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So I think I am having a similar problem to what Rukka was having, except somehow I have the wrong SECOND instead of the wrong MINUTE. I am trying to RNG the Lugia at Whirl Islands on HG. Since I can only use roamers here to confirm my seed, I thought I had hit exactly the right seed at first(corresponding to 19:33:11).

But when I caught it and saw its IVs, I didn't find them anywhere in the main window of RNG reporter. But then, after reading up a bit on the forums, I DID find those IVs on the seed for 19:33:12.

So is there an easy way to compensate for that on EonTimer (v1.6), or should I just pick a different seed and try again?
Hmm... I just did some experimenting with trying different values for the Target Second, and now they all match up, including the seed I was attempting to hit earlier.

So I'm guessing it was just some random bug with EonTimer... like maybe it added an extra second without me noticing. Very bizarre. But hopefully it works now, so I'll just try to hit my delay again later and see if anything funny happens.
as usual, probably a really rookie question, but I was thinking of getting emerald, and is it as easy to RNG on it as sapphire/ruby?
I know the seed is always 0, but can the SID/TID be abused so that I can know from the start what my SID/TID is like in sapphire?
damn... so it doesn't work like sapphire and I would have to catch a shiny on emerald to know my SID?
is the TID/SID generated using the seed for R/S? if so, is it not generated by the seed for emerald?
damn... so it doesn't work like sapphire and I would have to catch a shiny on emerald to know my SID?
is the TID/SID generated using the seed for R/S? if so, is it not generated by the seed for emerald?
When you start a new game on Emerald, the seed doesn't start from 0, it's generated similar to FR/LG. The TID is generated based on a timer that runs at something like 16 MHz, and isn't abusable even on emulator. There is literally no way to do it on a retail cart. Catching a shiny is an option, but an easier method (assuming you can't just use an AR code) would be to catch 6 Pokémon, Pal Park them, and then upload one to Pokécheck to see the SID.
Pokemon Platinum RNG, Cresselia

-- EDIT ---
I took off the the three links, and just posted 1 link that combined steps 1-3.
So I created an account for Smogon to get help (hopefully) for this RNG stuff. I don't get it.
I've read the updated ( I think) post on RNG, I currently have RNG Reporter 9.96 and Eon Timer v1.6.
GameL Platinum, DS type: Ds lite
What I'm having trouble with is getting the correct delay.
I'll describe the steps I've taken so far in hopes to make this better for all of us.

I've changed the Eon Timer settings as the guide stated, so that's done.
Now, for the RNG reporter I have this done for "step 1".
Step 1
I've determined the seed I want.

Step 2
I do the right click/post thing for the Seed to Times window. The information is given.
I've highlighted, 2012 02 20, 18:58:30, 1434.

Step 3
I set up the Eon timer target delay to 1434. For the minutes before target, I get 1 (one).
Step 4
So for my DS clock, the info reads 2012 02 20, 18:57:00.
I simultaneously press "A" and "start" on the Eon Timer when I'm on the DS screen with the time window showing (18:57:00). Eon timer is ticking, I turn on/off DS and get to the option screen window (where you see your cartridge, settings). Then wait till Eon timer reaches 0, then press "A" as fast as I can.
NOTE: I am trying to press "A" simultaneously with the zero time.

Step 5
The Eon timer is on its second count. I get to Pokemon screen where you continue the game, nes game, wifi, etc. I wait there till Eon time reaches zero, and I press as fast I can to get in-game. Like before I try to this as exact as possible.

Thus far am I doing something wrong? I've seen videos where people try to get to the continue screen as fast as possible, is that necessary?

When I'm in front of Cresselia I use the flip app, and have so far never gotten the right H/T flip order.

This is where I've stopped with RNG. If I get the wrong flip coin order what do I do?
Sometimes my delay is close to original delay, sometimes the numbers are off by a lot. Do I change something?

I appreciate any help on this.

P.S. sorry for long post, hope links work, oh and sorry if I posted this wrong, it's been awhile since I've been on a forum.
What do you mean by "delay range" in the seed to time window?
Below the "roaming pokemon locations" the delay is only 1434,
delays for the "-", "+" its 10, 50, and when I click generate (for the coin flips) the ranges are something like 1384-1484.
Does this help?
And for the 4th gen time finder window, min/max delay the #s are 650/3000.
What exactly is the purpose of the -/+ number change in the "seed to times" window?
I've changed it a couple of times now, originally 10/50, then 150/150, 100/100, 80/80, then back to 10/50. It doesn't really affect anything from what I can tell. The delays I've hit are always something like 1438, 1420, 1440, 1446, etc., in rare cases #s like 1390. Usually like 10-14 numbers away from the seed I want (1434).
This is how things turned out a few moments ago rng 5_zpsaffba170.jpg
I missed the delay.
Those numbers determine how far it searches. So if your target delay is 1434, 10/50 will search everything between 1424 and 1474 (really, there's no point in using unbalanced numbers like that, you're just as likely to be under your target as over). If you're consistently hitting near your target, then 10/10 or so should be plenty, but when you're first starting out, you're probably going to be way off, so you need to make it wider.
Thank you for that explanation.
Another question (won't be last I suspect), If I have the seed 801205A6 with the delay 1434, is this seed/delay permanent? If I close the programs, turn off the DS and try again another day can I still use this particular seed/delay to get the desired Cresselia? I have the dates/time, flip coins written down.
Or do I have to repeat the entire process from the beginning?
Almost. The TID/SID is determined after Oak's last line in the intro, and in EonTimer you have to set the target seconds 3 seconds earlier than what is given for the seed.

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