Monthly Art Contest 4!

Alch, I thought you said that you had too much on your plate for this round, I didn't know you meant the last one. I'm so confuuussed!!! 'Cause you said:

You'll have to find a replacement for me this month, I've been overrun :(
Hopefully I'll be able to judge next month though!
I've been working pretty hard on my rendition of the Dragon's Den. So far I've only sketched the den itself.

Other than the den itself, I am going to try to incorporate one of the longer dragons. I really want Rayquaza, but if that doesn't work out then I will do Dragonair, flying in from the bottom left corner and twisting around behind the Den.

EDIT: I made this really fast so that you guys could get an idea of what I am talking about.

Is it okay if my art is dragons in a cave without the actual hut thingy, I already am pretty far so I don't really want to start over.
Well, heres my submission, I haven't yet decided if it will be the final sub or not though :P

I was going for a more comicbook-like look. Wow that read strangely. Flygon is my favorite dragon pokemon and salamence one of my least, I just always thought his design was so bland and that his wings were ridiculous. I took a few small artistic liberties with Flygons design. Yeah, that's all I got.


@SEO, Oh wow I love it! I like the whole design and angling of the den! Oh and I was behind you ALL the way on your CAP :D
Thank you SENTRET, I put a lot of effort into that CAP and it makes me happy to know that a least a few people liked it. Better luck next time eh? I'm loving the design SENTRET! It's very dramatic and the style is really cool too. How do you guys get such awesome lineart? I have such a hard time getting my art to look nice and clean like that. So, since I can't do that, I am going to take a completely different route altogether. I'm going to attempt to paint this like, well, a painting. Let's see how that turns out...
Lookin' good there! The extensive use of the silver, almost chromatic color really does give a different feel to the picture as a whole. I also like your rendition of Flygon; It almost looks like what I would imagine a robot-Flygon would look like. I like robots, so that's good in my book.

The one thing I'm trying to wrap my brain around is...where's the Dragon's Den? To tell the truth, I'm not really sure WHERE the setting of the picture is. Care to explain?

@SEO: I really like the design so far, by the way. I'm sure that it'll turn out great!


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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Alch, I thought you said that you had too much on your plate for this round, I didn't know you meant the last one. I'm so confuuussed!!! 'Cause you said:
I meant for the one you were asking me about scores for :(

I don't mind really, since I'm still pretty busy. I'd like to be back on the panel for next month though! :D
Oh man! This looks like it's going to be awesome! I think I'm gonna give this one a try. Better break out my pencils for a bit and do some research.
@ SENTRET: wow! the flygon looks great!

@ SEO: Can't wait for the finished product, great job!
I meant for the one you were asking me about scores for :(

I don't mind really, since I'm still pretty busy. I'd like to be back on the panel for next month though! :D
Definitely! BuddyBlueBomber is a temp judge 'cause he's cool like that. You'll be right back on the panel after this round (:
@SEO if I was a judge I would be a happy Person because you make their life easier by giving them an easy descision. Ok JK a little, all of them are good but, why didn't your CAP win?

Almost done with my dragons, will post w/o background soon.


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Hmm I have a pretty nifty idea for this contest, though it pushes some boundaries a bit in what I hope is an appealing way. I'm generally pretty secretive when It comes to WIP art and such, but I'll do what I can.

This is the motivation I need to pick up that dusty pencil again.
Yeah, I realize that the background wasn't really clear. My bad. I knew it while I was drawing it, but couldn't figure out how to make it look more like the Dragon's Den without making it look cluttered! The panel's in the back of the picture are windows, and I exaggerated the ceiling for impact.
Hmm...well maybe you could add part of the pagoda near the top of the ceiling? That might make it seem like the fight's going on more-so in the Dragon's Den and won't be looking too cluttered as well.

@Lord Jesseus: Looks good! I see you paid close attention to the aspects of the contest; neat-o.
The messed up perspective on the last one was really getting to me, so I tried again:

Haven't quite figured out how to fit in the dragons tho. I'm thinking the Dratini line, and the final image will probably be A4 portrait.
hey this will be my first art post might not be my final submission

Original submission

current submission

any thoughts on improving?

(and yes i know its not that good but im really bad at using a mouse to draw atm ^^)

Improvments needing work (creating a better image of the dragon improving the den. cleaning the picture.
Going to try to draw a good entry. I'm only a rookie so don't be too harsh. The only other thing I drew was the lower half of diglett in that contest. (which was only ok).
@360Swampert: That's quite intriguing, I really look forward to seeing the finished piece! And don't worry, I'm stuck with a mouse as well, it's tough to achieve perfection with it but do your best and it'll be great! ^__^
Here is my entry so far. Hope you guys like it, I'm new at this. I'm never ever drawing a fence in that perspective ever again.

Dratini used Sing!



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From what I can see this contest is going to be red-hot! Lots of potent contenders have yet to reveal their hand...

But no-one else is doing Kingdra? Good, good...
I really like the style used for the line art. I'm curious as to what it would look like colored in, but that might ruin the effect you have going on there. Gave me a chuckle, too. :)

@360Swampert: I like the concept you have going on there, but the picture isn't really centered on an actual Dragon-type pokemon; you should be able to see more than the eyes, in my opinion. It looks good otherwise, though.
Uggh I'm working on something.. :)
Will take time, I'll post a wip in a bit?


What will be done:
Dragonite will be finished,
Salamence will be touched up
The Den will be finished
Dratini will (Likely) have black (outlining) removed
Water and cave will be added
Everything will be moved around for perspective. :)

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