are selected based on a range of qualities:
– Strong understanding of the Monotype metagame
– Battling prowess
– Insightful forum posts, particularly in discussion threads
– Respectful, mature posting habits
– Forum and simulator activity

The current Monotype council:
Kev (TL)
Zap (TL)

The Monotype Tiering Philosophy:

1. Ban Pokemon that are broken, uncompetitive, or unhealthy
as defined in the official tiering policy framework.

Pokemon with dual typing that exhibit these qualities are almost always banworthy on both of their types. However, should this not be the case, being banworthy on even one type alone is still a sufficient condition for being banned.

2. Do not favor any one type.

The goal of Monotype is for no one type to be overly powerful. A type being too weak or unviable is not a concern for the sake of tiering. This means the suspect for a Pokemon that enables any certain type to be viable should not take into account the resulting unviability of that type. That also means unbanning Pokemon to buff a type is unacceptable.

3. As a result of the two above rules, do not ban a Pokemon from being used on only one type (type ban).

In a suspect, there must be a 60% majority vote to change the status quo, be it a ban or unban. Suspects will last two weeks and voters will have three days to submit votes after the suspect concludes. To qualify as a voter, users have two options: they must play a certain number of games and reach a certain GXE value on the ladder, or they must be a top finisher in live suspect tours if they are available (where the requisite placement is dependent on the number of participants).


Part of the journey is the end
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History of Tiering Decisions for Gen 9 Monotype:

Quick Ban #1:
King's Rock, Bright Powder, Lax Incense, Quick Claw, Focus Band, Baton Pass, Moody, Shadow Tag, Damp Rock

Quick Ban #2:

Quick Ban #3:
Palafin, Houndstone, Booster Energy

Quick Ban #4:
Annihilape, Chi-Yu, Iron Bundle

Suspect #1:
Flutter Mane / Result: Not Banned

Quick Ban #5:
Evasion Abilities & Acupressure

Pokemon Home Initial Bans:
All box legendaries released aside from Zamazenta, freed Houndstone, and banned Last Respects

Quick Ban #6:

Quick Ban #7:
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