Movin' On Up (Submissions!!)

Alright then! I have the usage statistics and I know what is and isn't RU... kind of. Since there isn't an official tier update, I've figured out this myself. Here is an exclusion list of what cannot be moved on up yet.

all Ubers, obviously

Tapu Koko
Tapu Lele
Tapu Fin
Tapu Bulu

Anyway, it is time for the new slate.

Thank you for your patience! (that's also the name of the slate btw)




Getting Alolan Raichu in early, I see 8)
I mean, yeah. Just like last time, except this time I'm not even trying to justify it (since it made a mess last time)

Name: Crabominable
New Stats: 120/135/100/80/90/65
New Typing(if any): Ice/Fighting
Movepool Addition(s): Mach Punch, Drain Punch, Ice Shard
New Abilities(if any): Filter / Iron Fist / Anger Point
Niche in OU: Tank, that can either have more power on its STABs or lessen its weaknesses.

Name: Meganium
New Stats: 100/80/125/90/125/70 (590)
New Typing(if any): Grass
Movepool Addition(s): Slack Off, Weather Ball, Thunder Wave
New Abilities(if any): Overgrow / Thick Fat / Flower Veil
Niche in OU: Another tank, but more on the defensive side.

New Stats:
New Typing(if any):
Movepool Addition(s):
New Abilities(if any):
Niche in OU:
Name: Alolan Raichu
New Stats: 75/80/65/130/80/145
New Typing(if any): Electric/Fairy
Movepool Addition(s): Moonblast, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball
New Abilities(if any): Surge Surfer/Competitive/Levitate [HA]
Justification: Moonblast because Coverage and STAB, Aura Sphere for some more nice coverage, Ice beam because regular Raichu gets it in this MoU, Shadow Ball for more coverage. Competitive because of the same reason regular Raichu gets it in MoU and Levitate because this thing is literally floating on its tail. Fairy because it just seems like it would be a fairy, with how cute it looks.
Niche in OU: A nice, fast special attacker, with surprisingly good coverage and a good defensive and offensive typing. Don't let it's cute smile fool you. The smile will still be there after ripping your team to shreds.
Name: Crabominable
New Stats: 122/144/97/77/107/43 (BST 590)
New Typing(if any): Ice/Fighting
Movepool Addition(s): Slack Off, Drain Punch, Meteor Mash, Knock Off
New Abilities(if any): Fluffy/Iron Fist/Overcoat
Justification: Fluffy is sort of self explainatory; I picked that instead of Fur Coat so it wouldn't be too much of a tank, though given how many weaknesses Ice/Fighting has it might not even be necessary. Same deal with Overcoat. Slack Off is somewhat symbolic - "It aimed for the top but got lost", from the pokedex entry, so it can be interpreted as it ending up slacking off instead of fighting. Meteor Mash is Comet Punch in japanese, so... good enough? it also lets it fight against fairies. The stat spread gives it a lot more bulk and slightly more Atk, but it's still as slow as ever so that balances out.
Niche in OU: Nice counter to physical ground types, only really fearing Fire-type moves and can easily destroy them with Ice Hammer. Also has Slack Off and Drain Punch for self-sustaining, though any fire-type would destroy it.

Name: Alolan Ninetales
New Stats: 88/67/75/106/135/119 (BST 590)
New Typing(if any): Ice/Fairy
Movepool Addition(s): Wish, Destiny Bond, Water Pulse, Ominous Wind
New Abilities(if any): Snow Cloak/Magic Guard/Snow Warning
Justification: Wish ties into (Alolan) Ninetales' mythical basis, as does Magic Guard. Destiny Bond comes from it laying curse on those who grabs its tail, Water Pulse and Ominous Wind are just generic coverage moves - note that a lot of weird things get Water Pulse, so as long as you aren't a Fire-/Rock-type, you should be fine.
Niche in OU: Fast supporter that scares away every single dragon, I suppose? Now with extra Destiny Bond to take out key threats, and Wish passing for teammates and self recovery. It also gets bulky enough that it should be able to survive a non-steel special attack before setting up.

New Stats: 70/85/80/135/95/110 (BST 575)
New Typing (if any): Electric/Psychic
Movepool Addition(s): None
New Abilities (if any): Surge Surfer / Levitate (HA)
Justification: Levitate because is literally floating on its tail
Niche in OU: Fast special attacker

Name: Ninetales-Alola
New Stats: 83/67/85/101/110/119 (BST 565)
New Typing (if any): Ice/Fairy
Movepool Addition(s): None
New Abilities (if any): None
Justification: Enough stats for being used in OU
Niche in OU: Fast supporter and revenge killer

Name: Crabominable
New Stats: 97/132/77/62/67/65 (BST 500)
New Typing (if any): Ice/Fighting
Movepool Addition(s): Drain Punch, Ice Shard, Thunder Punch, Knock Off
New Abilities (if any): Hyper Cutter / Iron Fist / Slush Rush (HA)
Niche in OU: Hail sweeper

Name: Meganium
New Stats: 80/82/100/133/100/80 (BST 575)
New Typing (if any): Grass/Fairy
Movepool Addition(s): Moonblast, Weather Ball
New Abilities (if any): Overgrow / Chlorophyll (HA)
Justification: Don't tell me that it's not a fairy...
Niche in OU: Sun Sweeper

: Raichu-Alola
New Stats: 80/85/50/115/95/145 (BST 570)
Movepool Addition(s): Surge Surfer, Galvanize, Gluttony
New Abilities(if any): Aura Sphere, Trick, Hypnosis, Hyper Voice
Justification: Being a fast psychic type that can volt switch allows for a lot of support opportunities. Also Gluttony because it's theorized that a change in it's diet led to the Alolan form.
Niche in OU: Allows to play the role that it used to better with out out shining Topu Koko but now gets more access to more ways to support the team.

Name: Ninetales-Alola
New Stats: 93/67/75/116/100/119 (BST 570)
New Abilities(if any): Magic Guard, Fluffy, Snow Warrning
Movepool Addition(s): Recover, Psychic, Wish, Shadow Ball
Justification: Fluffy snow fox.
Niche in OU: Better at surviving and support. Fast hail setter.

Name: Crabominable
New Stats: 97/132/117/62/67/43 (BST 518)
New Abilities(if any): Contrary, Skill Link, Fluffy
Movepool Addition(s): Ice shard, Bullet Punch, Pin Missile, Icicle Spear
Justification: I messed around with Contrary in ABCAB and it is really fun. Skill Link because it can shoot it's pincers.
Niche in OU: Slow tank that can boost with contrary Superpower and Hammer Arm but lacks Special Defense and has a poor defensive typing.
*Can't use Close Combat with Contrary.

Name: Meganium
New Stats: 100/82/120/123/80/80 (BST 585)
New Abilities(if any): Overgrow, Thick Fat
Movepool Addition(s): Calm Mind, Psychic, Flamethrower, Flame Charge
Justification: It's a Calm Floral Dinosaur.
Niche in OU: Bulky Thick Fat user with a strong offensive presence.
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Would be okay if I also include Crabrawler and regular Raichu in my submission?
Regular Raichu was already done maybe 3-4 slates ago.
Sadly, Crabrawler won't work, since it will have 590 BST, and the fact that this is FE mons. although I'm gonna ask Pika Xreme and Vanilish Wafer for their opinions.
Regular Raichu was already done maybe 3-4 slates ago.
Sadly, Crabrawler won't work, since it will have 590 BST, and the fact that this is FE mons. although I'm gonna ask Pika Xreme and Vanilish Wafer for their opinions.
I thought 590 was the highest you were able to bring a BST but you were aloud to have it lower.
Meganium .
Grass/fairy .
New ability: simple
New moves: calm mind,amnesia,rapid spin/cosmic power(might be op),moonblast
Niche: A tank to be reckoned with decent attacking power, but what hurts it is it's 4x weakness to poison that heavily hurts it. Still a good all around pokemon.
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Meganium .
Grass/fairy .
New ability: simple
New moves: calm mind,amnesia,rapid spin/cosmic power(might be op),moonblast
Niche: A tank to be reckoned with decent attacking power, but what hurts it is it's 4x weakness to poison that heavily hurts it. Still a good all around pokemon.
haha yeah no. that's not getting through, for VERY obvious reasons.
Yeah I just took a look at this and I realized it's EXTREMELY OP!
Sorry for wasting your time and I hope I don't bother you in any other way.
Don't worry, I'm sure you could do better. Realizing you've made a mistake is the first step to fixing one, after all. SOMETHING SOME PEOPLE COULD HAVE TAUGHT ME EARLIER.

Name: Crabominable
New Stats: 100/150/90/70/90/90
New Typing: Fighting/Ice
Added Moves: Mach Punch, Ice Shard, Bullet Punch, Drain Punch, Meteor, Pin Missle
Abilities: Slush Rush/Iron Fist (Adaptability)
Justification: The Pokedex entry says a Crabrawler adapted to the cold winter mountains, explaining it's hidden ability. Slush Rush for speed. Meteor Mash and Pin Missile also adds to its lore of punching abilities and launching its own pincers.
Niche in OU: Can provide better bulk and potentially revenge kill and sweep with Hail up

Fast Sweeper
Crabominable @ Life Orb
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Att/4 Def/252 Speed
-Drain Punch
-Ice Shard
-Meteor Mash/Pin Missile
-Bulk Up

Drain Punch and Bulk Up for longetivity, Ice Shard for outspeeding certain flying types, Pin Missile for Psychic or Meteor Mash for other threats.
Name: Ninetales-Alola
New Stats: 90/67/85/110/120/118 (BST 590)
New Typing(if any):Ice/Fairy
Movepool Addition(s): Calm Mind, Hyper Voice, Wish
New Abilities(if any): Refrigerate (Snow Warning)
Justification: Calm Mind is because the Pokedex states that it is very calm, and Refrigerate is because the Pokedex also states that anyone who angers it will be instantaneously frozen. Wish also references its calm demeanor, and is fitting for a Fairy type that isn't evil.
Niche in OU: Fast Calm Mind/Nasty Plot abuser with amazing Special bulk and okay physical bulk.

Name: Meganium
New Stats: 80/50/130/120/120/80 (BST 590)
New Typing: Grass/Fairy
New Abilities(if any)
: Overgrow, Thick Fat
Movepool Addition(s)
: Calm Mind, Power Gem, Moonblast, Psychic
Justification: Thick Fat helps it become neutral to Fire and Ice which it's really weak to. Power Gem helps deal with it's Bug and Flying weakness! Psychic is for dealing with the nasty 4x Poison weakness. Its dex entry states how it revives dead flowers justifying the Fairy type.
OM room
Typing: Bug/Psychic
Stats: 110/53/110/120/110/105
+ Calm Mind + Psychic + Recover
Battle Armour / Swarm / Iron Fist

Typing: Bug/Fairy
Stats: 93/71/90/127/100/109
+ Moonlight + Moonblast + Defog + Focus Blast
Compound Eyes / Magic Guard / Shield Dust

Typing: Bug/Dark
Stats: 80/140/90/100/90/90
+ Knock Off
Poison Heal / Mold Breaker / Insomnia

Typing: Bug/Water
Stats: 100/85/115/90/115/85
Intimidate / Levitate

New typing: Poison/Dragon
New Stats: 80/125/89/87/109/100
Movepool Additions: + Outrage + Fire Blast + Dragon Dance + Draco Metoer
New Ability: Intimidate / Shed Skin / Multiscale

The Reptile
New Stats: 80/105/130/60/130/85 BST 590
New Typing(if any): Poison / Steel
Movepool Addition(s): Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Slack Off
New Abilities(if any): Stench / Weak Armor /Rough Skin (HA)

New Stats: 95/95/145/95/100/60 (BST 590)
New Typing(if any): Poison/Rock
Movepool Addition(s): Rock Slide, Wish, Stealth Rock, Rock Blast
New Abilities(if any): Levitate/Solid Rock/Aftermath

New Stats: 75 / 130 / 75 / 130 / 75 / 105 BST: 590
New Typing(if any): Poison / Dark
Movepool Addition(s): Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Nasty Plot
New Abilities(if any): Strong Jaw / Infiltrator (HA)

Name: Golurk
New Stats: 109/145/90/65/90/73
New Typing: Ghost/Ground
Movepool Additions: +Rapid Spin +Shadow Sneak +Taunt +Swords Dance
New Abilities: Iron fist / Mold Breaker / No Guard


Name: Dusknoir
New Stats: 95/110/140/65/140/40 (590)
New Typing: Ghost
Movepool Addition(s): +Drain Punch, +Recover, +Hammer Arm, +Signal Beam
New Abilities: Pressure/Iron Fist/Intimidate

Name: Mismagius
New Stats: 75/75/75/130/120/115
New Typing: Ghost/Fairy
Movepool Addition(s): +Moonblast +Focus Blast +Moonlight +Magic Coat
New Abilities: Levitate / Magic Guard / Cursed Body

Name: Drifblim
New Stats: 150/80/80/100/80/100 (590)
New Typing: Ghost/Flying
Movepool Addition(s): Roost, Wish, Flamethrower, Hurricane
New Abilities: Cloud Nine/Unburden/Flash Fire

Name: Sunflora
New Stats: 105/65/75/135/125/85
New Typing: Grass/Fire
Movepool Additions: +Overheat +Will o Wisp +Fire Blast +Sleep Powder
New Abilities: Chlorophyll / Solar Power / Drought

Name: Jumpluff
New Stats: 85/105/100/65/105/130
New Typing: Grass / Flying
Movepool Additions: +Tailwind + Defog + Spore + Roost
New Abilities: Chlorophyll / Aerialate / Prankster

Name: Cacturne
New Stats: 90/130/80/130/80/80 (590)
New Typing: Grass / Dark
Movepool Additions: +Pursuit +Heatwave +Knock Off +Wood Hammer
New Abilities: Sand Rush / Solar Power / Dry Skin

Pika Xreme
Name: Ludicolo
New Stats: 110/70/90/110/120/90 (590)
New Typing: Grass/Water
Movepool Additions: Hurricane, Thunder, Thunderbolt
New Abilities: Swift Swim/Rain Dish/Drizzle

Name: Beartic
New Stats: 100 / 145 / 95 / 80 / 95 / 75
New Typing: Ice/Fighting
Movepool Additions: Earthquake, Drain Punch, Knock Off, Ice Shard
New Abilities: Tough Claws, Slush Rush, Swift Swim

Name: Vanilluxe
New Stats: 71 / 105 / 90 / 130 / 95 / 99
New Typing: Ice
Movepool Additions: Spikes, Rapid Spin, Tri Attack, Focus Blast
New Abilities: Snow Warning, Water Absorb, Refrigerate

Name: Avalugg
New Stats: 110/120/185/40/107/28 (BST 590)
New Typing(if any): Ice/Steel
Movepool Addition(s): Ice Shard, Knock Off, Body Slam, Iron Head
New Abilities(if any): Filter / Refrigerate / Regenerator

Name: Dewgong
New Stats: 110/110/80/100/120/75
New Typing(if any): Water/Ice
Movepool Addition(s): Work Up, Freeze-Dry, Slack Off, Heal Bell
New Abilities(if any): Thick Fat / Technician / Fur Coat

Name: Regirock
New Typing: Rock/Fighting
New Abilities: Rock Head / Iron Fist / Regenerator
New Stats: 80/120/180/40/110/60
Movepool Additions: + Close Combat + Head Smash + Mach Punch + Recover

Name: Registeel
New Typing: Steel
New Abilities: Pressure/Filter/Light Metal
New Stats: 80/90/135/90/135/60 [BST: 590]
Movepool Additions: +Recover, +Gyro Ball, +Volt Switch, +Knock Off

Name: Regice
New Typing: Ice/Electric
New Abilities: Analytic/Heatproof
New Stats: 80/50/120/120/200/20
Movepool Additions: Recover, Volt Switch, Wild Charge, Energy Ball

Name: Regigigas
New Typing: Normal/Ground
New Abilities: Sheer Force/Unaware
New Stats: 105/155/100/60/100/70 (BST 590)
Movepool Additions: Whirlwind, Rest, Slack Off, Bulk Up

Name: (Mega) Audino
New Typing: Normal -> Normal/Fairy
New Abilities: Healer/Regenerator/Simple -> Wonder Skin
New Stats: 148/70/106/90/116/60 (BST 590) -> 148/70/146/110/156/60 (BST 690)
Movepool Additions: Moonblast, Recover, Focus Blast, Nature Power

Name: Steelix
New Stats: 83/105/200/65/80/57 -> 83/145/230/65/110/57
New Typing: Steel/Ground -> Steel/Dragon
Movepool Additions: Outrage, Dragon Rush, Coil, Glare
New Abilities: Sturdy, Strong Jaw, Sheer Force -> Iron Barbs

Name: (Mega) Camerupt
New Typing: Fire/Ground -> Fire/Ground
New Abilities: Soild Rock/Dry Skin/Mold Breaker -> Sheer Force
New Stats: 105/115/90/130/110/40 (BST 590) -> 105/135/120/170/140/20 (BST 690)
Movepool Additions: Slack Off, Superpower, Dark Pulse

Name: Glalie
New Stats: 90/110/90/105/90/105 -> 90/150/90/145/90/125
New Typing: Ice/Steel -> Ice
Movepool Additions: Flash Cannon, Shell Smash, Rock Polish, Icicle Crash
New Abilities: Sturdy, Solid Rock, Battle Armor -> Refrigerate

Name: Yanmega
Abilities: Speed Boost / Tinted Lens / Analytic
Typing: Bug/Dragon
Stats: 110/76/95/130/79/100 (BST: 590)
Movepool Additions: Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Quiver Dance, Boomburst

Name: Luxray
New Stats: 90/130/80/110/80/100
New Typing: Electric/Dark
Movepool Additions: +Sucker Punch +Pursuit +Dark Pulse +Parting Shot
New Abilities: Strong Jaw / Intimidate / Moxie

Name: Mesprit
New Stats: 80/100/105/110/105/90
New Typing: Psychic/Fairy
Movepool Additions: +Moonblast +Wish +Taunt +Fire Blast
New Abilities: Levitate / Prankster / Magic Guard

Name: Muk
New Typing: Poison
New Abilities: Stench/Water Absorb/Poison Touch
New Stats: 130/105/90/70/145/50 (BST 590)
Movepool Additions: Recover, Knock Off, Drain Punch, Earthquake

Name: Bellossom
New Typing: Grass
New Abilities: Chlorophyll/Serene Grace/Flower Veil
New Stats: 95/60/100/115/120/100 (BST 590)
Movepool Additions: Encore, Fiery Dance, Baton Pass, Rapid Spin

Name: Corsola
New Typing: Water/Rock
New Abilities: Magic Guard/Natural Cure/Regenerator
New Stats: 95/105/135/85/135/35 (BST 590)
Movepool Additions: Razor Shell, Spiky Shield, Spikes, Heal Bell

Name: Tropius
New Typing: Grass/Flying
New Abilities: Multiscale/Thick Fat/Harvest
New Stats: 129/68/123/102/137/31 (BST 590)
Movepool Additions: Ancient Power, Earth Power, Glare, Hurricane

Name: Alomomola
New Typing: Water
New Abilities: Healer/Serene Grace/Regenerator
New Stats: 195/80/90/65/75/85 (BST 590)
Movepool Additions: Heal Bell, Body Slam, U-Turn, Heart Stamp

Name: Unown
New Stats: 90 / 100 / 90 / 105 / 90 / 105
New Typing: Psychic
Movepool Additions: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Dark Pulse, Earth Power, Psychic
New Abilities: Synchronize, Protean

Name: Delibird
New Stats: 85 / 125 / 80 / 105 / 80 / 115
New Typing: Ice / Flying
Movepool Additions: Drain Punch, Grass Knot, Bulk Up, Baton Pass
New Abilites: Snow Warring, Slush Rush, Refrigerate

Name: Delcatty
New Typing: Fairy
New Stats: 80/105/85/95/75/105
New Abilities: Fur Coat/Pixilate/Wonder Skin
Movepool Addition(s): Moonblast, Moonlight, Dazzling Gleam

Heroes and Cons
Name: Ninjask
New Typing: Bug/Fighting
New Stats: 75/120/85/50/90/180
New Abilities: [Unchanged]
Movepool Addition(s): Superpower, Close Combat, Smack Down, Steel Wing

Heroes and Cons
Name: Klinklang
New Typing: Steel/Electric
New Stats: 80/120/135/70/95/90
New Abilities: Clear Body/Speed Boost/Technician [HA]
Movepool Addition(s): Drill Run, Baton Pass

Name: Aggron
New Typing: Steel/Rock
New Abilities: Rock Head / Sturdy / Lightning Rod
New Stats: 80/130/180/60/70/70
Movepool Additions: +Swords Dance +Dragon Dance +Wild Charge

the someone
Name: Mawile
Typing: Steel/Fairy
New Stats: 75/135/135/85/85/75
New Abilities: Intimidate / Prankster / Sheer Force (HA)
Movepool Addition(s): Drain Punch, Bullet Punch, Trick, Lovely Kiss

Name: Bronzong
New Typing: Steel/Ghost
New Stats: 97/109/130/79/130/45
New Abilities: Levitate / Flash Fire / Bulletproof
Movepool Additions: +Shadow Sneak +Phantom Force +Heal Bell +Volt Switch

Name: Magmortar
New Typing: Fire/Fighting
New Stats: 85/105/67/135/95/105
New Abilities: Flash Fire / Mega Launcher / Vital Spirit
Movepool Addition(s): +Aura Sphere +Dragon Pulse +Dark Pulse +Eruption


Heroes and Cons
New Typing: Fire/Poison
New Stats: 70/115/150/115/100/40
New Abilities: White Smoke/Drought/Simple [HA]
Movepool Addition(s): Gunk Shot

the someone
Name: Pyroar
Typing: Fire/Normal
New Stats: 91/82/90/129/90/108
New Abilities: Mold Breaker / Pressure / Justified
Movepool Addition(s): Boomburst, Dazzling Gleam, Morning Sun, Lava Plume

Name: Rapidash
New Stats: 90 / 120 / 85 / 90 / 90 / 125
New Typing: Fire / Fairy
New Abilities: Flash Fire, Unburden, Reckless
Movepool Additions: High Jump Kick, U-Turn, Work Up, Play Rough

Name: Lucario
New Stats: 85 / 115 / 85 / 120 / 85 / 100
New Typing(if any): Fighting/Steel
Movepool Addition(s): Iron Head
New Abilities(if any): Steadfast / Inner Focus / Justified

New Stats: 95/110/65/110/80/115
+35 HP +20 Attack +10 Defense +30 Special Attack +15 Speed
Type: Electric
Movepool Additions: Icicle Crash, Ice Beam, Extreme Speed (not event locked
Abilities: Static, Competetive, Lightningrod

Name: Linoone
New Stats: 110/110/70/70/90/140 (BST 590)
Typing: Normal
Movepool Addition(s): Wild Charge, Iron Head, Fake Out, Stealth Rock
New Abilities(if any): Fur Coat/Gluttony/Guts

Name: Arcanine
New Stats: 90/110/80/110/90/90 (BST 570)
Typing: Fire
Movepool Addition(s): Dragon Tail
New Abilities(if any): Intimidate/Flash Fire/Justified

Name: Sawsbuck
New Stats: 95/100/90/130/70/105 (590 BST)
Typing(Spring): Grass/Fairy
Typing(Summer): Grass/Fire
Typing(Autumn): Grass/Ground?
Typing(Winter): Grass/Winter
Movepool Addition(s): Moonblast (Spring), Heatwave (Summer), Earth Power (Autumn), Blizzard (Winter), Hyper Voice (All)
New Abilities(Spring): Pixilate/(Serene Grace)
New Abilities(Summer): Drought/(Serene Grace)
New Abilities(Autumn): Adaptability (Serene Grace)
New Abilities(Winter): Snow Warning (Serene Grace)

Name: Trevenant
New Stats: 105/120/109/55/122/79 (590)
Typing: Grass/Ghost
Movepool Addition(s): Sword Dance, Shadow Sneak
New Abilities(if any): Natural Cure/Regenerator/Intimidate

Name: Gogoat
New Stats: 130/110/80/100/100/70 (590)
Typing: Grass/Rock
Movepool Addition(s): Grassy Terrain, Ingrain, Wood Hammer, Head Smash
New Abilities(if any): Sap Sipper/Rock Head/Grass Pelt

Name: Stantler
New Stats: 90/110/100/115/110/65 (590)
Typing: Normal/Psychic
Movepool Addition(s): Horn Leech, Tri-Attack, Dark Void, U-Turn
New Abilities(if any): Intimidate/Magic Guard/Sheer Force

Name: Exeggutor
New Stats: 95/65/135/135/105/55
New Typing(if any): Grass/Psychic
Movepool Addition(s): Calm Mind/Focus Miss Blast/Shadow Ball
New Abilities(if any): Magic Guard/Harvest/Adaptability

Name: Golem
New Stats: 80/140/150/55/120/45 (570 Max)
New Typing(if any): Rock/Fire
Movepool Addition(s): Flare Blitz, Head Smash
New Abilities(if any): Rock Head/Sand Stream/Sturdy

Name: Tauros
New Stats: 90 / 130 / 100 / 60 / 80 / 130 (BST 590 out of 590)
New Typing(if any): Normal / Rock
Movepool Addition(s): Head Charge, Head Smash
New Abilities(if any): Reckless / Intimidate / Sheer Force

Name: Lapras
New Stats: 150/80/110/80/110/60 (BST 590)
Typing: Water/Ice
Movepool Addition(s): Shell Smash, Psyshock, Calm Mind
New Abilities(if any): No Guard/Shell Armor/Hydration

Name: Ninetales
New Stats:90 / 80 / 90 / 105 / 105 / 120 (BST 590 out of 590)
New Typing(if any): Fire
Movepool Addition(s): Recover, Psychic
New Abilities(if any): Flash Fire, Magic Guard, Drought

Pokemon: Abomasnow
New Stats: 100 / 145 / 95 / 72 / 95 / 83
Ability: Snow Warning, Technician, Soundproof
Added Moves: Autotomize, Earth Power, Boomburst, Sleep Powdder

Pokemon: Abomasnow-Mega
New Stats: 100 / 145 / 132 / 172 / 121 / 20
Ability: Refrigerate

Name: Politoed
New Stats:110 / 80 / 100 / 90 / 120 / 90
New Typing(if any): Water
Movepool Addition(s): Recover, Thunderbolt, Thunder
New Abilities(if any): Water Absorb, Damp, Drizzle

Name: Castform
New Stats: 100 / 70 / 100 / 120 / 80 / 120
New Typing: Normal/Ghost
Added Moves: Recover, Baton Pass, Nasty Plot, Will-O-Wisp,
Abilities: Protean

Name: Castform-Rainy
New Stats: 100 / 70 / 100 / 120 / 80 / 120
New Typing: Water/Ghost
Abilities: Drizzle

Name: Castform-Snowy
New Stats: 100 / 70 / 100 / 120 / 80 / 120
New Typing: Ice/Ghost
Abilities: Snow Warning

Name: Castform-Sunny
New Stats: 100 / 70 / 100 / 120 / 80 / 120
New Typing: Fire/Ghost
Abilities: Drought


WIP Will finish later.
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